Book Review:
NEW TITLE: Cause Stalking

by David Lawson, private investigator
reviewer Eleanor White
This page updated May 26, 2007

See also my review of David Lawson's earlier book:
Terrorist Stalking in America

NEW TITLE published March 2007
NEW ISBN-13: 978-0-9703092-3-5
111 pages, indexed
* Review copy received May 7, 2007

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See also my review of Terrorist Stalking in America, the book preceeding Cause Stalking.


This book is an INCREDIBLE resource for victims of organized citizen group stalking and harassment. There is a problem. The author's CONCLUSIONS do not match my own observations, nor the observations of the several hundred targets I've been in touch with over the past decade. That is why this new book has only been rated at three out of five stars, while Lawson's original book, without much of a mismatch between his conclusions and our observations, was rated at four stars out of five.

But the author accomplished what multiple stalking victims only DREAM about - he penetrated street level citizen groups and rode with them as they carried out harassment assignments. This book is likely to be very helpful for targets who are forced to deal with skeptical family, friends, co-workers, and local authorities. It is definitely a breakthrough in the cause of exposing and stopping these citizen groups who operate freely, while law enforcement only gives their lowest ranking street level members a slap on the wrist now and then (while police deny such crimes happen to targets who complain.)

If a multiple stalking target can comfortably afford the book, I'd give it a definite "buy" recommendation. It will certainly open at least some of the minds of people we multiple stalking victims are forced to deal with.

An excellent web site for members of the public who are not yet aware of organized citizen stalking is this one titled Citizens Against Technological and Community-based Harassment (CATCH):


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Table of Contents of Cause Stalking
Start of the review
Foreign terrorists?
Patriots responsible?
Hate groups responsible?
Sources of stalkers per David Lawson
Police awareness of organized stalkers
How David Lawson got involved
Characteristics of stalker recruits
Quotes from the stalkers
Stalker motivation statistics
Involvement of firemen and police
David Lawson's comment on electronic weapons
Stalkers' attitude towards their cause
Stalking group leaders
Stalking group finances
Distinction, initial reasons vs. ongoing reasons
Lawson's targeted group list
Sampling of stalking operations
Perps use adjacent apartments
Synchronized sounds
Stalkers entry into targets' homes
Failure to recognize organized stalking
Vehicular harassment
Harassment on foot
Destruction of relationships
Noise campaigns
Synchronized movements (apartments)
Synchronized leaving home

Table of Contents

FOREWORD from book "Stopping a Stalker", R.L. Snow .......    3
Introduction .............................................    4
Who Are These People? ....................................    9
Selection of Targets .....................................   19
The Surveillance Operation ...............................   23
The Campaign .............................................   30
Let's Pretend ............................................   48
Effects on the Victim ....................................   52
Working the Internet .....................................   55
Taking Back Control ......................................   57
Conclusion ...............................................   75
Appendix A:  U.S. Extremism ..............................   82
Appendix B:  Resources ...................................   91
Appendix C:  Mind Control ................................   92
Services .................................................  108
References ...............................................  109
Index ....................................................  110

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REVIEW: Eleanor White talking:

** This book "Cause Stalking" [2007] contains much of the original material from "Terrorist Stalking in America" [2001] but also contains quite a bit of new material as well. Those who own "Terrorist Stalking in America" to assist with anti-organized stalking for activism purposes would do well to have the updated information in "Cause Stalking."

Some of the telling statements about organized stalkers from the first book don't appear in the second, so do check out that review also, when considering activism material.

Private investigator David Lawson has done something really unique, and which breaks new ground, in the endless quest for truth, justice, and freedom in writing his two books "Terrorist Stalking in America" and now "Cause Stalking." He has infiltrated the international organization of "citizen watch" extremists who harass people for their entire lives, based on lies fed to the harassers by their leaders. His work is a hugely important Step One in exposing and stopping these deluded criminals.

But David Lawson, for reasons unknown to me, has included material in both his books which serves to distract the reader from the real issue that many innocent citizens in many countries are experiencing daily, and have been experiencing for years and even decades. In order for you, the reader, to be able to separate the crime of organized stalking of innocent citizens from foreign terrorist activity and domestic hate groups, you need to think about something carefully as you read the book.

You need to remind yourself that the actual OBSERVATIONS of an investigator are an entirely separate thing from any CONCLUSIONS the investigator may draw. Lawson's observations of these groups are priceless, as they show the public what is happening to us targets independently of our testimony. Use his observations to the maximum in your anti-organized stalking activistm.

