Nazi Cowards
By Victim Kelly Charty


808 Stansell Dr.
Midwest City,OK

I don't know who to write to for help. I decided I need to tell someone what these people do to other people.

My name is Kelly I am a Native American male from M.W.C, Oklahoma. These people have violated my human rights in every way I can think of.

They put me in jail where they put some sort of radiation acetone or torture chemical in my food. Every time I ate the smallest amount. I would be crippled by the effects. My face would go numb. I would hear a deafening sound of crickets and frogs in my head. I could barely walk or talk after that.

I don't know how people can do this to people. I decided not to eat. But they also put some sort of chemical in my clothes. So I had to starve naked in a fetal position for seven months in the winter with the air conditioner up full blast. The only thing that kept me kind of warm was the heat from the light reflecting off the floor. They poked me in the finger with a needle that had the same affect. Then they made me sign for time for assault and battery with a steering wheel. That is physically impossible.

I was starving. I needed to do something. Every time I went to court they would make up a fake excuse why I had to wait another three months till court. On one of these trips to court they told me the court reporter didn't show up that day. I pointed out that a lot of other people had the same judge I did, but the court reporter showed up for them. The guard said, "It looks like they didn't show up for you".

Another time I went to court they told me they ran out of time. I asked why other people with court dates at eleven went to court, but I didn't even though my court date was at nine. Well I went to the assessment and reception center. They kept putting chemicals in my food and in my clothes.

Well the same thing happened when I got to boot camp in 1994. Well, you get tired of doing pushups for being turned too stupid to remember anything by some torture chemical designed to make people dumb and slow.

The only hope was death. So I took seventeen hundred milligrams of elivil. I can't remember how many times people have told me I should be dead, but I woke up in the hospital. So they sent me to an insane asylum prison to get evaluated.

That place is where I got to see a retarded guy who was so sexually misused he thought it was normal to be raped. His name was Rex. Rex got angry one day and bounced this other guy off of the floor and wall. When they tortured me there they asked me if I believed in revenge.

I took their evaluation and was told I was normal. They sent me back to boot camp. Then I got out of prison to my freedom I thought. But no they snuck in my house and put chemicals everywhere and on everything I own.

Then people tried to kill me with poison that turned me like a little kid for a long time. Then I met this woman that I fell in love with. But now I don't know if I really loved her or if it was just the chemicals thinking for me.

Everything I have ever felt in my life I don't know if it was real or what they turned me into. I still don't even know who I am. I have always been a toy controlled by society. I don't know who these people are. They have done this to my family before I was ever born. I have two half brothers they destroyed. One of my brothers, Stanley,they sent to the worst prison in the state of Oklahoma. Where he was tortured. They put him there just for watching one of his friends writing a hot check and he was retarded.

There they abused him in all kinds of ways. This was before I was born. My mother told me he was the sweetest person with a sweet heart. But they made him kill cows by cutting their throats. When he got out of prison he walked in front of a car on the highway and killed himself in 1975.

I was born in 1973. He was only twenty three. My other brother, Alan, my mom said as a child he had a real high I.Q. he was bordering on genius. Now he lives in a little house where he cuts holes in his scalp and cuts up his clothes. He has nothing. He says they sneak in his house and put chemicals on all his stuff. He told me people were out to destroy our family. He told me this when I was just a little boy.

All my life since I can remember I would be scared of people and too afraid to talk. All through school I just sat in the corner and hallucinated. How could they torture a little boy like that. All these things have to be on record some where. I went to school at Traub grade school. I was too afraid to talk to people until I was seventeen. I had friends but it took me a long time to understand them.

My mom said these evil people have been messing up her life, her mind, her jobs since 1965. They threw away my two brothers before I was born so I have never had a chance at life.

Well in 1994 after I got out of prison boot camp. I fell in love with this woman. Just as I thought I had found happiness and freedom they took it from me. They snuck into my house and drove me crazy. Eight years later, I still have these ruffles on my tongue from what they put on the couch where I slept.

My mom was driven crazy and so was I. I don't know what they put on me and my mom. She grabed me by the hair and put her feet in my stomach for an hour. She would drive down the road and stop and come back. I would just lay in a ball wondering what they were doing to us.

They took my mom to a place to be evaluated. It was named the crisis center. I have tried to write down my mom's experience at this place but every time I write it all out she says it's wrong. So here's what happened to her in her own words.

