Lori Brown


Hi Everyone
My name is Lori
I live in St.Cahtarines.
In 1998 all of our area in Secordwoods was electromagnetic experiments by the American's, they sent an operative to the area and then the freeks went nuts, I have been through hell and back and have avery very long story. If other victims would like to have another chat friend I'm more then open for it. It is possible we could either help each other or even I could manage to find other victims in the area. They used all types of tec within our area twice and exstream amounts of programming on all person's in the area, I maybe the main one they started with but not the only one, I have learned that they can ceil off other's victimizations for another time, so for alot of the people in the area they will still be fully unaware especially the young children. this is what bothers me the most. Maybe another will be able to suggest ways for me to tell everyone and make them remember. Most victims are made to feel they are the only one but, in my case I was made to observe the other victims and taught about the affects by one of the many Mkultra groups that came to the area, both my homes in the one area was made see through so I could watch the tec in the area and the other victimizations.

Any way what I would like to find is more victims with the differant signals, as in the area all types of tec were used most of it always implanting Government when I noticed other things then what they have you beleive also I was always brought back out of these attacks to the beginning no matter how long they took, they started out short and got longer and longer as the testers came back also each group has handled things differantly or came back with new tec to add to old tec testings. Then the homes where tec was used from the home owners if they have no tec have been brainwashed and victimized to not remember.

Very Intersesting with the Programmer story as well.
I also had sexual healing done in my beginning mind control and since while testing was done another groups job was to do sexual healing and I was also programmed with very interesting sexuality another story in it's self and has signals attached to that as well.

Another email I opened for area person's to contact me if they wish after I get notices out is wittness@Nabza.com until notices are out I won't access this one much.

Thank you for any help
Lori Brown