Kimiko Tebayashi


Hello, I am the Japanese who lives in Tokyo. A name is Kimiko Tebayashi. I have been in the damage of serious Mind Reading Machine for seven months, and the threat by that machine is being continued at present, too.

As for me, that machine didn't know that it even existed. As for me, that machine knew that it existed from the report of Mr. YU recently. It is always threatened with a gang of 2-4 men and women toward my brain which isn't based on the voice.

That gang keeps using a machine if a threat isn't stopped until I kill myself. He thinks with the mishearing even if I tell that danger because my husband can't hear it.

It is turned from exactly the top of No.202 rooms of rooms which we live in and No.302 rooms to me, and that machine is being used for that gang's aim with our real estate.

As for that gang, I know the name of the man who is with a Japanese of the first half in the gang forty years. It is KENICHI IIUMI that it worked for the Japanese daily industry newspaper company.

It is a thing 4 months ago to know that I had been sent to that un-good fortune ? man for 17-8 years and it aimed for it. I did the work of editing even recently though I was a 55-year-old housewife.

It was taken as a mishearing though a damage report was taken out to the police.

Now, it isn't understood why it is good. It peeps into No.202 rooms which we live in, and that criminal gang keeps using that machine from No.302 rooms toward me.

No one can discuss me. Because generally it doesn't know, there is a machine which did so. And, it doesn't know how that criminal gang obtained that machine, either. Then it is hard to prove? The theft of the real estate title deed by the threat ? without example with the crime of such violation of human rights in Japan. You have only to do what, or it isn't understood how and a body is protected against that machine.

Yours sincerely

Received 5-19-2003