((When I got to the crisis center they put me in a little room by myself, by the desk. I beleve there was a window so they could observe me. I sang and prayed in the spirit until I had been in there so long that I couldn't hold my urine and peed all over myself. I'm incontinent. I took of my pants and came out of there.

Then they put me in a gown and sat me on a hard bench or chair, I think I was strapped in. They gave me a shot (They later said it was haladol.) It made my heart beat so hard it felt like it was going to jump out of my chest. They checked my pulse and blood presure a few times. They finally took me to a room with a bed and I went to sleep.

There wasn't much to do there during the day. I read some and one day I watched T.V. with the other patients. Someone turned the channel to TBN, a Christian broadcasting network, in a little bit one of the orderlies came over and said, "No one wants to watch this stuff,do they?" and turned it to another channel. He gave us such a forbidding and disapproving look that we were all afraid to say that we did want to watch it.

I had been through a traumatic experience and had prayed to God to help me, so I was on a spirital high. I asked several of the patients if they would like me to pray for them. I prayed for a man who wanted to stop smoking. A young, platinum blond girl asked me to pray for her as she was very afraid that she was going to die. I prayed and asked her if she knew the Lord. She said, "No,but I'd like to." So I led her in the sinner's prayer. She accepted Jesus as her savior. I noticed she had a good sized patch of red rash on one arm.

One night I woke up and had to go to the bathroom. When I opeaned my door, which opened into the lobby with the reception desk and T.V. and chairs, the room was dark except for small candles on tables with people sitting at them. It was too dark to see who they were. There was one big candle on a podium which lit up the tall, black lady standing there. She was wearing a peasant blouse and a long black skirt. She was talking or chanting in a sort of sing-song voice. I figured it was some kind of satanic meeting. I was afraid and went back in my room and got in bed. In a few minutes one of the orderlies and Dr. Linda Graham (I believe that was her last name.) came in.

He said, "I see you're having trouble sleeping. We'll take care of that." He cut off my I.D bracelet, took out a silver and black scarf and rolled me over on my stomach. He put his hand with the scarf in it behind me and it felt like he drug his hand across my lower back. He had on a black shirt with a silver front that looked like silver mesh. It reminded me of mail' like the armour they used in midevil times. Somehow it made me think he was a high priest in this group, he gave me a shot in the hip. I thought, "I wonder if I'll be found dead in a dumpster tomorrow.

When I first got there and filled out their forms, I didn't know what to put in the space for who to call in case of an emergency as I don't have any relatives here in town. They said, "just put in your pastor's name. So I wrote in Terry Bates at Faith Tabernacle. I heard The Lord say,"Don't fight them. I will take care of you. "Then I passed out. I did wake up the next day!

They usually keep a person there three days and I was there five days. Linda said, "You've been here longer than you should have been. You don't need to be sent to any instition so we'll just release you to go home. I'd had a very itchy red rash on my arm for several days. I'd asked them for some salve or baby oil and they said they'd get me some, but never did.

When they released me they gave me a tube of salve and a release paper that said I hadn't been given any medications. They had wanted to give me another shot of haladol, but I refused it. They said if I refused any medications that they could send me to a mental institution. They asked why I didn't want to take it. I told them that I'd heard that some of the stronger drugs permanently damaged your brain. They didn't give me the shot.

I thought all that about the medicine was pretty strange so I threw the salve in the trash as I was leaving. Linda drove me to pick up my car. When I got in the car I tried to cut a peice of paper and the scissors jumped over and I cut a slice in my hand just below the thumb. I said, "Oh,God!" It stopped bleeding and closed up, like it had never been cut.

When I started to drive, my hands contorted and my fingers bent back over each other into a poistion that I never could have gotten them into on my own. I couldn't drive and if I'd tried to, I'd probably have run into something and gotten killed. Then I walked up to a 7-eleven and called my sunday school teacher and he gave me Ken Howerton's phone number. Ken has a deliverance ministry. When I called him, he prayed for me and bound any demons and witchcraft spells that had been put on me. I did get home ok.))

I don't know why they put on such a show for my mom, maybe to scare her or to make her sound crazy. When she got home she was scared. Then I got evicted. When I left the house I was walking through a field by my house not knowing where to go. This police man drove up in the field where I was walking and arrested me in front of a bunch of T.V. crews. A kidnapping had just happened there. Have you ever felt like the most unluckiest person in the world?

