June 7, 2009


Technology which does things like vibrate objects or even body parts of electronic harassment targets. Target groups are not able to explain how these attacks can be done at this time. (Vibration of objects and body parts also occurs in sufferers of the as-yet unexplained "Hum", which started out years ago as the "Taos (NM) Hum.")

Contrast with conventional technology below.


A common label used by disinformation agents to refer to statements and proffered materials from organized stalking and electronic harassment targets.

Descriptions of experiences by targets are first person testimony, acceptable in court, not "beliefs." References to technologies which have been demonstrated are fact, not "beliefs." References to stalking by multiple stalkers are backed by statistics, and are not "beliefs."


Citizens Against Human Rights Abuse, the FORMER name of a non-profit U.S. registered organization, founded and directed by Cheryl Welsh. The mission of CAHRA is stated in full on the web site, but is basically to provide information to the public to increase awareness about the current-day gang stalking and electronic harassment crimes being ignored or covered up by the world's major governments.

CAHRA has changed its name to "Mind Justice", and the web site is at:


"Cause stalking" is an alternate term for what some multi stalking targets call "organized stalking" or "gang stalking.". It is specialized groups of people who think they are supporting some cause, but are more interested in harassing targets designated by their leaders. Lies told by the leaders add fuel to the fire. An extensive explanation of cause stalking can be found in the book:

Quotes from both Lawson books, Eleanor White's recommendation for those who want to refer others to Lawson's investigation. My reviews of Lawson's books have material that would distract a non-target and possibly confuse them.

"Cause Stalking" by David Lawson.

Purchase source for CAUSE STALKING:


... a series of covert crimes against dissenters of all stripes within the United States during the Cold War and extending to Viet Nam protesters and anti-racism elements. These crimes included infiltration of activist groups, and total destruction of lives and reputations, as well as property by frequent break-ins. The FBI was the main perpetrator organization. COINTELPRO type activity is half of the non-electronic activity experienced by today's electronic harassment targets, organized stalking being the other half. An excellent site for COINTELPRO research may be found at:


"Conventional technology" is that which can be purchased on today's commercial market. Examples of conventional technology signals are:


Decoy(ing) is the perpetrators' practice of deceiving gang stalking and electronic harassment targets.

When I (Eleanor White) use this term in relation to technology, I am referring to deception tactics like these:

Such deceptive tactics serve to keep the target's attention focussed on ineffective shielding and detection efforts, causing in some cases very large waste of resources. Decoying also keeps targets and outside members of the public debating endlessly about irrelevant technology.


Disinformation is deliberately false information, as opposed to misinformation, which can be accidental. Examples of disinformation: Disinformation agents are persons working for the organized stalking and electronic harassment perpetrators and who are very slick in their ability to present information, and very prolific in ladling out information which is false to targets eager for easy solutions. Some pose as targets. Others claim military or government or scientific working histories to enhance their credibility.

One good example is Colonel John Alexander, who calls himself "the father of non-lethal weapons". He consistently goes on talk shows or gets public attention in other ways and declares that he doesn't know of any mind control programs or weapons in use today, the implication being that if he doesn't know of any, then almost certainly there is no such thing at present.

There are web sites claiming to be posted by targets which portray trivial events or events not involving criminal activity as organized stalking and electronic harassment.

A pilot credibility review project was started in 2008 to place ratings on material which has been promoted for activism use:


(Targets of electronic harassment sometimes refer to it as "mind control", because mind-controlling technology is part of electronic harassment.)

Electronic harassment as referenced on this web site refers to harassment by advanced electronics which can directly act on, monitor, and disrupt and cause pain in the mind and body of a target. Some of these devices are UNclassified:

Full listing of proven EH technologies
voice to skull
silent sound
EEG entrainment by radio
through-the-wall radar

None of those devices require implants to work.


A medical condition, in no way related to covert government backed harassment and torture of selected citizens, i.e. the crime of electronic harassment. "Electrosensitivity" is repeatedly used by both professional disinformation agents, and electronic harassment targets who have not carefully thought about the effects of confusing a medical condition with a crime, derail conversations about electronic harassment and to leave the uninformed listener with the "feel good" idea that mind control may be nothing but an allergy to electromagnetic fields.


To decide what info is usable as "facts", for a gang stalking and electronic harassment target, is not fully straightforward. I, Eleanor White, have tried to describe things for a target to consider in different situations when deciding whether to use a piece of information as "fact" or not on this separate page (click here).


