James Vierling

First of all I would like to point out, as I have stated in faxes to the F.B.I., I have never owned any kind of broadcasting equipment. Not Internet, not radio, not TV. nor have I ever worked in the aforementioned industries. Nor would I want to.

Also as stated in my faxes to the F.B.I., no one has ever had my permission to monitor my life by any means. Neither at home or any where else. This includes listening to what I say, watching what I do and monitoring my thoughts thru the psychotronic weaponry.

I will try to type all of the faxes into e-mails, but it will take quite some time to do so. The first e-mails will pertain to the harassment by radio "people", then onto the TV. "people", then in full the 70 or so pages to the F.C.C.(6 pages)and the F.B.I.(those 6 and the rest).

Some of the statements by radio and television "people" will also be in the 70 or so pages of faxes. I will try to break the statements down as to time frame occurred, where I was, what they were in response to or if they were just made to elicit a response from me.

Question; How would they know I was listening or viewing to make the harassing comments?. You have my permission to post these e-mails if you would like to. The escalation to radio and TV. joining in on the already occurring harassments will become more apparent as I get into the faxes.

Again this is by no means a complete list of the comments made , especially since when I try to concentrate on remembering them or writing them down the pieces of shit with the psychotronic weaponry use it to distract me, break my train of thought or just plain pisses me off. These "people" really suck. On to the comments.

The first couple of comments made by the radio "people", to my knowledge, occurred while I was at work. I was a route driver for Walters vending co. They were made as I was driving between stops. This would be mid-March to early April of 2000.

WMMQ; Debra Hart "if you want to know what I say ask me. If you want to know what my friends say ask them. I like him." This is an exact repeat of what I said in a conversation in the Mayfair bar either the previous night or the night before that.

WMMQ; Tim Barron supposedly talking about a book makes a couple of references stressing the "Get Shorty" title. he then goes on to say "Maybe they should write one called forget Shorty" Followed by "Who is this guy?". This was followed by Debra Hart saying "Leave him alone".

The aforementioned time frame was also when they started using song placement to harass me. This time frame would also correspond to the threats, in the Mayfair bar, that people were going to kill me for saying their names. Actually, the more I think about it to avoid redundancy as much as possible, I will send the pages of faxes first.

The only differences in what you will receive will be the inclusion of the psychotronic weaponry. I will indicate these differences in the e-mails. Well hours up, next e-mail tomorrow. Have a good day. James M. Vierling Jr.

starting in the order sent. faxes to the F.C.C.

#1: While residing in the Lansing, Michigan area between April of 2000 and May of 2001, I believe that the people at Sundance car dealership defrauded the public by using several different people claiming to be the daughter of the owner in their TV. commercials. I can specifically remember 6 different ones. These commercials were broadcast on all of the local stations, ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC.

Also while listening to the WMMQ radio station web site in April or May of 2000 they played 5 or 6 Sundance commercials back to back. During the period of July 2000 to May of 2001 they also used 3 different people to represent themselves as newscaster Andrea Seal of CBS news.

Recently while visiting relatives in the Lansing area, on Mother's Day May 12, 2002, I found it rather odd that a local car dealership, namely Sundance, was advertising on a world broadcast premiere movie on WTBS.

Thank you for looking into this matter.
This was sent on 7-17-2002.

#2 To further explain my previous fax, on 7-17-2002, about the fraud and misuse of broadcasting facilities in Lansing, I will try to give details on each of the instances.

Starting with the Sundance TV. commercials, and may I add that a couple of the local news people specifically the weatherman on CBS(Michaels) and the anchor on FOX(Wickersham), used their positions to comment on said commercials with statements like "we're involved"(CBS) and " that's the one I like"(FOX).

As for the different people claiming to be the daughter in the commercials, the differences are quite obvious. These differences range from the size of the people, hair colors, hair length, facial appearance and obvious attempts to turn their heads or cover their faces so as you couldn't see them talk when the voice of the daughter was aired.

Regarding the broadcasting of 5 or 6 Sundance commercials back to back on the WMMQ web site, as far as I can narrow it down would be between 1st week of April 2000 and the middle of May 2000. (*NOTE this should be mid-April and mid-June.) This happened between 6p.m. and 6a.m.

Also pertaining to WMMQ and ABC is the use of different people in the sci-fi psycho Sunday commercials and program.

Debra Hart, one of the morning people on WMMQ, is the host of said program. During December of 2000 she appears to gain allot of weight and lose it again. Also her hair and face seem to change and then go back. During the period of April or May 2000, they also allowed one of their guests to come on the air and make the comment "You hollered at my wife." He then went on to say that his wife was named Tara. This was on WMMQ radio, during the morning show with Tim Barron and Debra Hart. The guest was a musician named Jim Merrick who performs shows titled Grateful Parrot. (*NOTE His web site lists his phone # to contact as (513)461-4450 I have not contacted to see if he was there yet.)

As far as narrowing down the time frame that CBS used different people as newscaster Andrea Seal, this occurred after her appearance on the Tim Barron and Debra Hart morning show approximately mid to late July of 2000. *NOTE This may have been into August. Again the differences were in facial appearance, size and hair lengths.

They also ran promos for the news with one of these people, then showed the news with a different one. This went on from mid to late July of 2000 for several months.

From late March of 2000 until I left the area on May 24, 2001, I noticed quite a few questionable statements made by both radio and TV. personalities.
(*NOTE date moved should be corrected to May 26 2001 as noted in later fax to F.B.I.)

These statements stood out as they had absolutely nothing to do with anything else on the programs. These statements range from Tim Barron's on air endorsement of cocaine calling it "mind freeing blow" and recommending its usage to newscasters saying "your steering will break".

Again thank you for looking into this matter. If this is not in your jurisdiction, please forward to appropriate people.

This was sent on 7-30 2002.

#3 In regards to my previous fax concerning questionable on air statements made by both radio and television personalities further examples would include but not be limited to the following.
(*NOTE not all of these occurred while I lived in the Lansing area.)

Radio- ON either May 23 or May 24 of 2001, (*NOTE date correction to May 25 2001.) during the morning show on WMMQ, Tim Barron made the comment " they're just girls and it's just a hill" followed by Debra Hart's statement " that should give me time to plant some things". (*NOTE after all faxes sent will get into breaking down as to the harassment.)

Also between May 24, 2001 and July of 2001, the afternoon or early evening disc jockey on WAOR in Mishawaka Indiana area made the on air comment "I talked to a station manager friend of mine in Lansing and I think it's really funny man, none of this music is about me".

Television As far as the "your steering will break" comment, this was made between May 1, 2001 and May 24, 2001 by an evening anchorwoman on CBS local news in Lansing.

Also one of the various persons claiming to be Andrea Seal blurted out the comment "Take more showers". This occurred sometime between July 2000 and May 2001.

During the period between May of 2000 and May of 2001, there was also the comment made by a sportscaster during a televised horse race, "I thought we destroyed that tape". This was on one of the major networks (ABC,CBS,NBC,FOX). This announcer also said something to the effect of "He's in the devil's red and blue"

During a televised University of Michigan football game, on a halftime interview with Bo Schembechler, the broadcaster made the comment "At least he knows who can get him in". Again this would have occurred during the 2000-2001 football season.

At some point between late June of 2000 and December of 2000, on the Good Morning America show, Diane Sawyer made the comment "Are you sure you want to take him on?" Another comment made by her between May 24, 2001 and June of 2002 was "I don't have to say anything".

Between May 2001 and December 2001 Katie Curic made the comment "He's writing his thoughts down". This occurred during the Today show on NBC.

Other comments made by sportscasters would include, during the hockey playoffs of the 2000-2001 season one of the studio commentators made the comment "St. Louis which is you".

Also during the recent NFL draft on ESPN one of the studio announcers made the comment "that's the joke". This occurred right after the interview with Jon Gruden, when he made a comment about learning so much from someone.

During an University of Michigan football game of the 2001- 2002 season, an announcer yelled over the air "shut up".

Another comment made by a news person would be "we saved him, now he joined with the evil doers", made by Tom Brokaw during the NBC evening news between July of 2002 and August 2002.

Other on air television statements would include a statement made by Colin Powell during an interview. His statement was " he should remember who we are, the Colonel". This occurred between May 2001 and December 2001. The interview was again on one of the four major networks.

