Chad Vandergriff



I have been watching your site for over a year now and am very supportive of your work. I have been victimized for two years and ten months now and found your site while looking for answers. I also found a great site for information at This is a conspiracy type website with a very large section on mind control, RF weapons and harrassment.

I have done as many of the victims write of doing: I've gone for tests trying to get a MRI, I've tried reporting it through the FBI complaint process, and I've tried writing letters to the President, Congressman, and reporters. Recently, I wrote a letter to all people's emails I found listed at the Atlanta Journal Constitution newspaper and told them briefly of the US government sponsoring terrorism and ignoring the complaints through official channels. I included links to your site and It went out to 70 people.

I think we can be effective in fighting mind control if we can build public awareness of it through media. And I think we can be effective in reaching the media if all of the victims listed are encouraged to do as I am doing and continue writing letters. If enough people speak up, they will listen.

If you can help me, I would like to build mailing lists and start sending similar letters to multiple newspapers from as many victims as we can get to lobby against this.

And again, thanks for putting the information out there.

My harrassment started after I found a key stroke logging program installed on my computer and removed it. I'm pretty sure it is what the FBI has been working on and calls "The Magic Lantern". I know from what I saw it was installed from inside my house as the hard drive was partitioned to include two more drives. I have no doubt my home was searched. The next day after discovering the program, I had removed all of it but the hard drive partitions. I set my computer up for a defrag and went out for an hour and a half. When I returned home, those were gone from my computer, too. And that's how all the fun began.

You can add me to your list if you like. I will continue to support you with all your efforts and by encouraging others to look at your work.

Chad Vandergriff

James Chad Vandergriff
2250 Meadow Wood Court
Marietta, GA 30062

January 28, 2003

Dear Sir,

I am sending this letter to you, every Senator, and every State Representative to report criminal conduct, civil rights violations, and violations of the Nuremberg Code enacted upon me by the FBI in the hopes that you will investigate this matter to bring resolution to a grave situation.

On January 27, 2000, the FBI illegally searched my home and installed a keystroke-logging program on my computer. I believe it was the program they call the "Magic Lantern". On February 7, 2000, I found the program on my computer and removed most of it. It showed January 27, 2000 as the installation date, but showed no creator in the properties. On February 8, my home was entered again, and the remaining signs of the disabled program were also removed.

Shortly after that day, I awoke to hear audible voices. Since that time, I have been attacked, molested, and harassed day and night, at home and at work, by the FBI. They have been assaulting me using psychotronics and radio frequency weapons. Attacks have been in varying levels of severity causing discomfort, sleeplessness, and severe pain.

Having the experiences I've had, I have extensively researched psychtronics, microwave harassment, and radio frequency weapons and have no doubt that is what is occurring to me. I have also found at least 200 people on internet sites reporting similar assaults and abuses. This site alone lists 182 victims:

On June 19, 2002, I went through the complaint process to report my abuses at the FBI office in Atlanta. They have never even contacted me to investigate. I have also sent FOIPA requests to several field offices who have denied having any information on me, except for Atlanta. Atlanta sent a response to me stating they have information on me, which they also sent, as well as two pages that they withheld. What I received was one page completely blacked out, numbered as the tenth page added to my file.

Through my experiences, I am finding example after example of corruption and cover-up. For an American institution that is to embody fraternity, bravery, and integrity, I have only seen fraternity, and a serious need for internal investigation.

Sir, this letter is written to you in all sincerity and is also meant as a plea for help. With each letter I write to bring attention to my situation, I experience attacks with increasing severity. But I will continue to write letters to every congressman and elected official, and then to every major newspaper and magazine I can to educate them on our investigative powers' abuse of their authority and their gross criminal conduct.

Chad Vandergriff

Chad also sent a list of elected offical fax numbers

Chad has also sent some documents which can be read here Along with the scanned images.
and a news article About the Existance of Magic Lantern Project