U.S. Human Rights
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By Cheryl Welsh
January 1998


A Factual Report in Support of the
Need for an International Investigation
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Military Use of Electromagnetic and Neurological Technology
Political Uses
Advanced Tools
Whistleblowers Silenced
Prison Experimentation
Nonconsensual Classified Government Experimentation
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Mind Control is no longer science fiction. The Learning Channel science program called "Future Fantastic, I, Robot", Dec 17th 1997 featured Han Morovec. He is a well established scientist who studies robotics and reported that within the near future, it will be possible to put a person's personality into a computer and a computer personality into a person. The program also stated that the U.S. government has a highly classified cyborg program, a program to replace human functions with machine and computer parts.

And on the Discovery channel on December 29th 1997 a program entitled "Non lethal weapons Shoot Not to Kill", electromagnetic weapons were demonstrated that can paralyze and disorient a terrorist, or be used against a crowd or in a siege. Since the 1960s, there have been allegations that the U.S. and other governments have been experimenting on people without their consent in a highly classified weapon testing program to control the mind using electromagnetic technology. These weapons work on the hypothesis that electromagnetic signals from outside sources can mimic the mind and body's electromagnetic signals. Proof in support of the allegations are growing.

Most scientists have agreed that mind control is theoretically possible in this lifetime and many sign national security oaths which prevent them from discussing their research in this area. But they will discuss the logical implications of the research into mind control. Here is one of many articles about mind control from the New York Times Magazine, November 15, 1970, "Brain Researcher Jose Delgado Asks-'What Kind of Humans Would We Like To Construct?" Delgado said;

"The human race is at an evolutionary turning point. We're very close to having the power to construct our own mental functions, through a knowledge of genetics (which I think will be complete within the next 25 years); and through a knowledge of the cerebral mechanisms which underlie our behavior."

In the same article Dr. Morton Reiser, chairman of the Yale department of psychiatry stated;

there are 'probably some frightening potentials' in Delgado's work. "If you can use computer technology to send an unmanned space satellite to the moon, then it doesn't seem utterly impossible that one day our computers will be sophisticated enough to be used to put thoughts into people's heads. ...Suppose, for instance, there was someone with uncontrollable rage reactions which were due to something detectable in the nervous system. The computer could send back a stimulus to inhibit that response. I don't think that's science fiction..."

There is ample evidence that the U.S. government has funded behavior control research for intelligence purposes. This related quote is from Journey Into Madness, The True Story of Secret CIA Mind Control and Medical Abuse by Gordon Thomas, Bantam Books, 1989. Mr. Thomas is a former producer for the BBC, a veteran foreign correspondent and investigative journalist who has reported from many hot spots around the world.

"Dr. Gottlieb and behaviorists of ORD [Office of Research and Development, CIA, Central Intelligence Agency] shared [Dr.] Jose Delgado's views that the day must come when the technique would be perfected for making not only animals but humans respond to electrically transmitted signals" ..."Like Dr. Delgado [Yale University], the neurosurgeon (Dr. Heath of Tulane University) concluded that ESB [electronic stimulation of the brain] could control memory, impulses, feelings and could evoke hallucinations as well as fear and pleasure. It could literally manipulate the human will-at will."

And the actions of government officials from the 1940s to the present support a classified history of military mind control research. From The Mind Manipulators, by Alan Scheflin, 1978 p. 214.

In 1964, Richard Helms, the CIA's Deputy Director for Plans, responded to a question from J. Lee Rankin, the General Counsel for the President's Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy, about Soviet brainwashing techniques. Mr. Helms suggested that the Soviets were locked in a "battle for the minds of men." Helms was echoing Allen Dulles, who, as the newly installed Director of the CIA, had addressed a national meeting of Princeton alumni on April 10, 1953, at Hot Springs, Virginia, as follows. In the past few years we have become accustomed to hearing much about the battle for men's minds-the war of ideologies -and indeed our Government has been driven by the international tension we call the 'cold war' to take positive steps to recognize psychological warfare and to play an active role in it. I wonder, however, whether we clearly perceive the magnitude of the problem, whether we realize how sinister the battle for men's minds has become in Soviet hands. We might call it, in its new form, "brain warfare. The Helms memorandum was classified in 1974 and is Warren Commission document no. 1131. The Dulles speech was excerpted in U.S. News and World Report (May 8, 1953), p. 54, under the title "Brain Warfare-Russia's Secret Weapon."

The problem of mind control is complicated and covers a long time period. There are historical reasons in support of victim's allegations. A pervasive cold war mentality has been rampant for 50 years and is inhuman and unnecessary. This attitude also created an as yet unreported electromagnetic weapon testing program on U.S. citizens. Writing about radiation experimentation, David C. Morrison reported in the National Journal 11/26/94 p. 2806 "Unalterably launched into a post-postwar era, we still struggle in a thousand ways great and small with the aftermath of the cold War's murderous rivalry. Among those consequences, obviously, is the total-war mentality that spawned the use of unsuspecting human guinea pigs."

In the same article, Army Air Forces General Curtis E. LeMay who directed the killing of 900,000-some people in the terror bombing of Japan stated "There are no innocent civilians..., so it doesn't bother me so much to be killing innocent bystanders".

The many related facts that the government bureacracy does not want the U.S. public to put together form an undeniable proof of mind control. While mind control may not be the in the form of mainstream publications, it is irrefutable and inevitably will be common pubic knowledge, just as the radiation problem is today.


The Problem: a Classified Arms Race Between the Super Powers to Control the Human Mind and Body with Electromagnetic Technologies

The big picture is that there is a classified arms race between the super powers to develop and control human behavior using electromagnetic and neurological technologies. International treaty discussions on electromagnetic weapons have been reported in the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, Sept/Oct 1994 p.44, subsection "Non-lethal" weapons may violate treaties" by Barbara Hatch Rosenberg, director of the Chemical and Biological Weapons Program of the Federation of American Scientists. On electromagnetic weapons she writes: "These weapons are said to cause temporary or permanent blindness, interference with mental processes, modification of behavior and emotional response, seizures, severe pain, dizziness, nausea and diarrhea, or disruption of internal organ functions in various other ways. ...In addition, under the Certain Conventional Weapons Convention, international discussions are now underway that may lead to the development of specific new protocols covering electromagnetic weapons. ...The current surge of interest in electromagnetic technologies makes the adoption of a protocol explicitly outlawing the use of these dehumanizing weapons an urgent matter.

There is much proof of the major world power, the U.S. and it's development of this technology. Just one example is from the Atlantic Monthly, The Zap Gap, March 1987 by Chuck de Caro, p. 28;

There have been many far-out hypothetical armaments in the news since Star Wars went from being a movie to being a weapons system, so it is perhaps understandable that when Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger made a clipped reference in a 1983 speech to "radio-frequency weapons," reaction was minimal. The last thing most congressmen and commentators want is another sheaf of physics equations to sift through. Yet radio-frequency (RF) weapons, which are rarely mentioned in the general press, appear closest to realization than the energy beams and supermissiles of Star Wars."