Well I was arrested for probation violation. The news made me look bad on T.V.. But when I got to the M.W.C jail and I went to court they gave me a fine. But an hour later the jailer came and told me he talked to the judge and the judge decided to give me an extra thirty days too, which is illegal. A judge can't change your sentence one hour after court.

Well,on my last day in jail they decided to violate my probation for that nonsense charge of assault and battery with a steering wheel. I just wanted to die. I ate glass and hoped to die because they had just taken everything I loved away.

They made me look horrible on T.V. Of course they where torturing me by putting chemicals on my clothes, in my shoes, where I slept and in my food. But I didn't die. When I got to the county jail it got worse. They tortured me worse. I decided to die. I hung my self. Everything went black. But a little later I woke up with my foot in the toilet and my face bouncing off the mirror. So I went to A and R where they assess and receive inmates. And there is where they decided where to send me. I finally ended up in a minimum security prison at the Oklahoma State Penitentiary in Mcallister.

When I got there I could barely remember my name. I stayed there fifteen months or so. These people were out to get me. Everybody hated me but when people got to know me they realized whatever these people were doing to me was wrong. I had to work in the kitchen and work in the canteen just to eat.

I had to bleach my bed and padlock and clothes to weaken the chemicals just to keep my mind. I lifted weights every day and got big. I made a lot of friends. Even the killers behind the wall said the state was doing this to me. When I got out of prison in 1998, I got a job in a grocery store but they messed it up.

These people and their torture stuff followed me. It got bad everywhere I went. They got to me at all my jobs. They torture me so I can't work. I have been a hot tar roofer, janitor, constrution laborer, pen inspector, can inspector, carnival worker, furniture mover, clean up crew, lawn crew, masonary, and a bunch of other jobs they messed up for me.

They have messed me up ever since I can remember. They make me to where I don't know how to act, then hate me for how I act. Since then I've had people put a corrosive acid in my food. That burned going all the way down through my system. It even burned coming out. I crawled on my face for twelve hours. It made the palms of my hands and bottoms of my feet shrivel up like when they are soaked in water too long. I sweat two or three cups of water.

Then I woke up to people injecting me with poison or acid. It is two years later now. But at that time they had snuck into my house and put torture chemicals on me so bad I wanted to die. I should be dead many times over.

They did this to me because I wrote other letters to people so they tried to throw me away. I am afraid now that since I write so much of suicide that they might try to get rid of me that way and make it look like my doing. Then they put me in a mental place, in Norman for evaluation. I had put a sign in my yard that said "PLEASE DO NOT SNEAK IN MY HOUSE AND PUT TORTURE CHEMICALS ON MY STUFF".

I had been tortured so badly I was screaming in the window. All I wanted was my human rights. In Norman Central State Hospital my doctor said I wasn't crazy. She looked at me and said it was sad what they did to me. This is hell on earth. Everything I touch everything I eat, everything I wear, everywhere I sleep has chemicals on it.

This is like state hate torture control. The people here are like those things off of that movie 'HELL RAISER'. These people are socialist, fascist, Nazi, cultist.

This feels like a form of genocide. These people feed on my pain and anguish. They sacrifice one person to take out that dark side of humanity. The same dark side of the human nature that creates genocide.

Is it ok to overlook my humanity? These people kill my every dream. They tell me I can't hate but I can't love. I can't stay here but I can't leave. Its like living in a different world than everybody else. Everybody else looks happy and has a life and family. But I am here to suffer and have all my hopes and dreams taken away. It's like a Pink Floyd song where on one side of the wall you are not free but on the other side you can hear people being free.

I feel this everyday. These people think they own me like some sort of slave. I'm like their creation on the basis that they made me think and act the way their chemicals wanted. But when I fight for my rights they try to erase my mind, as if to correct their creation. I feel like a Nazi victim bubble boy, who can watch people live, work, love, and have humanity, but I am in a chemically created mental hell where I just have to watch this day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year. Now It's turning into decade after decade.

They take your will and your human strength and your intelligence by taking away your constitutional rights. They drive you to desperate action but you have to fight for your human rights. Whatever I do they turn it against me. I really think they think they own me and actually have the right to make me their chemical torture slave. I have no rights. So they lie to their brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins and basically all their family and friends.

It's hard to believe someone who has never known how to act in society because of the fear the chemicals make you feel. So people can hate me on the word of other people. But my words and my rights have been taken away by a socialist fascist democracy where all I have left or ever have had is forced isolation.

