I am a 45 year old male and live in PA, USA. In approximately 1979, I had much difficulty with the local chapter of the Masonic Order. Two nearly fatal attempts were made on my life and I was blacklisted in the town where I reside. My offense was having disclosed that a family member (a prominent businessman) was molesting his daughter. I was forced to submit to psychiatric treatment (hypnotism and drug injections) but I wouldn't keep quiet about what I knew (I am known for having an excellent and accurate memory and an outspoken nature). Eventually. a memory suppressing drug was administered directly into my spinal fluid which I was told would effectively suppress my conscious memory for approximately 20 years. It has now been 23 years and many of those earlier horrific memories have and are returning. I was cautioned in 1979 that if I ever told what I knew that I would be killed via a "freak accident" but since my biological father had paid a financial "ransom" (half of his net worth) I would be allowed to live until he died; he is now terminally ill and I am frightened for my life; the "Key Players" are all still alive.

My finances have been threatened (stock certificates stolen) and the local police refuse to assist me. Oddly, I am experiencing almost total social estrangement and local lawyers will not take the case. I notified the local police of the threat on my life and never heard back from them about it; about 32 years ago a childhood girlfriend of mine was gang raped (she was 12 years old as I recall) by several local policemen and my life was threatened by the local police, at that time.

My last conscious memory before "going out" is having been in the basement of the Masonic Lodge in "smalltown", PA. There I was shown what they (the masons) called their Chamber of horrors. I was told that it is used primarily to shock new initiates into fearful obedience and in my case, to terrify people who "dare" to talk about their goings on (child sexual abuse/incest/criminal business activity, murder, etc.) I was forced to take a tour of this place in 1979 after the attempts had been made on my life; the tour leader was the offended party (I had spoken publicly about his sexual abuse of his juvenile daughter.) There were decapitated human heads in glass containers of what I assume was formaldehyde and was told that they call these their "talking heads." They explained that when an informant is murdered, the body is divided and mailed to various lodges all over the country to discourage others from talking; in my case it obviously did not work. However, they showed me a place already prepared, where my head would be placed and told that a name plaque was being prepared to identity my decapitated head once it was placed there. I was so shocked by what I saw, that I passed out and suffered a head trauma afterwhich I was told a cover story about what happened and my memory slowly drifted away until recently. The psychiatrist they made me go to had administered a drug directly into my spinal fluid that suppresses memory and made me very ill (hence my fainting) apparently it has only recently worn off.

Prior to this, one of my sisters was gang raped (twice) in order to quiet her talking about by biological father's sexual advances towards her, she was threatened with being made one of their "Project Monarch girls..." As a child I had witnessed my biological father rape my other two sisters, after which he attempted to penetrate me (I am a male); I resisted and he was unsuccessful.

My Mother was raped in front of her Mother at a early age (as I recall she was 12-15 years old) by two local policemen loyal to the masonic order; as her mother was of low social standing, there was no investigation, only further threats on her entire family.

I am concerned about my safety and wanted you all to know; any advice you could offer would be greatly appreciated. If we all told what we know, I suspect we would collectively be safer.