Also there were the comments made by the hosts of the 700 club. These would be , by Pat Robertson, "They have everything you had, including some crying. The Colonel", and the statement made by his female co-host "There are people who watch just to make fun of". Both of these statements occurred between May 2001 and December 2001.
(*NOTE the comments by Powell and Robertson were pretty close together time frame wise.)

May I add that I have no political or religious affiliations.

There was also the comment "It's worked for allot of years, please don't destroy it" made on television between late June of 2000 and December of 2000. This statement was made by a member of the Democratic Party during an interview. I do not recall his name.

Once again thank you for looking into this.

This one was sent 8-14-2002.

That is the 6 pages sent to the F.C.C. James M. Vierling Jr.

The following are faxes that I sent to the N.C.A.A.

While I was residing in the Lansing, Michigan area, I had the misfortune of spending time in a bar which was frequented by the Michigan State University hockey coach, Ron Mason. While in this bar he was seen socializing with people known to run illegal gambling games at the university. He was also on a first name basis with a known bookie. The bar is called the Mayfair. Where, by the way, Mr. Mason's likeness is painted on the wall. He was also overheard talking about how a lot of drugs used to go thru that bar.

Thank you for looking into this matter.

This fax was sent on 7-28-2002.

#2 This fax contains further details regarding the previous fax sent on 7-18-02.

The time frame that I observed the then Michigan State hockey coach, now athletic director, Ron Mason socializing with the aforementioned people was between Feb. 2000 and June 2000. (*NOTE this should say late April 2000)

While I have no proof of any gambling on Mr. Mason's part, I believe his frequenting the Mayfair and socializing with these people should be looked into. I know these people run illegal gambling games, because they offered me a job dealing cards in an illegal set up at Michigan State University. Which may I add that I did not do. I do not know the full names of these people as a couple of them go by nickname only. These would include "Shorty", "Camper" and some first names such as J.J., Lonnie and George.

Also while in this establishment, I was playing pinball when I was approached by a guy named Eric, who goes by the nickname "Yarmo", who stated that he sold drugs (*NOTE specifically cocaine) and ran a bookie operation on the side. Mr. Mason appeared to be friendly with all of these people. As his likeness on the wall appears to be almost twenty years ago, it would seem he has frequented this bar for some time. This makes his statement "A lot of drugs used to go thru here", referring to the Mayfair, even more suspicious. (*NOTE the last comment was made specifically to the couple that offered me the job dealing cards).

Again thank you for looking into this matter.

This was sent on 7-31-2002.

All other faxes were sent to the F.B.I.

(*NOTE The following was written at 4a.m. this morning due to the psychotronic harassment.) By the way, before I start on the rest of the faxes, I would like to clarify that I have stated repeatedly(daily) for over 2 1/2 years that someone was using some kind of technology on me.

I have even described exactly what they were doing. However the garbage in radio and television that have been harassing me for 3 years seem to get their jollies from the torture and enjoy tormenting me.

They have made it so I don't have a job(haven't worked since July of 2001), have no money(forced to live off my mother which sucks for both of us), have no car(broke down no money to fix) and the useless pieces of shit with the psychotronic weaponry hounds me endlessly.

I am severely pissed off at all of the sorry as mf's involved in the harassments and destruction of my life.

By the way, this shit does not make me want to kill me, it makes me want to kill them. S.C.U.M. Sorry ass Cowards Utilizing Mind control. End.

The next few e-mails will consist of the first 37 page e-mail that I sent to the F.B.I. This was sent along with the previous 3 faxes sent to the F.C.C. Starting with the cover sheet here goes.

Following this page will be 37 pages. They will come thru at intervals as the fax machine I am using can only fax 10 pages at a time.

Please excuse any punctuation or misspellings and also writing size due to the type of pencil I am using, Paper Mate Sharp writer no. 2. I can be reached by fax at (574)255-7332, for anything further.

This set of faxes was sent on 10-18-2002.

Continued tomorrow, James M. Vierling Jr.

The following will be the first sent to the F.B.I. Pg.1 While residing in the Lansing, Michigan area, which I moved to on April 24 1997, I was witness to and became the target of harassment. This started at the Traveler's Club restaurant, where I worked from approximately late May of 1997 to January of 1998.

The owners of said restaurant used an intercom system to monitor their employees, this may be legal under the guise of security, however when you spread to other employees private conversations overheard this becomes harassment.

There is also the question of overhearing employees discussing ideas and implementing them before the employees have a chance to submit them.

I voiced said concerns to a fellow employee one evening at work by stating how it was very strange that these things seemed to be occurring. He stated later that night "You were wondering why everything you say happens, I'll show you". He then proceeded to 2 different intercoms and showed me how to turn them off. He then explained how the owners sit next door and listens to everything. These intercoms were placed, one at the top of the stairs leading to the basement in the kitchen area and one behind the bar where the beer taps are.

Also one night while cleaning the kitchen after closing, a young woman that had previously worked there came in to see if she could get her job back. I was in the kitchen cleaning when she came back into the kitchen, I looked over at her, she smiled at me, I nodded as to say hi and returned to my cleaning duties. She then hurried out of the kitchen saying "He doesn't like me". This was followed by William, who is one of the owners or is married to the owner, saying "Maybe he doesn't like to fuck".

This was followed by the manager, that evening, coming into the kitchen and telling another employee "William told Megan that she could have her job back if she fucked Jim", the Jim in question being myself. This also occurred after I repeatedly stated that I do not have sex with other employees.

At one point they said that they would give me a $1 a hour raise when I assumed the duties of head cook. I assumed said duties and had a discussion shortly thereafter with another employee and stated how $7 an hour was not a very satisfactory salary for the job.

The next day a different manager approached me and stated "We decided not to give you the raise right now". This manager had also stated to me at an earlier date "We are going to make you change". After doing the head cook job for awhile, about a month, without the pay increase, I tried to step down by turning in my keys and telling them that "From now on I am only going to come in at 8:00 a.m., instead of 7:00a.m. to set up the kitchen, like the rest of the cooks".

Later that day a manager approached me handed me my paycheck and stated "You don't have to come back". I stated "What about today?" in reference to the shift I had just worked not being on the paycheck. The manager made a phone call then proceeded to pay me for that day out of the register.

I had hoped that this would end any and all association with the restaurant or it's owners , unfortunately it did not. While sitting in two different bars in that town, Plum Crazy and the Mayfair, after having conversations with employees of both establishments about having worked at the Traveler's Club, much to my dismay the owners showed up at both locations. This seemed very odd since I had not seen them in either location before and since both times were over 1 1/2 years after my employment had ended .

The first such occurrence took place at Plum Crazy sports bar approximately late summer to early autumn of 1999. During which William was overheard saying "This is what he likes". The second being the night of the NCAA tournament finals, between Michigan State and Florida, of 2000. After working for them and knowing that they are not sports fans, their appearance seemed rather out of the ordinary.

I was shooting pool when they arrived. William came back by the pool table area and stared at me until I acknowledged him. At which time another patron that was shooting pool made the statement "He's trying to spread it around to everyone".

Later that year, around early autumn 2000, I returned to the Traveler's Club restaurant. Upon entering the restaurant one of the employees, who by the way worked there when I did, made the comment "I think he knows it's William". The situations and comments described will gain pertinence as I go into other harassments and comments that took place in the aforementioned bars and on other jobs.

After Traveler's Club I was employed by L&L grocery store as a third shift stock crew member. This employment went from January thru approximately early August of 1998, when they tried to force me to accept a position that I did not want. I quit. The job at L&L was followed by employment at Plum Crazy sports bar. This job went from mid-August of 1998 until roughly March 1999. While an employee of Plum Crazy, I was both assaulted and harassed. The assault which took place on August 20 1998 was reported to the Meridian Township police and a report filed. The filing of this report was followed by, later that same night, the Meridian Township police returning to my place of residence.

Upon their return they informed me of an outstanding warrant for failure to pay in full the fines leveled by Lenawee County, on a drunk driving charge from 1988. I was residing with my mother at this time. They then stated that I needed to come up with $600 or they would have to arrest me. They accompanied me to the ATM machine at Quality Dairy on Marsh road, where I got $100 out of my mother's bank account. >(*NOTE this was with her permission) I gave this to the officer and he said that would be sufficient for now as he could not get back in touch with the police in Lenawee county to ask about the rest.

