From: Leuren Moret
To: The Berkeley City Council and City Manager
Date: June 15, 2006
Subject: Leuren Moret - Communication for Council Packet re UC/LLNL/LBNL Whistleblower Retaliation
To: City Clerk, Mayor Tom Bates, Linda Maio, Betty Olds, Dona Spring, Kriss Worthington, Gordon Wozniak, Lori Capitelli, Barbara Lee, Cynthia McKinneyHeadquarters, Rep. Ken Kadlec, Senator Figueroa, Rep. Saundra.Andrews, State Assembly member Nunez, State Assembly member Hancock
CC: Anne Paxton Wagley, Becky O'Malley, Gordon P. Erspamer, Chris Busby, Dr. Rosalie Bertell, Barbara Lubin, MECA, Maurice Campbell, Mary Ratcliff

RE: President Bush's Vicious Nationwide Attack on Whistleblowers Comes to Berkeley Via An All Too Obliging City Council, Mayor, and Police Department

COINTELPRO outsourced to Law Enforcement and Neighborhood Watch

Since becoming a Livermore Nuclear Weapons Lab whistleblower in 1991, I have worked diligently and effectively for the past six years as an independent scientist, to educate the global community on radiation issues both locally and internationally. The dark legacy of Dr. Strangelove, former Livermore Nuclear Weapons Lab Director Edward Teller, is the fact that the University of California will forever be known as "the University that poisoned the world". The hopeful and happy freshmen faces of University of California students, and its institutional mission to educate, provide a convenient cover for the deadly legacy of exotic weapons, too horrific to use and their global impact on the environment and public health. The two highest rates of breast cancer in the world are in the area of Dr. Strangelove's "Teller Tech". The University of California has turned Planet Earth into a Death Star.

The problems with my cars and the Berkeley Police Department started after I did a presentation on radiation and depleted uranium on September 11, 2005, for Physicians for Social Responsibility. The presentation was put on the internet in April and within three weeks 30,000 visitors from 70 countries had seen it. More than 9000 were visitors with "unidentified" IPs. The google hits on my name increased from 43,000 to 178,000 three weeks after the film was posted.

When I left the Livermore Nuclear Weapons Lab in 1991, I was told "You're in a police net for the rest of your life", and to a reasonable person it seems I have been. I have been subjected to car theft, damage to personal property, the University of California/Homeland Security special "gangstalking", and very frequently experienced documents missing from my home, almost all of which pertain to University of California/Nuclear Weapons Labs and radiation. My daughter was kidnapped when she was 13, facilitated by the University of California and Livermore Lab, and I did not see her for 5 years

On three occasions in the past several years my cars have been towed by Berkeley Police Department using selective enforcement, the timing of which coincided with major radiation disclosures I have made. Some would think they were related since the Berkeley Police Department "Red Squad" was actively killing the Free Speech Movement in the 60's, and I have observed them covertly spying on demonstrations recently.

  1. 2002 I was leafleting with members of the Committee to Minimize Toxic Waste at the Lawrence Hall of Science, about tritium exposure to visitors from radioactive gas and liquid emissions from the Lawrence Berkeley Lab. An unknown faculty member I did not know walked out of Lawrence Hall of Science and suddenly handed me two parking tickets. We succeeded in shutting down the Tritium Facility with the help of Congresswoman Barbara Lee. Soon after, I received two additional parking tickets and my car was immediately towed. The officer on site at the time of the towing told me "I've been waiting to get you… you've got 5 tickets on your car now so I can tow it." I was out the inconvenience of a towed car charge.

  2. November 15, 2004 On the day I took custody of a recently declassified document in Nevada my car was towed in Berkeley. The declassified document disclosed the existence of a secret EPA dairy at the Nevada Test Site during atmospheric testing, where radiation levels were measured in milk and tissues of dead cattle. The US government knowingly exposed the entire US population to internal radiation damage, then the University of California/Livermore Nuclear Weapons Lab studied them and watched them die while they covered up the terrible truth. The day after I gave the declassified document to Manhattan Project and former Livermore Nuclear Weapons Lab scientist, Marion Fulk, the Fulk family dog was killed. The towed car was parked in the vicinity of a car that sat parked on the street without an engine in it for two years and it was never moved or towed. Other cars belonging to a man named Rich were only moved once a month for street sweeping, but they were never towed. After returning from Nevada with the declassified document, Rich's father repeated parts of a phone conversation to me that I had with the woman who got the document declassified. I had never spoken to the man before. When I gave the declassified document to Marion Fulk, and Dr. Ernest Sternglass (who helped to convince the Senate to sign the Partial Test Ban treaty in 1963) they both said "I've been waiting 50 years for this…"

