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Subject: RE: Scalar waves
Date: Fri, 21 Jun 2002 00:42:23 -0500

Dear Margo,
The kind of stuff being used now is totally unfamiliar to me.  Also, I never found any way to shield from this type of weaponry.  If it uses normal EM (which some of the older stuff does by brute force methods), then distance from the transmitter reduces it, as does a Faraday cage. But if it's longitudinal EM waves, distance and shielding are not barriers.
Sorry I don't have better information on this to help. There is some slightly better information, I've been told, that I've not seen, nor was I told the source of the information.  Since the heart attack last year and continuing hypoxia, my schedule and work have been very much limited. 
Hoping for your health and that whatever might be hitting you is withdrawn,
Tom Bearden

     I really enjoy your website. I saw on your website a section devoted
to "mind control" using scalar beams and EM weapons.
     I just built the "ScalarBeamer" found at and I also
plan to build the Magnetic Beam Amplifier which is also listed on that

     I was wondering if either of these might have an effect on the type of
weapons used on me and a group of about 1,000 + other people in the
U.S. and worldwide? I have been subjected to this type of harassment
for many years. Please see for
information on this. The founder and president of C.A.H.R.A. (Citizens
Against Human Rights Abuse) was recently recognized by U.N.I.D.I.R.
(United Nations Institute for Disarmament Research) as an expert in
non-lethal weapons.

     I also have a website at which is
devoted to this topic.

     Since you acknowledge the existence of such weapons, please tell
me what I can do to shield myself from this technology? They are being
used by evil and corrupt men with absolutely no morals.

     I realize this is not the kind of e-mail you would usually expect. Any
help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for taking time to read