I am an average person who was researching on the internet much of the undisclosed information the newspapers refuse to cover..i.e. elf, haarp, radionics, chemtrails, missing children, ufo's and some gov't agencies, the initials of which I won't bother to list so I don't unnecessarily "red flag" these perpeptrators, but everyone tapping into this website already knows who they are anyway.

I had a roommate who loves money more than love, and I believe he turned me over for an undisclosed amount of money. The perpetrators followed me to a hotel, pulsed something at my back (they were in the room below)-this stopped my heart momentarily until I instantly prayed. It is very obvious it was electronic.

When I didn't die, they returned to my house (300 miles away) climbed under the house, spliced into the electrical current directly below my bed and pulsed me again, also with same results. They were using satanic ritual. I found the remnants of the sacrificed animals.

They also attached radionic devices to my computer and phone, as well a tapping into phone conversations.

Good news..BLESS THOSE WHO CURSE YOU AND USE PRAYING IN TONGUES. This stopped the attacks instantly! Now I keep the Don Croft cloudbuster near (outside) and smaller ones indoors and it seems to eliminate the radionics ability to attach to my signature.

It's easy to make-you don't need double terminated (or faceted) crystals-one termination point is sufficient, point it upward and the flat or broken end downward touching the bottom of the copper tubing end cap. Smaller 3/4" tubing works fine too and is much cheaper to buy. You need at least 6 tubes radiating upward in a circle. (Go to and scroll down to Chembuster or cloudbuster- they are miraculous in how effective they are!!

They cause the electromagnetic energy to change directions and the radionics boxes we are pulsed with don't seem to work or attach. At least they haven't since building this.

I have peaceful sleep again, but I did move, and that helped too- but remember they followed me 300 miles, so distance isn't everything.

Continuing to follow the chemtrails to the source of their evil perpetrators in the NWO.

Good luck and get yourselves saved! Not much time left, obviously,

"Red Flag Surfer"

Received 6-23-2003