Pulling Carpets Out of Place While Out

April 29, 2008

One way organized stalkers try to get organized stalking targets to discredit themselves is to complain to non-targets, especially officials and doctors, about things that such non-targets will be fully convinced are "impossible." Things that no criminal has ever done, and that no criminal would even want to do.

Moving the target's furniture out of place is one such thing.

In the photo below, the target consistently finds her entryway carpet runner pulled away from its mate. This happens every single time the target leaves her apartment. This is the perfect crime because until the public becomes aware of organized stalking, this "small" crime will never be acknowledged by law enforcement as a crime.

In the experience of this target in another city, her carpet protector pad under her office chair was pulled aside every time she went out. If the protector pad wasn't pulled back, a heavy job as the table had to be lifted off, the next time it would be pulled further, eventually halfway across the room. In that case, the protector pad actually had to be fastened to the concrete floor underneath to stop this harassment activity.

In the photo below, the carpet pulled aside had been perfectly aligned with the mate and the two had actually been touching before the target left her apartment: