The Burzynski Breakthrough

by Thomas Elias
ISBN: 0938530666

On the January 25-26 Coast to Coast AM show, Barbara Simpson host, the guest was author/journalist Thomas Elias, author of "The Burzynski Breakthrough". This book tells the story of Houston TX Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski's battle with the courts and the FDA to get his cancer cure drug, 65% success rate with some cancers, into the public domain to save lives.

Every step of the way, the doctor has been harassed and hauled into court, but now after more than a decade of fighting and $1.5 million, half donated by his PATIENTS, to cover legal expenses, at least he is free to conduct extensive life saving clinical trials out of his Houston office, and saving many lives.

He has treated 'thousands' so far. The idea is, the patient gets training by his staff at Houston, then goes home and continues the drug under the supervision of a local doctor.

For 13 years the government has known about his success and kept it under wraps, presumably (what I inferred from the show's dialogue) because it wasn't one of the "favourite big drug companies" that developed it. The book's author termed this as "bordering on crime".

His drug is a 'natural substance' and is not toxic to the body. Even for the 35% who eventually died from cancer, this drug (sorry I didn't catch the name in time to remember it and write it down) report that the quality of life was optimum right up to the point of death. NONE of the side effects of chemotherapy.

The book, which can be viewed at this Amazon link:

... gives exact success statistics for 72 different types of cancer.

I can tell you from hearing the show on:

...that brain tumors have yielded excellent success, while malignant melanoma has not.

* The book can be had most quickly by ordering from the publisher as opposed to Amazon:

1-866-372-2873 (toll free)

* The clinic itself can be contacted here:


God speed, Dr. Burzynski.

Eleanor White