Letter to Human Rights Organizations

Drafted by Mojimir Babacek

From:             "Mojmir Babacek" 
Subject:          imortant new information included
Date sent:        Tue, 8 Jan 2002 20:39:13 +0100

What follows is a draft of the letter to the world human rights
organizations  (important new information is included on the
Russian disclosure of electromagnetic mind control installation).
Please correct it or send some suggestions how to make it sound
better. I believe it should be signed by all the anti-mind control
organizations .

                      Mojmir Babacek

To the Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, ... And who else? 
(write the addresses if you know them those may be other than human 
rights organizations as well)

Dear Sirs

We are convinced that the following important new evidence will
persuade  you of the necessity to get engaged in the struggle for
the worldwide enactment of the  legislation prohibiting the use of
means based on new principles of physics,  biology and
neurophysiology mentioned as Informational, Remote Mind Control,
Behavior Control and in Russia Psychotronic Weapons.

In December 1997 nine states of the Union of Independent States
addressed Organization of United Nations, OBSE and the states of
the Interparliamentary Union with the proposal to place on the
agenda of the General Assembly of the Organization of United
Nations the preparation and conclusion of an international
convention "On Prevention of Informational Wars and Limitation of
Circulation of Informational Weapons".

A year later, on January 28, 1999 the European Parliament passed a
resolution On Ecology, Security and Foreign Affairs, where in item
27 "calls for an international convention introducing global ban on
all developments and deployment of weapons which might enable any
form of manipulation of human beings." The obvious way to effect
those calls would be the enactment of laws, in all the states,
which would prohibit the use of such weapons.

On September 9, 2000 the Russian president Vladimir Putin approved
of the "Doctrine of the Informational Security of the Russian
Federation". In this doctrine, among the dangers threatening the
informational security of Russia, ther is listed "the threat to the
constitutional rights and freedoms of people and citizens in the
sphere of spiritual life. individual, group and societal
consciousness" and "illegal use of special means affecting
individual, group and societal consciousness". Among the major
directions of the international cooperation toward the guaranteeing
of the informational security is listed "the ban of production,
dissemination and use of 'informational weapons' ".

Those definitions are rather unclear to convince anyone that the
remote control of human psyche is feasible. However according to
the article of the Russian newspaper Segodnya (February 11,2000) in
1996 the leadership of the Russian governmental information agency
FAPSI reported that the effects of the use of informational weapons
is comparable to the effects of the use of the weapon of mass

In 1999 the Russian politician Vladimir Lopatin (a staff member of
the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation at present time)
together with Vladimir Tsygankov (a Russian scientist working for
over thirty years on the development of neurocomputers) published a
book "Psychotronic Weapons and the Security of Russia" (publishing
house SINTEG http://www.sinteg.ru/cataloghead.htm  , Moscow,
Russian Federation, ISBN 5-89638-006-2-A5-2000-30).

In the book they propose as a principle of the Russian defense
conception in the area of remote influence on human mind to admit
this possibility as a fact, as well as the fact that this influence
can be not only local, but global as well and to admit "the
realistic feasibility of informational psychotronic war (which as a
matter of fact is actually taking place without declaration of war)
and the feasibility of application of power by means of
psychotronic weapon." For that matter they propose the
declassification of all works on this technology and warn that as a
result of the classification the arms race is speeding up and that
only if the declassification is enacted the psychotronic war can be

The authors list among the possible sources of remote influence on
human psyche the "generators of physical fields" "of known as well
as unknown nature". Among the greatest dangers for human psyche
they define "the blocking of the freedom of will of human being on
subliminal level" "instillation on the conscious or subconscious
level, into the human psyche, of the information which will cause
faulty perception of reality" (The source of this information is
defined in the note 3: "Lopatin. V.N.  Legislative Problems of
Guaranteeing Informational-Psychological Security of Personality -
verbatim record of the round table in the Council of the Federation
FS of the Russian Federation on informational-psychological
security of personality, 27th of January, 1995").

