Thanks to Donna Lee for this item.

CIA's Harassment Techniques

(or, The Birth of Current Day Psycho-Harassment)

"Search For The Manchurian Candidate"

John D. Marks - ISBN: 0393307948

The quote below illustrates so perfectly how the non-electronic harassment we involuntary psycho-electronic experimentees experience daily was born. Apparently, it orginated in a "PAS" or "personality assessment system" for new agents, performed by the "TSS" or "technical services staff" of projects BLUEBIRD and ARTICHOKE on agent candidates.

So for whatever John D. Marks' supposedly non-fictional information is worth here's how our situation got it's start.

Guess what's 'good' and works never goes out of style. Here's the excerpt:

Page 174:

Keehner became disgusted by the picking-at-scabs aspect of Technical
Services Staff assessment work.  Once the Personality Assessment 
System had identified a target as having mental instabilities, staff 
members sometimes suggested ways to break him down, reasoning that 
by using a ratchetlike approach to put him under increased pressure, 
they might be able to break the lines that tied him to his country,
if not his sanity.  Keehner stated, "I was sent to deal with the most 
negative aspects of the human condition.  It was planned destructiveness.

"First, you'd check to see if you could destroy a man's marriage.  If 
you could, then that would be enough to put a lot of stress on the 
individual, to break him down.

"Then you might start a minor rumor campaign against him.  Harass him 
constantly.  Bump his car in traffic.  A lot of it is ridiculous, but 
it may have a cumulative effect." 

Agency case officers might also use this same sort of stress-producing 
campaign against a particularly effective enemy intelligence officer 
whom they knew they could never recruit but whom they hoped to