He then issued me an Interim Bond receipt for the $100, and told me that I had 10 working days to appear in court in Lenawee county. I did so between 6-10 days. These proceedings should be on record. I still have the bond receipt. (*NOTE this is about 2/3 down page 4 of the faxes. I write small) Continued Monday. James M. Vierling Jr.

Between the time of the assault and my court appearance I returned to work at Plum Crazy.

During this time, one of the co-owners of the bar, Tom Warner approached me and stated that the bar could get into a lot of trouble over this incident as the person who assaulted me was not of legal age to be in the bar that late at night. I was not contacted by the police concerning this matter again.

I continued to work until my court appearance, which resulted in me spending 6 days in the Lenawee county jail. After this I returned to work at Plum Crazy. During my employment I started to frequent the bar after work and on my days off. Which continued until I was illegally banned from the bar in late January or early February of 2000. This will be further detailed later on.

While on the job at Plum Crazy one night as I was going out to the bar from the kitchen, the bartender, a female, made the statement to one of the waitresses "If someone doesn't do something soon, we'll lose him". I believe this comment to pertain to having sex, even though once again I had repeatedly stated that I do not have sex with co-workers.

Also while working in the kitchen one night a customer, who was a former employee, came into the kitchen to talk to one of the returning college students that had been away for the summer. As he, his name is Rick or Ricky, was talking to the student, he started eating out of the prep table, or cold table. When he left the kitchen I expressed my disapproval of his actions to the student by saying to the effect, I know you just got back and want to see your friends and I know this is only temporary until you graduate, but this is how I make my living for now and I would appreciate if you wouldn't allow customers to eat out of the prep table.

I also wrote a letter to the then manager, everyone called him "Cubby", to express my concerns on this matter. When I informed Rick of this , his response was an astonished "Me".

Also one night after work I walked over to the dart board area, there were several people playing darts including one of the female employees. I stopped to talk to said employee and when I did the people playing darts gathered around Rick. One of these people, his name is J.T. McKinley nickname "doc", stated "You may have to fight him over that". The "that" meaning the female employee. Again this being after I stated that I don't have sex with co-workers.

During my employment at Plum Crazy, several times I expressed the need for more cooking utensils, floor mats in the kitchen and better cleaning equipment and products. I stated these things to the co-owner, Tom Warner, and I received the same response every time, "I'll have to talk to Steve, he's the money man". Steve referring to the other co-owner Steve Fata (I believe that is the correct spelling of the last name). I also made clear to the management of the bar, both "Cubby" and at a later date a woman named Laura, the need for a break area for the waitresses to keep them from horse-play in the kitchen. I was even shot in the eye with a water pistol by one of the waitresses during such horse-play. And that the waitresses, like the customers, needed to stop snacking out of the prep table.

One night while I was working, the bartender at the time also informed me that Tom Warner had a problem abusing cocaine.(*NOTE her exact words were "Tom is into cocaine".) To which I replied "I don't care as long as he keeps it away from me and doesn't go off on me because of it".

On a separate occasion in Plum Crazy, during the time of employment, I had a conversation with another customer about something that had happened at the bar next door, the Mayfair, regarding my meeting two women that worked at a local strip club. He stated "Strippers are alright if you can keep them away from the cocaine crowd". To which I replied "No shit". Meaning I agreed with his assessment. May I also add that my visits to the Mayfair during the time I worked for and frequented Plum Crazy to be very minimal. Maybe 5 times. Another of which would have been the night I quit Plum Crazy.

After enough of the aforementioned problems and the hiring of a new cook to train on a Friday night, who I found out was making more money then I was, I walked. When I clocked out that night, I went into the Mayfair. I sat at the bar on the pool table side. The bartender, whom I had introduced myself to the previously mentioned night, came over and asked me "What is going on next door?". To which I told her that I had quit. I stayed there for a couple of hours then returned next door. I went over by the dart boards and ordered a beer. The waitress refused to wait on me, unhappy about the length of time her customers had to wait on their food. (*NOTE This was due to the fact that I quit.) I said O.K., I'll go up to the bar and get my own beer. (*NOTE This means have the bartender get the beer.)

Shortly after this Tom Warner walked by the dart area, looked at me, smiled and returned to the kitchen. The only other times in the Mayfair were late night ventures to invite women to the after-hours parties held by Joey Ralph, a person I met while frequenting Plum Crazy after work and on my nights off. I also attended a couple of parties at another person's house that I met the same way. This person was named Jim, last name pronounced Bell-a fuel no idea on spelling. While attending a party at the aforementioned Jim's house, the previously mentioned "doc" came in. As he came up the stairs he stated to Jim B. "You'll never guess who I ran into, who said he just had to smoke a joint with you". Right behind him coming up the stairs was the person in question. His name was Bruce and later when he introduced himself to me, while we were smoking a joint, he said that he was the head of Meridian Township government. The word joint refers to a marijuana cigarette.

While I personally have no problem with him smoking marijuana, I think the selling should stay illegal but you should be able to grow your own and smoke your own, this incident may be pertinent to harassment and situations to be stated later in these pages. (*NOTE sharing it would be O.K. also.) This occurred during the 98-99 college hockey season, as we were discussing the upcoming Michigan-Notre Dame hockey game. Notre Dame won the game in question. The game would have been in the 35th to 50th game of the season range.

During the following spring and summer of 99, I had various jobs. These would include Buddies Pub & Grill 2, Quality Dairy, Rite Aid, Olive Garden and Two Men and a Truck, before finally getting a good job as a route driver for Walter's vending company.

I got the job at Walter's Vending around the beginning of October 1999. When I started at Walter's, I was still frequenting Plum Crazy. During this time I still attended the after hours parties at Joey Ralph's house. At one of these parties, I was talking to "doc" and Jim B. about how happy I was with my job at Walter's Vending. I made the comment "I am finally making good money, I am going to make $30,000 this year". Followed by "Well I know it's not good money to you people, but it's good enough for me". Jim B. then stated " Yeah that's good money". (*NOTE These guys said they made in the $150,000 range.) My job was going great at this point.

The next statements will be things that happened inside Plum Crazy sports bar between October 1999 and February 2000. (*NOTE these may be slightly out of order and should state when I got banned from Plum Crazy.) At one point a man came into the bar claiming that he was between assignments going undercover for the D.E.A.. This man's name was Dave. One evening the aforementioned Dave approached me at the bar. He said he was going to go to some crack houses and beat-up dealers that got young girls hooked on crack, then made them turn tricks for them. He then asked me if I wanted to join him. I said that while I agreed with the statement that these people were basically scum, I wasn't into that kind of stuff.

Further into this discussion I stated "I think marijuana should be legal". At which point he stated "Oh, I agree. I think marijuana should be legal too".

Then there was the situation where one night I was shooting pool with some people and had a conversation with the aforementioned Rick and his girlfriend Renee. I stated that I liked long hair on women.

The next day when I arrived at the bar all of the waitresses with long hair were wearing it down. One of the waitresses then put her hair up into a pony-tail. When I asked her why she did this , she stated "I wore it down for you, but you seen it down and it's too hot to wear it down all night". I said "Well don't do that for me, be comfortable. Damn you're working".

Continued tomorrow, James M. Jr.

One night while playing darts, I was having a conversation with a man named Sean (or Shawn) about how attractive a couple of the waitresses was. He stated "She's yours." about one of them. Other comments ranged from "Here he goes again" by Joey Ralph. This statement was made as he was looking at the front of my blue jeans, as I had just come out of the bathroom and my penis hadn't worked its way back down my leg yet.

"You un-tucked your shirt", made by a waitress named Stephanie, as my shirt tails now prevented her from viewing the front of my pants like she had been doing. "You need to lay off the girls", again by Joey Ralph, in reference to my joking around with a woman home on vacation at his after hours party. (*NOTE She was married and I don't go there) Then there were my comments about being unhappy with people in the bar running around repeating everything I said and that they were acting like a bunch of little school girls.

The next evening after I expressed my agitation, I was sitting at the bar playing NTN trivia, great game I might add, the aforementioned Rick sat down a couple of stools away and started saying very snidely "Acting like school girls huh". At which time I reiterated my displeasure to him. And since my conversation the first time I said it was not with him, I would say he proved my point. This was due to every time I said a waitress was attractive, it got back to her. By this time, due to my job hours and their comments, I had pretty much stopped hanging around with the dart players, only doing so occasionally.