There are over 25 articles from the 1970s to the 1990s on Russia, once a super power and it's development of this technology. See Articles on Russian Mind Control and Electromagnetic Technologies, 1997 Fort Bragg, CA, Flatland Books. Walter Bowart's Operation Mind Control 1978, discussed Vietnam veteran accounts of the use of mind control technology. David Guyatt wrote an article on Feb. 1996 for the International Committee of the Red Cross Symposium. The Symposium was entitled The Medical Profession and the Effects of Weapons. Guyatt reported in 1989 that a Department of Defense medical engineer "sourced a story claiming that the context of conditioning, microwaves and other modalities had regularly been used against the Palestinians.

The new weapons are revolutionary and affect every citizen's future. The New York Times, Dec. 29, 1965 p 28 covered the speakers at an American Association for the Advancement of Science meeting. It was entitled "Controlling the Mind". Prof. David Krech of the University of California suggested that probable future capabilities for controlling human minds contain more serious implications than even the successes of the nuclear physicists." ...time must not be wasted if these new capabilities are to be harnessed for the benefit of free societies rather than perverted to destroy them and enslave their citizens." Public input and discussion of the development of these new weapons and their use should belatedly begin.

Two points are critical to remember. One, the government is torturing U.S. citizens with this technology and two, the U.S. public has the right to have a say in the use and development of this technology. This is a massive human rights violation actively covered up by the U.S government. For the last 50 years, electromagnetic and neurological weapon testing programs have been classified under the national security act according to government policy. So it is imperative that the U.S. public demand that it be declassified. In the meantime, the U.S. public can review the factual and documented information on this government policy and decide for themselves.


Supporting Documentation in Spite of the National Security Act

Here is just one example of how victims cannot get around the national security act. In a letter from the National Security Agency, March 19, 1997 to Cheryl Welsh;

"On 21 October 1996 the DIA [Defense Intelligence Agency] referred one responsive NSA-originated document relating to a Soviet mind control system to this Agency for our review and direct response to you. ...The information is classified because its disclosure could reasonably be expected to cause exceptionally grave damage to the national security."

And here is an example of why victims cannot get this human rights issue into mainstream publications. This is an article from the Washington Post, April 27th, May 3, 1992 Weekend Edition, p 34 "Playing I Spy With That Alleged New Openness at the CIA" by George Lardner Jr.

The task forced, headed by then-CIA public affairs director Joseph DeTrani, also touted what it saw as the accomplishments of the agency's existing media program. ..."PAO {the public affairs office} now has relationships with reporters from every major wire service, newspaper, news weekly and television network in the nation." the report said. "This has helped us turn some 'intelligence failure' stories into 'intelligence success' stories, and it has contributed to the accuracy of countless others. "In many instances," the report continued, "we have persuaded reporters to postpone change, hold or even scrap stories that could have adversely affected national security interests or jeopardized sources and methods."

The balance of national security and individual rights and freedoms is severely skewed in favor of government abuse, (see CAHRA website under Ex-Con, subheading national security). An important remedy would be to release classified documents for court cases. And the legal standard of proof for allegations of illegal experimentation and illegal operational intelligence programs should take into account the 50 year government cover up of electromagnetic technology and its health effects, (see CAHRA website Timeline under Louis Slesin).

There is significant Russian research on electromagnetic health effects. See Paul Brodeur's Zapping of America, 1977. This book also covers the politics involved in electromagnetic weapon programs. One of many articles that never reached the front pages of mainstream press include the article in the March-April 1988 21st Century, p. 50 entitled "Bioelectromagnetics How Radiofrequency Waves Interact with Living Systems, By James W. Frazer PhD and Joyce E Frazer. The subtitle is "The nonthermal effects of electromagnetic radiation on living cells offer clues as to what is life, as well as to understanding Soviet research on the possibility of controlling human thought and emotional experience."

Here is another example of Russian research. Declassified DIA document.

MEMORANDUM FOR THE RECORD SUBJECT; Briefing of NSC [National Security Council] Ad Hoc Committee on NIEMR [nonionizing electromagnetic radiation] bio-effects...1. On Wednesday, 26 February 1975, I briefed an ad hoc committee convened by [blank] of the National Security Council for the purpose of studying implications of Soviet research of the biological effects of non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation. My briefing consisted of a discussion of recent intelligence reports and Soviet and Host European research on the subject. 2. I was assisted in the briefing by [blank] the Navy Medical Research Institute and [blank] the Office of Telecommunication Policy. Executive Offices of the President. ...

The Soviets have explored electromagnetic technology for military uses since at least the 1950s. From The Zapping of America by Paul Brodeur, 1977, ISBN 0 393 06427 1. On page 301, there was a quote from Dr. Milton Zaret, who worked on the 1965 CIA Project Pandora, a program to determine the purpose of the microwaves bombarding the Soviet Embassy by the Russians which started in 1962. Jack Anderson broke the story. Dr. Zaret stated, "When I analyzed the Soviet literature for Project Pandora, back in the 60s, it was very clear that such an encoding impressed onto a carrier wave lengths could have a CNS [central nervous system] effect.

In the Agent Orange class action court case, the years long legal battle did not serve justice. The chemical manufacturers had the advantage of money while the legal proof of damage from Agent Orange required by law to win the court case was extremely difficult to obtain. See GI Guinea Pigs How the Pentagon Exposed Our troops to Dangers More Deadly Than War: Agent Orange and Atomic Radiation by Michael Uhl and Tod Ensign, 1980. The current electromagnetic weapon testing program has the same imbalance of justice as the Agent Orange case. Many more examples can be given. The solution is there, but it has been impossible for victims to get the problem into mainstream media so that the public is aware of the problem and will no doubt be appalled and ready to act.

Experts and professionals and several independent articles and sources clearly support that government mind control is real but has been completely out of public awareness. There are news programs and series, conferences, military documents, books, government reports and international treaty discussions about electromagnetic technologies. One of the best articles is "The Development of New Anti-personnel Weapons" by Louis Doswald-Beck, Nov 1, 1990 in the International Review of the Red Cross. It states that "In spite of the rarity of publications on this subject and the fact that it is usually strictly classified information ...very small amounts of electromagnetic radiation could appreciably alter the function of living cells." It further states that "Research work in this field has been carried out in almost all industrialized countries, and especially by great powers, with a view to using these phenomena for anti-materiel or antipersonnel purposes."

U.S. News and World Report July 7, 1997 discusses behavior altering electromagnetic weapons in a front page article. Defense News 1993 discusses Russia's mind control weapons in great detail, specifically electromagnetic signals beamed into soldier's brains. The United States Air Force Scientific Advisory Board 1996, New World Vistas describes future uses of electromagnetic technology and creating the mental illness phenomena of hearing voices with microwaves for use on terrorists.

