Hello All,

My real name is Temptress and I'm angry as hell, I've been victimized the past three years and 'the law' hasn't done a damn thing. Now that I've just recently completed my degree, instead of looking for a job, I've now become an activist. I've never waited on anyone to fight for me, while I studied I wrote constantly to anyone with 'power and authority' who I thought may help. Of course, none has been forthcoming, so now I've taken my fight to the streets, to the people. I have stickers that are mostly professionally done all over my car and I've also created a flyer/handout and a booklet explaining what is happening to me and others. I'm also trying to put together some other major projects for massive exposure, but I haven't received the financial support required to undertake this huge endeavor, the cost is not so great but because I'm not working yet, it is too much for me alone.

I speak to strangers regarding the harassment who I assume to be 'normal, not perps, all the time; occasionally I've even spoken to large and small groups of people in the LA area. I'm still trying to find my legs in this arena and so far I'm pleased with what I've accomplished. I hope there are more of you in my area, perhaps we could come together and pool our resources, be it physical or financial, and further exposes this atrocity to the masses. If we're together en-mass perhaps we can garner more support, we become more credible in numbers. Just passing out flyers together and speaking with all who are interested contributes to the exposure of truth and makes these animals go into hiding, FOREVER!

I moved back to West Covina last September. This is the sixth place I’ve lived in the past 3 years, and that’s not counting the hotels and motels, and not because I had to, but because I’m being victimized by my neighbors as well as agents-I guess I'm perceived as a major threat. There is a convoy or they play tag-team whereever I go, in or outside LA County. They often bring their kids and parents along for the ‘ride’, stalking me when I leave home. I’m under their surveillance 24/7/365 and they harass and attack me when ordered. Because I've been so outspoken and vocal, along with having bumper stickers and a website-www.electronicharassment.com, that implicates the government I'm being severely punished lately. I'm followed 24/7/365 and my eyes are being micro waved no end. I'm shocked, lasered, burned, and electronically raped (they enjoy 'virtual sex' alot because most of the women I've spoken with state this), with the scars to prove it. The harassment has definitely escalated especially on campus, just before I was due to graduate.

I could understand if I'd done anything my whole life, but aside from a few traffic tickets there is nothing I've done, except stand up for myself, and that not to a caliber that would warrant anything close to the harassment I’m experiencing. If there is anything there, it's because the CIA put it there and you should question it because it's inaccurate. All I've ever done is work; go to school, and battle polymyositis-a muscle disease, the last 10 years. I’m no pushover though, I will stand up for myself, and I have and will continue to fight for my rights, human as well as civil.

Received 4-13-2004