I remember when I was in Norman this orderly looked at me and shook his head and said I was just like a grasshopper that has been poisoned for so long that whatever they put on me I can still function. They have to do this to a lot of people maybe hundreds or thousands. They are too good at chemically torturing people. They have it down to a science. I know I'm not the first person to be used like a laboratory rat for these sick people's'pleasure.

I get tired of being tortured out of society so I can be made into a sociological puppet. That's how they destroy people. They try to make you believe it's all right to torture you and no one cares or will help. So far they're right. These people violate your civil rights and consider that to be power. I have to die alone because I couldn't bring anyone into this hell with me. These people do sadistic things to me but when I try to fight for my rights they usually throw me away in prison. It's like a choice. I could be tortured in freedom or tortured in captivity. But I can not dare to try to take away these peoples'right to torture and own me.

These people have violated every human right I can think of. At this point everything I do in life is an excuse to torture me. If I seem happy, they torture hate me and say I'm not lucky. If I get mad, they say I am not tough and do that sadist stuff to me. If I make a joke, they say I'm not funny and go Nazi on me. If I try to be nice to someone, they say I'm not pretty and chemically abuse me. If I do anything to better myself like get in shape or try to work, they say I am not a hero and monster out on me. These people have no right.

I've got proof of what's been done to me. I've got samples of my hair all through the years. I know hair can be tested for chemicals to prove what these people have done to me. Everything in this house here has some sort of chemical on it. I am sure these things could be tested or analyzed. I'd really like to know what all they did to me. I also have clothes and other chemical samples from prison sealed up and dated that can be analyzed. All I want is my human rights. That's something I have never had.

Sometimes I think since people have done this to me my entire life that they think they own me. It's wrong to do that to someone. I just want my freedom. It reminds me of this phrase in a song:

"Pinch the head off collapse me like a weed.
Someone had to go this far.
I was born into this.
Every thing turns to shit.
The boy that you loved is the man that you fear.
Peel off all those eyes.
Crawl into the dark
You poison all your children to camouflage your scars.
Pray unto the splinters.
Pray unto your fears.
Pray your life was just a dream; the cut that never heals.
Pray now baby.
Pray your life was just a dream, just a dream.
The world in my hands there's no one left to hear you scream.
No one left for you.
When all of your wishes are abandoned many of your dreams will be destroyed."

Well I continue this letter at this point after being isolated in my house for eight months since I started this letter. I have figured out a lot of things. I was afraid to send this letter because it sounds kind of unreal.

Well on my sixteenth birthday I was sent to a treatment center for depression. My dad had just died of cancer. He had a heart attack a few years earlier. When he was diagnosed with cancer, around that time, he had a stroke then his lungs filled up with fluid. But I won't get into all that. Or I won't get into when I went traveling around America to Kansas City Missouri, Grand Forks North Dakota, Minneaplois Minnesota, Fargo North Dakota, Portland Oregon, San Francisco, San Jose, and Fresno, California, looking for freedom but didn't find it. If everytning I told you in this letter sounds warped, to hear what I went through traveling gets even weirder.

Well, when I went to treatment when my dad died, some people there tried to warn me. They told me I was in a lot of trouble from powerful people. I never talked there either. They put chemicals on me then, too. Well, I thought about all these things that have happened to me and I'm not sure how I am passed off from torturer to torturer. But I know who really wants to destroy me now. The people that live behind me are related to a lot of sheriffs and are in a group. These people are all corrupt. It doesn't matter to these people about right or wrong. It's all about their group.

These people have the same mentality as people who would bring a different race of people from another country and bring them here and then kill them for being here. These people that live behind me are connected to bikers.I've seen members of this group who would have gotten out of jail from favoritism, but since their charges were federal and not state they couldn't get out.

These are the type of people that use all their family Nazi group members to formulate this type of conspiracy. I know these peoples' niece. She told me that her family was moving behind me to watch me. She said they constantly talked about killing me. She said they wanted to shoot me and that they knew police that said they wanted to kill me and put me in a ditch. These people have a best friend that used to be a cop.

I remember when they first moved in my mom was out in the yard picking dewberries. Then these three men showed up from back there. My mom said they walked up and looked at her like they were going to jump her until they saw it was her and not me. Then they stole siding out of our yard and put it around their garden just to show they can do what they want.