Gang stalking is a POOR TERM, as it confuses listeners and readers with various types of gangs such as youth, biker, race, Mafia. ORGANIZED stalking is the preferred term. Organized/gang stalking refers to the organized harassment of selected targets by groups. In almost all cases of electronic harassment, the target gets both electronic attacks on mind and body functions, along with harassment by groups of people. A book describing these organized stalking gangs is:

12-year investigation by David Lawson.

David Lawson calls gang stalking "cause stalking" in his second book.

These groups are entirely different from youth gangs or organized crime gangs, and their members are indistinguishable from the average citizen. When organized stalking occurs in the workplace (which it virtually always does) it is called mobbing. Statistics for mobbing are in line with those for organized stalking with electronic harassment, that is, about one person in a hundred report they are being targeted. To date, government and medical officials refuse to acknowledge this, although a small number of doctors and police officers have privately acknowledged this is happening.


High Altitude Active Auroral Research Project of the U.S. Government. This project has been written about as a conventional but very high power network of radio transmitters, at time of writing in Alaska, Greenland, Norway and Australia.

The abilities to change weather patterns, perform undersea communications, and coupld theoretically use atmospheric reflection/refraction to transmit ELF pulsed mood-altering signals which might affect large numbers of people have been been attributed to the HAARP transmitter network. This large-scale conventional network can NOT focus its signals on individual human beings, which is one of the abilities of current-day electronic harassment signals which are actually in use. HAARP should not be considered one of the electronic weapons causing disabling effects in targets of OS/EH.

Visit, a web site maintained by Dr. Nick Begich, for books about the HAARP project.


A handler in the intelligence services (and MKULTRA survivor group) is the direct supervisor of an intelligence "asset".

Someone who has been programmed to do the will of a controlling agency, such as a mind control target, is a "asset" to the controlling agency. Current day gang stalking and electronic harassment targets are not usually acquainted with their handlers, however, we can be certain at any given time that each of us has one.

The term handler is heard and read much more frequently among MKULTRA survivors. The handlers know the appropriate hypnotic words, tones, or other signals to invoke the "asset's" hypnotic programming.


A term coined by anti-New World Order activist Linda Kennedy to describe the type of up close and personal destruction of every facet of life experienced by current-day targets of organized stalking and electronic harassment, and who also experience many forms of electronic mind/body attack, sabotage, street and neighbourhood harassment skits by gang stalkers, fuelled by lies about the target.


... From World War II up through the 1960s, a comprehensive set of government experiments in which involuntary human test subjects were fed or injected with plutonium and other radioactive materials in the name of nuclear warfare research. These test subjects were finally apologized to (afer decades of being labelled "the crazies") by President Clinton. Demonstrates the tradition of denial and ridicule by government officials when it suits their agenda.


.... "Information Warfare" is a popular buzzword these days, and unfortunately and wrongly, organized stalking and electronic harassment activity is sometimes lumped into the same category as computer crimes. So here is a glossary of the "Information Warfare" buzzwords, some of which may be used in dealing with our issue:

The Patriot broadcasters use information warfare to mean the campaign to educate the public about the many government crimes, past and present, and their usage is not specifically related to organized stalking and electronic harassment. At least 20 of the Patriot Radio hosts have had some of the electronic harassment effects. Several of their shows have featured organized stalking and electronic harassment targets as guests.


... From the non-fiction book by John Marks, based on 16,000 pages of Freedom of Information Act materials. This is a person who has been hypnotized to the extent that he/she is willing to perform atrocious crimes, such as assassinations, without fail, and against the "candidate's" own will. Manchurian Candidates are set into motion by "trigger" phrases, hand signals, tone combinations or sequences. The programming is thus "passworded". The programming also self destructs upon completion of the triggered task.


Scope of this term: In the early 1990s, what is today often referred to as "electronic harassment", or "organized stalking and electronic harassment" was called "mind control" because of the similarity between the attacks on current-day gang stalking and electronic harassment targets and survivors of MKULTRA, the well-known U.S. government mind control program.

However, since newer statistics show that organized stalking and electronic harassment are occurring quite often, around one person out of a thouand being targeted, we in the anti organized stalking/electronic harassment activism community urge that using the term "mind control" as our primary term for these crimes be stopped, in favour of "organized stalking and electronic harassment" which doesn't paint an inaccurate picture in the mind of our listeners/readers.