The authors also inform that since the seventies the research
projects are under development in the best laboratories of the
whole world: in the USA, Russia, Germany, Austria, France, Italy,
Japan, Israel, China etc.

Vladimir Lopatin certainly can not be considered an uninitiated
layman staying outside of the loop of events. Already in 1990 he
served as a chairman of the Subcommittee for Military Reform of the
Supreme Soviet's Committee for the Issues of Defense and State
Security in the USSR. In 1995 he was appointed as a chairman of a
Russian State Duma Committee which should draft a law "On Security
of the Individual" which, among others should impose "state
controls  on all equipment in private hands which can be used as
"psychotronic weaponry" " (The Moscow Times, July 11, 1995, Owen
Matthews: "Soviets Used Top-Secret "Psychotronic" Weapons") .

As well it was the very same man, who, in 1996 formed , in the
Russian State Duma, the original initiative which translated into
the initiative of the Union of Independent States at the
Organization of United Nations, mentioned above. And again it was
Vladimir Lopatin, who presented to the Russian State Duma the draft
of the law "On Informational-Psychological Security of the Russian
Federation" which was evidently predrafted in the book we are

On February 11, 2000, in the Russian newspaper Segodnya was
published an article entitled "The Riders of Psychotronic
Apocalypse" (by Andrei Soldatov) where it quotes the Lopatin's
draft of the law: "the mysterious means of informational-
psychological influence are capable not only to induce the health
problems, but as well cause "the blocking of freedom of will of
human being on subliminal level, the loss of ability of political,
cultural and other selfidentification of human being, the
manipulation of the societal consciousness" and even "destruction
of united informational and spiritual space of Russia". The
newspaper wrote that this draft of the law, after the two previous
drafts of laws on the same subject by other authors, has got a good
chance to be passed.

However in the conclusion of the article the author notes that
secret services declined to comment on the chances of the draft to
be passed though one of their colleagues took part in the
preparation of the draft.

What is the reason why the Russian Doctrine of Informational
Security does not contain the declassification of the
"informational weapon"? Did the Russian secret services oppose it?
It is questionable, since if Vladimir Lopatin wrote his book
without their, at least, informed consent, he could not be on the
staff of the Prosecutor General in Russia at present time.  The
idea that the Union of Independent States did not find
understanding enough among the other states owning this technology
sounds much more realistic.  It would certainly threaten the
security of the Russian state if they prohibited  the military
equipment which other states could use against them.

The newspaper Segodnya quotes the Russian governmental information
agency FAPSI  as informing that, in the last fifteen years, the
U.S.  expenses on the development and acquisition of the means of
informational war grew four times and at present time they occupy
the first place among all military programs. Of course this budget
pertains to many weapons meant to put out of order the enemies
electronic and informational systems, but is not a man an
informational system?

Vladimir Lopatin and V. Cygankov, in their book, write "In the USA
the devices and methods were created capable to introduce into the
subconsciousness of a man the information needed to make the man
execute the orders which were introduced there. Those are new man
and computer complexes and their objective is the control of the
intellect". As well, in the book, there is a description of German
devices: "construction of special generators of biofields under the
direction of professor V. PESCHKE and research of their influence
at the change of character of the personality of human being (the
city of Stuttgart, Germany )".

Among the Russian devices we will name the generator "Radioson"
(Radiosleep). The documents pertaining to this generator were
obtained by the citizen's comission "Phenomenon", established by
the Russian newspaper Trud.  With the help of the colonel general
of the Soviet Air Force Vladimir Nikitovitch Abramov  and twice
heroe of the USSR, marshall of the Air Force Ievgenii Iakovlevitch
Savitski several documents were found.

