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I am a vietnamese student who immigrated to american since I was 13 years old with my family including 4 other people.

I considered myself as a successful student who achieved high grades and admission into famous school in vietnam, and won a lot of prizes in many competions in vietnam such as dance, writing. I'm a sociable person. I had alot of friends back then, and everyone loves me. I don't have any mental illness or any drug problem or any problem, and I swear to God that I'm not making anything up.

It is so obvious to me that these people who track me are real people.

At first I didn't know what it was because I heard voices while no one was talking. I asked the person whom I thought was saying stuff about me to see what was going on, and it turned out that she didn't even know anything.

After a few months of hearing voices insulting me, critizing me, and laughing behing my back, the case that never happened to me before in my 13 years of life. I told my family about people in the school. They said that I had paranoia.

However, I never believed that, because I had a very stable and secure social life in the past and I never experienced anything like that. A few weeks before I was about to tell the school counselor and other counselor about the harrassment in school, I heard vietnamese voices down my apartment teasing me again. It turned out that there were Hispanics people downstair. I somehow realized that these people was reading my mind and playing games with me. I thought that their mind games which they set up against me was pretty retarded too. And who ever that did that really had a purpose and was very mean and cruel.

I'm not involving politics or anything, i'm just a very ordinary smart student, but they spend 24/7 tracking me, even when I traveled to Korea.

Who ever that reads what I write, please trust me and other victims, we re NOT MAKING THIS WHOLE PSYCHOTIC THING up. THERE ARE PEOPLE OUT THERE that harrassing american people, including us. I"m just a normal person just like you are, but they (the CIA, or US secret agent) are not leaving me alone.

Received 03-14-2004