Also during this time I bought candy from Walter's Vending at wholesale and took it into Plum Crazy to give to the waitresses a few times. Also during this period of time, Tom Warner approached me one night while I was playing NTN trivia and asked me if I would go back into the kitchen to help the cooks catch up on their dishes. I obliged.

New Years Eve of 2000 he was short on help, so I offered to work the door for the beach themed party they were having at the bar. He said yes. When I got there that evening he had decided to have his wife run the door and has me run the surf board machine he had rented for the party. I ran the surf board machine until such a time when I noticed the people riding it were getting pretty drunk. I then approached Tom Warner and stated "These people are getting pretty drunk. Should I shut down the machine before someone gets hurt?". He said yes. As it was after mid-night, and they were no longer charging admission, he asked me to take over the door so he and his wife could go home. I said alright. At this point the bar gradually emptied and I thanked everyone for coming and told them to come again.

When the bar became pretty much empty, one of the waitresses approached me and said that they were going to close early and head over to Reno's east. She said that she had called over there and the place was packed. I asked her if they needed any help at Reno's and she stated that they did. I asked the waitresses to gather up the trash and said I would take it out before I went to Reno's to help with crowd control. They said that's alright just go and we'll be there shortly.

I drove over to Reno's and when I got there walked in. There were about 10 people in the bar, I told the bartender that they sent me over from Plum Crazy because they said you were busy and might need extra help. I also stated how they said that they would be there shortly. I went over to the pool tables and shot a couple of practice racks. When no one showed up, I drove back to Plum Crazy. The doors were locked so I went back to Reno's to see if I had missed them. Nope. Back to Plum Crazy. As I arrived in the back parking lot, the remaining employees and a couple of customers exited the back door. I got out of my car and expressed my displeasure at their little games.

Another conversation I had in Plum Crazy , that was with "doc", concerned how he and Jim B. were trying to find a way to get out of paying taxes on their company profits. They ran a computer software company called BSA. "Doc" stated that they had made 1.5 million and needed to find someway out of paying taxes on it.

Toward the end of the time I frequented Plum Crazy, they started having performances by a musician that went under the stage name "Dirty Don". His performances were on Thursday nights. He basically takes songs and changes the lyrics to sexual comments and part of his act includes free t-shirts for women in the audience that expose their breasts.

Since I had to be at work at the vending company around 4:30 a.m., I wasn't present for his shows. on a Friday, the day after his show, I was shooting pool with a bunch of people in the bar. As I was ordering a drink, the waitress started saying "Jim, make them stop". I said " I can' make them do anything". The two men she was referring to almost simultaneously said "He can't make us do anything". She left to get the drink order and I asked the two men what she was talking about. As it turns out , she was part of the t-shirt receiving audience the night before and they were teasing her about missing the show and asking if they could see them any way. So her playing her little miss innocent routine and trying to get me to go off on those two angered me quite a bit. Truth be known, had I known about it, I would have been teasing her, until she told me to stop, myself. Anyway I made a couple of derogatory comments about her to the two men, in reference to her little game playing routine. When she returned to the table, I paid for my drink order and told her not to wait on me anymore. I would go to the bar and get my own drinks. continued tomorrow, James M. Vierling Jr.

Shortly after this while shooting pool, I started to get a little warm, so I removed my dress shirt. I still had on a t-shirt. I placed my shirt , with about 25 to 30 dollars in the pocket on a stool with my jacket. Under the table that I was standing at.

When the pool game broke up, this usually happened around 10-10:30 p.m., I went to get my shirt and jacket so that I could move up to the bar to play NTN trivia. This is when I noticed that my shirt was missing, not the jacket, I asked a couple of the pool players about it, but they had no idea where it was. I sat down at the bar and played NTN trivia until I went home.

I returned to the bar the next day, Saturday, and was sitting at the bar playing NTN, talking to another patron about my shirt and trying to figure out where it was. I was pretty mad about the situation. When I got up to go to the restroom , I noticed that one of the owners, Tom Warner was seated over by the dart boards. The only other person by the dart boards was a guy named Chris, who was a semi-regular in the bar. When I got about 5-7 feet away from the owner, I made the statement "The next time one of your waitresses rips me off, I am going to punch them in the mouth". Not one of my finer moments. After I said this Tom Warner started laughing and I went to the restroom and returned to my seat at the bar.

Later that evening the waitress that I had told not to wait on me anymore approached me at the bar as I was getting up to use the restroom. She made the statement "I'm not used to being called a whore". This was in reference to the comments I made to the two men the night before. This again goes back to my earlier comments about repeating me. Anyway I responded to her "I didn't call you a whore. I called you a slut". Actually I did use the word whore the previous night to describe her little game. I continued on to the restroom and returned to my seat at the bar. I attended Joey Ralph's after hours party that night.

The following night, Sunday, I returned to the bar. I was sitting at the bar playing NTN. I was talking to another NTN player about telling the previously mentioned waitress, Stephanie, not to wait on me any more. I made the comment to the effect of " I told her not to wait on me anymore, if I'm sitting in her section I'll get my own beer. And if she has to wait on me, she'll never make a dime off me in tips again". When I finished saying this a customer that I don't know and wasn't talking to, he was sitting on the other side of the person I was talking to, got out of his bar stool, came over directly behind me and said "If you have a problem with Stephanie, you have a problem with me. I'm her brother". At which point I stood up and said "If you're her brother, I'll tell you what is going on. Let's step over here and discuss it, cause it's none of these people's business". He proceeded back to his bar stool and sat down. I then made the invitation to talk again followed by the statement "C'mon, I'm not going to get violent". He then got up and followed me out to the foyer area. As we were standing there talking, Rick, Chris and a couple of other guys came out to the foyer area. When I asked them what they wanted, Rick made the statement " I came out to make sure you weren't going to get violent". To which I replied that I wasn't. He stated again "no violence". Again I said that there would be none. Finally the group went back to the main area of the bar. I then began to go over the events that occurred the previous Friday. We talked about 10 minutes, then returned to our seats at the bar. The last comments made as we approached our seats were him saying "If your shirt really got stolen, I'll help find out who took it". To which I said "thank you". He left shortly thereafter. (*NOTE I would like to point out that I have as yet not kicked anyone's rear-end over this, nor did I fight in Lansing before this.)

Later that night another waitress named Nicole came out of the kitchen area to where I was sitting at the bar. She started talking to me, I turned toward her and she started to say something about Steve Fata, co-owner of the bar. When she mentioned him, I said "I don't like him". This was not the first time I had stated this going all the way back to when I worked there. To my statement about not liking him she replied "You better watch what you say, the Fatas are the local mafia. They'll get you". To which I replied "If he's going to play that mafia shit, he might want to find out who I'm connected to in Dayton".

Then I turned back and resumed playing NTN. Monday after work I returned to Plum Crazy and sat at the bar to play NTN. When I got up to go to the restroom, I noticed the new waitress seemed to be having a rough night. I stopped and talked to her for a couple of minutes telling her to "Smile" and not to worry , the way she looked she should do quite well there. As I was talking to her I overheard Joey Ralph, who was at the dart boards with some of the other regular dart players, say "He's going after her already". (*NOTE kind of strange since I have never went out with any of the waitresses that worked there.) Also this same night I told the manager of the bar , who had been acting strange toward me recently, that she had nothing to worry about from me as I no longer wanted the managerial position at the bar. I stated this because I had some months earlier made the comment about managing the bar to Rick at the dart boards, this was during a lull in sales at Walter's Vending, but had since become very content with my job.

I sat at the bar playing trivia until I went home. When I got off work the next day, Tuesday, I went home to park my car but didn't change clothes. When I walked into the bar, I sat down at the bar and the bartender immediately went back to the office. She returned followed by Tom Warner, who approached me. He seemed very agitated.

continued tomorrow James M. Vierling Jr.

He then proceeded to tell me that they did not want me in there, "You told one of the waitresses that you were going to bash her teeth down her throat". He, Tom Warner, also stated that I had been trying to start fights in the bar. To his comment of supposedly telling a waitress that I was going to bash her teeth down her throat, I replied "I didn't say anything to her". To which he replied "No you said it to me, that's worse". He then stated that I was gone for 30 days. He walked away and I stepped over to one of the other NTN players and said "See you in 30 days, they just kicked me out of here". He replied "They kicked you out?". He seemed as dismayed as I was at the time. I went home.