On January 31, 1974 this generator was registrated by the
Government Comittee of the USSR on the Matters of Inventions and
Discoveries under the description "Method of Inducing the
Artificial Sleep by Means of Radiowaves". Another document was
found in the Labortatory of Bioelectronics of the Institute of
Radioelectronics of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR. It states:
"Effects on biological objects by means of electric and
electromagnetic pulses. In 1973, in the military unit 71592, in the
city of Novosibirsk, the first installation of "Radioson " was
created and preliminary approbation was carried out. The positive
results were received during the tests with the military unit."
This information was published in the book by G. Gurtovoi and I.
Vinokurov: "Psychotronic War, from Myths to Reality"(publisher: the
Society for Learning of Sercets and Mysteries of the Earth,
"Mysteries", Moscow 1993.) and confirmed in the book by V. Lopatin
and V. Tsygankov.

The authors of the book "Psychotronic War, from Myths to Reality"
publish as well the  information they obtained, together with the
journalist from the newspaper Trud, from one of the authors of the
invention who declined to publish his last name. According to Ivan
Antonovitsch several succesfull experiments were carried out on the
authors of the invention as well as on the volunteers among the
soldiers, the calculation of the authors of the invention proved
that with the generator Radioson a city with the area of 100 square
kilometers could be made asleep. Ivan Antonovitsch also claims that
contemporary technology makes it feasible to place such a generator
on the satellite and affect still larger areas while the effects
may vary on a large scale - from artificial sleep  until the
complete regenaration of all the cells inside of the human
organism. It is important to state that this is not only the
electromagnetic energy which can be used to manipulate human

V.  Lopatin and V.  Tsygankov dedicated a large portion of their
book to the explanation of "torsion fields" which can be used for
the manipulation of human psyche with still greater ease since
those fields propagate in the nature without obstacles. The
American military researcher, nuclear physicist Tom Bearden,
ascribes the same effects to "scalar fields" in the interview for
the magazine Megabrain Report

The preliminary draft of the law published in the book by V.
Lopatin and V. Cygankov counts with the verification of the
complaints of citizens who claim to have fallen victims to the
experiments with psychotronic or informational  weapons  and their
compensation in the court trials. In this way the authors
indirectly admit that the experiments on unwitting citizens are
actually taking place in the Russian Federation.

Other Russian authors, G. Gurtovoi and I. Vinokurov (V.  Lopatin
and V.  Tsygankov write in their book that those two men carry out
"a research full of initiative in the area of psychotronic weapon")
wrote, in the book "Psychotronic War, from Myths to Reality",  that
Russian newspapers and courts receive thousands of letters and
complaints from people who claim that they have fallen victims to
the experiments with psychotronic weapons.

According to the information from the American organization CAHRA
(Citizens Against Human Rights Abuse) there are at least 1700  such
people in the USA. According to the information of the respected
Czech psychiatrist, expert on schizophrenia, dr. Baudys there could
be no more than 3 people complaining that their mind is subjected
to the remote control by secret services in the Czech Republic (10
millions of inhabitants). Projected to the population of the USA or
Russia this number should not be higher than 80 people.

We recommend that you verify dr. Baudys figure with the
psychiatrist in some country not known to experiment with mind
control technology on people (Poland, Norway, Greece, Iceland). In
the USA several court trials took place where  people, in vain,
tried to stop those alleged mind control experiments ("alleged"
since so far  there is no law in the USA, or any other country,
which would admit the existence of the evidence of the use of the
mind control technology that could be presented in the trial). As
well in other developed countries (Great Brittain, France,
Netherlands, Australia, Germany etc.) the numbers of alleged
victims of those experiments are constantly growing.

This is what V. Lopatin writes on this subject: classification
"this is in the first place the way to secure the cruel control  of
people. the way to curtail their creativity, turn them into

As follows from this text, at present time only the pressure of the
informed world general public may result in a legislation providing
a verifiable ban of the use of technical means of manipulation of
human psyche which is in sharp contrast with the rights and
freedoms guaranteed to the citizens of democratic countries by
their constitutions. We believe that your organization owes to take
part in this effort due to your dedication  to the cause of human