Many scientists have lost government funding for speaking out about electromagnetic health effects, (refer to CAHRA website under Timeline.) This type of censoring of information has prevented a balanced picture of electromagnetic health effects and a court case would reflect this bias.


The Military Use of Electromagnetic and Neurological Technology

Here are examples of government's development of this technology. From the Future Agenda Congressional Clearinghouse on the Future, Chairman Albert Gore Jr., 1982, p 35;

Trends in weaponry. Although not an immediate issue, there is some speculation that the distant future may bring totally new weapons of broad-scale destruction. These kinds of weapons might include climatological weapons, new electronic devices such as high-energy directed beams and mind-control mechanisms. Whether or not these weapons could or should be developed, and the means of defense against them in the event of enemy deployment, may be subject to debate in the coming years.

Books include Mind Wars 1984 by Ron McRae, associate of reporter Jack Anderson. McRae wrote on page 62;

"In 1977, Samuel Koslov, assistant secretary of the navy for research and development, learned the navy had a contract with Stanford Research Institute to study ELF [extremely low frequency] and mind control. ...Currently research into the effects of Elf on the human brain are well-funded and highly classified."

The cable TV program "Weapons of War" on the Learning Channel on September 21, 1997 featured Dr. Michael Persinger of Laurentian University, Canada. He described weapons using "psycho or influence technology" and electromagnetic frequencies to control what people think, for psychological warfare purposes.

Conferences include "Federal Regulation of Medical Devices for the Nineties", Nov 5, 1994. Keynote Speaker, Dr. John H. Gibbons, took the oath of office as Assistant to the President for Science and Technology and Director Office of Science and Technology Policy White House Science Advisor on Feb. 2,1993. Remote monitoring and surgery or "telepresence" surgery for battlefields were discussed. Recent advances in high rate information sensing, processing and transmission from the remote battlefield setting were illustrated.

Military documents include "Low Intensity Conflict and Modern Technology " by Lt. Col Dean, June 1986. Capt. Paul Tyler wrote this section;

"Potential Military Applications of EMR. The potential applications of artificial electromagnetic fields are wide ranging and can be used in many military or quasi-military situations. Some of these potential uses include dealing with terrorist groups, crowd control, controlling breeches of security at military installations and antipersonnel techniques in tactical warfare. In all of these cases the EM systems would be

used to produce mild to severe physiological disruption or perceptual distortion or disorientation."


Examples of the Operational Use of Electromagnetic and Neurological Weapons

Examples of government abuse of this technology already exist. There is a long unpublicized history of emf and neurological research. And here is one of the practical applications of that research. The women protesters at their peace camp at Greenham Commons military base in England were targeted with radiation and antipersonnel weapons in 1985 as reported in The Nation, vol. 244, March 14, 1987.p 313. They were protesting against cruise missiles at the U.S. Air Force base in southern England. Their reported symptoms matched "microwave sickness." Dr. Rosalie Berrell, Kim Besley, a former radar engineer and members of Electronics For Peace, all took measurements at Greenham and there were strong electromagnetic radiation levels, up to 100 times higher than adjacent areas. This was reported in the publication, Peace and Freedom, Jan./Feb 1989 p 24.

In the publication Science for the People, an article dated Sept/Oct 1987 p 23 reported the following. The City Limits newspaper claimed that the British Ministry of Defense was probably using its new intruder detection system CLASSIC (Covert Local Area Sensory System for Intruder Classification) at Greenham. The newspaper The Manchester Guardian wrote that "The U.S. employs an intruder detection system called BISS (Base Installation Security System) which operates... 'on a sufficiently high frequency to bounce radar waves off the body moving in the vicinity of a perimeter fence.' In 1972, the U.S. Army Equipment and Research Center published a study entitled Analysis of Microwaves for Barrier Warfare. Many other similar sources of information were listed.

As reported in Connexions 29 1989 p 3, in 1985, women at Seneca Womens' Peace Encampment in New York started to suffer from similar symptoms. And after filing an injunction at Newbury Count Court in Jan 1988, the women named as plaintiffs have had their homes and cars broken into, papers stolen and mail opened but the zapping stopped. Peace and Freedom reported use of EMR weapons at Molesworth (USAFE), at the Peace Farm (Pantex bomb factory, Texas) and in Central American and elsewhere. The well-established Women's International League for Peace and Freedom went as far as to form the Ad Hoc Committee on EMR Weapons in New York.

Here is a second example. From Electromagnetism and Life, Dr. R.O. Becker, p 227. "The possibility that the Soviet Union might be ahead of the USA in EM weapons systems has persisted at least since the discovery of the irradiation of the U.S. Moscow embassy in 1953." And in the Washington Times, Nov. 15, 1972, "The Russian Government is continuing to bombard the U.S. Embassy in Moscow with microwave radiation, according to U.S. officials." The pulsed "emanations originate from a residential building across the street that is believed to be staffed by Russian security officials." In 1976, the Globe reported that Ambassador Walter Stoessel "developed a rare blood disease similar to leukemia and was suffering headaches and bleeding from the eyes. Two of his irradiated predecessors, Ambassador Charles Bohlen and Ambassador Llewellyn Thompson, died of cancers." These are many more examples of the use of this technology by the superpowers.


Political Uses of Electromagnetic Intelligence Tools and Cia Operations

There are innumerable cases of the political uses of this technology. Of course, the evidence is not irrefutable since necessary documents are classified. But there is enough evidence to call for an investigation. At the September 21, 1977 Senate hearing on MKULTRA, the CIA's Program of Research in Behavioral Modification, Dr. Gottlieb, who had been director of the CIA's mind control experiments, warned congress of Russia's current use of intelligence weapons against the U.S. government. He stated that President Nixon was most likely targeted by the Russians in an attempt to influence U.S. officials. with some type of intelligence tool. On a 1972 trip to Russia, President Nixon and his staff had reported 'inappropriate behavior' including crying without provocation. In the same senate hearing, Gottlieb reported that the CIA was interested in how radiofrequency waves would affect behavior. James Mills, a UPI news reporter and the author of The Power, the fictional account of mind control, researched his book by going to Russian scientific institutions. On the TV interview Paranormal Warfare- a Secret Military Power? with Larry King Live on Sept. 12, 1990 transcript #127, Mills stated that many people believed that electromagnetic weapons were used on President Nixon in the incident reported by Dr. Gottlieb.

Here is another example. Major newspapers such as the Feb. 14, 1992 USA Today, have reported allegations by Saddam Hussein that the CIA targeted him with mind control and "the CIA used psychotronics and biocommunication to cause a blood clot in the brain or heart...". Heart attacks, suicides, assassinations, blackmail, all can be done remotely leaving no trace of evidence to tie it to the perpetrator.