The next day after work I went upstairs to my mother's apartment to use the phone, as I had just moved into the downstairs efficiency and was having problems getting a phone put in. I called Plum Crazy and spoke to the bartender Heather. I apologized if I caused the employees any grief and said that I would see them in 30 days. She said "Thanks Jim" for the apology.

I went downstairs and stayed home that night. The next day after work, I came home showered and changed, as I did most of the time. I then walked to the Mayfair. The Mayfair is next door to Plum Crazy, in what seems to be one large building. At the Mayfair, I walked in sat down at the small section of the bar by the pool tables. I ordered a beer and introduced myself to the bartender by saying "Is there something you want to be called, or should I just say hey you when I need to get a beer?". She said her name was Mary and I told her my name was Jim.

While sitting there one of the guys on the other side of the bar kept leaning over a little bit to look at me. When I looked back he sat up straight so that the wall blocked my view. Once I heard him say "Who is that guy?" to the bartender.

The next day at the Mayfair, I sat in the same place, shot some poll, watched a little television and then went home.

My job at Walter's Vending was still going great at this time, but they had mentioned adding a new stop to my route. This wasn't out of the ordinary, as I was trying to build my route. This stop however wasn't located where it should have been on my route. I tried to get them to put it on the route it should have been on, but they said it was a good money maker and they wanted to be sure that it received proper service. This stop was Sundance Chevrolet car dealership in Grand Ledge. The third night in the Mayfair, I decided to sit on the other side of the bar, not by the pool tables. As I was sitting there, in walked a few people, 3 females and 1 male. They sat next to me at the bar, female-female-male-female. They seemed to be having a good time, when they started involving me in their conversations. We were joking about these new water bras and how they should be filled with beer instead.

The female sitting next to me made a comment about having large breasts, but you couldn't tell because of her sports bra. I suggested that she take it off. At this point the second female from me stated to the effect "If we are going to be talking about our boobs, we should know your name". This was followed by a round of introductions. They were Cindy, who sat next to me, A dark haired woman next to her, George and a blonde haired woman next to him.

As I was kicked out of Plum Crazy for 30 days, I was just trying to have a good time in the Mayfair until I could go back to Plum Crazy.

The next afternoon, I went into the bar, Mayfair, and sat in the first bar stool to the right of the waitress station. As I was sitting there a group of older men walked into the bar, they hesitated for a minute, then one of them said "I'll sit next to him". After they sat down, the bartender came over and said hello to them. She called them by nickname and first name. From my right to the end of the bar, their names were "Shorty", "camper", the third man had a nickname but as he wasn't in the bar very often and as I didn't quite catch it, I will refer to him as the man with the gray beard in the Mayfair and the aforementioned George.

This was the same seating the next day also with the exception of J.J. either added to the group or in the seat occupied by George. These are the same men I referred to in faxes that I sent to the NCAA regarding Ron Mason socializing with them.

Over the course of these two days, I had or overheard conversations with the or about me respectively. One of the conversations was "Shorty" saying to the bar owner, Brett, "I have more money in my wallet than you have in this bar". Brett grinned and said "I know you do". Trying to start a conversation, I made the statement, to "Shorty", "Oh really. How did you make your money, or shouldn't I ask?". At which time "camper" stated "He made his money by busting his ass all his life". As he stated this rather rudely, I replied "Relax, I said or shouldn't I ask". Then I stated something to the effect of there was no need to go off about it. "Shorty" laughed.

Another conversation I had was when I stated to "Shorty", "The only reason I come in here is because I can walk". This was followed by Brett saying "Now that was a statement". After which I said sarcastically "That and because its such a nice place". As I was saying the latter, Judy made the comment to Brett "At least he knows who to talk to". This I assume to be in reference to my talking to "Shorty". On one of the two aforementioned days, I was wearing a shirt that my mother bought for me when she was out of town on her job. When the man with the gray beard noticed the town referred to on the front of the shirt, he stated "Charleviox, he must know something". To which one of the others said very softly "Maybe he just likes to fish".

While I was watching a basketball game on one of the two days, I was enjoying the game, "Shorty" leaned over to me and said quietly "I don't watch basketball because I hate niggers". To which I replied something to the effect of " Oh man, that ain't right". One of the days, the men started buying rounds of beers. When they did , they said get him one too. The him in question being me. After they bought a couple of rounds, I decided to buy a round. At first they protested, but I made the comment "You bought me one, let me buy you one too". They agreed and I bought the round.

The next time I went into the Mayfair, I sat at the other end of the bar and started playing the pinball machines. During a break between games of pinball, I was seated at the bar. A young man with blonde hair and an insulated flannel shirt came in. He started talking to Brett and as he did I turned and looked around. The young man was looking right at me. When he and Brett finished their conversation, Brett immediately proceeded over to the end of the bar by which I was sitting and stated, to Judy, "Not only is he connected to the mob, but he used to look out for the kids of one of the biggest cocaine dealers in this part of the country". After this statement to Judy, Brett looked at me and grinned widely.

continued tomorrow James M. Vierling Jr.

Immediately upon hearing this, Judy hurried down to the other end of the bar and told "Shorty", "Camper", the man with the gray beard, J.J. and anyone else from their little group. One of the waitresses, her name is Leslie, was also present. After she finished telling them, she came back to where I was sitting. I stated along with hand gestures, waving my hands back and forth in a common no gesture, "Just friends. Just friends. I don't know anything about that." Upon completion of my statement to Judy, she once again rushed down to the other end of the bar to repeat my comments. After she told them what I said, the waitress present, Leslie, walked by and said smugly "The tale just keeps getting longer and longer". At roughly the same time one of the men said "Well he lied about that, maybe he lied about this too".

The first lie in question was a lie that had been told before, which may I add that I also came forward and admitted to it being a lie. This is also in close proximity to the time that Sundance Chevrolet in Grand Ledge was officially added to my route at Walter's Vending.

My first day servicing the machines at Sundance, when I was done and returning to the truck, I overheard someone in the garage area state "I hope he's not the one that's going to be here all of the time". Sundance was a Monday- Wednesday-Friday stop, this refers to the days I was there to service the vending machines. The second time I was at Sundance to service the machines, unless otherwise specified the only time I spent on ant Sundance property was as a result of my job at Walter's Vending, I was approached by one of the people in the garage area, who bears a strong family resemblance to the owner, about where I parked my vending truck. He was very rude about it. After I moved my truck to a different location, I went to him and asked if it would be in the way where I had moved it to. Again he was rude and walked away. It will become apparent as to why I go back and forth from the Mayfair to my job as I continue. *(NOTE in regards to the harassment)

Back to the Mayfair, After the young man in the flannel shirt comments, I started just playing pinball, video golf and shooting pool. I met other people who played pinball and the video golf and also shot pool with quite a few other people. One night as I was playing a couple that I had played pinball with before made the statement "We have a friend who runs a local trucking company and also runs an illegal card game at Michigan State University. He wants to know if you would be interested in being a card dealer. It pays 10% which is usually around a $1000 a night". Also "It would keep you out of the bars on Friday and Saturday night". I did not want to do the job, but said I would try it anyway.

The very next night as I was playing pinball, Brett came in the front door. As he did one of the aforementioned group of people that always sat at that end of the bar by the front door, "Shorty", "Camper and the others, said "What did you find out about him?". I turned to see what was going on. When I did Brett, who was looking right at me, made the comment "He treats everyone the same". This was followed by a man named Lonnie, who also was a part of the group of people mentioned before, saying "What about the job". Brett, who was still staring at me said "He's better off without it".

I returned to playing pinball. Also as I was playing the golf game one evening, I got up to go to the bar. Brett was standing at the end of the platform that the golf game is on talking to a guy named Eric. As I was passing by him, Brett made a point to say how he plays golf with a bunch of people, rattling off their names like they should mean something to me. This occurred the night after I was playing pinball with Eric and he stated "I sell a little cocaine and run a bookie operation on the side". He then started to talk about things related to flannel guys comments. I said "I'll to you where to go before I'll say any names". Well since I had no idea of who flannel guy was talking about.