Then they were shooting guns over there and screaming and breaking glass. I got tired of these people hating me for no reason. I saw society as turning their backs on me. It's all about business and the power of the group. These people believe themselves to be privileged. They think they're in the mob or at least claim to be. To me they seem like a hybrid between the Nazis, some cultist and a little bit of mafia. These people are no good for anyhing except for spreading misery to mankind.

All they have to do is lie to their group that I did something to them, but in reality they start these things. I guess with that much backup they can do what they want. That's why they moved behind me, to destroy me. Then they try to make me look like I'm the one who is wrong. I wonder if these people are related to or know the people who did this to my family before I was born.

A guard in the county jail said (at the time they were starving me and torturing me) that there's a lot of people that are evil and some people that just seem to be evil. Then he said a lot of people hope I get through this. Then he said everybody has family. This group is their family.

I seem to have a lot of state workers out to get me. A lot of guards seemed to have a heart but seemed forced to do this to me. A lot of guards or state workers break more laws than criminals do. A lot of people that work in these places are sadistic worthless drones. A lot of these people can't even pass the test to work at WalMart. Other guards told me that. These people go to a few months of vo-tec to be my torturer.

In a lot of people I can see two different people:, I see the goodness in them that knows I don't deserve this. Then I see the dark side that is bound by the hold this cowardly group has on them. After all these years no one has ever faced me. All through prison no one has ever physically hurt me. If I am such a deserving person, why doesn't someone say something to my face?

I found out what these people say about me. They say I have wronged people in my life. They label me to get people to hate me. So I called these people that I have supposed to have wronged and they don't have any idea what I am talking about. The people that have done this to me are liars, cowards, spineless sadists that wish to control me and destroy me through social deception and manipulation. Their propaganda is only able to work because of this corrupt cowardly group.

One thing I have learned about humanity, this society or the social order of things; is believe it or not, a lot of people hate me for not having physical relationships with anyone. I like women but the group always takes them from me. These chemicals keep me this way. Anyway if you were a woman would you want to join me? I don't see things like other people anyway. If you don't have relationships you don't have anyone to take up for you. It's almost like their human need to confirm I am human.

For an intelligent culture I still haven't figured out why a highly advanced society still bases the selection of a partner on an animal level. I can't handle being with a stranger. Thats just me. What I just wrote makes people hate me. These chemicals won't allow me to think or act like everyone else even if I wanted to. Here's an example; I have this term called "The bird noises". These are the sounds that women make when they are bitching about me for appearing conceited and for thinking I think I'm too good for people. This goes in a rotation like the rotation of the planets. They've done this to me my whole life so I pretty much know the cycles. It starts off when men start being cool and the women start being sweet. Women everywhere become sweet and friendly. Hell, I don't know how to act, you better believe I'm soaked in chemicals.

So the more women come to me the more scared and stupid I act. The next stage of rotation goes to when the men start treating me like some sort of punk and the women are all sneering at me. Now I'm not thinking clearly at this point.

I'm still soaked in chemicals, so I always end up doing something trying to show I'm no punk. The reason everybody is treating me bad is because I'm not joining in on what people do. It's not my fault I've been soaked in chemicals all my life. I think to myself please excuse me for my lack of social graces.

The next part of the rotation is now the men are trying to kill me literally and the sweet doe-eyed women have turned apparently into some kind of a bitchey air-raid siren. That's known only to me as the ostracization period. Then I wait and think that I can do better this time and I get in shape and the rotation starts all over again.

If these people want to put chemicals on me to make me act all different they shouldn't get mad when I don't act like they do. If I don't act like everybody or think like everybody they despise me. I don't have to prove anything for my humanity.

Would you want to get close to anyone who has ties to any people or group that would do what they did to me? I don't want to be with people like this, or what I would call a Nazi woman. I am not obligated to be like or be with people just because I was born.

When I find good people and my freedom, I can be like these people and be with the women of these people. Until then I will die alone. It feels weird to have such a primal fear about being with a woman because I'm so afraid to bring another living soul into this nightmare with me. I don't want to make a third generation child born into this to suffer like I have. These people are only powerful through the multitude of them. Any people that were willing to let me work, that weren't part of this group, could be persuaded to do this chemical torture to me.

A lot of good people have to deal with or have money involved with these people. They could lose business or big contracts if they don't discriminate against me through chemical torture. I think this group threatens to boycott anybody that helps me. Not only that almost everybody believes everything a person tells them as long as that person is wearing a badge.