The San Francisco Chronicle, Sept. 30, 1996 article entitled "Natural Law Party Nearly Unknown, But on the Ballot, Libertarian ideals, science, transcendental meditation" discussed "...seeking to bring the 'light of science' into politics through means that by any description are unconventional - including 'mapping' politicians' brains to catalog intelligence, creativity and stability in a crisis." This statement was made by Natural Law Party vice president candidate Mike Tompkins, who was "schooled at Andover and Harvard and worked as a consultant in 'human development' in the fields of health care, education and corrections." This rumor needs further investigation and is an example of the many leads, false or otherwise that are available.

Here is an example of Russia's political use of mind control technology. July 16, 1981, David Brinkley News Program No. 47592, David Brinkley stated, "it is known the Russians are working hard on controlling the human mind by remote electronic means." On the same show he interviewed Dr. William Van Bise, a radio engineer who investigated the Russian Woodpecker radio signal broadcast across the United States in the 1970s. Dr. Van Bise had evidence that the Russian radio signal was "at a frequency that the human body sort of operates at-10 Hertz is right in the range of biologic frequencies.". In reply to a question Bise stated that the easiest way to disrupt the mental process would be with microwaves.

The U.S. public needs to know that many seemingly unconnected facts are adding up to a government cover up. Hi tech intelligence tools and weapons are operational today without public awareness and accountability and have been for many years.


Advanced Electromagnetic Intelligence Tools-yet Another Classified Intelligence Program after Cointelpro

Victims such as Delores Hejazi and investigative reporter Alex Constantine are reporting Cointelpro tactics when complaining or disagreeing with agencies such as the CIA and the IRS. Hejazi wrote a letter of complaint to the IRS and her problems began. She was systematically discredited and became suicidal and eventually refused treatment for her throat cancer. She died recently and was unable to get an investigation of her claim as reported in the 6-28-91 Cleveland Plains Dealer newspaper "of being repeatedly attacked and tortured by government agencies, beam weaponry and laser technology."

Alex Constantine, a Los Angeles reporter, investigated the McMartin child abuse case and was subsequently targeted with electromagnetic intelligence tools. In spite of the discrediting and disrupting techniques that he has endured to this day, Constantine's reporting now includes two books on the topic of government mind control.

As described in Encyclopedia Britannica, Cointelpro was an FBI counterintelligence program in the 1960s designed to disrupt groups and neutralize individuals deemed to be threats to domestic security using intelligence-gathering techniques of surveillance, discrediting the target and harassment. It was used extensively on Martin Luther King. Today intelligence agencies are using hi tech electromagnetic tools to accomplish the same illegal goals.

It is well documented in congressional reports that the FBI targeted anti-Vietnam groups and labor groups in the 1970s. The House Judiciary Committee, Subcommittee on Civil and Constitutional Rights, Hearings Nov. 1975 pp 9,44 reported on the FBI "Counterintelligence Program". While there were examples of egregious improper conduct, the overwhelming bulk of the FBI programs were clearly legitimate. Twelve legal objectives were listed, including use of informants to disrupt a group's activities and establishing sham organizations for disruptive purposes. Illegal FBI activities listed in this report included investigating the love life of a group leader for dissemination to the press. As reported in The Berkeley Barb newspaper on Jan. 11-17, 1974, The National Caucus of Labor Committees reported a CIA and Soviet Psycho-Sexual Brainwashing Plot to infiltrate their organization. The claim sounded so bizarre that it was dismissed as "crazy". This is another of a countless number of claims which were never seriously investigated.

Today, the Militia is alleging government harassment. Several newspaper articles are reporting this claim. "Government Wants Me Dead" reported the Associated Press, 5-14-95. Court records show that Indiana national militia leader and attorney Linda Thompson "told a deputy at the Marion County Prosecutor's Office that the government was trying to kill her with radio frequency weapons." This is a plausible in light of the Discovery channel TV program, Sci Trek, Shoot Not to Kill, Nonlethal Weapons which aired on Dec. 29, 1997. Electromagnetic weapons were used to cause abdominal pain to stop a protester and acoustic sound waves disoriented a group of demonstrators. Many police departments around the country have nonlethal weapons. According to the July 7, 1997 U.S. News and World Report article on electromagnetic weapons, "And for a good 40 years the U.S. military has quietly been pursuing weapons of this sort. Much of this work is still secret..."

Time magazine June 26, 1995 reported on Mark Koerneke, of the Michigan Militia who believes that there are "Americans enslaved and implanted with microchips." This is a plausible claim as the government funded behavioral control research in the 1970s which included implanting electrodes to control violence by a Harvard Medical School professor and others.

There is much more plausible evidence of governmental implants and microchips. In the Southern California Law Review, Feb. 1974 Vol. 47 no.2, Michael Shapiro wrote the article Legislating the Control of Behavior Control. On page 239 he quotes P. London, Behavior Control 4-5 1969;

Means are being found in all the crafts and sciences of man, society, and life, that will soon make possible precise control over much of people's individual actions, thoughts, emotions, moods, and wills...

...Electronic miniaturization and improvements in surgery increasingly exploit discoveries of the exact locations in the brain where various behavioral functions are managed:

...radio remote controls over epileptic seizures, sexual desire, and speech patterns are already operational.

The U.S. public should have the facts so that they can decide. Unfortunately, the U.S. government is not going to talk about their illegal behavior or classified research. The U.S. public should be aware of the numerous claims that the U.S. government have used and continue to use electromagnetic weapons to control the so-called subversive and anti-government elements of society. Unfortunately the CIA and other government institutions have not been responsive to claims of abuse. Government officials should not be above the law and have different rules which allow illegal acts to go unreported as a result of classified work under the national security law.


Whistleblowers Silenced with Electromagnetic Harassment Technologies and Tools

The April 10, 1988 San Francisco Chronicle reported Secret Agent for the Feds Now Lives in Fear of Them. Rex Niles was an FBI whistleblower and his "unprecedented cooperation" led to the conviction of 19 industry buyers and supervisors on fraud, tax evasion and kickback charges. Government officials estimate that Niles had handed over millions in under-the-table payments of leading electronics contractors. He participated in the Federal Witness Protection Program and now he is suing the government. He reported "an assault of microwaves and x-rays" and had documented proof of high levels of radiation. He was harassed in many ways, including lack of sleep and he described a noise campaign which included "aggravating his conscious as well as my subconscious mind."

Here are the facts. Knowledge of electromagnetic technology is available in unclassified as well as highly classified sources. Just one example is as follows. On the 1986 Special Report CNN news program, Chuck DeCaro asked the Pentagon repeatedly about microwave weapons and after months of waiting, the Pentagon replied, "Radiofrequency weapons are too sensitive to discuss." There is a documented and recent congressional reports of illegal domestic surveillance and harassment of so called anti-government types of people by intelligence agencies such as the NSA, the FBI and the CIA.

Additionally, government lying and cover up is commonplace, for example in the Iran-Contra case and the Gulf War Syndrome. The book Whistleblowers, Exposing Corruption In Government and Industry by Myron Peretz Glazer and Penina Migdal Glazer, 1989 documented a history of the loss of jobs and harassment of whistleblowers. One famous whistleblower, Karen Silkwood was killed in a mysterious car crash while on her way to a news reporter and important documents of radiation worker's unsafe conditions were somehow lost. Rex Niles was a competent and successful businessman and he has physical proof of high radiofrequency levels. Yet he was considered mentally ill and his claim was not investigated.

