Robert Butler


Anyone who says this form of harassment isn't true, should be in therapy. These accounts are real and the dangers are too. Don't let someone's needs go unattended due to ignorance.

I started to be harassed nearly one and a half years ago and it continues today. A motion detector was heard to be ticking with my every move at the house next door. This was my first indication. It was from this that I concluded that listening devices were not far behind. These vapors would come out of nowhere with several different scents. Each producing a different reaction. Usually, I would become dizzy or stagger after my metabolism had increased sufficiently, which didn't take much. I would test these people by moving from room to room. It was as if I could lose them for the moment by returning to a room I had just left before something was reset. They appeared to have to move large objects around during these tests, sometimes. Lights directed at them also helped disguise me for short periods.

Movement seems to play a large part in all of this. Just the slightest movement gets a response. The computer keyboard for one always elicits a response. Short, stop and start movements like tapping feet or talking, even whistling-maybe vocal chords-gets a response. I could be on a bus, 20 miles away and they would still be harassing me for those things. Small knots in the throat or a favorite of theirs...tightening of the genitals.

While I would be sitting, trying to watch the tv, these pulses would be hitting me and making me ache in my neck or across my back. Just in various places they wanted to pick out. Basically, I stood most of the time, so I could move back and forth. The tv would also change channels at will and do strange video things. I finally covered the remote sensor with aluminum foil which ended that part of the harassment at least.

I have an extensive record of this somewhere, but have just move out of desperation and don't know where it is at the moment. I am 200+ miles away from where I was and still the harassment continues.

Just prior to my moving, these latest sensations were occurring and continue at this present location. There are these perfumelike aromas that continue almost all the time, nauseating as they are. They must be doing something that is harmful. There are other aromas as well. I can't tell whether they are actually neurological or if others would notice them.

The place seems to vibrate, like a massage chair almost all the time and there is this current arising up from the ground. This makes my feet and lower legs feel like static electricity. When I am seated-which is never for long-I only feel this where my body is in contact with the furniture itself, although nobody else can sense it. They say I'm delusional. I am having on and off urinary problems due to the constant heat being applied to certain body parts by these pulses which also come up from the ground. Nothing seems to contain them as they have penetrated or bypassed everything I have tried. Right up the wood chair legs or the plastic ones. I have the bed up on rubber cushions and they have done little to help.

This pulsing eventually works its way up to me on the bed and locates itself somewhere, then it 'attaches' itself and begins pulsing at a steady pace. If I move off the surface, it seems to have to go through a whole relocation procedure before it 'reattaches' only to steadily pulse again. Usually, it will wake me if I happen to have fallen asleep. My body will hurt at the point of its pulsing. The bathtub seemed to provide a shield, but even that failed as I noticed the pulses underneath continuing over and over one night, until eventually one stream made its way through to my skin.

This is particularly scary when your family has abandoned you and you have to fight this battle alone.

Received 09-17-2004