Geral Sosbee


My name is Geral W. Sosbee and I am a former Special Agent with the federal bureau of investigation (fbi), United States Department of Justice. I request that your good offices accept this letter with enclosures and that you kindly relay the information herein to colleagues in the government, to your representatives and to your associates back home for educational purposes.

My present purpose is to focus attention on the fbi and on the central intelligence agency (cia) with regard to their ongoing practices of targeting for death certain individuals who expose human rights abuses by those two agencies; also, other individuals who may be viewed by the fbi or the cia as politically viable adversaries (to a corrupt United States agency or policy) may be similarly targeted. I am saddened by the prospect of reporting fbi and cia transgressions and I remain optimistic and invigorated at the realization that I have survived the past two years in torment and that I now have the opportunity to share my experiences with others and perhaps thereby to assist them in some manner.

The cowards of the United States government who engage in (or who permit or fail to stop) the mind control, psychoelectronic harassment/torture, and other so-called cover research human experimentation programs are the same individuals who share the responsibility for the fall of this country; I intend to share with all of the world, until my death, the tremendous fraud that the U.S. has become in its efforts to colonize the world; in my work, my primary goal is to expose these low life perpetrators and misanthropes for what they are; assassins and torturers who should face an international war tribunal for their crimes against Humanity. Equally important in my life is the efforts to help others through education and friendship.Thank you all for your courage in striking the evil ones with your hearts and souls.geral sosbee

I often refer to the perpetrators as mental dwarfs .The following definition applies to my situation , but the general meaning can be extended to include all victims/Targets of the evil schemes put upon us by the cowards: "Mental Dwarfs", as referred to in this site, are those fbi/cia agents, operatives, thugs and assassins (including members of the community at large) and their supporters who engage in the villainous conduct depicted in My Story In Detail, particularly in efforts to terrorize and demoralize the Target for the purpose of killing and/or imprisoning same; the conduct includes, but is not limited to, the following: electronic and physical surveillance (and related tactics-such as the placing of a tracking device into the person of the Target, psychotronics, psyops, etc.), home and car invasions with strategic tamperings therein, destruction of the Target's personal property, poisonings of the target in his home and in restaurants, otherwise torturing the Targets in various locations (by use of doctors, dentists and others), engaging in extreme and widespread calumny, slander and disinformation against the Target, watching the Target in real time as the Target responds to the dirty tricks being played on him both in his car and in his home, sending the Target specially coded messages, using trigger words and phrases, to enhance the terrorist effects of the above cited hideous actions and generally engaging in uncivil (& oftentimes abrasive actions against the Target) in efforts to provoke the Targets into physical confrontation, or in efforts to lure/entrap the Targets into performing some type of unacceptable or injurious conduct.

Those who aid or condone the actions of the Mental Dwarfs and those who fail in their responsibility to stop the Mental Dwarfs, are also Mental Dwarfs (md) by default. This means that our civilization is dominated by those who have not the vision to recognize their own depravity, even as they (the mds) engage in the torture and the killing of some of the best and most productively creative persons in our midst; such mds are the bane of Humanity because they neither seek nor recognize any grand truth in their low existence. Finally, the md is a mind in decay serving not the interest of mankind, but instead worshipping the fleeting and decadent dictates of a given sub-political agenda.

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Received 07-25-2004