A 40 year old professional woman who reported investor fraud to the FBI in 1986 was subsequently targeted. She is an environmental, health and safety engineer and is now targeted with surveillance, documented high levels of radiation, mercury poisoning, stolen work records and more. She believes that she is being systematically discredited and harassed in order to stop her whistleblowing activities.

Here is another tragic example. A nurse filed a workmen's compensation claim in 1996 because of a diagnosed allergy to latex gloves. Electronic harassment began a few months later. This nurse reported a cluster of symptoms that matched known intelligence harassment techniques. She reported harassment such as numerous break-ins of her car and apartment with objects rearranged, phone tampering, inexplicable electrical equipment problems, noise campaigns which disrupted her sleep and discrediting techniques of physical electromagnetic harassment. If she naturally discussed her symptoms, it was designed to sound paranoid and "crazy". Physical evidence was disregarded and her complaint was ignored as that of a sick person. The increasing numbers of cases need to be investigated in depth and not superficially dismissed.


Reports of Prison Experimentatation

Since the 1960s, U.S. prisoners have reported physical and psychological torture with remote electromagnetic technologies. John Ginter and many other prisoners describe a strikingly similar cluster of torture techniques that matches the development and description of electromagnetic technology.

Behavioral control experiments on prisoners has a long history. For example, in the 1974 Congressional hearing entitled Individual Rights and the Federal Role in Behavior Modification, abuses at California's Vacaville prison in the early 1970s included psychosurgery and behavior control drug experimentation using a paralyzing drug called anectine. Anectine causes a prolonged seizure of the respiratory system that some have described as "worse than dying." Researchers stated that they had tested it in an aversive treatment program as "a means of suppressing hazardous behavior {e.g., repeated assaults, attempted suicide.}" In the 1974 Southern California Law Review Vol. 47:247 in an article entitled Legislating the Control of Behavior Control, Michael H. Shapiro commented about the illegal Vacaville prison experiments;

"Such gross assaults upon personal autonomy should dispatch any notions that officialdom in general or the medical profession in particular can safely be left to their own devices in determining the nation and occasions for intervention in human mentation for purposes of achieving mind/behavior control."

Dr. L.J. West, director of the UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute proposed a new Center for the Study of Violent Behavior which would have used prisoners at Vacaville and other sites. It was heavily supported by Governor Reagan. The 4-1-73 San Francisco Chronicle article stated "Although the description does not say brain surgery will necessarily be carried out, West says it's one means possible to control violent behavior. ...The most potentially controversial project is called "Violence Prediction and Brain Waves."

In a Los Angeles Times article dated 4-16-73, West denied that psychosurgery would be performed at the Center. But leaked copies of the proposals stated otherwise. The Center was not approved, in part a result of heavy public opposition.

Dr. West also has a long history of behavior control research. A government memorandum entitled "Interrogation Techniques," dated 1-14-53 stated, "If the services of Major Louis J. West, USAF (MC), a trained hypnotist, can be obtained and another man well grounded in conventional psychological interrogation ...a well-balanced interrogation research center could be established ..." According to the New York Times, Dr. West worked on LSD experiments financed by the CIA.

Dr. West is still at UCLA and is listed as a contributor to the 1996 USAF Scientific Advisory Board's "New World Vistas" report. He is believed to be the anonymous author of a paper in this report entitled "Biological Process Control". This paper describes the future use of electromagnetic technology on the human system that "would render an opponent incapable of taking any meaningful action involving any higher motor skills, (e.g. using weapons, operating tracking systems)."

It is a fact that nobody likes to admit but torture is an ancient and well established institution of socialized human behavior. As reported in New York Times Magazine, Dec. 28, 1997 in the article To Hell and Back "The primary purpose of torture is not to elicit information--it produces lies more often than truths--but to break the victim's personality. In this torture is wildly successful." Whether torture is now high-tech and occurs in prisons or to whistleblowers or to control "dissidents" it is still just another form of the act of torture and is a part of human nature always to be watchful for and prevented.


Nonconsensual Classified Government Experimentation

Cheryl Welsh, a government major at California State University, Sacramento described her case as "like an electronic prison." Any and all electrical systems in her environment, including the brain are targeted, controlled and manipulated 24 hours a day. The technique of stimulus, response as in a psychology experiment are used to find weaknesses and a breaking point." The CIA's LSD and military man-break experiments used extremes of stress in similar way. Welsh's case is like the unwitting radiation victims who went to hospitals and were experimented on. She too happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time when the U.S. government was looking for unwitting victims to establish baseline studies for military purposes.

Welsh has alleged that scientists are studying her brain to establish the limits of the technology. In the 1940s, the effects of a radiation dose of a plutonium vitamin were not known. Similarly, science has not established the military uses and health effects of microwaves and other electromagnetic frequencies. Like radiation victims, electromagnetic victims today are discounted. In spite of these hurdles to overcome, Cheryl is determined to stop this ongoing experimentation and to prove that it is real, even if it is invisible and classified.

Here is a book excerpt in support of her allegations. From Mind Wars by Ron McRae, St. Martin's Press, 1984. Mr. McRae served five years in the Navy and worked with columnist Jack Anderson in 1979. He is a correspondent for The Economist.

There is, according to the best sources, a real threat in the electronic manipulation of the human mind. The possibility arose from research that attempted to explain telepathy electromagnetically. Unfortunately, although the researchers did not discover, as they sought, that thoughts could influence long-range electromagnetic radiation, they did discover that long-range electromagnetic radiation might influence the mind. According to Barbara Honegger [Barbara Honegger was on the Reagan White House staff], "the fundamental reason for the increased interest" in psychic warfare, and the area where the Pentagon spends most of its estimated six-million-dollar annual budget for psychic or related research, "is initial results coming out of laboratories in the United States and Canada that certain amplitude and frequency combinations of external electromagnetic radiation in the brain-wave frequency range are capable of bypassing the external sensory mechanism of organisms, including humans, and indirectly stimulating higher-level neuronal structures in the brain. This electronic stimulation is known to produce mental changes at a distance, including hallucinations in various sensory modalities, particularly auditory.

There are over 1,000 networking victims, according to the organization Citizens Against Human Rights Abuse, one of several human rights groups documenting this issue. They all describe torture, which makes sense as the U.S. government is developing electromagnetic weapons that kill. Victims are describing several sets or clusters of symptoms and it would support the logical conclusion that today, there are many different classified government experiments and umbrella projects and so there are different descriptions. Every nerve of the body and mind can be remotely targeted, manipulated and controlled. Pain can be inflicted and used along with behavior modification techniques.

