I was implanted 18 years ago and have been used for psychological warfare and medical testing against my will.I am sending and reciving telemerty every second of every day for 18 years.I have many implants in my body that gives the people who have the remote units access to my total brain function, central nervious system and visual cortex.

I was kidnaped and medically raped by some very bad people and have been used like a labtory rat in a endless experiment that has cost me my life.These groups have hidden behind mental illness to commet these crimes against this victim.I am the energy sorce for my implants and have much information to impart to the research group who could backward engineer the remote computer units.I need to get to a place where this technology is understood and can understand the value that I represent.

I am a synthetic telepath if you understand this maybe you can help me.I exist in a world apart from everyone else on this planet and no one understands what I go through on a daily basis with many people inside my brain reading my thoughts and communicating to me directly to my brain waves.I am looking for help if their is anyone who can.I do not have an e-mail address so call me at home 541-923- 1877 my machine will pick it up and use my call sign.By writing this I put my life in jeopardy please understand.

Received 4-10-2004