Mike SS


I have experienced the exact same phenomena you are describing. I am a very intelligent person and have noticed the high degree of sophistication of these 'experiments' in insanity. I have no doubt the intent is to see how insane they can drive someone. But they seem to be able to control everyone around you, it's not really control of YOUR mind as much as it is of everyone else's.

Personally, I believe they are demonic aliens. I have had some contact with good, Angels who seem, I think try to help sometimes, but they are so vague and you never know if they are really trying to help or it's all fun and games.

I've been stretched to the limits of sanity, but these things, whatever they are, are super-intelligent. They are possibly from outer space I believe. Whatever they are, they are extremely sadistic. Please, let me know.

And I've noticed how they use the number 666 alot, and how their influence is world wide, in all the highest levels of power. They control this entire world.

Do you have any ideas what, who, why they are here? How you can deal with them? What is going on?? ANYTHING you can tell me will help. thank you.

Wherever I go, people will walk across to my side of the path and try and bump into me, or they will always spit when they pass me. They will even talk to me in a very satanic threatening way, THROUGH PASSERS BY.

It's something right out of that movie, Fallen, ONLY IT'S REAL.

And I think they want to drive me crazy and make me do something, lose control, it's a game to them. When I drive, cars will swerve into my car, or they will all drive in a co-ordinated fashion as to block my way sometimes. I know what you are saying about 'what's normal and what isn't'. I am aware of what is co-incidence and what isn't, and they revel and making you look mad, but they have openly made no game about whether they exist. They have plainly informed me that they are real.

Received 5-13-2003