David Lawson repeatedly states at quite a few places in his book that the perpetrators are either anti-government groups, hate groups, or, foreign terrorists. I see those assertions as Lawson's "conclusions," because his actual observed behaviour of the perpetrators he "rode with" certainly doesn't appear to have any relationship to either anti-government group, hate group or foreign terrorist activity. As I read the book anyway, and from my own observations being on the receiving end of organized citizen stalking group activity.

This is a distressing puzzle for me, as Lawson's observations by themselves are FIVE stars out of five, hands down.

What I and my targeted colleagues see are ordinary citizens of all ages, deliberately doing things chosen to make us as uncomfortable as possible, around the clock, year in and year out. If these people are "anti-government", why aren't they out picketing against government? Or why aren't we seeing people of Middle Eastern origin harassing us? Or hate groups? I don't see people harassing me making racist remarks.

Now there may be some hate groups, or foreign terrorists doing SOME of the harassment, in SOME locations. I'm not denying that possibility, rather, I'm saying over two decades of harassment experienced first hand, and over a decade of networking with other targets, don't jibe with David Lawson's conclusions.

David Lawson mentions the U.S. Patriot Movement by name as an example of "anti-government cult-like groups." Well, I know quite a few people in the U.S. Patriot Movement, and so do my colleagues, and while there may well be a few who do actually participate in organized stalking, the main part of the movement is all about returning the United States to original rule under the Constitution, not about harassing people. In fact, I know 18 Patriot broadcasters who are targeted by organized stalkers.

I don't consider legitimate opposition to government misdeeds as being "anti-government." I consider that true patriotism.

A few of the broadcasters and callers, far from the majority, do claim that ambitions for world control exist in the "Zionist" movement, the seat of which is nominally within the Israeli power structure. The broadcasters are careful to separate these alleged political ambitions from the Jewish faith and culture, and as a result, I don't see this as "hate speech." Perhaps this is what David Lawson considers as making the Patriot Movement a "hate group."

Personally, I feel that the political activity of ANY country is fair game for comment, including negative comment, without making such commentary "hate."

Some of the broadcasters and callers state on air that the Bible declares homosexuality is sinful. To my mind, that is not "hate" either.

Neither the Patriot show hosts nor the callers I've heard advocate harassing either Jews or homosexuals. Consequently, by my definition, they are NOT fomenting hate. Real hate groups DO foment hate and do harassment acts and worse.

The term "hate group" as I use it refers to groups which "hate" and sometimes harass a class of people, not individuals who have widely varied backgrounds and each having a customized list of lies told about them.

And many of the organized stalking targets I know have no visible identification with either Jewish lineage or homosexuality. I haven't heard the targets who are either Jewish or homosexual report they hear references to those personal characteristics as they are harassed.

So my own conclusion is that we are not targeted by what are commonly called hate groups, and furthermore, I don't see evidence that Lawson's observations point to hate groups either. Perhaps David Lawson has found hate groups doing organized stalking - I can only speak for the cases I've become aware of over my 11 years communicating with organized stalking targets, and being one myself.

It's also important, and I hope David Lawson reads this, to note that people can be vehemently opposed to CORRUPTION in government, without being "anti-government." Government corruption is why organized stalking continues without relief for targets - not because government exists, but because today's governments are corrupt.

Here, from Appendix A of Cause Stalking, is one example of what David Lawson lists as possible organized stalking group sources that I haven't seen corroborating evidence for:

- groups watched by "FBI counterterrorism"
- groups which can "obtain and use WMD (weapons of mass destruction) materiel and technology for mass casualty attacks"
- "Al-Quaeda" (EW: Assuming there is such a group)
- "militant Islamic groups"
- "Algerian extremists; Al-Gama'at al-Islamiyya; Asbat al-Ansar; ..." and about half a dozen similar group names
- "Timothy McVeigh and bombings by Eric Robert Rudolph"
- "right wing domestic terrorism groups"
- "left wing terrorism groups"
- "anarchist movement"
In Appendix A, David Lawson states:
"Fortunately, the USA PATRIOT Act enables the FBI and its intelligence community partners to address all aspects of the threats posed by terrorist organizations ..."
My question to David Lawson about that statement is "What do those terrorist organizations have to do with out-of-control 'citizen watch' people harassing targets?"

To targets of organized stalking, I recommend making sure you stress to anyone you refer to this new book, that Lawson's observations are representative of what happens to us, but the assertions that anti-government groups and foreign terrorists do the stalking do not apply to domestic organized stalking as experienced by us.

