Linda L Labrador


Hi, My name is Linda L Labrador,I am A MicMac Indian from Nova Scotia, Canada. I am 50 years old.

My "boyfriend" was doing the psychronic to me. He was an electronic engineer,he had his own company and was a sub- contractor for The United States Navy. He worked on their submarines and frigets. I am not the only one he has done it to he did it to his first wife and family and my family and my friends. What is being done to me is sexual and physical torture.They made a videotape of themselves in my house in Port Lorne Nova Scotia, and left it out for me to find.

It is mostly being done by radio frequencies. It is NOT forced thinking. What and when it`s being done with the "thinking" is being done in your sleep. When people listen to other people talk they unconsciously repeat everything that is being said to them or heard by them.

The victims are put into whatever "state" and then told to repeat after their attacker then the next day or whenever the attackers send a audio frequency aimed at your head then you think it`s forced thinking. When you look at things your brain unconsciously takes everything in. Everything has a frequency. When victims "smell" things it is only the frequency being sent. Think of a radio you can send that frequency anywhere or a TV signal.

To do things to their victims they HAVE to SEE the victim there is only one way to see their victim and the only thing that can see in all conditions are radio frequencies, those radio frequencies are then turned into a TV signal. Sound waves can be shielded. They are not electromagnetic. So can electromagnetic. You can buy cloth to use to make a shield for elf fields, and you can buy a tent made to those specifications. And you can detect their "frequencies"` for their TV and Radio frequencies. And you can record their voices better on a compact disc, it is possible to record up to 20,000hz on one.

Received 02-23-2004

In my case there were 2 different ``groups`` involved.My boyfriend has been doing it for the past 21 years.Then in 1996 ``hired`` the ones that are now ``doing`` it. They are neighbours of mine in Port Lorne, Nova Scotia. They made a videotape of themselves in my house in Port Lorne.They did not show their faces.They just talked trash. My boyfriend left the tape out for me to find.My boyfriend was a electronic engineer he did work for The United States Navy on their submarines and frigets.I also have a females` voice on a cassette I was recording.My family and friends a have all been harassed though they do not releize what the cause of their symptoms was a radio frequency weapon. My grandchildren are also victims.
  1. only a radio frequency can`see` in all weather conditions
  2. Only radio frequencies can be sent all over the world.
  3. `Their` rf is turned into a TV signal.In order to rape and torture us `they` Have to See us.
  4. ALL radio frequencies and sound waves can be amplified,thats` why we can hear ourselves `thinking`
  5. Other times it is just a sound wave being sent to us from when we talked or thought.And at night in our `sleep` we are put into any `state` and we think, when we listen to anyone we ALL subconsciously repeat what we hear. Then whenever they want to send that sound wave to Or at us they do.
  6. ALL radio frequencies and sound waves can be detected and traced and recorded.
  8. Sound waves CAN be Shielded And Damped.
  9. Their is no forced thinking, When we look at people and things our brains take that all in and that is what we hear. Other times it is just them playing headgames by sending old sound waves back at us.
  10. Look up in the book called `World Book under brain it shows the brain and what parts are responsible for what body function.
  11. Our Nerves are the`thing` that control our bodies. All our nerves send messages to our brains.Look up `Motor Cortex And The `Somesthetic Cortex`
  12. The OCCIPITAL LOBE CONTROLS `visual images`If a radio frequency was aimed at you that was the same as the frequency of your occipital lobe YOU WOULD SEE THINGS.
  13. It is called Brainwave Entrainment.It is ALL ELF
  14. There are noise cancelling headphones that can be redesigned to cancel out frequencies between 20hz To 20,000Hz.
  15. There is a website called Resonance Research on that wesite there is a ELECTROMAGNETIC SODA CAN CRUSHER. It uses a electromagnetic wave to CRUSH a soda can.
  16. There are clocks and watches that seek out and lock onto a radio frequency sent from the Atomic clock In Colorado.
  17. The oceans are being used by The United States Navy as Antennas, ANYTHING conductive can carry and send or receive radio signals.
  18. A friend of mine just bought two new hearing aids that run on batteries that the brain controls. I will be looking into that techonolgy.
  19. Look up a company in JAPAN called TECCHNOS they are using the brain waves to turn on and off electrical appliances.
  20. Look uo a story on the internet for February 19 2004 about a women in Milwaukee that was caught on her neighbours` surveillance system when it intercepted a video signal coming from her home.
  21. WAYS AND DEVICES TO PICK UP RADIO AND SOUND WAVES ARE: TV, METERS, RECEIVERS and Transmitters, Computer software, Antennas, Lasres.Recorders, Scanners.Radio Telescope.
  22. Telsa Coils are used to Generate and receive this form of energy i.e. Electromagnetic.
  23. There is a signal for each of the primary colors used in a TV signal.In conventional broadcast radio the radio waves carry a Sound Or Audio signal, while in television they carry the Video signal.
  24. OUT OF PHASE- Sound waves that share the same temporal identity can cancel eaxch other out.
  26. When we hear a sound Or a voice it is just the sound hitting wharever surface first then to our head or ears.
  27. Sound is a pressure wave.
  28. If the bone in our ear could not vibrate we would not be able to hear.
  29. Without their ability to hear us and we them it would reall screw them up.
  30. The brain keeps a sound in memory for up to 0.1 seconds.
  33. There are passive and active noise cancelling headphones.
  34. There is material that turn sound waves into heat.
  35. There is material that compines will make for you that ELF cannot penetrate. And they sell tents, But it is expensive.