This quote is another of the many fact in support of victim's allegations. From The Mind Manipulators, A non-fiction account by Alan W. Scheflin and Edward M. Opton, Jr., Paddington Press Ltd. 1978. Mr. Scheflin taught at Georgetown University and Mr. Opton is a graduate of Yale, Duke and UC Berkeley. The book jacket stated;

Ten thousand pages of formerly top secret U.S. army and C.I.A. documents prove that for twenty-five years United States government agencies undertook the most extensive mind-manipulation program in the history of the world. Every conceivable method for molding the mind was explored and refined, many of them tested on unwitting American citizens.

Psychologists, psychiatrists physicians, prison officials, scientists, lawyers and politicians have, for decades, been involved in mind-control research in hospitals, laboratories, universities, mental institutions, medical offices, prisons and schools.

Thoughts can be read remotely and played back; another person will repeat exactly what the victim just thought. Brainwashing and personality breaking techniques are used. Microwave hearing, the hearing of voices beamed into the victim's head via microwaves is reported in most cases. There are many articles in the open literature discussing "microwave hearing". Dr. Becker wrote the book Body Electric in 1985 and reported that "in 1973 Dr. Joseph C. Sharp of the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research heard and understood spoken words beamed to him in an echo-free isolation chamber via a pulsed-microwave audiogram (an analog of the words' sound vibrations) beamed into his brain. Such a device has obvious applications in a covert operation designed to drive a target crazy with "voices" or undetectable instructions to a programmed assassin."

Victims also allege that dreams and memories are manipulated. Movements and consciousness, heart rate and many bodily functions are reportedly monitored and controlled. These and other symptoms can be correlated to the past well documented mind control research and the extrapolation to the highly likely fact that the mind control research is continuing and is as classified as a Manhattan Project. One example of the history of mind control research is from The Search for the Manchurian Candidate by John Marks, Times Books, 1979 p. 164.

Chapter 10 The Gittinger Assessment System. While on the CIA payroll, toiling to find ways to manipulate people, Gittinger created a unique system for assessing personality and predicting future behavior. He called his method-appropriately-the Personality Assessment System(PAS)....it was Gittinger, the staff psychologist, who sold his PAS system to cynical, anti-gimmick case officers in the Agency's Clandestine Services. And during the Cuban missile crisis, it was Gittinger who was summoned to the White House to give his advice on how Khruschev would react to American pressure. ...He was building a unique data base on all phases of human behavior and he needed samples of as many distinct groups as possible. ...In huge numbers, the Wechslers,[a personality test] came flowing in-29,000 sets in all by the early 1970s-each one accompanied by biographic data. ...In 1962 Gittinger and his co-workers moved their base of operations from the Human Ecology headquarters in New York to a CIA proprietary company, set up especially for them in Washington and called Psychological Assessment Associates. ...In 1973 John Gittinger and his longtime associate John Winne, ...published a basic description of the PAS in a professional journal. ...In 1974, I wrote about Gittinger's work in Rolling Stone magazine. Gittinger was disturbed that disclosure of his CIA connection would hurt his professional reputation. ...He saw no ethical problems looking for people's weaknesses"... ...In August 1977 Gittinger publicly testified in Senate hearings.

Another example is from The Mind Control Papers, ISBN 0-915509-35-3, 1980. Published in Freedom News Journal. Based on released CIA documents.

17 December 1963 Memorandum for: Deputy Director of Central Intelligence. Subject: Testing of Psychochemicals and Related Material. By brain-computer radio communication cognitive manifestations such as thoughts and visual impressions or emotions, behaviour and psychological reactions can continually be registered, making it possible for secret police authorities, medical scientists and the state to observe an individual in a deeper and more comprehensive way then the person could possibly do himself. As far as we are able to ascertain, documents which trace the developments in this gruesome science have been drafted as long ago as 1951 when the CIA decided to coordinate efforts with the army, navy and air force, and Project Artichoke was born. A 1952 memorandum describes its mission as follows: Evaluation and development of any method by which we can get information from a person against his will and without his knowledge. Can we get control of an individual to the point where he will do our bidding against his will and even against such fundamental laws of nature such as self preservation? How could we counter such measures if they are used against us?


Innumerable Victims Not Getting Help: One Major Obstacle

Most victims are labeled mentally ill but in fact are reporting a cluster of similar symptoms and have physical evidence to prove that mental illness is not the cause. Usually relatives, police or lawyers who have no knowledge of the technology demand a psychiatric evaluation and that is the end of any chance of justice for the victim. As is common practice, the psychiatric diagnosis is made based on the patient's account and the doctor or therapist's training. While the patient may present personal reports of high or unusual radioactivity and newspaper accounts of the current practice of surveillance of prisoners via satellite and scientific papers on classified electromagnetic weapons and reports on unclassified nonlethal weapons development over the last 40 years, this has not stopped a mentally ill diagnosis. Even with a history of long term good mental health, the psychiatrist has diagnosed schizophrenia. The fact that "microwave hearing" or "synthetic telepathy" is a documented military weapon is considered irrelevant.

Headlines such as "FBI Wanted to Test Mind Control Device on Koresh " by the Press Association Newsfile, March 3, 1994 have not been linked to the current victim's situation. Most psychiatrists have not considered the possibility that the U.S. government would today test electromagnetic weapons on the victim in their office. This alleged experimentation is rooted in Cold War mentality and because the guilty scientists don't want to get caught and the U.S. government does not want a public outcry, the alleged illegal experimentation stays classified and continues. Here is an example from The Search for the Manchurian Candidate by John Marks, p 59.

The CIA's secrecy was also clearly aimed at the folks back home. As a 1963 Inspector General's report stated, "Research in the manipulation of human behavior is considered by many authorities in medicine and related fields to be professionally unethical"; therefore, openness would put "in jeopardy" the reputations of the outside researchers. Moreover, the CIA Inspector General declared that disclosures of certain MKULTRA activities could result in "serious adverse reaction" among the American public.

Victim's allegations are plausible since scientists would need to know the human effects of electromagnetic weapons. The proof is growing as the governments now want to use this technology and are declassifying some of it. Here is an article that describes weapons that match victim's symptoms. STILL UNDER WRAPS, Aviation Week & Space Technology, June 7, 1993 p. 35.

The recent Branch Davidian Standoff in Waco, Tex., prompted interagency debates about deploying new nonlethal, disabling weapons, according to a congressional aide. The Army, Air Force and Central Intelligence Agency all have developed some of the specialized arms. One is an optical munitions that produces bright laser lights causing temporary blindness. Low-frequency acoustic beams can inflict disabling pain. High-tech power generators can destroy electrical devices, including communications. In the end, it was decided to keep information about the weapons under wraps. This was done to avoid tipping off potential foes about how far the technology has advanced.

The fact that the U.S. government has a well-documented history of illegal behavior control experiments on U.S. citizens is not linked to the fact that there are abundant examples of recent experimentation and government abuse such as the Gulf War Syndrome in which veterans were misdiagnosed with stress-related illnesses. Again, this has not been linked to the current victim and a diagnosis of psychosis or delusions is made if the patient discusses government surveillance, even though government motive and technology is documented and presented.

