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They can't do this if we join forces and gain enough support.

I've been a victim of mind monitoring, 24 hr non-stop disturbing voice transmissions, being the target of weapons that sting like a needle, that cause extremely painful "short bursts" to my brain that feel like my head is going to explode, seen holograms like those shown on movies when a person dies in a hospital bed and their spirit rises up and looks down. I've been verbally harassed by friends and family members who didn't realize they themselves were being manipulated by "silent subliminal" transmissions,'the type that make a victim think differently than normal but without hearing it like voice in your head do.

I've been labeled as a schizophrenic by police and doctors that claim I am not important enough for a "directed energy weapons terrorist group" to spend time to harassing and torturing me.

I will make a joint effort with any other victims to raise funds to aid in research for the development of a device capable of providing an individual with protection similar to that of a bullet proof vest does against a bullet.

I won't give up hope and I know that such a device most likely already exists or soon will. We have got to help anyone that can provide us with such a device to live a life free of the dangers of being assassinated by the more recognized type of hit man. If we can manage to protect such a genius of a technichan I'm quite certain he or she will protect us. If we all get together and chip in he or she could afford a mansion, a limo and a body guard.

Please email me anytime.

Good luck

Maybe we can try offering the challange to electronic tech trade school students?

I believe that the terrorists are more likely to be small groups such cults attempting to fool ours courts and cause the victoms to loose faith in the legal and ultimitely spark up another civil war in the U.S.

Received 05-12-2004