Proven & Available Electronic Harassment Technologies:


There are older technologies capable of extreme destruction of the ability to earn a living, and the quality of life of a target, listed below. None of these technologies require implants, and all can be transmitted silently, through non-conducting walls, and leave no trace evidence.   They have been available for one to five decades.


Since few targets will own the correct (and expensive) detection equipment, destruction of a target's life even using these older technologies is a perfect crime under today's justice system.  Today's justice system denies that any effective through wall harassment technologies exist.



Here is the list:





*   WEAPONIZED MICROWAVE OVEN:  A simple microwave oven, door removed, with the door interlock switch bypassed, and held against the bedroom wall of a target in an apartment building or semi-detached house. This device can cause a variety of disabling medical symptoms.  (Google "Dr. Reinhard Munzert".)



Image showing weaponized microwave oven weapon,

for improved focus of the microwave radiation.



Some symptoms of microwave radiation:


Asthma, cataracts, headaches, memory loss, early Alzheimer's, bad dreams, depression, fatigue, concentration loss, appetite loss, heart and blood pressure problems, and cancer.



*   VOICE TO SKULL:  Joseph Sharp's voice to skull success, performed with Dr. James C. Lin's pulsed microwave transmitter, and publicly announced in 1974 at the University of Utah:


AUDIBLE sound transmitted directly into a target's skull, through a target's wall, of course, can drive the through-the-wall target crazy, and if the target complains, the target will be immediately diagnosed as mentally ill. The perfect crime.



U.S. patent 6,587,729 was issued based on Dr. Joseph Sharp's voice to skull success.


Recent news story showing that voice to skull technology is admitted publicly as being of interest to military and law enforcment:

Original link:

   Microwave Ray Gun Controls Crowds with Noise


July 4, 2008

A US company claims it is ready to build a microwave ray gun able to beam sounds directly into people's heads.

The device dubbed MEDUSA (Mob Excess Deterrent Using Silent Audio) exploits the microwave audio effect, in which short microwave pulses rapidly heat tissue, causing a shockwave inside the skull that can be detected by the ears. A series of pulses can be transmitted to produce recognisable sounds.

The device is aimed for military or crowd-control applications, but may have other uses.

Lev Sadovnik of the Sierra Nevada Corporation in the US is working on the system, having started work on a US navy research contract. The navy's report states that the effect was shown to be effective.

Scarecrow Beam?

MEDUSA involves a microwave auditory effect "loud" enough to cause discomfort or even incapacitation. Sadovnik says that normal audio safety limits do not apply since the sound does not enter through the eardrums.

"The repel effect is a combination of loudness and the irritation factor," he says. "You can't block it out."

Sadovnik says the device will work thanks to a new reconfigurable antenna developed by colleague Vladimir Manasson. It steers the beam electronically, making it possible to flip from a broad to a narrow beam, or aim at multiple targets simultaneously.

Sadovnik says the technology could have non-military applications. Birds seem to be highly sensitive to microwave audio, he says, so it might be used to scare away unwanted flocks.

Sadovnik has also experimented with transmitting microwave audio to people with outer ear problems that impair their normal hearing.

Brain Damage Risk

James Lin of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at the University of Illinois in Chicago says that MEDUSA is feasible in principle.

He has carried out his own work on the technique, and was even approached by the music industry about using microwave audio to enhance sound systems, he told New Scientist.

"But is it going to be possible at the power levels necessary?" he asks. Previous microwave audio tests involved very "quiet" sounds that were hard to hear, a high-power system would mean much more powerful and potentially hazardous shockwaves.

"I would worry about what other health effects it is having," says Lin. "You might see neural damage."

Sierra Nevada says that a demonstration version could be built in a year, with a transportable system following within 18 months. They are currently seeking funding for the work from the US Department of Defence.


*   SILENT SOUND:  Lowery's "Silent Sound," patent 5,159,703, has been used for self-help subliminal hypnosis tapes and CDs and by the U.S. Army in Gulf War One (1991).   Currently used for shoplifting prevention in some countries.


Together with Sharp's voice to skull, Silent Sound projected through a bedroom wall can hypnotize a target in their bed with the target being unaware. Unaware hypnosis is clearly electronic harassment in the extreme.  A target's personality can be severely interfered with, and the target will not know why this is happening.


Concept diagram, combined voice to skull and Silent Sound


“Slope detection” or “slope tuning”, showing how a constant volume

frequency modulated acoustic signal can be changed into a normal

variable amplitude audio signal by the ear’s sloping response curve

*   THE LIDA MACHINE:  A half-century-old medical device, the Russian-built Lida machine, a pulsed 40 watt,  40 MHz radio transmitter which can be used to make a target exhausted on the job when pulsing at the rate consistent with sleep, and with a pulse rate increase, deprive the target of sleep too!   Certain ham radio transmitters can be configured so as to duplicate the Lida signal.


The Lida uses the repetitive stimulus principle, and it’s pulsing radio signal is what makes this a through wall capable weapon.  Very slow stimulus induces drowsiness, rapid stimulus induces wakefulness, all done silently.



U.S. Patent 3,773,049 describes the Lida operating principle.



Associated Press photo.  Dr. Ross Adey, now deceased, was a researcher at the

Loma Linda, California veterans hospital.  Dr. Adey, together with Dr. Eldon Byrd,

acquired a Lida machine for testing, with an eye towards weapons potential.  

Neither Dr. Adey nor Dr. Byrd are known to have been associated with any

unethical activities nor weapons derived from the Lida machine.

*   THROUGH WALL RADAR:  Through clothing (and through non-conductive wall) radar, widely used at airports and by police to look through clothing for hidden weapons. The harassment potential of this technology in the hands of organized stalking gangs is obvious.


Through wall/clothing radar images.



*   EPIC BALANCE DISRUPTOR:  Code name EPIC through wall coordination/balance disruptor weapon may become another through wall capable harassment technology, once it has been announced as having been successfully demonstrated.


Electronic harassment targets have reported suddenly having their balance and coordination disrupted.


Here's a quote from a May 21, 2007 article about the EPIC weapon on :


   Local Company Developing 'Less than Lethal' Weapon


   'EPIC' by Invocon is being developed as a 'Less than Lethal' Weapon.


   How do you disable bad guys in a crowd without killing them or causing

   permanent damage? It’s a problem faced by troops in urban combat and by

   local law enforcement.


   Now, a local company called Invocon may have the answer, and the

   solution may be a weapon code named "Epic." The company is developing

   a weapon they hope someday will be able to shoot through a wall and stun

   people on the other side of the wall. ...



Note that all of these silent, through-wall harassment devices can be had by anyone with an upper middle-class income.  The public and public officials are urged to take complaints of electronic harassment very seriously, as there is no doubt that far more invasive classified (secret) technologies have been developed since these older technologies were developed, one to five decades ago.


The classified equipment, coming into wider use in the 1980s, can penetrate all shielding and is virtually unstoppable according to current experiences of targets. Our group as yet does not have documented information as to how these classified devices work.