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This is the final updated tape catalogue containing descriptions of all shows done in the radio series.

MK RADIO 1 - Colin Ross lecture part 1
MK RADIO 2 - Colin Ross lecture part 2
MK RADIO 3 - Colin Ross lecture part 3

A lecture by Dr. Colin Ross entitled "The CIA and Military Mind Control Research: Building the Manchurian Candidate" given April 18, 1996 in Orange County, California. Dr. Ross gives a thorough overview of the documented history of US CIA and military mind control experimentation, particularly creating mind controlled agents using hypnosis and trauma-based dissociation (or multiple personalities). He talks about extensive bizarre experimental projects and the many CIA mind control contracts with top psychiatrists, psychologists and institutions. He discusses Canadian doctor George Estabrooks and his role in developing Manchurian Candidate agents for military, intelligence, and police agencies using hypnosis, drugs, brain implants, and trauma-based dissociation.

MK RADIO 4 - interview with Colin Ross - 1
MK RADIO 5 - interview with Colin Ross - 2

Wayne Morris interviews Dr. Colin Ross about dissociation and the many CIA mind control projects including those that involved creating dissociation or multiple personalities in children. We discuss Canada's involvement in the mind control projects, the involvement of doctors, universities, hospitals, prisons, and other institutions across Canada and the U.S. in CIA mind control experiments. We also discuss the documented history of U.S. government mind control experiments on children including LSD and electronic brain implant experimentation.

MK RADIO 6 - Claudia Mullen and radiation hearings mind control testimony

Claudia Mullen describes the experience of giving testimony at the Presidential hearings on human radiation experiments as a survivor of government radiation and mind control experiments. Side B of this tape is the actual testimony given on March 15,1995 to President Clinton's Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments by Claudia Mullen, Chris DeNicola and their therapist Valerie Wolf regarding government mind control experimentation. This historic testimony broke the silence about government sponsored mind control experiments on children.

MK RADIO 7 - Ronald Howard Cohen 1
MK RADIO 8 - Ronald Howard Cohen 2

Ronald Howard Cohen, writer and activist, tells his experience of being abducted while hitchhiking in the late 60's to a military base in Maryland and being severely drugged there. Ronald wrote a book about this experience and the transcripts of this book and his life's writings were stolen by the US government. Agents of CIA, FBI, and US Army Intelligence informed Ronald that his book would not be published and offered him a job at the New York Times to keep him quiet to which he refused. He has since rewritten the book.

MK RADIO 9 - Overview of Mind Control - Bowart, Scheflin, Noblitt

A panel presentation at the Cult and Ritual Abuse, Trauma-Based Mind Control and Dissociation symposium. Walter Bowart, author of "Operation Mind Control" talks about his research into mind control, the CIA's and military's use of mind control. Alan Scheflin addresses therapists dealing with clients with recovered memories of abuse in today's atmosphere of intimidation with the false memory movement. Scheflin states that therapists now must recognise therapy as a social influence setting and must be knowledgeable about social influence and police interrogation literature. Randy Noblitt speaks about cult and satanic ritual abuse and the use of trauma in religious ritual.

MK RADIO 10 - History of Mind Control - Alan Scheflin - 1
MK RADIO 11 - History of Mind Control - Alan Scheflin - 2

Alan Scheflin presents "The History of Mind Control - What We Can Prove and What We Can't" which documents the several centuries of history of mind control from the use of the Malleus Malificarum in the Inquisition to the CIA's extensive mind control projects. He talks about the use of hypnosis, trauma-based dissociation, drugs, sensory deprivation, electroshock, and other methods of mind control experimentation. Alan Scheflin is a lawyer and is one of the world's foremost researchers of mind control as well as an authority in legal aspects of trauma/dissociation therapy. He has written such books as "The Mind Manipulators", "Trance on Trial", and most recently co-authored the encyclopaedic "Memory, Trauma Treatment and the Law".

MK RADIO 12 - Interview with Valerie Wolf, Claudia Mullen, Chris Ebner

Immediately after giving the historic testimony of mind control experimentation to the Presidential Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments, Will Snodgrass interviews Valerie Wolf, Claudia Mullen, Chris Ebner. They expand on their testimonies with information about the CIA doctors and locations involved in their experimentation and abuse, the CIA's use of children for mind control, the training of children for mind controlled sexual slavery and assassination.