  3. May 16, 2006 I am an international depleted uranium expert and appeared in 5 international documentary films last year, which caused extreme levels of University of California/Livermore Lab and Berkeley Police Department harassment. In July 2005, my housemate, a University of California student with a Defense Information Agency scholarship, was deliberately knocked down on his bike by a hit-and-run driver. The student was on his way to the premiere of my new documentary on depleted uranium weapons, BEYOND TREASON. After a year of break-ins, thefts, sabotage to my cars, and economic sabotage (including piling tickets on my cars for not having 2006 tags despite paid registration fees). It was impossible for me to clear the tickets. I was harassed and stopped twice and given tickets for faulty equipment which DID work, both times when Dr. Sternglass was in the car. In March I was invited to a Genocide Conference at the Hiroshima Peace Institute. I invited Dr. Ernest Sternglass to go tothe conference and then on a month long radiation speaking tour of Japan. During that month I did not receive a single ticket on my cars despite nearly daily tickets before and after the trip. Dr. Sternglass was harassed by the IRS upon return, which in his 80's was for the first time in his life. On May 15 I found a 12" long chalk mark on my front tire, not a standard mark for meter maids to leave. On May 16 my car was towed, I was told by Towing Sergeant Randy Files, "because the DMV said you had five tickets on it". When I pointed out that the 11/15/04 ticket ("EPA Dairy" tow) was paid because I could not register my car in 2005 without clearing it, he ignored me. At the time the car was towed I was preparing and sending a press release exposing a "global depleted uranium diabetes epidemic disaster" confirmed by government data from the US, Japan, India and Britain to the Italian media. As we were finishing our conversation Sergeant Files said, "Well I worked at Livermore Lab for 8 years and I handled depleted uranium all the time… and there is nothing harmful about it." Again, a reasonable person would assume a connection.
I am not the only whistleblower to experience University of California/Nuclear Labs severe retaliation:

"Chet Holifield and Craig Hosmer of the Joint Committee (on Atomic Energy) came in and turned to me and said: 'Just what the hell do you think you two are doing, getting all those little old ladies in tennis shoes up in arms about our atomic energy program.? There are people like you who have tried to hurt the Atomic Energy Commission program before. We got them and we'll get you."

Interview with Gofman, DOE/OHRE Oral History Project, December 1994, pp.49-50 of official transcripts.

"Livermore Engineer's Mysterious Death: Investigators in the brutal slaying of Lee Scott Hall -- who found a flaw in a billion-dollar project -- are exasperated by the lab's lack of cooperation" bin/article.cgi?file=/chronicle/archive/2000/02/15/MN48178.DTL

"Los Alamos whistle blower hospitalised in attack"

It is clear to a reasonable person that I have been subjected to University of California/Livermore Lab whistleblower retaliation and that City of Berkeley employees have been involved, in collaboration with University of California/Livermore Lab/Lawrence Berkeley Lab. Yesterday I attempted to settle this matter with the City Manager but he refused to meet with me. I was sent in what has been a continuous feedback loop to the Berkeley PD, where the retaliation and corruption is coming from. My car will be auctioned on Monday if it is not released to me. I request that you do the right thing and release my car to me, free and clear, since this is obviously a COINTELPRO type of retaliation. The University of California has a well deserved reputation for making it IMPOSSIBLE for opponents to do anything once they become a target.

Since I have high visibility and am a well known investigative reporter with my own Berkeley Community

Access TV program "GLOBAL RADIATION COVERUP", I have decided during the upcoming election campaign to investigate corruption in City Hall and the despicable ties and actions some City Council members have taken on behalf of the University of California. Mayor Bates $Half-A-Billion $ gift and the giveaway of the downtown area of Berkeley to University of California Berkeley has to take the proverbial cake for Alumni donations. The only problem is that downtown Berkeley wasn't his to give away and he violated the City Charter. I very successfully took on the nuclear weapons program, nuclear power industry, and the Pentagon. My work is appreciated around the world…. but not by the University of California, Livermore Nuclear Weapons Lab, Lawrence Berkeley Nuclear Weapons Lab, and some members of City Hall. Since I have personally observed and experienced corrupt practices at City Hall, I have a duty to inform Berkeley citizens in the near future.

Sincerely yours,

Leuren Moret

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