Mind Control & Related
Articles by Writer Nessie
of the San Francisco Bay Guardian

The articles referenced below are by San Francisco Bay Guardian's on-line columnist "Nessie", a pseudonym. "Nessie" writes on many topics including involuntary psycho-electronic experimentation, aka "mind control". He also writes about "micro-radio" aka "pirate radio" aka "free radio", which is broadcasting at low power levels without a licence. Since the mainstream media refuse to report on mind control, micro-radio is a related topic.

Both mind control and micro-radio articles are included here.

For the record, I, Eleanor White, do not necessarily agree with everything Nessie writes, but it is still uplifting to imagine a world in which most or all journalists are as honest as "Nessie" is.

    Buford Furrow, pawn or patsy?  And how governments through 
    history have performed mass mind control.

    The song remains the same:  Governments lie, but the truth 
    comes out in time.

    Did COINTELPRO ever go away?

    Radio silence:  The government giveth access, and the 
    government taketh away access – usually at the 
    same time.

    The big picture:  Talk of projecting giant holograms has
    been around for years.    

    Point, click, submit:  You are being watched and categorized
    more than any time in human history.

    Test pattern:  They conduct mind-control experiments and then
    try to say we're crazy.  As if.

    Field research:  Since the government has tried mind-control
    experiments before, who says they're not doing it now?

    The rhythms of spam:  Learn to like it and you might unlock
    the secrets of cyberspace.

    You are getting sleepy ...:  If the government was capable
    of creating mind control devices 50 years ago, just imagine
    what they can do today.

    Slam the NAB!:  Nessie interviews Stephen Dunifer on 
    microradio and the NAB protests.

    Terrorism and HERF guns:  Nessie returns

    Airplanes and ray guns:  It is not as simple as you might

    Tesla and UFOs:  It is all part of a plan.

    COINTELPRO:  Nessie says it is alive and kicking under
    different names.

    Cat's eyes:  Nessie says that they just might be watching you.

    Artificial intelligence-gathering:  The United States has
    six percent of the world's population, but has twenty-five
    percent of the world's prisoners.