MK RADIO 13 - Interview with Claudia Mullen - 1
MK RADIO 14 - Interview with Claudia Mullen - 2
MK RADIO 15 - Interview with Claudia Mullen - 3

Wayne Morris interviews Claudia Mullen about her experience as a mind controlled slave for the US government. Claudia alleges that doctors at primarily Tulane University, New Orleans had experimented on her starting when she was 8 years old and trained her to be a sex slave for political blackmail purposes. She talks of being used to compromise military officers, politicians and other prominent officials in sex situations which was videotaped by CIA including being used to compromise Senator Frank Church during the time of the Church Committee Hearings looking into CIA wrongdoings. We discuss her testimony at the radiation hearings and her memories of experimentation including drugs, electroshock, severe traumatisation and abuse by CIA doctors such as Robert Heath, Martin Orne, Ewen Cameron, Sidney Gottlieb and others.

MK RADIO 16 - Valerie Wolf presentation - 1
MK RADIO 17 - Valerie Wolf presentation - 2

Valerie Wolf, MSW presents "Assessment and Treatment of Survivors of Sadistic Abuse" at the Believe the Children conference in April, 97. Valerie gave testimony at the U.S. government radiation hearings about mind control experimentation with her clients. In this presentation, Valerie describes her methods and approach to treating survivors of mind control. She explains important factors in the healing process along with her own experiences. She also describes the different mind control programs used and how she deals with them in a therapy session. She explains her belief that in trauma-based conditioning, remembering what caused the trauma breaks the control of that conditioning. This presentation contains very valuable information for professionals working with mind control and abuse survivors.

MK RADIO 18 - Jon Rappoport lecture - 1

Investigative journalist Jon Rappoport gives a talk entitled "The CIA, Mind Control and Children" about the CIA's abuse of children to create mind control agents. Author of "U.S. Government Mind Control Experiments on Children", he talks about the impact of the mind control testimony submitted to the Presidential hearings on radiation experiments. Jon speaks about the mindset of those responsible for these horrors, the Nazi connections with the mind control doctors and the implications of mind control on society.

MK RADIO 19 - Jon Rappoport - 2, Valerie Wolf interview - 1
MK RADIO 20 - Valerie Wolf interview - 2

Wayne Morris interviews Valerie Wolf, MSW about her experiences giving mind control testimony at the radiation hearings and treating mind control survivors. We discuss dissociation, healing processes, ritual abuse aspects of mind control, and her therapeutic approaches that have enabled survivors to overcome the devastating effects of trauma-based mind control. We also discuss the effect of the activities of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation on therapy and access to survivors and the public's changing perception of these issues.

MK RADIO 21 - Jeanette Westbrook presentation - 1
MK RADIO 22 - Jeanette Westbrook presentation/ interview - 2

Jeanette Westbrook, MSW talks about her experiences in how to prosecute a perpetrator of ritual abuse and mind control. She had laid legal charges against her father alleging that he sexually abused and ritually tortured her as a child and throughout her teen years. Her father was a high ranking Freemason, a deacon in the Mormon church, and was the Executive Director of the organization responsible for inspecting all nuclear power stations in the U.S. After refusing a plea bargain of $50,000 and an admission to "facilitating child sexual abuse" by her father, Jeanette began proceedings to extradite him to stand charges in court. Just before he was due to appear in court, he suddenly died.

MK RADIO 23 - Dr. Stephen Kent interview - 1
MK RADIO 24 - Dr. Stephen Kent interview - 2, Judy Steed interview, Peter Tooey interview

Dr. Stephen Kent is a professor of sociology at U. of Alberta, Edmonton who specializes in controversial religious cults and the allegations of ritual abuse against these groups. We discuss the alleged involvement of elements of Freemasonry in ritual abuse, issues regarding police investigations of ritual abuse crimes, and the backlash against people coming forward with abuse accounts by the False Memory Syndrome Foundation. In an interview with CBC, Freemason Peter Tooey rebuts allegations of child sexual abuse and ritual abuse by Masons in the Thunder Bay area. Toronto Star journalist Judy Steed, in an interview with CBC Thunder Bay, talks about cases involving ritual and sexual abuse such as the Prescott, Ontario case.