They don't want me to work. They don't want me to make money. I have thought about these things. I am hated for no good reason except for this is what people do to me. This is what people have always done to me. I am tired of being the outlet for these people to exercise their power on. Their power consists of exploiting my need to be clothed, eat, sleep, work, or think.

Every lock has a skeleton key. Every padlock has a master key. What I am going to have to do is secure my windows. I have found where these people cut my screen to a window that doesn't lock to sneak in. I am going to have to secure all the windows in the house. I will put a vido camera on the only door they could sneak in. I am going to have to make chemical proof clothing so I can work. I am not quite sure what I'm going to make these chemical proof clothes out of-maybe some sort of flexible plastic.

Once I get enough money I will obtain things like hidden cameras, a microscope and a microscope camera to make a documentary to prove once and for all the truth about these people. Maybe I could sue for work discrimination or any kind of dicriminatiom.

I remember these people that live behind me put dead fish in my yard as a threat just before they turned me and my mom like zombies with chemicals. I have a picture of these fish. These people can't do what they want to me. If I protest they throw me away in some sort of prison hell.

I am trying to figure out how to start my own human rights organization. A way to form it and make it legal. And how to get the word out so I can stop these horrible atrocities, because I know I am not alone.

Well four more months in forced isolation has made me realize some things. All of what I said is true but this seems to go deeper than corruption and simple conspiracy.

Awhile back everybody was trying to help me. But they had so many chemicals on me I was like a zombie Well, my so called friends took me to this place. I am not going to get into details. But my friend's friend was friends with the people that worked at this place. They told me "This is how you are supposed to act in this place". It didn't seem normal to me but then again nothing in this world does seems normal to me. Thanks to these chemicals they have always put on me, I even left this place and came back. But a week later everyone was against me. This was just a well planed move to make me appear the way they wanted me to look. So they could turn the people, that were trying to help me against me. It worked pretty good too. At the time no one was mad. They were all in on it to make me feel comfortable being an idiot.

If I offended anybody they could have asked me to leave, or thrown me out, or called the police. And maybe they might have decided not to let me back in after I had left for a while then came back. That would make sense if they were really mad at me and not part of this warped desire to see me tortured and hated. They were just keeping me in check. They can't allow me to act normal so those people trying to help me might help me. They figured it would be the best thing to get everybody to hate me right then all at once. Or at least give them an excuse to keep doing to me what they do to me. This isn't anything new. They've done this to me my whole life.

They figure, turn him into what we want, control him with chemicals. Make him not know how to act. Then make him into an excuse to do this to him. This is just like, for example, forcing someone to poop on the floor and then rubbing their nose in it for doing the thing they made you do. I have gotten smarter after being isolated here for a year.

These people are crazy. This goes to the level of a secret group. It's like a lot of people in this society where I live are in a dark organization. They are fanatic fundamentalists devoted and dedicated to the chemical torture control and exploitation of people that they feel need to be treated in this manner. And they take pride in the fact they never get in trouble for their inhumanity and the sadistic way they feed on human suffering. I know what they're doing is illegal.

But I can't tell. Nobody is in jail. I need to figure out how to go about getting a petition so I can go from door to door and get signatures to try to pass a bill in hopes to make a law against chemically torturing people. I guess the laws we have now about human rights just aren't specific enough. Hell, in the Oklahoma County Jail. In their hand book it says, "You have the right to clean clothes healthy food and humane treatment". It goes on to say, "These are your rights and are protected by law and cannot be violated. Then it says, "however it may become necessory to modify them". Now that's brazen. You know what they are really saying is, "We can't do this to you in any way shape or form but we're going to do it to you anyway".

Someone needs to tell these people about the eighth amendment of the constitution that protects us from cruel and unusual punishment. I'll tell you these fanatics have been around for awhile. I can tell by how bitter the older people are. To me it's like their thing to make damn sure this socialist fascism doesn't go anywhere when they die. They make things for a purpose. They'll find a way or a reason to use these things. Just can't let them collect dust. These chemicals aren't any different.

Now I know I was born into this, there isn't any doubt in my mind. I really don't like being a sacrificial lamb for an ego-maniacal, fanatical pack of idiots. I don't like being a scapegoat for their misdirected hatred. I'm tired of being the one who gets tortured in their little self involved power mad comradery rituals.