Also, the ordinary victim has tremendous financial and practical problems in presenting proof of radiofrequency weapons used on themselves. Microwave sickness is still controversial and not well documented in the U.S. medical literature. Many other problems exist such as the fact that the perpetrators could easily turn off the signals when the victim attempted to monitor for signals with a spectrum analyzer, which is very expensive equipment.

Victims of torture and traumatic experiences have difficulty describing their experience to others. It often sounds 'crazy' and is very painful to recount. This is no small problem as seen in the following example. The New York Times, Dec 21, 1997 article "Learning to Assess Accounts of Torture" reported that immigration officers took classes to identify signs of torture so that they could "better judge whether refugees are truly the victims of torture and deserve Government protection." Immigration officers were taught to listen to refugee's accounts of why they must stay in the U.S "without touching off an onslaught of traumatic memories for the refugee."... "Torture survivors are arriving with symptoms that are becoming more difficult to discern." ..."Tragically, torturers around the world are becoming increasingly sophisticated in the methods they use" said Dr. Allen S. Keller. The training included discussions of sleep deprivation, mock executions and other forms of psychological torment that leave no telltale marks."

Slowly, medical doctors are realizing that the technology exists and victims allegations are based in reality. On November 24, 1997 in the Spotlight, Dr. Byron T. Weeks, MD and retired reserve colonel USAF, MC wrote in support of Shirley Allen, the Illinois woman who was under a six week siege by state police. Her relatives wanted her to go for a mental health exam and she refused. Mrs. Allen, a 51 year old widow and nurse "... is a citizen with an exemplary record, who has never committed a crime against society....She has not been a demonstrable threat to her neighbors, and is almost universally respected as an upstanding citizen." She was deprived of water, plumbing, electricity and heat by authorities until the siege ended by force. "Widespread criticism of police was reported at the national level according to the Illinois Sun-Times Oct. 31, 1997. Mrs. Allen claimed someone was "directing radar waves" at her. Dr. Weeks stated "This may not be as irrational as it sounds, in view of the reported use of Extra-Low Frequency (ELF) electromagnetic waves, attuned to the human brain waves, that can induce visual and auditory hallucinations."

A lawyer and psychiatrist have submitted letters of support of two more mind control victims. The letters were recopied with background information in U.S. GOVERNMENT MIND CONTROL EXPERIMENTS ON CHILDREN COMPILED BY JON RAPPAPORT, (213) 243 9005. Author's Note: Originally, Valerie Wolf and her patients were invited to testify before the Committee because doctors named by these patients as involved in administering mind control had also previously, been named by radiation victims as doctors who gave them doses of radiation. ADVISORY COMMITTEE ON HUMAN RADIATION EXPERIMENTS, 1726 M ST. N.W., SUITE 600 WASHINGTON, D.C. 20036.

The Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments is a 14-member committee of nationally recognized experts in the areas of bioethics, history of science, radiation biology and oncology, epidemiology, law and nuclear medicine. The Committee also includes a public representative. Appointed by the President in April 1994, the members are to prepare a report due in 1995, about the use of human beings as subjects of federally funded research using ionizing radiation.

Valerie Wolf, therapist: "I am here to talk about a possible link between radiation and mind control experimentation that began in the late 1940's. The main reason that mind control research is being mentioned is because people are alleging that they were exposed, as children to mind control, radiation, drugs and chemical experimentation which were administered by the same doctors who are known to have been involved in conducting both radiation and mind control research. Written documentation has been provided revealing the names of people and the names of the research projects in statements from people across the country. It is also important to understand that mind control techniques and follow ups into adulthood may have been used to intimidate these particular research subjects into not talking about their victimization in government research."

Dr. Colin Ross, psychiatrist and author of books on dissociative identity disorder (DID): "I became interested in CIA and military mind control when patients with DID began describing involvement in mind control research occurring on military bases and in hospital settings. ...I began to do background reading and research on mind control in 1992. ...Drs. Orne and West (UCLA) are still alive. ...They and many other still living individuals could be called to testify at hearings. ...Although the reality of this research is not documented, the possibility that it is real is so serious that a formal investigation is warranted. Although some or many of the DID patients' memories may be distorted or inaccurate, it is not plausible that the CIA and military intelligence agencies simply stopped this research in 1973, as they claim. ...I would be pleased to testify at length at any hearings on CIA and military mind control. Sincerely, Colin Ross, M.D.

March 9, 1995, To Whom It May Concern: My name is Alan W. Scheflin. I am a Professor of Law at Santa Clara University Law School, and a judicially recognized expert in mind and behavior control. I co-authored a nonfiction book about government mind control programs entitled "The Mind Manipulators," which was published in a dozen countries....I am writing in support of the testimony of Claudia S. Mullen and for the purpose of encouraging the opening of secret government files on radiation and on mind control. ...I know that many of the stories that will be told by witnesses will sound unbelievable. Please do not dismiss them out of hand. ...Release of remaining documents on secret government experiments is in the public interest and would not threaten national security. ...It would be my pleasure to supply any additional information requested. Sincerely, Alan W. Scheflin, Professor of Law.

The British Medical Journal Volume 315, July 12, 1997 p.72 by Robin M. Coupland, Surgeon and editor of the SIrUS Project, International Committee of the Red Cross wrote an article entitled "Non-lethal weapons: precipitating a new arms race, Medicine must guard against its knowledge being used for weapon development". He wrote about "...devices generating infrasound or electromagnetic waves, and devices for riot control." He then states "Rather than sutured wounds, skin grafts, or amputations, will the soldiers who have survived battlefields of the future return home with psychoses, epilepsy, and blindness inflicted by weapons designed to do exactly that?" It is critical that physicians and psychiatrists are aware of this problem, investigate and speak out.


Victims Are Not Getting Help: How Health and Human Rights Issues Are Handled by Our Present System

A good analogy of why victims have not been helped and the problems involved, can be found in the history of smoking and tobacco companies. Since the 1960s, the harmful health effects of cigarette smoking has been known but that did not stop the tobacco companies from exploiting and profiting from cigarettes for 50 years. The dark side of human nature and entrenched government bureaucracy are a few of the underlying reasons. Similarly, nonconsensual government experimentation using electromagnetic technologies has not been resolved for almost 50 years.

The August 31, 1997 New York Times Magazine article by Michael D'Antonio entitled Atomic Guinea Pigs stated the following.

For decades, those who claimed to be victims of clandestine radiation experiments conducted by the United States government were dismissed as paranoid. At the Department of Energy, which oversees America's nuclear-weapons research, these people were referred to collectively as "the Crazies." but the opening of cold-war archives has brought the Crazies in from the fringe.