MK RADIO 25 - interview with Lynne Moss-Sharman - 1
MK RADIO 26 - interview with Lynne Moss-Sharman - 2

Lynne Moss-Sharman is the Canadian coordinator of ACHES-MC (Advocacy Committee for Human Experimentation Survivors of Mind Control) and the Stone Angels, a ritual abuse support group in Thunder Bay. Lynne alleges she was experimented on by CIA MKULTRA doctors Jose Delgado and Ewen Cameron among others in horrific experiments. She also alleges that she was sexually and ritually abused by her father and other Freemasons. We discuss her experiences in organizing conferences for ritual abuse survivors and professionals dealing with these issues and with ACHES-MC's current campaign to call for U.S. government hearings on mind control experimentation.

MK RADIO 27 - interview with Kathleen Sullivan - 1
MK RADIO 28 - interview with Kathleen Sullivan - 2
MK RADIO 29 - interview with Kathleen Sullivan - 3

In this extraordinary interview, Kathleen tells her story of being used for assassination, bodyguarding, smuggling and other illegal activities for the Whitehouse, CIA, NASA, and the Mafia. She alleges that her father, a CIA agent, had tortured and programmed her starting in her childhood. She describes the types of operations and project codenames she was used for and names some of the people involved in her abuse as a mind controlled operative, particularly George Bush and Henry Kissinger. We discuss the mind control techniques that were used on her, the kinds of operations that she was controlled to do, the involvement of the entertainment industry in mind control, and the mind control connections to the implementation of a fascist "New World Order".

Tape MK 30 - Blanche Chavoustie - 1
Tape MK 31 - Blanche Chavoustie - 2

Blanche Chavoustie is the U.S. coordinator of ACHES-MC (Advocacy Committee for Human Experimentation Survivors of Mind Control) and a survivor of experiments in hypnosis, brain implants, and synthetic telepathy. Her accounts speak of a variety of experiments at sites that have been documented to be involved in the CIA's MKULTRA mind control project such as Penn State, Syracuse University, and Cornell University.

Tape MK 32 - Alan Scheflin - Risk Management in Dissociative Disorder and Trauma Therapy

This address was given at a joint conference of Int'l Society for the Study of Dissociation (ISSD) and Int'l Society for Traumatic Stress Studies (ISTSS) in Montreal, Nov. 9/97. Alan talks to therapists and the legal issues around trauma treatment that they must be aware of in this climate of intimidation and lawsuits by the FMSF. This talks comes just after the U.S. government has moved to criminalize psychotherapy, a main healing resource for victims of mind control. Alan Scheflin is one of the world's foremost authorities on mind control.

Tape MK 33 - Walter Bowart - The Secret History of Mind Control - 1
Tape MK 34 - Walter Bowart - The Secret History of Mind Control - 2

Walter Bowart delivers "The Secret History of Mind Control" at the Ritual Trauma, Child Abuse and Mind Control conference in Atlanta, Oct.2/97. In this slide presentation, Walter talks of the history of mind control and the accompanying technologies from crude lobotomies to high-tech brain implants and nanotechnology. Walter Bowart is a writer and researcher of mind control, author of "Operation Mind Control" and founder and director of the Freedom of Thought Foundation.

Tape MK 35 - interview with Fritz Springmeier - 1
Tape MK 36 - interview with Fritz Springmeier - 2
Tape MK 37 - interview with Fritz Springmeier - 3
Tape MK 38 - interview with Fritz Springmeier - 4
Tape MK 39 - interview with Fritz Springmeier - 5