How can I tell they're all connected? I mean people from all over in different areas, from all different occupations give me the same word for word reason for doing this to me. And these reasons or excuses are so generic and superficial. It makes me wonder, "Do these people even know what they are? Do they expect me to expect this bull? Is this what they've been told or is it what they tell themselves and don't know any better? Or do they know better and this is just what they tell other people to try to convince them it's ok to torture me"?

I've got their three excuses and three translations saying what they really mean. Reason one for torturing me."I deserved it."( TRANSLATION )"We've been doing this to your family before you were born. When you came along we found no good reason to quit." Like the birth of a baby is somehow going to turn a sadistic puke into a humanitarian. Reason two for torturing me. "You tried to beat too many people." (TRANSLATION) So many people are in this almost cult like group of nuts every time you fight for your rights against one you fight against them all. "That's why they moved to where I live to harass me, threaten me with gun fire and make it easy to sneak into my house and put chemicals everywhere.

Hell, I've had too many chemicals on me my whole life to have the time to bother anybody. Like I said I was too afraid to talk to other people until I was seventeen. The third reason for torturing me. They say, "We got tired of your crap."(TRANSLATION)" When we talk down to you we don't want you talking back. We don't want you to do anything we do to you back. We're the Nazis and you're in our Auschwitz, buddy. "They got tired of my crap. What's that supposed to mean? I try to have themgive me an example of what they consider my crap. But they don't have any real reason to give me. Besides when they put their heads where they did what did they expect to find.

Isn't it the American way to fight against oppression and tyranny, That's what I tried to do. I think that's the crap they were referring to.

I remember when I just turned sixteen. They sent me to this treatment center because my dad just died. The state was paying so many hundred dollars a day to keep me there. If I had been on insurance that ran out in two weeks, I would have been well in two weeks. But since the state was paying for it they were going to keep me there as long as possible. How this ties into everything is because they put chemicals on me there. I made a lot of low level state workers dislike me there. They figured that it was all right to put chemicals on me because people have always put chemicals on me. These people were condescending to a person's intelligence. The only thing different between this place and a backward minded brainwashing cult was this place was funded by the state.

They made us do stuff that we knew the workers were laughing at us behind our backs. The premise of this place was as soon as we learned how to act like a bunch of giddy, sixties, hand holding, sing along, smurf community we were well and able to go home. The world don't work like that. These people would have me believe I could change the world by clicking my heels together three times and being positive. Besides I had just seen my dad rot away for a year and die and I'm sitting in an institution with people putting cancer causing chemicals on me, telling me to be positive.

I'm sorry but I didn't feel like being positive. When they condecened me, I condecened them. But, oh, no how dare I ! That was a horrible, horrible thing I did. How dare I not get on my hands and knees and worship the state workers.

This was in Spencer Oklahoma at Willow View Treatment Center. The reason I bring these people up is because the men that originally did this to my mom in Enid a man named Cleo Fuller and another man named Paul Russell, who were well connected, somehow got to me there. Why do all low level state workers act like their some kind of royalty. The state workers do the biding of the powerful. They want me to be their peasant. Well, the chemicals followed me there and got worse once I didn't kiss the backsides of the state workers behind when they presented them to me.

I'm sorry I don't care how many weeks of vo-tec these people went to it still doesn't give them a P.H.D in what I deserve. When I don't get on my knees and kiss on command, that's what they consider trying to beat people. What does that mean, I tried to beat too many people? What, did I run up on too many people in a group with a big stick and swing it at them and miss? Or did I swing on a bunch of individuals with my fist and miss? Beat too many people? Hell, I can't even break that comment down to make sense out of it. Do you know why it doesn't make sense once you really look at it? Because that statement is just some kind of a police state one liner designed to manipulate the population into doing this to me. Could they give me an example of beating too many people? I mean could they maybe translate this statement from their Nazi dialect to the layman tongue.

I envisioned a bunch of people bent over a clothes line and hitting them with a big stick to get the dust off of them. I figured they couldn't fit in the washer or dryer. I was thinking if I was to actually find someone who could translate what trying to beat too many people means, Wouldn't you think there would be a law against it.

Apparently I've committed a crime that doesn't actually exist. It's got a punishment that doesn't officially exist either. Whatever I did, I get treated worse than people that committed real crimes. I mean how would you feel if people always tortured you but never asked your side of it. Or never confronted you with their reasons for doing this to you.

They never do anything legal to you because you haven't broken any laws. But they treat you worse than anybody I can think of. There's people that are really in prison that have committed heinous, horrible, sadistic, unspeakable crimes. People that are never going to see daylight again that are getting treated better than me. I'm not a killer.

