Joyce & Earl from Oregon
American Psychotronic Victims

We have to our knowledge been targets of psychotronic assault since 1994.  We know of other victims living nearby claiming the same abuse.  Our story is as follows.   We hope other victims in Oregon will come forward and print their story.  All victims must rally together and make the crimes being committed against us public knowledge.

  1. We are productive, intelligent citizens with excellent work references.  No criminal records.  Have 2 intelligent sons--both TAG (Talented and Gifted).   Have been married 27 years.  Have lived in Oregon almost 50 years.   Extensive volunteer work in the community.
  2. When family moved in next door, broadcasting began.  Continuous stalking by them and their friends began.  Their verbal assault began when I'd go out to work in my yard ("f*** you, b****!", "Get back in the house, b****!").  Our neighbor and his male friends would stand at our fence and ogle me as I worked in the yard, with big smiles on their faces and their arms around each others' shoulders.
  3. Lots of late night, early morning trafficking and parties began at this family's home.
  4. Someone at this family's home shot me when I mowed one afternoon, same summer they moved in.  I felt stings on my body as I was hit, though I couldn't see anybody doing it.   Had red spots all over my body when I showered after mowing.  (Not a rash, more like being sandblasted.)
  5. I started keeping a diary of events.
  6. The broadcasters started referring to me as "b****" or "sweetheart" and insisted they had power over me, that they had contracts out on me and my whole family.  They started getting more derogatory and obscene.  They kept track of my subvocalization and would repeat it back to me.  They started playing tapes with certain phrases in the broadcasting.  I started getting vibrated as if electrical current was running through me.  Capillaries would rise to the surface of my skin when I was vibrated.  I'd get shocked and jerked regularly.  My eyes would twitch, my muscles contract.  I'd get burned and heated up.  I'd hear beeps in my ears, about every 4 hours around the clock.  When I'd go to sleep, I'd be awakened by the broadcasters.  Assault was physical, mental, emotional, psychological.   Broadcasters had a "listening post" who would repeat what I'd say.   I could hear a microphone being bumped in the broadcasting.
  7. Our neighbor and his family made several complaints to the police that we were in their "air space" and were "looking at them."
  8. Our neighbor's wife took a photo of my face (about 1 foot away) while I was at our fence and proceeded to tell her adult daughter how I was a mental case, stupid, a "b****.   I said nothing.
  9. Our neighbor's wife and adult daughter could be seen putting white powder on their thumbs and snorting it up their noses.  Teens could be smoking pot and drinking beer in their yard.
  10. Our neighbor and friends would dig in our yard, trespass, take the manhole cover off out front and work with shovels in it, survey our yard, climb the telephone pole and hook stuff up.
  11. Our neighbor has a satellite dish usually pointed at our home.
  12. Our sons' friends hear broadcasting coming out of our computer speakers when trying to play a video game, and out of our stereo speakers when trying to play a CD.  One broadcasting was a woman, the other a man.  The woman said "f*** you b****" and the man said "do you want to be a whore?"
  13. Varnish is painted on my car top, long string of barbwire is put in the middle of our back yard, our driveways, well, and plants are sprayed by someone while we're gone, footprints are found in our backyard in the mud, dead trees and shrubs become commonplace on both sides of our property.
  14. We contact the police, FBI, NSA, FCC, ASLU, Mae Yih, a friend and national consumer advocate, Phoenix Foundation (at a later date), a private security firm; we hire Jim Ross Engineering Firm from back east and Dave Winden, a private detective.  We cash in our retirement stock to pay for a private investigation.
  15. A private security firm comes to our home, says something funny is happening with our phone jack in the bedroom (nearest our neighbor).  She tells us our neighbor is not smart and that their computer is ready to "talk" to our neighbor's computer.   Her security company is sold and she stops helping us.
  16. Earl buys a scanner and monitors different frequencies.  The perpetrators are recognized on the scanner.  It turns out they had a baby monitor in their house.   He makes tapes of some adults having violent verbal argument about promising not to broadcast, only listen in.  Lots of obscenities and name calling occurs.  He makes a tape of a male adult telling a young child how they shot a woman in 9 places, how he has a string of magnets, how he's way in over his head and will probably go to prison or have this woman killed.
  17. A longtime friend's teenage son admits to me our neighbor's son sells drugs and is lasering some old woman.  When I tell him I'm that old woman, he turns red and gets very nervous.  he later denies this to our detective.
  18. Earl and I fly to Arizona to get objective psychiatric evaluation.  I'm declared sane.
  19. A local policeman and our neighbor's wife file a petition against me with the County Mental Health claiming I'm violent.  I'm warned if I don't go to a nearby hospital voluntarily, I'll be handcuffed, humiliated, driven in a policecar, and locked in a jail cell for 30 days.  I go voluntarily and am forced to take psychotic drugs or face 30 days in jail.  I'm kept 10 days.  I'm labeled nonviolent, but schizophrenic paranoid with auditory hallucinations by a leading doctor.  Earl is labeled the same thing, only sympathetic, even though he, my sons, and their friends hear the broadcasting electronically.
  20. Our neighbor and friends shoot construction staples at our home, trees, and swing set while we're watching a movie inside with our sons.  Earl tapes the assault and their laughter for 4 hours.  We collect handfuls of staples the next morning and take them to the police, who refuse to do anything.
  21. Our neighbor, his wife, and friends tear down our wife fence.  We call the police, who make him put it back up.  Our neighbor appears drunk, is volatile, waving his hands and arms, and yells at us that our landlord hates us and wants us to move.