"Watcher" perpetrators on station in a
quiet Toronto, Ontario neighbourhood

Click here to see the 5-minute video from which the "watcher" image above was taken.

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Author David Lawson did interview perpetrators, ("perps"), targetted people ("targets"), and the POLICE. Here is what the author heard from the police he interviewed:

[pg 79] "I also spoke with a few police officers from across the country. They confirmed the existence of stalking groups across the country. In general, they said that 'cause stalking' is primarily a civil problem where the plaintiff has to prove financial loss. They also said that there are free speech and grass roots issues involved. In fact, the police themselves are targets of these groups. In small towns, the number of members in these groups can easily exceed the number of police officers. In general, the police will NOT talk about stalking groups. One officer did say there is a storm brewing as groups become larger and more numerous."

Author Lawson explains here how he got involved and began to interact with the 'cause stalking' perpetrators:

"One day, several years ago, I was sitting in my house, and checking out the activity on my scanner. I heard a woman say that she was following a certain vehicle. She gave the location, the make and model of the car and the license plate number. A few days later, I heard the same woman on the same frequency (84) request backup at a certain location. A few days after that I again heard her broadcasting the position and details about another vehicle she was following. I listened to other people talking on that frequency and they didn't give any indication that they were with any government agency but they were talking about ARRESTING PEOPLE."

"On another occasion, on the same business band frequency, I heard someone complain that an African American man was crossing the street. "All we could get him for is jaywalking" responded the leader. "Leave him for the police."

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"People in the group would discuss where they would go for supper, after their shift was over, so I [the author] went too. I listened to a group of people openly discussing various activities as if they were the police.

"Real police officers were also sitting in the restaurant, listening to them. I later learned that their presence was not a coincidence.

"One man who had supper with the group drove a van marked with the call letters of a local AM radio station. I started listening to it. Most of the guests were people who said they had new revelations about Waco or Ruby Ridge, or had some inside story about government corruption. It is called hate radio. I also heard advertisements for the meetings of a local political group and I attended some.

"At the first meeting I attended, one young man flashed a phony police badge at me. No one paid any attention. Some of those in attendance were the people I had seen in the local restaurant. This was my introduction to the creepy world of anti-government extremists."

David Lawson goes on to explain that he has observed extremist groups for several years while living in New York State, Florida, and Canada.

* Again, Eleanor White talking: As someone who listens daily to the Patriot broadcasts, I do NOT hear "anti-government" talk. I hear a great deal of talk about actual government crimes and corruption, in which laws and the U.S. Constitution are being increasingly ignored. That talk is anti-corruption, not anti the existence of a legitimate Constitutional government. David Lawson has increased the number of allegations of "anti-government" activity against the Patriots in this book.

I urge anti-organized stalking activists to be VERY careful to separate David Lawson's personal conclusions from his observations of organized stalking perpetrator activity.

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David Lawson monitored the stalking groups' public communications, attended meetings, rode with them.

The author defines the basic reason for being for these citizen stalking groups as CAUSE STALKING. Cause stalking means the group is assembled, under a leader with a "shadowy past", for some specific cause.

"Cause stalking has been used by extremist groups since the early 1990s. The basic system is alleged to have been developed by the Ku Klux Klan and refined through years of use.

Some details about the typical cause stalking recruit:

"Recruits tend to be blue collar workers who are at the bottom end of the job scale. They are janitors in apartments, hotels, etc., who have keys to get in any locked doors. They are security guards, who can let fellow members into places where they would not normally be allowed to go. They are city workers, who can, in many cities, follow a target around all day in their vehicles or have a noisy project underway near his [target's] residence. They are taxi drivers, who are a network that is always on the road. They are cable, telephone and electric company employees who can interfere with a target's service and spend time on patrol with the group, while they are on the job."
Those are the author's words. Here are a few quotes from the perpetrators themselves, from the original book:
[From Terrorist Stalking in America] "We are like the police except we are ABOVE the police."

[From Terrorist Stalking in America] "We are a citizen's group that helps the police. We are trying to alert people in the area about this person [the target] before he gets to do what he did in the last place he lived." [Eleanor White talking: All the cause stalking targets I know well did not commit ANY offenses. The stalkers are filled with LIES by their leaders.]

[From Terrorist Stalking in America] "When I get the call, I go to whatever the address is. It doesn't matter what they [targets] do, they can never get away from us."