One Friday night, at the Mayfair, I was playing pinball when 2 little girls came over by the machines. One of them made the comment "He's got that one, let's play this". I found this disturbing as it was very busy and around 9:30-10:00 p.m.. I looked around the bar to see if I could see their parents. It appeared that they were with the people seated at a table by the dart boards. As I continued to play pinball, first a blonde haired woman approached from this table. As she approached, she kept staring at me so I said "How's it going" when she passed by the pinball machine. As she went by she started talking to the little girls. Shortly after a man with white hair and a white beard, he also wore wire frame glasses, started to approach the pinball machine from what appeared to be the same group of tables as the aforementioned woman. He also stared at me as he approached the pinball machine, so as he passed by I stated "How's it going, man". He grunted and continued on his walk. The two little girls, who appeared to be twins, left the area of the pinball machines and went towards the tables by the dart boards with the aforementioned blonde haired woman. Also in the same group of tables by the dart boards were a couple of Hispanic men who bore a family resemblance to each other. One of these men will be mentioned again later.

continued tomorrow James M. Vierling Jr.

Back on the job, which by the way was Monday thru Friday. I was at Sundance, when one of the women came out by the machines and was talking to me while I worked. She made the comment "We're glad to have you back". To which I replied "We're glad to be back". I thought this to be about the fact that Sundance had previously been a Walter's Vending client.

One day as I was doing my job which includes paying refunds back, usually you have one person at each stop responsible for this interaction, the person at Sundance said "You better never let the Mountain Dew run out". I replied "I won't". The next time in the stop however the Mountain Dew had run out, the machine stops vending with 2 20 oz. plastic sodas still inside, so when I paid the refunds I gave her, the two women in the office by the garage area were the people I paid refunds to even though most of the interaction was with one of them, a free Mountain Dew. This occurred a couple of times and I discussed with the owners of Walter's Vending the probability of needing to make their soda machines an everyday service in the approaching summer months. This was not an uncommon practice. As I was filling one of the pop machines at Sundance one day, I noticed that one of the office women had changed her hairstyle. In the spirit of good customer relations, I said "Your hair looks good like that". After which I proceeded with my job.

After I got off work, I drove home showered and walked to the bar, the Mayfair. When I entered the bar and walked toward the pinball machines, I noticed the bartender Judy was talking on a cell phone. When she hung up the phone she went over to the group of men at the end of the bar, "Shorty", "camper" and the rest and stated "He likes ____ Hanks". I couldn't quite make out the first name. Anyway when she came over to me I said "No I don't". She was about half way between myself and the group of men, she turned back to them and stated disappointedly "I thought we were going to have it all". What it all is I have no clue. Also when Judy first made the comment about me liking the Hanks woman, immediately after she finished, 2 or 3 of the men made the comments "Get Eric" and "Call Eric".

The next time I went into Sundance, as I was filling the soda machine in the garage area, one of the mechanics approached and stood about 3 feet away from me. He started saying things like "Well where is it", "I want to see it", "He must have it tied to his leg". He was bending over looking at my genital region. As I bent down to pick up another case of soda, he was behind me at this point, he stated "There it is. I can see it". This angered me. I continued working and as I went up to the office to pay the refunds, the office woman that I made the statement about her hair to, made the statement "Ya think you can handle it". I paid the refunds and continued on my job.

That day my next stop, Wolverton, was about 10-15 minutes away. as I walked in and walked to the vending machines, having to pass both break rooms, a woman and a man were seated in one so as they could see out the door. When I got about 20 feet away, the woman leaned toward the man while looking straight at me and said "He could have gotten laid". She then laughed. Another example of this kind of stuff going on would be as I was stocking the machines by the customer waiting area at Sundance, I heard one of the two women that handle the refunds say "Maybe you can get it to work Terra. He thinks you're cute". To which she replied "Leave me out of it". What it would she be referring to?

Also since I made the comment to only one person in the Mayfair, a man named Paul, about someone I thought to be Terra Hanks. This statement coincides with the faxes I sent to the F.C.C. in July of 2000.

During the same period of time other things that went on in the Mayfair would include but not be limited to the following.

As I sat at the bar one evening, a former employer, her name is Tammy and she is either the owner or daughter of the owner of Buddies Pub & Grill 2, came in and sat a couple of stools away at the bar. I said hello and asked how the restaurant was doing. A few minutes passed after our exchange of pleasantries and another women named Kelly, who lived at the other end of the road I lived on and that I had known from Plum Crazy and the guys from the after hours parties, came into the bar. She went down to Tammy and started talking . She made the statement "He told 'Doc' that he wanted to work for the CIA, so 'doc and Jim are going to........". When I turned to look at her she began to whisper so that I couldn't hear her. Her statement was in regards to a statement I had made to 'Doc' in Plum Crazy about wanting to work for the CIA when I was in the Navy in 1984. Then not now. Also during this time one of the aforementioned Hispanic men started to be in the bar quite often.

Also during this time I had started playing the jukebox. I play older rock-n-roll. I asked the bartender if my music was o.k. to which she replied "I love the music you play". That was Judy the bartender. When I played the jukebox, I usually asked whoever was working if there was a song they would like to hear. One time I even let the doorman, Chris, play country on my quarters. Also right before the NCAA basketball tournament J.J. was selling brackets. This means for $10 you could guess all the games. I entered once in that pool. I also entered one other one where you get a first round game and if either team wins the tournament you win. This was also $10. My teams in the second pool were given to me by Brett, the bar owner. After his initial appearance, the young man in the flannel shirt made two more appearances each time reporting to Brett. His second appearance, he entered and spoke to Brett about 3-4 feet off to my right. I turned to see who came into the bar and he looked at me. While shaking his head he told Brett "He won't fuck you over no matter what".

His third appearance, he came in and stood behind me while I was sitting at the bar and told Brett, who was behind the bar, "He's supposed to be some kind of bad-ass". To which Brett replied "Well that's O.K.". After the third appearance, I was shooting pool, in the Mayfair, when a fight broke out by the pool tables. As I stood there, I heard one of the waitresses say "He just stands there".

At the pinball machines, on a couple of different occasions, I played against t Eric. One time I told him specifically that I didn't want anything to do with crack. Another time he asked why I didn't just put JIM into the machine when I got my name on the board, which happens on a pretty regular basis. I said "Because those are my initials, JMV, James Micheal Vierling Jr. There's no room for the Jr. or I would put it there too".

continued Monday James M. Vierling Jr.

Also one night, I was sitting at the bar playing the little quarter trivia machine, which sucks compared to NTN, when the waitress that night came up and told me one of the answers. I thanked her and told her to feel free to tell me any other answers. I also stated "Take care of your customers, If I'm playing when you come up go ahead and jump in". She did go back and forth for awhile, then Judy told her to go ahead and play, she would get the tables. I had played the juke box that night, $5 for 20 songs like usual. While we were playing the trivia game, I introduced myself and she said her name was Liz. About 10-15 minutes after I introduced myself, a song I had played came on the juke box. "What's your name" by Lynard Skynard. Liz was taking empty food containers back to the kitchen when Judy walked over to her and said how she thought this song was my way of asking Liz her name. Liz told her that we had already met. Judy said well we don't need that then and hit the eject button to skip the rest of the song. I was laughing, but it kinda sucked as I like the song.

The following evening in the bar, I was sitting in the stool just to the right of the waitress station. Liz again was one of the waitresses, Leslie was the other, I talked to Liz when she came up to get her drink orders. As I was talking to her, comments started going on all over the bar. J.J. leans over and says "Interesting". This was about my talking to Liz. Brett who is behind the bar asks Liz, as she is approaching, "Are you going to be alright?". Liz replies very timidly "Yeah, I'll be alright". When she gets to the bar, I extended my hand to shake her hand as in a regular handshake, and stated "You have nothing to worry about from me, I think you're cool as hell". (*NOTE Why everyone was so interested in who I talked to I don't know, But I definitely do not like it.)

One night in the Mayfair as I went to shoot pool, there were two women standing in the corner and one of them was talking on a cell phone. They were looking at me and acting like whoever they were talking to was talking about me. They then started to walk by me, I was at the middle table, and said "He says he knows Brian and Jason". I finished the rack, I was practicing by myself and only had one ball left, and sat down at the bar. The waitress that had been standing there walked up next to me. By this time I was pretty angry and I asked her "Do you know those two girls?". She said "Yes". I the said "Tell those two girls to send Brian and Jason my love". This was a bad choice of words meant as kind of a shout out. She looked at me kind of strange and I said "They know what I mean". Meaning it wasn't meant as a homosexual comment. Then I said "Tell them to tell them, I know what I want and I intend to bring it back with me". Hoping that if these people thought that I wanted a woman somewhere else they would stop harassing me, and as I put on the bulletin board at Walter's Vending due to their harassment "Keep your fucking noses out of my business". (*NOTE My business being my personal life.) I then stated "I like living here, I really do, and I plan on coming back and I know those boys can take care of themselves, but I'll believe it when I see it with my own two eyes". Again I was very angry and I wasn't planning on leaving let alone bringing anything back with me. I had just had enough of the harassment and went off.