  22. Our neighbor's friend drives up behind Earl out in front like they're going to run him over.  Earl has crushed feet from a car accident and can't run or jump very quickly.   The friend then pulls down his pants and exposes hit butt to Earl.  Earl calls the police.  They do nothing.
  23. A young man (with the same last name as a friend of our neighbor) parks out front our home, keeps his motor running, looks through binoculars directly into our windows, and talks on a cell phone.
  24. We saw our neighbor and his son running equipment and long cables from inside their bedroom into their motors on their cars.  When our neighbor and friends would stalk, they'd regularly reach down under their dashboards and drive sporadically while doing so.
  25. At work, a woman called my boss and told them I had a criminal record and had been in prison.  These same lies had been told to some of my friends by friends of my neighbor.
  26. Two men in a black pickup followed me out of our subdivision.  They tried to force me into an oncoming lane of traffic by not giving me the right of way, which I had.   I got the license number, described the driver to the police.  They refused to do anything.
  27. While driving home from work in our subdivision, friends of our neighbor are working in the lot.  They whistle and yell "yoo hoo," "sweetheart," "b****."  I pull over and camcord them.  One of them yells, "Be careful or we'll shoot you with another microdot!" and laughs.  We give the tape to the police and set up a time for one of the detectives to come to our home.  They don't show up and they do nothing.
  28. Our neighbor's dad follows Earl and me 3-4 miles out of town.  We camcord him.   He gets out of his pickup and verbally threatens to have us beaten up by someone bigger than Earl.
  29. Our neighbor's friend follows me around the block in our subdivision over and over.   he stops, calls someone on his cell phone.  A motorcycle cop drives by, does nothing.  The man then says sarcastically to me, "Do you think I'm following you because you're good looking or something?"
  30. While driving around the block to our subdivision, a friend of our neighbor is in his front yard and calls me a "b****" in a very loud voice.  He throws an object (like a rock) over my car, telling me to "get the f*** out of there."   He and his teenage son then drive to our home, yell that if I ever camcord his home again, he's going to "beat the s***!" out of us.  He flips us off and shoots rocks up and down my legs backing out of our driveway so fast.
  31. On the way to work, our neighbor's wife backs out of her driveway at a fast rate of speed as I'm going by.  I stop for 2 seconds, long enough to snap a picture and go on to work.  When I get home, a cop issues me a citation for disorderly conduct, being violent and obscene for 7 minutes, and for blocking our neighbor's driveway making her very upset and very late for work.  The citation is almost identical to the petition filed against me.  We hire an attorney.  In court, an attorney from a nearby town represents the local cop and our neighbor's wife.  It is proven because of my photo that the neighbor lady fabricated the incident.  I had witnesses to prove when I left for work and arrived at work.  The local police refused to take action against our neighbor for filing a false report.  The local cop who issued me the citation was abusive and harassive.
  32. For our 25th anniversary, we make reservations at a beach resort, several months in advance.  Our neighbor is waiting along the road in their pickup about halfway to the beach.  Earl calls our private detective and he and another detective personally hear broadcasting coming out of my chest, using electronic equipment at the resort.
  33. Earl, our younger son, and I go out to dinner here in town.  A small green car with purple neon lights underneath drives by fast and shoots multiple particles at us.   They hit Earl and our son in the head/neck and me in the face.  We go to the local hospital and call our detective.  He and an attorney friend witness the injuries.  Our detective decides to drive us to a different hospital.  We leave our car at the local hospital.  Earl has x-rays.  Our detective calls the Oregon State Police.  They promise to arrive in 15 minutes, then call back and tell our detective to notify the local police.  While my car is at the local hospital, the hood is left open, and the window shows evidence of a possible break-in.  Next morning, our detective and we meet with County police.  No report or investigation is made.  Two sheriffs and our detective check our car for possible "explosives."  Our detective finds a sample shot at us.  It's sent to Oregon State University where it is microprobed and determined to be plastic particles and magnetic.
  34. We go shopping a few days later.  A green car with purple neon lights is parked in the lot.  We give the license number to our detective.  We don't know if this is the same car involved in the drive-by shooting.
  35. Earl starts hearing the broadcasting.  He gets burned, shocked, vibrated, like me.  he gets stalked regularly.  He gets shot in the forehead while in the yard--he has the particle for evidence.
  36. Earl, our older son, and I have lots of cops in our lives.  There's even been as many as 6 cops up and down one street.
  37. Our younger son (in the drive-by shooting) doesn't hear the broadcasting, but has been camcorded by Earl being shocked and jerked repeatedly with no mercy.
  38. Earl camcorded radio stations coming out of his chest.  I witnessed it myself, and could hear it, it was that loud.
  39. We accidentally located two other victims through a mutual friend.  We cautiously agreed to meet.  We found out we have the same symptoms.  Our detective joins us and interviews these two victims (an elderly, very credible couple).  They live nearby and are keeping a journal also.
  40. We contact the Phoenix Foundation (Jim Moore).  He assures us we're not alone and tells us to read the Mind Control Forum on the Internet.  We hadn't even had a computer very long, but had us set up on the Internet as he suggested.  To our shock, we found information on psychotronics, other victims, and professionals trying to help.   I was shocked to discover that my diary of four years prior described exactly what we were reading on the Internet.  We made copies and shared them with two other victims.
  41. As I was admitted to the local hospital for a non-related situation, my records were erased from the computer.  As the secretary was trying to put my records back into the computer, the information was being erased as it was being typed in.  The secretary said nothing like that had happened before.
  42. Our family has suffered many other strange happenings with our computer records during this period of time.  We don't know if these are related facts or not.
  43. Our friend and national consumer advocate suggested we contact John Rumler, a freelance investigative report.  He in turn suggested we contact John Schrag, Managing News Editor for Willamette Week,