They treat me worse than one though. When the group tells people lies about me, the people that believe their crap don't realize I'm at home for a reason. Oh yeah, I'm worse than all the worst people in prison because I get treated worse than they do. I'm so much worse than they are I get to stay home on the not go to prison program. That's because I haven't done anything wrong. They say I have a weird way of telling it. Yeah, it's a whole new concept these people don't know anything about. It's called the truth. I was the one born into this.

I figure the people that have power that are in this group have been raised to believe there is nothing wrong with torturing people. Wouldn't you think that the people that have been doing this to my family before I was born and the people that live behind me are connected somehow. I say this because I know first hand these people hated me before they ever met me.

These people have a ten year age difference over me. The first time I ever met these people they hated me. And their parents their mom to be specific said this to me. "I've got a lot of family in the sheriffs department that could have things done to you in jail". I think that's the first thing she ever said to me. Hell, I think that's the only thing she ever said to me. The people that live behind me, you kind of have to feel sorry for people like that.

Look at what they are. What kind of upbringing made these people into what they are? You could say the people that did this to my family before I was born have big ears and a long reach. But I don't deserve this crap and my mom has never done anything to anyone. I don't know why people pick out other people to be their persecuted ones. Maybe they do it to prove they can do it. Maybe their power doesn't seem like power unless they have someone to abuse.

It seems my mom was picked at random. I guess she was at the wrong place at the wrong time. But I was born into this hell. I guess I was just put here for the depraved to chemically crucify me for a reason that doesn't really exist. The whole world can turn their backs on me because I deserved it because I was born into it. You can't throw someone away that has never left the trash can. I was born thrown away and haven't seemed to find my way out. They say, "We're not afraid to do it to you." Then I think you brave, brave soldier you. Somebody needs to give this person a medal for bravery. These people think they're going to get a nobel prize for putting cowardly chemicals on me when I'm not looking. These people think they're all powerful. They say you didn't think we were capable. Then I think to myself, "Well lucky for them." They were born on the other side of the coin I was.

How hard is it to take a cap of off whatever they keep these chemicals in anyway. And I know It doesn't take a genius to dump it in my food when Im not looking . I know these people didn't create this technology. Thet've turned the most grotesque cowardly thing you can do to a human being and somehow perverted it into being some kind of power. Anybody that experiences this power over other people becomes sick minded. It's like the people in the Roman days that used to watch people get eaten and torn apart by lions. This is the part of the human nature that makes people get addicted to doing it to people.

This Nazi like technology is now a status of power. With all power comes great responsibility. I don't know what these chemicals were originally designed for but these people don't have any business having this technology at their fingertips.

These people have what I call the Wizard of OZ syndrome. With these chemicals, they can do anything they want because it has no precedent. They torture and scare people like the great and powerful OZ. But I bet it would be just like when Toto discovered the Wizard of OZ was just a little old man.

Im sure that if someone took these people's chemicals away from them, you would discover a pretty weak person behind the scenes of all this hell. These chemicals are the glue that holds this type of group together. They tell me "A lot of people wanted to do this to you." And I say "How many of these people have ever met me?" Besides just because a bunch of fanatics want to do something it doesn't make it right. That's like saying if I stood on a bridge and threw big rocks off the side and smashed up cars it would be illegal. But if I had a bunch of people doing it with me that would make it all right.

These people aren't above the law. They're in the same category as these corporations that got exposed and these priests that got exposed. They all had been doing these things for so long they thought they would never get caught. I mean look at how many decades these corporations and priests did what they did without anybody doing anything about it beceause of their conspiracy of silence.

But I hope someone can bring these sick people to justice. This is America not some third world country. This is a secret they don't want exposed. I know through history people have done horrible atrocious things to other people but this isn't the dark ages. Humanity should be more enlightened or evolved than that.

This is the land of the free not the regime of the oppressed. Technology should be used to benefit mankind. Not to torture and exploit people. Somebody told me to leave America. So I thought about claiming asylum in another country. But no, this is America and I decided to stand behind the constitution of the United States no matter how many chemicals these people hide behind. Besides,if you can't find freedom in America where do you find it?

Please write me back if possible and tell me if you can help me or not. Or refer me to someone or tell me who I can contact that can help me.

Thank you for reading my letter.
MR.Kelly Charty
Tel: (405) 737-5141