Other Web Sites

March 25, 2008


I regret to announce that due to health difficulties, I am unable to do the considerable amount of ongoing work to periodically review other sites, to see if the information there is of good quality. This is essential, because at this point in time, there are web sites about the crime of organized stalking and electronic harassment (which includes the sub-crime called "mind control") which display either serious misinformation (not intentionally false) or serious disinformation (intentionally false.)

Without being able to do the necessary review of the many sites now on the web, I have decided to withdraw this "other sites" listing.

For credibility ratings for web sites and articles that come into widespread usage by targets for activism purposes, please visit this site:


For an "e-handbook" on various aspects of information handling, please see:

"Information Handling"

"Tech Talk"

"Local Group Presentations"

For two e-booklets written to explain organized stalking and electronic harassment to members of the public who are willing to read such material:

"Organized Stalking" (INcludes electronic harassment)

"Organized Stalking" (EXcludes electronic harassment)

There are some situations where a booklet without any information about electronic harassment may be preferable.

For an "e-handbook" on coping:


For an "e-handbook" on countermeasure and detection experiments:

"Countermeasure and Detection Experiments"