Make no mistake about it, though, some of the electronic harassment is clearly of types which control both mental and physical functions of the target. "Mind control" is definitely a subset of "electronic harassment."

1. Original Sense: The ability and use of any method for forcing an individual to think, perceive, or behave according to the wishes of another. Hypnosis and torture are prime examples. MKULTRA is a recent example.

2. Current-day Sense: A world wide programme in which citizens are chosen for covert thought, perception, and behaviour control by advanced technology, accompanied by remotely induced pain and artificial disease symptoms, and incremental but never-ending ruination of all aspects of the chosen target's life. For example, physical and mental health, possessions, finances, career, and relationships. Each individual attack is kept small so that to the outside observer, the target is "imagining things". This incremental method takes advantage of the fact that outside observers cannot see the full history of this constant harassment and torture, and cannot believe that other citizens are capable of knowingly torturing someone. (The Milgram experiments showed that willingness to torture others is far more common than the average person realizes. The book Terrorist Stalking in America by David Lawson exposes the non-electronic side of what is often called "mind control".)


... The 1950s group of "behaviour modification" programmes started covertly by the CIA. This programme group was exposed by the U.S. Senate's Church-Inouye committee in the late 1970s, but no criminal proceedings followed, and the neuro-electromagnetic programmes simply kept on rolling, totally out of control but very well hidden. See OTHER SITES to read more about MKULTRA.


... The use of radio signals specifically fashioned (modulated) to directly affect the brain and nervous system. This is different from the use of electrodes in contact with the body, and enables generation of effects from a distance.


A not specifically admitted to organization, the purpose of which is world domination, and to which most world leaders and seniour officials have allegedly and covertly pledged their allegiance. One person asked a United Nations representative about the New World Order, and the rep stated that the New World Order is the sum total of all United Nations programs. A massive UN document titled "Agenda 21" (referring to the 21st century) is regarded by some researchers as the working blueprint for the New World Order. National sovereignty is to be replaced by "regional governance" say the researchers.

Some targets consider it likely that the ultimate driving force behind the organized stalking and electronic harassment atrocities reported in this web site is the planned New World Order. Very likely made up of secret societies, and political organizations of the rich and influential such as the Council on Foreign Relations, the Tri-Lateral Commission, the Bilderbergers, and like others. Spoken about by U.S. former President George Bush SENIOUR, but never explained in detail to the public. Do a web search on the name for more detailed information.

For Congressman Ron Paul's public statement about the New World Order at an appearance in Austin, Texas USA, click here.

For a book, copyright 2000, explaining the roots of the New World Order, check out Rule by Secrecy, by Jim Marrs.


"Organized stalking" is the PREFERRED term for that portion of the full crime of organized stalking and electronic harassment where people who live in the community will mercilessly harass a designated target, based on LIES, such as the target is a drug dealer, the target has a long criminal record, or the favourite lie, the target is a pedophile.

"Group stalking" is a good alternate term, as it does not mislead a non-target into believing that common types of "gang" are the organized stalking perpetrators.

This organized stalking is carefully scripted so that every attack appears to be a "break" experienced by everyone in the course of normal living. However, a "break" that might happen once or twice a year will happen daily to targets. Since there are many "breaks" to choose from, the perpetrators rotate "breaks" from the large menu, making it very difficult for the target to convince others that they are being harassed.

The justice system provides cover by pretending organized stalking and electronic harassment don't happen, and a few police officers have actually confided that they are under specific orders to not help, or even make a report for their records, when someone complains about organized stalking.

Lawson's books on the subject, two editions now, are quoted here:

Notes on David Lawson's 12-year investigation


"OS/EH" is an abbreviation for the full crime of organized stalking and electronic harassment. A large majority of targets experience both, particularly those who are several years into what is usually a life sentence.

There are two e-booklets available designed to educate non-targets about the crime of OS/EH:

Organized Stalking: A Target's View, with information about BOTH OS and EH.

Organized Stalking: A Target's View, with information only about organized stalking - there are activism situations where this "muted" approach may work better.


"Perps" are perpetrators of the organized stalking and electronic harassment crimes.