It is a consistent pattern of human nature to call the victim crazy. This is repeating for hundreds of electromagnetic victims. Also, governments such as Russia have used psychiatric illness to frame 'enemies of the state' such as Alexandr Solzhenitsyn and Andre Sakarov. To a lesser extent, the U.S. has discredited 'subsversive elements' in counterintelligence programs, (The Watergate burglers broke into the psychiatrist's office of Daniel Ellsberg of Pentagon Papers fame, to steal his records, ostensibly to find damaging evidence.) Knowing these facts of human nature and political repression should help in correcting this problem. When Seymour Hersh, the highly respected investigative journalist wrote books and articles on biological warfare in the 1960s, he was reported to have "regularly received twenty-page reports from various persons alleging incredible CIA ventures into brainwashing and mind-control, Frankensteinean technology, conspiracy with the UFO monsters." This was reported in Psychic Warfare, edited by John White, 1988. In an essay by Michael Rossman, p 142-3, he also reported receiving letters about victims of experiments in telepathic control conducted by military psychologists. Another victim reported parapsychological means of a spying plot. Rossman then concluded " I thought you were crazy. ...Nor had I collected until now the data to suggest plausibly that the CIA et al. might actually have had the means and purposes to do what you [the victim] describe."

I can only add the innumerable accounts of victims trying to obtain help from the U.N., the ACLU, the FBI, the Department of Justice, the FCC, Congress, lawyers, etc. Some electromagnetic scientists such as Dr. Ross Adey at UCLA and authors such as Dr. Robert Becker, (Electromagnetic Man) and Paul Brodeur, author of The Zapping of America, all have reported hundreds of letters from victims dating back to the 1960s. Martin Cannon, a mind control researcher wrote in the British magazine, Lobster an article entitled Mind Control and the American Government, 1993 that many senate and congressional and state representatives have a 'wavie' file, allegations and pleas for help by victims of clandestine bombardment with non-ionizing radiation or microwaves. Mary Ann Dufresne of Senator Glenn's office has received volumes of mail from victims alleging illegal experimentation. (Per phone call November 1997.) Senator Glenn is the sponsor of S193, the Human Research Subject Protections Act of 1997, which has stalled in the Committee on Labor and Human Resources.

This is large group of people that have not been helped for a very long time. Now is the time to do something about this.

Brian Wronge is a typical case of an implant victim who did not get help. Maitefa Angaza of The City Sun, Dec. 21, 1993 in an article, "SciFact-Not Fiction: High-Tech Slavery Is Here" reported Wronge's allegations of experimentation and his fears of being harmed if he exposed this. He was "shuffled back and forth to several prisons and psychiatric facilities in an attempt, he believes to build a criminal and psychiatric profile on him and discredit any charges he might make in the future."

Roger Hutcheon of the Physicians for Human Rights (PHR) followed up on Wonge's story in a City Sun article entitled "Implant Victim Refused Help by Humanitarian Physicians". "The Boston chapter of PHR refused last month to examine or treat government implant victim Brian Wronge, against protest of some of its members." A CT scan report by MRI-CT Scanning Inc. and MRI report by Diagnositc Imaging Associates, both of New York were both positive for "paramagnetic metallic foreign bodies" in his head and chest in 1991.

"A federal Eastern District court judge Justice Reena Raggi, has Wronges's lawsuit against the state of New York pending, instructing Wronge to find a surgeon to remove one of the implants. However, in the three years since the may 1991 lab reports, no surgeon would remove the implants, usually citing FBI retaliation as the reason." "The PHR board, according to director Eric Stover, decided in a meeting in mid-June to refuse assistance to Wronge." PHR formed in 1986, has a large membership and a documented mandate of this group is 1. To stop torture that is committed by a government.

Again, this fits the history of government mind control. A Washington Post August 7, 1977 article by John Wilhelm stated that Dr. Andrea Puharich invented a miniature tooth radio, reportedly for the CIA, back in the 1950s. He presented a paper in 1952 to a Pentagon conference entitled "On the Possible Usefulness of ESP in Psychological Warfare".

And the negative impact of the national security act on victim's efforts to obtain help cannot be overemphasized. After 50 years of classified research, there is overwhelming evidence that the military and corporations are involved in mind control. And there is no oversight mechanism to stop the pattern of electromagnetic technology abuses. This is a compelling example. From Angels Don't Play This Haarp, Advances in Tesla Technology, by Dr. Nick Begich and Jeane Manning, Earthpulse Press, 1995.

Page 5. The HAARP (High-frequency Active Auroral Research Project) story, when first viewed from a limited exterior viewpoint, looks like a harmless research project. When viewed from a wider perspective, we begin to see that HAARP is a secret undertaking that is not unlike the Manhattan Project which gave us the atomic bomb.

P. 104-6. E-Systems was the subject of a lengthy article in the Washington Post by staff writer John Mintz {October 24, 1994, p. A1,A10.}. He disclosed that E-Systems' technologies were "part of the central nervous system for the nation's intelligence community". $1.8 billion of their $2.1 billion in sales, was for classified projects. A large part of the projects came from the National Security Agency (N.S.A.) and Central Intelligence Agency (C.I.A.) and other intelligence organizations. Many of the company employees are former personnel from the N.S.A., C.I.A. and military retirees. People with highly technical backgrounds and a history of working in government intelligence circles are hired by the company almost automatically, according to the Washington Post article. Retired Navy Admiral William Raborn, C.I.A. director under Lyndon B. Johnson, for years served on the board of directors.139 Did the C.I.A.'s favorite contractor and, the world of high-tech transmitters and joined in the HAARP program?

E-Systems was one of the featured stories in a CBS, 60 Minutes segment which was aired February 26, 1995. The report echoed the assertions which were made in the Washington Post article. The company was described as an organization operating in the "black world" --an area so secret that employees are not permitted by law to discuss anything about their work except with those individuals who have an official "need to know" classification. Of the company's annual sales, 85 percent was for classified work, with an estimated $800 million involved in projects so sensitive that the government denies that the projects even exist. The story went on to paint a picture of an organization which thrives on contracts issued by the C.I.A., N.S.A. and military intelligence organizations.140 (E-Systems, 60 Minutes, CBS News, N.Y., N.Y., February 26, 1995.

P. 106. Could the marriage of technologies in these companies create the possibility of those types of uses contemplated in intelligence bloodless warfare and manipulation of mental functioning? E-Systems has amassed huge capabilities for the most secret organizations in the country, and the gained control of the HAARP technologies. (And now Raytheon owns E-Systems, according to the authors.)

There are complex contributing factors to the problem of government mind control. This has been an overview of some of the main points.



The evidence is growing. Government mind control is no longer science fiction. The problem is very serious and relevant to every U.S. citizen's future. This is the weapon that intelligence, military and police agencies have always pursued, a weapon of total control over the enemy. The world super powers are motivated to keep this powerful technology classified and have resources that victims do not. It is up to the U.S. public to stop nonconsensual experimentation and illegal domestic intelligence programs using electromagnetic and neurological technologies on U.S. citizens.


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