In this interview, Fritz Springmeier talks about how the Illuminati comprised of super international finance capitalists families such as Rockefeller and Rothchild have developed total mind control and have been using it to gain and consolidate power. The mind control techniques have been developed into the sciences of trauma, electroshock, drugs, hypnosis, deception and structured programming. Fritz speaks of how Nazi doctor Josef Mengele was used by the Illuminati to develop trauma-based mind control by experimenting on Jewish victims in the Holocaust and after the war being smuggled to the U.S. to put mind control into practice as one of the CIA's main mind control programmers. Fritz also speaks of the involvement of Hollywood and the music industry in mind control slavery, the corporate world's use of mind control, and of the government, military, and intelligence use of mind controlled slaves. Fritz has helped Cisco Wheeler, an Illuminati family mind control victim, gain freedom from her programmers. Fritz Springmeier is a researcher of the Illuminati families, minister to mind control victims and co-author of such books as "The Top 13 Illuminati Bloodlines" and "The Illuminati Method Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave".

Tape MK 40 - interview with Cisco Wheeler - 1
Tape MK 41 - interview with Cisco Wheeler - 2

Cisco Wheeler is a former Illuminati family mind control slave and co-author of "The Illuminati Method Used to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Controlled Slave" and "Deeper Insights" books about trauma-based mind control. She had escaped from her family's control with three other women after her main programmer, her father, died. Cisco claims that she was programmed by Nazi Doctor Josef Mengele and her father, who was trained by Mengele in mind control techniques. Cisco's family's military and political connections run deep and is a descendant of U.S. President Ullyses S. Grant. Her father, an Illuminati and Masonic grandmaster and mind control programmer conditioned Cisco from infancy with sexual abuse and severe trauma. She was trained to sexually service the political elite including mayors, governors and presidents starting with President Eisenhower when she was a child. Cisco talks about her struggles in healing and the continued harassment she faces.

Tape MK 42 - interview with Brice Taylor - 1
Tape MK 43 - interview with Brice Taylor - 2

Brice Taylor is a former "Presidential model" mind controlled slave for the Whitehouse having been abused by a number of presidents, high ranking officials and famous entertainers. She has survived horrific abuse by her father and family since infancy including ritual trauma and sexual abuse and has been programmed at military bases, medical centres, and NASA facilities. She has been used to sexually service politicians, foreign officials, and other power brokers while under the influence of mind control. She was also used to photographically remember secret project documents and New World Order plans and store them in her "mind files" for retrieval for those that had access to her.

Tape MK 44 - interview with Gail Fisher-Taylor - 1
Tape MK 45 - interview with Gail Fisher-Taylor - 2

Gail Fisher-Taylor is a psychotherapist working with survivors of trauma. We discuss issues about the nature of memory, "false memories", and the differences in how the mind processes traumatic experience from non-traumatic experience and how that relates to implicit and explicit memory. We also discuss the criminal nature of the context in which cult ritual abuse occurs and how this is often forgotten in the sensationalisation of ritual abuse, particularly in the media. Cults and organized crime are involved in child pornography (including child snuff films), child prostitution, drug trafficking, and money laundering. We also discuss the effects groups like the False Memory Syndrome Foundation have had on access and quality of resources available to abuse survivors.

Tape MK 46 - Panel Discussion on Ritual Abuse with Caryn Stardancer and Gail Fisher-Taylor

In this discussion we open the phone lines to questions and comments by listeners about ritual abuse. Caryn Stardancer is a ritual abuse survivor and advocate and publisher of SurvivorShip, an excellent resource for abuse survivors. Gail Fisher-Taylor is a Toronto-based therapist for trauma survivors. We discuss the use of ritual abuse in cults, the prevalence of criminal activity such as pornography, prostitution, and drug trafficking in abusive cults and the role of belief systems. We also discuss the history of ritual abuse, the social status of cult leaders, abuse survivor resources, and the backlash against survivors and therapists.

Tape MK 47 - Panel Discussion on Mind Control with Don Gilmour

Don Gilmour is the author of "I Swear By Apollo" a book documenting the CIA-funded mind control experiments done at McGill University in Montreal by Dr. Ewen Cameron. We discuss the CBC's television production "The Sleep Room" about Dr. Ewen Cameron and his experiments, the use of human subjects for government experimentation, and ongoing abuses of psychiatry in general with overuse of electoshock and drugs. We take questions from the listening audience about mind control, psychiatry, electroshock, the mainstream media's lack of coverage on mind control and media's ridiculing of survivor issues.

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