Excerpt: Human Radiation Hearings

To help the public understand the atrocities committed by one so-called "free and democratic government" on their helpless citizens

Note: There are three references to "mind control" in this excerpt, should the visitor have doubts that mind control exists and requires constant vigilance to prevent.

Date sent:        Fri, 25 Jan 2002 08:58:22 -0500
From:             "A. Tyner" 
Subject:          1995: Child victim testifies to experiments


Executive Chambers, The Madison Hotel, 15th and M Streets, NW
Washington, D.C.

Wednesday, March 15, 1995, 1:00 p.m.

Excerpt (entire transcript runs 74 pages)


                        Statement of Suzzanne Starr
                            Chimayo, New Mexico

          MS. STARR:  This is my husband, and he's sitting here
in case I pass out.

          DR. FADEN:  Well, we hope that doesn't happen.

          MS. STARR:  I'm not going to.  You know, I just want to
say thank you.  Thank you very much for listening to me, for
being here, for sitting in your seats this past hour.  Thank you.

          A whole part of my life just came together.  This is
phenomenal.  Here I am, living in a remote area of New Mexico,
and I start remembering this really bizarre stuff.  Then I go
back and I find the place where it happened, a place I never
thought I had been in my life, and by gosh, it looks just like my
recall of it, and now I sit here today, and I hear from people I
have never met, never seen.  They have been through the same
thing I'm experiencing.

          I don't have the names, but you know one thing that
just shocks me is through all of my work, I keep coming up with
this darned Delta code, Delta 5133867.  Until today, I didn't
know what that was. It's an experimentation code.  I kept
wondering, why do I write Delta 5133867.  What's an alpha code?
What's a beta code?  Those are things that this nation needs to
find out for the sake of our future, and really and truly,
without mistake, for the sake of the salvation of our planet.

          I'm just shocked.  I'm surprised.  I am a survivor of
secret experimentation conducted by our government on healthy
children.  I recalled and began to recall these incidences two
years ago.  I have been working for weeks to overcome the terror
program so that I could be here and speak to you with dignity

          I know I survived my childhood for this moment.  These
horrid secrets undermine the core of our society.  They exist
only out of the power of evil.  As long as atrocity to human
beings, particularly children, go unbelieved, they can continue.

          I have come to realize from my awakening that reality
is a dimension beyond human beings' ability to conceive the
truth.  When the truth comes to the light and is believed, there
is an incredible healing for ourselves and our nation.  That is
my hope.

          I was born in 1949.  We were very poor.  I lived in the
mountains of Colorado.  Both of my parents have died of cancer.
All but two of my aunts and uncles have either died of cancer or
have cancer.

          As a child, my parents were victims of a mind control
organization that permitted me to be inducted into
experimentation.  I have early recollections of people coming to
my house.  My father was picked up on a false arrest for a
ticket, parking ticket, and put in jail.  They came to my house,
and they tortured me, and they held my mother until she signed a

          I believe and I know that if she had not signed that
paper, I would not be here today.  I believe that her signing
this paper is related to me being brought into these experiments.
Either she signed or I died.

          I believe our family physician, who was retired from
the military, got children from the mountains of Colorado for the
experiments.  He was the only doctor I have ever saw until I was
20 years old.  The first memory I have of environmental
deprivation was in the basement of this doctor's office.

          His office adjoined a meeting hall that was used for
satanic rites.  I was astounded when I returned to this city not
that long ago, two years ago, and discovered that his office and
the adjoining chambers and the sub-chambers in that city were
exactly as I had remembered it.

          Of course, I would remember my doctor's office, but I
had no knowledge prior to my return and my investigation of the
sub-chambers and of the secret things about his office.

          The incidences I have recalled happened to me between
ages of three and 12 years old.  I was taken to a college campus
in the summer.  We were kept in a locked dorm and taken to the
experiment by way of underground tunnels.  I provided the name of
that institution in my narrative.  I believe you have my

          I don't want to say that here in public.  One day,
there was a lot of confusion, and a door was left open, and I
slipped out.  I went across the campus and entered into another
dorm.  I heard some people yelling.  I wondered down the hall.  I
was a very type of inquisitive kind of a slip-out child, and when
I went into the room and looked around the corner where the
people were yelling, there was a high official from the United
States military.  There was the man that the people in the
program called the Nazi doctor.  They called him a Nazi.  I don't
know who this man is.  I believe I could recognize a picture if I
was given the opportunity, and there was one of the technicians
at the head of the program.

          I was caught and taken into electro-shock sessions,
something was put up my nose, and I passed out.  In recovering
this incident, I had convulsions, which I have.  I'm not a
seizure person, but when I am recalling these incidences,
frequently I go into a convulsive type of episode. It's not grand
mal.  It's just extreme shaking.

          A year and a half ago, on an investigative trip, my
husband and I returned to that campus.  I was amazed to find it
exactly as I had recalled it.  The two buildings where we were
used for the experiments had been torn down in 1968, but the dorm
that I wondered into was exactly as I remembered it.

          I recall being in a classroom with other children.  We
were all in institution pajamas.  We were told that we were
chosen to help serve our country.  A careful record of the
procedures were kept.  The technicians were highly-trained
professionals.  They were just doing their job.

          We were not to be angry at them.  An American flag hung
in the room.  The experiments are discussed in more detail in my
narrative.  One of the doctors, who supervised the experiments,
was called the Nazi when he was out of the room.  The experiments
involved environmental deprivation, to the point of forced
psychotic states, and you know why I remember about the forced
psychotic states that had a great impact on me because I realized
something.  After they put me in that little cell and treated me
like a dog and kept me there until I went into psychotic states,
they gave me electro-shock and told me we returned you to sanity,
so we can take your sanity away, if you ever speak, and I'm
speaking today, and I'm not going to lose my sanity.  I'm going
to stay nice and sound.

