by Ladyhawk

A vision appeared before my eyes at a commencement ceremony at the Naval Academy. The President offered a powerful speech to my brother's graduation class of 1998. As he spoke I received a vision which impelled me to contact President Clinton with a very private psychic message. After I sent an email to the President stating my concern I was terrorized by the very people I tried to help.

The American Military complex has been utilizing psychoelectronic weapons on various individuals throughout the US. The Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (WRAIR) has participated in this research since Project Pandora. In 1973, WRAIR discovered that externally-induced auditory input could be achieved by means of pulsed microwave audiograms, or analogs of spoken words' sounds. The effect on the receiving end is the (schizophrenic) sensation of "hearing voices" which are no part of the recipients' own thought processes.

The Government's past record of abuses in the area of civil rights is well documented. Within the past 30 years alone, we have witnessed the effects of Operations MKULTRA, MHCHAOS and COINTELPRO. Experiments on involuntary human subjects, and the surveillance of collection of personal information on U.S. citizens, except under strictly regulated conditions were also prohibited.

My own experience with the Clinton Administration took the form of sleep, silence deprivation. Numerous agents would stalk me at every turn. Invasion of my privacy and mind. These agents recorded my private readings to clients, invaded my work and home environment. Forced me from my very home and even attempted murder.

This 24 hour torture continues to this very day (6 years later). The electronic harassment consists of the following statements, with 3 voices reiterating:

Do you think you can do this to the President and get away with it?
You are the worlds worst psychic
You are evil and sadistic
You should be dead
You should be in Federal prison

I have worked as a channel/psychic since 1985 and have discontinued my practice due to this abuse.

The Constitution was written to protect the rights of American citizens. The President does not have a right to invade someone's private life or mind. I plead for checks and balances within the Executive Branch of government His very actions are a contradiction to the constitution and democracy. I am reminded of the movie Enemy of the State which stated "Who will monitor the monitors".

Is it any wonder that our country is experiencing terrorism today. I certainly believe in the law of cause and effect. If our own government is responsible for institutionalizing abuse as a solution to any problem. Is it any wonder that the US is being threatened from other countries.

It is a brilliant crime - the victim looks like they are paranoid schizophrenics and certainly can be institutionalized for stating that they hear voices. The irony is that the preps seem more mentally unbalanced then their victims.

I pray for the day that this technology can be discovered and that the perpetrators of this crime are held responsible to their victims.

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Graphics and content send in from the victim Ladyhawk

received 2-19-2002