I have been a victim for 15 years 24/7. The torture they have used would freek ppl out. No words to discribe the pain. I know what(DIDN'T BREAK THE LAW) I did to get on the so called blue list and them sending their hinchmen.

I didn't know who or how they where torturing me for many years. Then I listen to Art bell show they had a person from Alaska Dr. Nick Bagich(his brother is now the Mayor of Anchorage) talk about books he wrote they helped me lots,I'm sure they can help you get a better understanding.

Book: "EARTH RISING The Revolution Toward a Thousand Years of Peace" and his movie(its 3 hours long) "Weapons of the NEW WORLD ORDER" The book covers some of the Technoloies our government is using on US.

A few chapters I found interesting. The *HAARP*(Angels Don't Play This) project in Fairbanks Alaska. You have to understand the HAARP to get a better idia. With the HAARP they can do whole citys if not the world. *Human Exeriments,*High Power Microwave,*The plan Advances Regardless,*The Big Test Pool- The US Miliary,*Hidind Behind Power,*The Weapon Revolution, just To-many chapters to list.

I hear voices in my head. OK these as most of you know are not just voices I can't speak for all but they talk to me its a form of communication.

The Military invented this technology for convert operations. How ever the perps useing it on US are useing it to create kaos thats how are govenment gains more contral over the world. These People talking to US I have read and experienced are to use it to Cause alotions and deception (don't fall for it) thats how the game is played thats the plan.

Please read this. "CONGRESS PAST LAW" Large scale expeiments permissible dispite links to disease and death of US citizens. (media muzzled) Human rights activists and investigtors working to change laws allowing experments often resulting in disfigurement, disease and death on US women, chilren and men. Call 631-360-1557.

(1st) stage

Electomagnetic. Nervousness, Irritability, Sensitivity to sound, Minor spasms and charlie horses, Inabilty to concentrate, Loss of memory, Mild pressure in head a cloudy feeling, Night sweats, ACID REFLEX, Senitive ear to touch, CHANGE IN TONE OF INTERNAL VOICE, RINGING IN ONE OR BOTH EARS AND OR HEAR TONE BURSTS, Rashes, CHILDEN'S SYMPTOMS MANIFEST THEMSELVES AS ADD AND HYPERACTIVTY.

(2ed) stage exposer.

Unaccountablale increased heart rate just before drifting of to sleep causing the person to wake up, Paralize feeling right be for sleeping, Loss of sleep,S leep only after exhaustion, Virtual insomnia, Tingling in feet, Teeth snap together when drowsy, Shock when first touch metal, Burning Sensation on skin, Accompanying activity of sabotage of business and personal life, strange people in area, strange reactions from peaple, items moved or missing.

3rd stage

Loss of coorination, Damage to eyesight, Atrophy of the museles, Heart valve damage, Nausea,Sensitvity to sound, Weakness, Letharay or hyperactivity, Forgetfulness, Decreased dexterity, Unaccountable increase heart rate, Depression,Seizure, Chocking, Vivid dreams, Lost of time, Change in mood, Decreas in mental activity, Limbs jerk typically as one is tring to sleep.

(4th) stage

Syndromes from continued information of which is prohibted from major news under patriot act and other legisation. They keep this on me for 24/7 I can run but I can't hide. I ask how can they do this? I was told its Miltary using cell phone towers.

People think it satllites I strongly feel it not its towers on earth.

Now the HAARP does deal alot with the ionosphere to contral and change the weather.

I'm looking for ways to block microwaves on us the best I could find is a aluminam foil hats lol we got to do better then that if you have somthing or know of ways please E-mail me. If you no any good books or sites please E-mail me. Please go to the site I have listed. Join in the fight to stop expermenting. Find out more (631) 360-1557


Received 05-06-2004