Lawrence James Smith


To the president of the organization.

That I Mr.Lawrence James Smith, 7010 S. Wolcott Chicago, Il, 60636. Of social security benefit claim number XXX-XX-XXXX approve present prejudice decision.

Need for you to immediately have me discharge from unlawful, brutal, prejudice U.S.Government law enforcement microwave weapon and satellite visual surveillance.

For you to immediately start have the U.S. Attorney General Mr.John Ashcroft, file for me federal criminal charges assault, kidnapping, rape, corruption with a U.S. Government law enforcement microwave and satellite visual deadly weapon equipment against the U.S. president Mr.George W. Bush.and the former U. S. president Mr. Bill Clinton, and the U. S. president candidate Mr. John Kerry, and the president of the IL. senate Mr. Emil Jones, U. S. senator Mr. Richard J. Durbin. Because of the below issues.

That because of the issues of and described in the e-mail that I e-mail 3-17-04 9 06 a.m. to the U. S. president mr.George w.bush.for and to the president of the organization to the U. S.white house.that the U. S.government judicial psychiatric and Medicare and psychiatric medication and insurance and credit and social security administration overpayment supplemental security income and judicial policy have and is still being unlawful.brutal.prejudice.use against me and on me./for the U. S.district court executive committee of 219 s.Dearborn street Chicago IL, 60604, federal building.of docket 9-21-00.9-20-00 prejudice order against me. For I am still being now and all and every day unlawful, brutal, prejudice kept woke and stomach sick and ill and hair burnt out and recording and body and brain and scalp and eyes and teeth feature tissues, function attack, watch, rape, shock, injury, swell, brain blood pressure tried, and force visual dream, talk to in my ears, my thoughts being read. I am not allowed to shower. Trying to kill me and give me cancer, by the and

U. S.government law enforcement microwave weapon and satellite visual surveillance equipment.

Please get a copy of all above issues for are files, and if I spell any thing wrong in or of this action please correct it.

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Received 03-18-2004