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Project Title: Radar-Based Through-the-Wall Surveillance System

Project Description:

Photograph: Through-the-Wall Surveillance System

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The National Institute of Justice (NIJ), through the Joint (Justice - Defense) Program Steering Group (JPSG), is funding improvement of a portable (briefcase-sized) through-the-wall surveillance device developed by Raytheon (formerly Hughes Missile Systems)for use by law enforcement officials when investigating a crime scene. This device is a modification of a commercial motion detector sold by Hughes. It employs a radar that can locate and track an individual through concrete or brick walls. It measures and displays the distance to that individual, a capability improvement over the commercial device.

Status Report:

This device was successfully demonstrated with the Los Angeles County (California) Sheriff's Department and Albuquerque (New Mexico) Police Department under quasi operational conditions. It demonstrated the ability to consistently track the activity of an individual moving behind an eight-inch thick concrete wall to a range of more than 75 feet from the radar. NIJ anticipates receiving a number of prototypes of the redesigned device before the end of FY2000. A nationwide demonstration of the system is planned for FY2001.


Dr. Pete Nacci
Project Manager
Tel: (703) 351-8821
E-mail: pnacci@darpa.mil

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