I am hear today to tell every one that is listening a little about my manifestations. I have located implanted transducers at the base of the skull, neck shoulder and abdomen. I know that the NAS'a Jet Propulsion Laboratories and the Gold Tracking Station out of the Fort Iwrin military base, Barstow California are behind in what I am experiencing. I also know that the Barstow Sheriff's department are affiliated with them. And I know the names of Kim & Marrie Massey, Vick & Wanda Sutton, Bill, Mike, Hellen & Stacey Brust, Steve Hensley and many more that i knew to be my neighbours for twenty years. They like to be know has satanic government worshipers. They manipulate their victims by the use of Artificial Intelligence.

This is my tell of their abuse. Virtual Reality Dream Scaping. Computer generated programed fantasies. I have sick perverted dreams of the users fantasies with women with long penis's. I lie awaken in a full state of awareness having all six senses experiencing their sick shit!!!!

They come to me in my dreams has if one was in a Lucid Dream State, Saying to me. We are the government and this is what we do for ( FUN ). Funded State that is. These SOB's have no morals when it come to manifestation their prey. My dream world is a world of SHIT! And that is just what i live in a WORLD of SHIT!

I have been shot, stabbed, decapitated, body parts rip apart. I have played their GI Joe games. And experienced instruments stuck in my BUTT!! Only to hear them laugh and say how do you like fore play.

They seem to have a pleasure with extra long penis's. And little very little girls. Raping that would make they average child molester look like he is playing with dolls. Any thing that can be thought of and beyond the sick perverted homo sexuality it has been computer generated in my Dream State of mind.

In the day time they twist my mind with their satanic Bull Shit. I dare not mention over the Air!!! They tell me that since I will not obey their commands that I need to blow my brains out.

You can beleive me when I say that this agency are here to KILL. Programmed assassins is another one of their pleasures.

I have tried every which way to prove and seek justice. And to have the implanted transducers removed. Justice may need to be seek in a different manner!!!! Never the less. I have encounter a concussion from its effects. And i have woke up on the wrong side of the BeD!!!!