The next evening when I went into the Mayfair, J.J. decided to stand up and yell across the bar "He said their names, they're gonna kill him" He made it a point to make sure I heard him and knew he was referring to me. This would have occurred approximately 2-3 weeks before I was forced out of my job at Walter's Vending. I did tell my employer at Walter's Vending, specifically Bob Walters, about the death threats. To this he replied "Well if they know much about the vending business, they won't come in here." "I'll shoot them". He was referring to the warehouse. This would also be about the time frame where my faxes to the F.C.C. would come into consideration.

Starting with Debra Hart's on air comment "If you want to know what my friends say ask them. If you want to know what I say ask me". "I like him". (*NOTE Considering she was making the harassment worse by including her whole listening audience. I don't like her.) This seemed rather odd as it was almost verbatim what I had said in the Mayfair prior to this.

After this, while doing my job, I was at Sundance stocking the machines by the customer waiting area. One of the service writers from the back came out into the area, about 10 feet to my left, and started talking to an old woman that was usually standing around that area. He made the comment "What do they mean, he can have anything, anywhere?". She replied "Shh, let's see what he does". I continued working. About 20 minutes later as I was leaving the machine area, I was done with the stop and heading back toward my truck. I passed a woman walking the other way. As is customary to a customer service job, I said "Hello". As she passed, she turned and said "Hello" followed by an "Oh" as I had turned to acknowledge her response. I continued to my truck and finished my route. The anything anywhere comment was related to a conversation I had with Eric previously in the Mayfair, while playing pinball.

continued tomorrow James M. Vierling Jr.

During this time frame, within about a week, the aforementioned Hispanic man, that was in the bar regularly, was sitting at a table. When I came in, I started playing pinball at the machine that was perpendicular to the front of the bar where people sat. A young man , that had been playing pool, walked over and began talking to the Hispanic man. After he finished talking, the young man then went up on the platform by the golf game and across to the pinball machine where I was standing, turned to his right and proceeded back to the pool tables. As he passed, since he was staring right at me, I said "How's it going man". He just walked by. I noticed this young man was wearing a thick gold chain with a large, about 3-4 inches, amulet at the bottom also gold.

On a different night a fat blonde guy, whom I had seen a couple of times in the bar before, was sitting at a booth with the one called "camper". I was sitting at the golf game when the fat blonde guy, I don't know his name, raised his voice and said "How much does he want to make? A hundred grand a year". I turned toward them and he was turned in the booth looking right at me. I turned back and continued playing golf. He then raised his voice again and stated "Shit, bring me a piece of ass and I'll work for you". Again, I turned to see him and "camper" looking right at me. Later that night right before I left, I sat at the bar and had a beer. At this time, I put $2 on the bar and told Judy that in case I didn't make it to the bar before he left the next day it was to buy "camper" a beer. I told her he knew what it was for. He bought a beer for me on a previous occasion and I wanted to pay him back. Also I didn't want to be involved with these people or think that I owed them anything. As I said he knew what it was for, Judy immediately raised her voice and announced to the whole bar "You want to buy 'camper' a beer". To which I replied "He bought me one, so I'm buying him one".

After this incident, while on my job, I went into Sundance to service the machines. As I walked into the garage area, a tall guy who worked back in the garage area walked past me and called me "Boss". My next stop was at Frank's Press Box where I used their pay phone to call the Mayfair. I spoke to the bartender, Alena or Elena, who was Todd's girlfriend. Todd being Eric's roommate. I told her the money I had left the night before was simply an apology if they thought I wanted to be involved in what they were talking about.

Speaking of Frank's Press Box, on a separate occasion while servicing the cigarette machine, there were about 3 or 4 older men sitting at the bar. One of them got up and walked behind the bar. He raised his voice and started telling a story. The story was about how he had went on a cruise and ran into a guy who was boasting about how he had made so much money selling cocaine. He said he had replied to this guy, "Man you're killing our children". He then made the comment "He's not biting"(*NOTE the latter being about me)

Also around this time in the Mayfair, I was sitting at the bar and began talking to a woman. At one point she asked me if I shot pool and I said yes, so we proceeded to shoot a few games. When we were done, she proceeded back to where she had previously been sitting at the bar. I put up the pool cues and started to head back to where I had previously been sitting. I came out of the pool room and went around the bar to my seat, as I was doing this a few guys at the dart boards were laughing. One of them then stated "He's following her around like a puppy".

We, the woman and I, continued to converse and another man at the end of the bar entered the conversation. She said she was leaving, to which I extended my hand, as in a handshake, and stated "You seem like a very nice person, it was nice meeting you". After she walked out, the same guy at the dart boards said "Lets see if he follows her". These guys at the dart boards were some of the semi-regular dart players from Plum Crazy. I would like to add at this point, that I had already tried several times to get back into Plum Crazy as my 30 days had expired.

I also called about 6 months later and talked to Tom Warner to see if I could come back in, to which he stated "No, once you have been banned you're pretty much banned for life". Back to the anything-anywhere comment at Sundance.

The next time I entered Sundance, to do my job, as I was servicing the machines in the customer waiting area, I was looking around when a couple of the female employees, the dark haired young woman at the switchboard and the older blonde haired woman mentioned before, started saying "He's looking for her. Where is she?". Followed by "She's hiding". As I finished servicing the machines the woman That I had said hello to walked by with her hand covering the side of her face. Since I did not have the opportunity to talk to her, I told the woman in the office where I paid the refunds to tell her "Tell her she has nothing to worry about from me, but I do find that rather insulting". The woman in the office, this would be the same woman that made the do you think you can handle it comment, said "What". I replied "What she just did". This was in reference to hiding her face as she walked by. I left and finished my route.

When I returned to the warehouse, I told my supervisor about the goings on at Sundance. During this discussion I stated "I don't want to be with any woman that doesn't want to be with me". Being with was in reference to having sex with. I also made the statement "As far as I am concerned, the powers that be around here owe her an apology". (*NOTE This doesn't mean that I have sex with any woman that wants to either. And as I have stated many times, I try to keep my job and my life separate and I do not have sex with women that I work with.)

continued tomorrow James M. Vierling Jr.

The next time I returned to Sundance to do my job, as I was waiting to enter the restroom, the woman that I said hello to entered the showroom. She looked at me and smiled. She walked past me and turned the corner to go back to the office area. As she did this she stated "I guess that's all he wanted".

Back at the Mayfair, as I was playing the video golf game with the couple who had previously offered me the job dealing cards, I noticed that the only other people in the bar were; Kelly, the one who had made the comment about what "doc" and Jim were going to do, who was by the pool tables with 3 men; "Shorty", "camper" and that bunch; the aforementioned Hispanic man, who was with another man that had his arm over what appeared to be a notebook.

As I continued to play the golf game, I asked the couple about the people in the bar. The female stated that "'Shorty' had a lot of connections and could get you anything you wanted". She then told me the Hispanic man's name, which was the first time I knew it, "That's Lopez". She then said he worked for the State and had a lot of connections also. I added "Well I know he hangs around with the boys in the gold chains". She seemed worried about my statement. She then added that in her opinion, "Shorty" was bigger.

As we continued to play golf, I heard the one named Lopez as he left the bar say "I'm not just going to walk over and hand it to him". I have no idea why he would want to hand anything to me, but I believe he was talking the notebook the man he was with was carrying.

The next time I went into the Mayfair, I played the juke box like usual and went to the golf game. After my $5 worth of songs had finished, a woman that was sitting in a booth behind "Shorty' and those guys, and who was seen talking to them, got up and went over to the juke box. She played one song, now not being a Tom Petty fan I don't know the title of the song, but it's the one that repeatedly states "Whatever you're looking for, don't come around here no more". As the song played , I looked around to see them looking at me. I continued to play the golf game. The same woman later, about 30 minutes, returned to the juke box and played the same song, again playing only one song. I looked around and again they were looking at me. Well about 30 minutes to an hour later, she did it again playing just one song. Again they all looked at me. This went on for a couple of days, the only exception being once she played a different song but she never played more than one song at a time and if I looked around they were looking right at me.