[From Terrorist Stalking in America] "Who are we? We drive the ambulances that take you to the emergency room. When your house is burning, we put out the fire. We are security guards. We protect you at night. YOU ONLY HAVE ELECTRICITY, PHONE AND CABLE SERVICE BECAUSE OF US. We are janitors. We have the keys. We fix your cars. YOU DON'T WANT TO MESS WITH US."

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In "Cause Stalking", David Lawson provides some details about the motivations of stalking group members not in the first book:

- 25% follow the nominal "cause" they were recruited under
- 25% actually participate in the harassment
- 75% harass occasionally or not at all
- 10% join out of fear of being harassed themselves
That 10% joining out of fear of harassment is quite interesting, as one of the most difficult barriers to educating the general public about organized stalking is why anyone would volunteer to harass others. Joining out of fear is very Mafia-like.

Lawson describes recruits to these groups as "... those who feel powerless, inferior and angry." Common sense is that naturally, such people would be easy to recruit for street and adjacent to the target's home harassment, but I would comment that lots of professionals put us (targets) down at every opportunity, declaring us mentally ill for even suggesting organized stalking is possible. These professionals don't "feel powerless, inferior, and angry."

And I doubt the many utility and city employees who participate feel "powerless, inferior, and angry" either. So while David Lawson has done a great job, some aspects of organized stalking have escaped him.

One interesting comment Lawson makes is that "Firemen across the country, and even some police officers, support these groups."

That's interesting to me because I have heard a number of reports that vehicular harassment has involved an above average number of vehicles that bear stickers of firefighters, or, a few targets have traced perpetrator identities to firemen. One target discovered that a number of vehicular harassment cars, identified by licence number, were parked in a police station parking lot.

My personal take on why firemen and police would back these groups is that many have a heightened sense of community service. If they can be persuaded that the target has a criminal record, the worst case being that of a pedophile, it would be natural for firefighters and police to "help keep the target in line".

I'd like to comment on the following statement made by David Lawson about his impressions resulting from, apparently, joining and monitoring targeted individuals' forums on the Internet:

"On the Internet, groups professing to protest government stalking, claim that high tech weapons are used against them. It isn't the government and groups do not have access to any technology that can't be bought on the Internet. Their tactics aren't high tech, they are low tech. Targets will encounter people carrying speakers and what appear to be electronic devices. They are just a show."
A few years ago, I was briefly in email contact with David Lawson, and he made the same assertion to me by email. This clearly shows that in spite of his excellent detective work, he missed a corps of electronic anti-personnel weapon operators who, apparently, are kept away from the community level stalking groups. This is probably why David Lawson hasn't learned about these "e-weapons."

In our group, which in my 11 years on line extends to a couple of thousand targets world wide, almost everyone who experiences organized stalking also experiences electronic anti-personnel harassment sooner or later. Through the efforts of our researchers, we have rock solid documentation on FIVE silent, zero trace evidence, through wall capable devices which are NOT secret military weapons. These technologies can be had by anyone with an upper middle class income. All five of them.

I did offer to provide the documentation, and explain the operation of these five weapons to David Lawson, but he declined, regrettably. He could do the world a great deal of good if he would turn his investigative skills toward the task of exposing the second echelon of the stalkers, those with the electronic weapons.

As to the government doing the stalking: I regret that so many of our web sites and email forums are full of claims that "the government" is carrying out the harassment. The fact is as of today, we cannot identify either the people at the top of the organized stalking chain of command, nor the people at the top of the electronic weapons chain of command. Hence, we cannot say whether government employees are doing the harassment or not. I sincerely wish we could hire David Lawson to find out, however, destruction of the ability to earn a good living is one result of the organized stalking crimes, and many of us are out of work, working at minimum wage, and some are homeless. We are not able to hire a private investigator.

It is beyond the scope of this review to go into detail, reader, but if you will research MKULTRA and COINTELPRO on the web, you will find that the (U.S.) government has committed crimes of the same general type as both organized stalking and electronic weapon harassment since World War II, so an accusation against government should not be ruled out.

And the seamless use of the mental health system to keep our complaints stifled is a substantial crime in itself. But bottom line, we cannot prove government is "doing it" at the time this review was written.

The author concludes, as explained at a number of places in the book, that the "cause" the typical group is "working toward" is mainly an excuse to get the groups together. The main motivation of members who stay with these groups is the sense of power and belonging the group members derive. Having a "cause" enhances the feelings of power and righteousness, but group members, according to the author, are most concerned with how their fellow group stalkers feel about their "work" and accept them.

