Vibrations Harassment

August 22, 2004

One of the most unusual effects observed during the electronic harassment and organized stalking crime syndrome reported on this web site is the vibrations of body parts and specific objects. This vibration can be very powerful and yet, it can be entirely localized in one object, with no nearby objects effected. When the human body is targetted by this remote vibration signal, the furniture, bed, or floor is hardly affected at all. Yet, experiments such as holding a glass of liquid on the vibrating object and triggering of vibration switches show that these attacks are not imaginary.

In bed, the vibrations and shaking are very different from the commonly experienced heartbeat frequency vibrations in mattresses and springs, and cannot be attributed to that natural effect.

In one case, that of Victor N. Moturi of Fayetteville, North Carolina, these vibration attacks became so frequent and pronounced during Victor's university classes that Victor had to quit his studies. Here below are the letters from one professor and one witness that describe vibrations of such amplitude that they were seen by others, and were in fact very disruptive to Victor's classes. At the time of posting, we in the electronic harassment/organized stalking target community do not have an explanation as to how powerful and surgically localized vibrations can be induced at a distance, as mainstream science has yet to recognize the work of experimenters who have duplicated remote physical manipulation at a distance, such as John Hutchison.