          The experiments also included extreme sensation on the
brain, spin programming, breeding of children and injections.  I
was given frequent electro-shock and mind control sessions with
the threat of death or insanity if I ever spoke, and through my
recollection and these years that I have struggled for my freedom
and the phrase that says thank God I'm free at least means a lot
to me, through these times, I have fought self-destructive
programmed messages to kill myself, and I know what a program
message is, and I don't act on them.  I know the difference.

          Obviously they mis-judged my spirit and my desire to be
free.  The experiment I wish to speak about involved radiation.
I was strapped face down, straddled on a device like a chair that
curved my spine in a haunch.  Needles were put in three places in
my spine, my coccyx, my mid-spine and the base of my skull.

          To the right, there was a device with five orifices,
five IV tubes came out and joined into one, with controls for the
amount of fluid and frequency.  This tube was connected to the
needles at the base of my skull.

          I was given a timed injection at my coccyx.  The
technician had a monitor, I believe it was a Geiger counter.
They checked my head with it.  There would be timed releases --
released injections through the IV into the needle at the base of
my skull -- could you get me some water -- repeatedly, which was

          When the injections went into my brain, it felt like
ice spreading throughout my skull.  It was agonizing.  I had
cuffs on my upper arms and things on my fingers.  I believe for
vital signs.  Wires were connected to my head simulator to an
EEG.  Often, they would say get some fluid.  They did something
to the needles in my middle spine.  I believe they were testing
my spinal fluid.

          Sometimes something happened to the cuffs on my arms
that caused horrible pain.  Readings were taken again.  The
procedure was being taught to someone.  I believe -- I believe
that's what was happening.  They talked as if I was unconscious
and not even human.  I recall it was explained that the
injections were referred to as "trace" but enough to make this
kid's head light up like a Christmas tree.

          They thought this was funny.  They kept making jokes
about my head glowing.  They sat me up and put a tube in my nose.
I could feel something horrible in the front of my brain, and I
blacked out.

          In another experiment, when I -- they thought I was
dead, they took me out of the chair, and the technician looked at
me, and he said, "It looks like we lost this one.  Well, there's
plenty more where she came from.  If she's brain dead, we can
institutionalize her and use her for further experiments.  If
she's dead, we will arrange an accident as is procedure with her

          Another experiment involved inserting air into my
uterus and expanding the abdominal cavity with air.  This
experiment was torturous.  Measurements were taken periodically.
X-rays of my uterus and fallopian tubes were taken by injecting
radioactive dye.  I know that this is a salpinghystiogram.  I had
to have this done during fertility testing when my husband and I
were trying to conceive a child.

          Fertility testing was so traumatic that I had to stop
trying.  I have never had a normal pregnancy or been able to
conceive a child.  Howsomesoever, I do remember at the age of 12
having an induced pregnancy.  My baby boy was taken for the
experiments.  That is the only child I have ever had, unless
there are other abortions that I'm not aware of.

          I am willing to experience my -- to discuss my
experiences in more detail, if any of you wish to.  I have
suffered all my life because of this.  My life has completely
changed now because of my recovery.

          Five years ago, I began my quest for truth.  I didn't
perceive how much I was suffering until finally my symptoms
diminished.  I have recovered these incidences with the help of a
caring professional.  He has been careful to maintain a neutral
position and does not hypnotise or lead me or influence me in any
way, and he said he will attest to that.

          Once early in my healing, I spoke to a man who helps
people deprogram from mind control groups.  He told me freedom is
in the struggle.  The good Lord knows, I have struggled to be
free.  I am thankful that I started working on my healing of my
body in my thirties.  The past five years, I have healed my mind
and spirit.  Now, I am strong enough to speak the truth, the
truth will set us free.

          There's one more thing I didn't mention.  During the
many times, there were forced rapes.  I wanted to say one thing.
When I was early -- a memory I've had all my life.  I always knew
about, I always wondered what it was.

          When I was four or five years old, I used to lie in the
bedroom when my sisters went to school in the morning, and I
played Nazi concentration camp, and I would be the Jewish
princess, and they would be experimenting on me and military
people would come and rape me, and I held up to it all because I
was such a brave girl.  I think I was a very brave girl.  I
really do.

          I always wondered why did a four-year old fantasize
that she was being experimented on.  Why did she think that
people were raping her?  Now I know why.  Because it was truth.

          I wish to thank the people at the task force for
helping me trust enough to testify.  I would never have trusted a
government project without their  support.  I also wish to thank
President Clinton for appointing this commission, and each of you
especially for having the courage and the integrity to listen to
us, the survivors of America's most horrid secret.

          I am deeply committed to exposing this most horrid
secret.  Of course, I am terrified of repercussions, but if one
of you hears us today, if one of you takes action, if someone in
this room takes action, even if it's 10 years from now, this can

          I am terrified of repercussions, but I will not
purchase peace at the price of my silence.  If life's so dear or
peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of chains of
slavery, forbid it, almighty God.  I know not what course others
may take, but as for me, give me liberty or give me death, and I
imagine you all know who said that.  My hero when I was a little
girl, Patrick Henry.

          I do not choose death, I choose freedom, freedom to
speak the truth.  Thank you.

          DR. FADEN:  Thank you, Ms. Starr.


          DR. FADEN:  We appreciate your comments.  Thank you for
leaving us information.