Update 03-08-2004

This is what has been done to me:
  1. Rape
  2. Sexually stimulated sometimes to orgasms.
  3. Pain in and outside of my vagina.
  4. Discharge from my vagina.
  5. Stopped and started my period.
  6. Urinary tract and yeast infections.
  7. Urinated and defacted in my jeans and in a hospital bed.
  8. Diarrhea and consipated at different time.
  9. Crossed eyes.
  10. Mucus in one or both eyes 2 types of mucus one in the corners of of my eyes the other is in my eyes.
  11. My vision is messed with 24/7 And it is messed with in other ways
  12. Dry eyes, and watery eyes and my eyes have felt like thre was sand in them.
  13. Visual memories.Taken from ``real time`` and others from ``Their`` dreams.
  14. Sneeze.
  15. Running nose.
  16. Dry nose and mucus and blood in my nose.
  17. Colds,Sores in my mouth, cuts on my tongue.Dry mouth sometimes all day.
  18. Tooth aches and pain in my gums.
  19. Pain in my jaws and at times I can only open my mouth just a little.And pain in my cheekbones
  20. I can taste blood and copper and something else that I do not know what the taste is.
  21. Made to vomit, and made nauseous.
  22. Muscles in the roof of my mouth relaxed.
  23. Made to smiled.
  24. Pain in my teeth.
  25. Dry throat.
  26. Dry and cracked lips.
  27. I`ve woken up with cuts at the corners of my mouth and at the corners of my fingernails.
  28. I grew facial hair above my upper lip .
  29. Woke up with an oily face Woke up with a red burned face it feels like a sun burn.
  30. Made to swallow.
  31. Nerves on in my face twitch and my eyelids twitch and my lips my nose.
  32. The muscles in my body spasm. And cramp (Real Bad)
  33. Pain in both of my ears, and they pop, and ringing in them. And they feel like the inside is being ``sucked`` in
  34. Headaches.
  35. Dizzy,lightheaded, Sometimes I don`t know up from down.
  36. I`ve had seizers and I know what that feel like before I`ve had one I get just the feeling of one coming then it stops.
  37. Emotions: All of them.
  38. Drowsy on and off.
  39. Put to sleep, Woken up, kept awake.
  40. Dreams, almost always before I am woken up.
  41. Memory loss.
  42. 2 blackouts.
  43. Pain in chest and real bad pain in my heart.
  44. Pain in my stomach,and gas.
  45. Pain in my ribs.
  46. Pain in my rectum.
  47. Milk in one breast, it was a white substance.
  48. Chills on my back,arm(s)leg(s).
  49. Itch on all parts of my body.
  50. Bite like marks on my body In the summer of 1997 they were all over my back they looked like insect bites.
  51. Heart rate increased,herat flutters,heart beat is irregular,it beats two beats.
  52. Pulled the groin muscles.
  53. Pulled different muscles.
  54. Muscle cramps in different parts on my body, mostly my calfs and arms and back.
  55. Pain in my feet,or only the left heel.(bad pain)
  56. Pain in shin bones.
  57. Sever pain in my spine.
  58. Sweating, at different parts of my body, underarms forehead, back....
  59. Mole on my neck grew then shrunk then grew then shrunk.
  60. Pain in all of my bone (Real Bad)
  61. Pain in my hands and fingers and at the tips of them.
  62. Seizers. My left jaw was dislocated in 1996 when I hit the floor.
  63. Stroke. My right side was partly paralyzed.
  64. Snored, while being semi asleep.
  65. A growth in my finger and a toenail.
  66. My hand(s) shake.
  67. Callous on my left foot.
  68. Pain in my wrists.
  69. Nerves,my arms,legs, head, shoulders Etc have all ``jumped``
  70. At times my nipples are very sore and tender.
  71. Different blood pressure levels.
  72. Adrenaline gland was stimulated.
  73. Gastric was stimulated.
  74. They either messed with my throid or with the results.
  75. My scalp is very dry and I have dandruff on and off.
  76. My hair is dry and at other times it is very oily.
  77. I`ve smelled different odors.
  78. Thirsty.
  79. My body temperature was raised and lowered.(104)degrees
  80. The right pupil does not dilate.
  81. My bladder is stimulated and hurt.
  82. Lost all of my body strength, lost strenght in just my arm,and just my legs.
  83. Cut off the circulation to my hands and feet.
  84. Yawn(ed).
  85. Taste,I use a lot of pepper I cannot taste the pepper. usually, other times I can.
  86. My gums bleed.
  87. Hemorrhoids.
  88. Pain in my kidneys.
  89. Cuts on my head and lower spine. bruises on different parts of my body and stratches.
  90. Pain in my temples.
  91. I cannot breath through my nose.Then I can.