Lawson explains the attitude of the typical stalking group member towards the "cause" this way:

"Most active group members have only a general idea of the ideology of the group but they don't particularly care."
These groups come into being and are run by leaders. Here is what the author says about them in this book, a bit different and more clearly, when compared with the original book:
"Group leaders do have political goals and the belief that the end justifies the means."

Lawson describes leaders as considering their members "disposable."

Lawson states that some leaders work for corporations and politicians (original book didn't mention politicians.)

Lawson states that leaders identify targets but don't directly supervise the harassment group members.

Lawson describes leaders as having an "air of mystery", "having worked for the CIA, NSA, or some other intelligence agency that doesn't reveal information about their employees." Lawson states that this "background" is likely mythology.

How about financing these groups?

Although the author states that the pay is low, there are still very large expenses to harass people as thoroughly as targets report. Here is an example of what I mean by "large expenses":

"Groups are WELL FINANCED. They can afford to RENT PROPERTY WHEREVER THE TARGET LIVES. If he drives across the country, he will be followed by supporters of similar groups in that area. If he travels by plane, group members will meet him wherever he lands in the U.S. They may even accompany him on a plane if they know his travel plan, and there is a good chance that they do."

The phrase in the quote "in the U.S." was added to the new book. I'm not sure if David Lawson knows this is fully operational world wide.

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Here is what the author learned about their financing:

[From Terrorist Stalking in America] "The operations of many extremist groups are actually financed by CORPORATIONS which use them to stalk their enemies or potential enemies. The groups are used as the PRIVATE ARMIES of those corporations. Some countries kill dissidents and in others they are jailed. In the United States, someone who is threatening to corporations or industries, like a whistleblower or activist, is likely to become the target of an extremist group."
The author makes several statements that these criminal stalking groups not only harass targets specified by their leaders, but also are FOR HIRE - a kind of "revenge service" for those wealthy enough to hire them. We in the organized stalking target community agree.

There are two distinct reasons why we are harassed:

- The initial reason we are placed on the stalking groups' "list"
- The reason the stalkers keep it up (always involves lies)

Those two reasons should always be kept separate in your mind, reader. David Lawson's focus is mainly on the reason the stalkers continue to harass targets.

David Lawson's chapter on Selection of Targets may well be true, but it certainly doesn't describe the thousands of people who don't fit his list of targeted categories, yet are viciously harassed and lied about. Here are some of the categories of targets Lawson records in the new book:

- Abortion clinic workers
- People guilty of mistreatment of animals
- County clerks and local politicians
- Police officers
- Judges
- IRS and Treasury agents
- Civil rights activists
- Government or corporate whistleblowers

We DO have whistleblowers among our number, but the number is very small relative to ordinary citizens who suddenly become targeted for no reason, or reasons such as reporting a crime, exposing a pedophile, or sometimes simply being a target of co-worker jealousy. For the group of organized stalking targets I know, Lawson's list above is rather skewed away from our experiences. Police officers and judges are much more likely to participate in the harassment by trying to shove us into the mental health system.

One thing David Lawson makes clear in describing the targets is that "The ultimate goal of the groups is to destroy the targets." Those of us who have been stalked by organized citizen groups which are fed lies is that these groups do destroy targets with great efficiency.

Next, let's look at some of the typical OPERATIONS these groups carry out. Here, I have retained a number of quotes from the original book because I feel they state the situation as well or better than the new book:

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Now that is a HUGE "laundry list" of operations carried out against the targets of these criminal cause stalking groups. But reader, both of David Lawson's books are pretty well ALL MEAT, and there is MUCH, MUCH more within their covers. If the general public is made aware of this book, these brutal crimes, which have resulted in suicides, just might have a chance of being exposed and stopped.

In fact, given the almost seamless cover provided by public officials who consistently say that organized stalking doesn't happen, and those who complain of it are mentally ill, it may well be that ONLY by educating the general public can these crimes be reversed and stopped.

Covering up organized stalking is itself a criminal act, and a violation of all the job descriptions and oaths these public officials have accepted and made. They are NOT doing their jobs!

What about the future, then? Let me close this review with a chilling quote from David Lawson's first book, Terrorist Stalking in America, reporting what the author learned from some of the leaders:

"The leaders ... are starting to balk at exposing their members to arrest for activities which amount to little gain for the movement. THEY SAY THAT ANYONE WHO IS A TARGET SHOULD BE KILLED, and not just harassed for years."
YOU, Joe and Jane Citizen, have the power to stop this by doing nothing more than asking your public officials how they plan to deal with this growing crime. Will you help us?

Eleanor White

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