"Poison pills" are seriously (and usually considered deliberately) false statements embedded in documents which otherwise contain valid information. A poison pill disinformation purveyor hopes that people desperate for information to help them prove a crime will promote such documents because of their good information content. Promoting such documents leads to eventual discreditation of those promoting the documents. One example are the many web sites, videos and books filled with organized stalking and electronic harassment information but titled "MONARCH." MONARCH is an alleged program of torturing physically captive children which has nothing to do with organized stalking and electronic harassment.


Refers to any electronic technology, either conventional or advanced, which is capable of mind-weapon effects. Using this term does not tie one down to any specific type of mind weapon technology. Electronic mind weapons were looked into as part of the MKULTRA programs.

Because of the "psycho" term, this is NOT a recommended term for activism. Activists are better served by the term "electronic harassment" or "electronic assault."


A word used in many different senses, but when used by an electronic harassment target, usually refers to advanced technology capable of mind weapon effects. Normally psychotronic refers to electronic harassment effects which cannot be generated by, detected by, or shielded against, using conventional technology. (Psychotronics began as a healing methodology about a century ago.)

(Originally, "psychotronic" referred to use of electronic components together with "special abilities" of an operator to produce healing. The "special abilities" appeared similar to psychic abilities.)

"Psychotronic" is NOT recommended as an activism term, first because of that "psycho" portion, and secondly because of the confusion with the original meaning of "psychotronic" as a healing practice.


... Ultrasound or voice-FM transmission of hypnosis and other manipulative signals which is understood by the brain but not the human ear (an alternative or adjunct to microwave). See U.S. patent 5,159,703 for further details of one prominent method for creation of a silent sound signal.

Some commercially available silent sound speech converters raise the voice into the upper reaches of the audible hearing range, and also convert the waveform from amplitude to frequency modulated. The brain can decode the speech but the conscious hearing sense cannot.

Later versions uses in anti-shoplifting programs regulate the volume level of the "silent sound" component of department store music systems so that the "silent sound" subliminals aren't easily heard.


Important: See also the book PI David Lawson's 12-year investigation of organized stalking, of which "street theater" is a part.

"Street theater" when spoken of in an organized stalking context refers to carefully scripted harassment by neighbours and strangers especially, but can include harassment by family, friends and co-workers. These acts are designed to keep a target at a high stress level, and are crafted so that outside observers are likely to wave the skits off as "life's normal breaks".

The cumulative effect of such acts can be crushing to sensitive targets. Noise, crowding in person or on the highway, stealing items from shopping cart when in the checkout line, and kids sent to hang out in front of, stare, make noise, and even throw tennis balls against the target's house are simple examples.

What differentiates street theater from "the breaks" is that street theater goes on every day, often by different mind control operatives, far too often to be random or "natural". Cover is provided by the tendency of people to refuse to acknowledge the frequency of these acts and consider the complainer just being "a crank."

* Read this essay to see how incredibly EASY it is to design street theater acts which are absolutely deniable and carry no risk of being caught.


"Subinformation" is used by disinformation agents who want the public to believe that something may happen but only "in the future". An example is when a so-called "expert" in non lethal weapons declares that implantLESS transmitting voice into the skull of a target MAY happen in the future, though in fact it did happen in the early 70s.


"Sub-vocalized thoughts" are thoughts in which the thinker expresses the thought in words, said silently, to self. When a thought is sub-vocalized, electric currents normally associated with speech are sent to the vocal cords, just as if the thinker were speaking. However, there is no forcing of air past the cords and so the thought is "silent".

Electronic harassment targets seem to find that if a thought never reaches the sub-vocal stage, it may be more difficult for the electronic harassment perpetrators to monitor.


See V2S aka V2K. Sometimes used as an alternate name for voice to skull transmission. Sometimes used to describe actual telepathy involving artificial means.

"V2K" was posted as an acronym representing voice to skull on the U.S. Army's thesaurus web site for several years. Attempts to find out why the definition was removed have not been successful.


"Targetted Individual", a target of organized stalking and electronic harassment. Targets are urged to NOT use the abbreviation "TI" because it is not known at all to the public. Generally, the fewer abbreviations we use, the easier we will be understood by members of the public.

V2S aka V2K

"Voice to Skull", microwave transmission of sound to skull by way of pulse modulated microwave, basically a modified radar signal; successfully demonstrated by U.S. Army researcher Dr. Joseph Sharp in the early 1970s; also known as "synthetic telepathy".

For more details, see voice to skull success notes