This is what has been messed with :

Television; Turned on and off, channels changed.The remote control did not work. Volume turned up and down.The timer was set to go off at night I did not set it.That happened 2 nights in a row.The TV came on 2 days in a row at the same time.

RADIO:The radio had the same station on all of the other stations, when I turned the dial it was the same station. I heard 2 male voices over the radio months apart it was the 2 same voices,in Nova Scotia.

C.D. players: Made to stop then went back on.At times it would not go on. I recorded them messing with the C.D. while I was recording from a cassette onto a C.D.

Hot Water:At times there was no hot water, at other times the hot water went from hot to cold and it went from where I had set it to too hot.

Cell Phone: All of my minutes were used up. I have phone numbers on my phone that do not exist, I have phone calls `that were ``made`` when I was sleeping.Phone calls that when you press *69 there was no such number.At different times my minutes were what I paid for ,other times I had as many as 400 to 800 hundred hours on my cell phone.

Furnace: My furnace was messed with manually to stay on 24/7.

Electric meter: I watched the dial on a meter go around and around,A guy I know that happened to his watch.

Computers: My computers` screen turned pink and made the screen flicker.Turned the radio on my computer on then off.

Tape Recorder:It would not work,took the new one I bought then put it back broken.

Electric Picture:My friend has a electric picture of New York,with buildings and a bridge with lights that blink those are made to go on and off really fast. I have a video of that.

Refrigerator: The engine goes on and off.

Lights: Get brighter and dimmer.

Batteries:Batteries go ``dead`` in seconds, when I use my flashlight the ``bulb`` goes from normal to almost dead or dead.

Car Fuse Box: The fuse box in my car was stretched so the fuse for the brake lights would`t fit in the slot.

VCR: That went on and off and at other times it would not go on.

Odors: I have smelled different odors.

Update 03-11-2004