On a different night at the Mayfair, I was sitting at the bar near the pinball machines. I got up to play pinball and as I was playing, a couple of different women came out of the bathroom. I nodded to them as if to say hi, when I did this a guy who usually sat at the bar by the pinball machines made the comment "I guess he heard that and he's not to picky about it either". I continued to play pinball, then returned to my stool at the bar. Here I was approached by 3 women, there were about 20 women in a group there wearing name tags with what appeared to be dollar amounts on them, who asked me to go into the restroom and remove my boxer shorts and give them to them for a scavenger hunt that they were on. They previously asked if I wore boxers or briefs.

Anyway as the night progressed, I decided to go out to my car, which was technically still in my mother's name. On my way back into the bar, I was approached by a man that seemed to be coming out of the convenience store on the corner. This man said "How's it going man?". I said "Not too good". Followed by "I think I pissed off someone's boyfriend or something" we exchanged a couple of other remarks then I said "I'd like to keep that stop, it's a good money stop". He shook his head no. He then stated "This whole area is conservative". Motioning his hand toward the area of the lake. I said "Conservative? You mean republican?" He replied "Yeah republican". To which I replied "Is there anywhere around here a little more democratic?" He said "No, why don't you try Chicago". He then stated "I've only been here for two weeks and I already know that". I said If you've only been here for two weeks you shouldn't be talking to me". (*NOTE I also told him that I didn't want to be looking over my shoulder all the time as I didn't need that shit) I started to go back into the Mayfair, but the door person said repeatedly "Don't go in there , please don't go in there". I said I needed to get my jacket to which she said she would get it for me or have someone put it aside. I said whatever and started to walk home.

As I did the man I was just talking to had 2 women, that had come out of the bar, with him and stated "He thinks his shit don't stink". To this I threw my arms in the air and said "No, I'm just trying not to offend anyone". One of the women he was with said "He heard you". This was a Friday or Saturday night. I went back the next day to retrieve my jacket and car. I did not return that night.

The following Monday, I went to work as usual. When I got to Sundance and was servicing the machines by the customer waiting area, the aforementioned older blonde woman and one of the office girls made the statements "What's he doing here?", "I thought he told him not to come in here anymore". Again they made it quite evident that I was not welcome there thru being very rude. This was my last week on the job at Walter's vending.

Also during my last week at Walter's Vending, one morning while on my way to work around 4:00 a.m., I came to the intersection of Lake Lansing road and Saginaw highway. I was heading westbound on Lake Lansing, as I got to the intersection the light changed to red for Lake Lansing. While I was slowing for the light, I noticed a white full size conversion van sitting on the shoulder of Saginaw hwy. facing in what would be a southbound direction. The van turned on its lights and started moving, it crossed to the left turn lane and turned onto Lake Lansing road heading eastbound. As the van passed by me, the driver slowed and made a point to lower his sunglasses, odd in itself at 4:00a.m., and glare at me. I continued to work and did my job.

continued tomorrow James M. Vierling Jr.

(*NOTE At this time I would also like to include the fact that I had a discussion with my employer at Walter's Vending about the radio stations use of music to harass me.)

Also as I went into Quality Dairy to get a newspaper one day, a man in a gray suit that had been standing at the counter walked past me. I was bending down to get a newspaper when he came around the end of the counter and leaned toward me and made sure I saw the menacing glare he was giving me.

The aforementioned Quality Dairy was the one at the corner of Marsh road and Lake Lansing road. Around the same time, between my last week of employment at Walter's Vending and when I started at Mid-City Produce, I entered the Mayfair thru the front door, walked to the second or third stool past the waitress station and sat down. As I entered, I noticed a table that was directly behind the stool I sat in was occupied by 3 men. There was also one man seated at the bar on the side by the pool tables.

After I sat down, I placed a food order. I then got up to play the juke box and a game of pinball while I waited for my food. As I walked up to the juke box, the man at the bar by the pool tables made a comment towards the effect of he wouldn't do that if he were me. I played $3 worth of music then a game of pinball. I finished with my pinball game and returned to my seat at the bar. As I was eating my food, one of the men at the table behind me let out a very annoying, very loud laugh. I turned to see where the laugh was coming from then returned to my meal. As I returned to my meal, another of the men at the table made the comment "He only turns far enough to see where the noise is coming from". This was followed by "Smart man". During this exchange behind me the waitress, Erin, came behind the bar. I made the comment "There I played mellow music. Is that better for you?". I finished my meal, had a beer and left. (*NOTE around this time is the beginning of the harassment by the radio stations in my home also.)

My birthday, April 24th, fell in between my employment at Walter's Vending and my employment at Mid-City Produce and I decided to get myself a birthday present. I went to the local driving range and hit a couple of buckets of balls. I returned home and went online. I searched for a local escort service. Only one came up, so I called and gave them my name and address. They called back and gave me a description of 4 different escorts to choose from. I made an appointment for 5:00 p.m. at my apartment. She arrived at about 5:15 p.m. I paid her for an hour and we proceeded. I ended up keeping her for another hour and paid for it also. She made several comments during the 2 hours. She made comments about how she had spent all day at the car dealership buying her new truck, I noticed later as she was leaving it was a greenish blue S-10 pick-up truck. She also stated how she had her own apartment in Grand Ledge and lived by herself. She also stated how she had run away from home when she was 14 and started making adult movies and how she was 21 now. This was also the age given, over the phone, by the escort agency. After the 2 hours, she left. This seems relevant due to the next time I went into the Mayfair, the cook and Judy were having a conversation. While once again looking right at me, the cook exclaimed "Two hours!". She then stated "Well I guess it's just shut up and take your clothes off then".

Shortly after this I started my employment at Mid-City produce, also as a route driver. On my first day of employment, as I was talking Chris, a different Chris than the bouncer at the Mayfair or the dart player at Plum Crazy, he stated "Look what we got for you". As he said this, a woman came through the door. He then stated "Hello Jenna, I mean Jonna". The escorts name was Jenna.

While in training for one of the routes at Mid-City produce, I was driving north on route 31 when I noticed what appeared to be a man made hill on the west side of the road. I asked the man that was training me, Chris, "What's with that hill?". He said it was nothing. This would be the hill mentioned by Tim Barron in my faxes to the F.C.C. Also one Saturday morning, I returned to Sundance and went into the used car sales department. A woman came up to me and introduced herself as Terra Hanks. She extended her hand, as in a hand shake, I shook her hand and said "Hi my name is Jim, Jim Vierling". She then proceeded behind the desk and told me to have a seat on the other side. I sat down. She reached over and took one of her business cards out of the holder on the desk. She then reached across the desk and put the card into my shirt pocket. I retrieved the card to look at it and stated "Interesting spelling". In regards to her name. Anyway, she took out a sales application and asked me for my name, address and phone number. I gave them to her and she wrote them down. So she was trying to sell me a car. Since this was not the same woman that appeared in the Sundance commercials as Terra Hanks, this would be my comment about fraud in my faxes to the F.C.C. (*NOTE The only reason that I went there in the first place was due to the harassment through the radio stations. This would also coincide with the harassment through WCUZ's web site. which might I add that I would never have been listening to if it wasn't for the harassment on the local stations and I DO NOT like country music. I will get into this further as I continue.)

On a Wednesday, when I returned from my route at Mid-City produce, I backed the truck into the dock. When I got out of the truck, I noticed a man approaching from the south end of the lot, He was walking. I went up on the dock to remove the two-wheeler and take it and my paperwork inside. As I got to the back of my truck, the man I had noticed before came up on the dock. He started asking questions about the trucks and the names of my employers to contact about the trucks. His demeanor suggested that he was not a salesman. I tried not to look at this man directly, however he leaned over and didn't give me much choice. I stood up and continued the discussion, looking right at him. He was there about 5-10 minutes. He left and I finished my job and went home. (*NOTE this would be the man that they used his face in the attack with the psychotronic weaponry. This occurred within days of his appearance at my job. This would be the face flash incident that I described in my earlier e-mails.)

continued tomorrow James M. Vierling Jr.

(*NOTE Right about the end of my employment at Walter's Vending, is when they started with the harassment and fraud thru the television commercials. Then proceeded on the local news and so on.)

One morning at Mid-City produce, a man came in to get an order for his restaurant. This man later showed up in Sundance commercials, they introduced him as John. This man also passed me on my route one day in a red car with the license plate JMV 37, a blue and white license plate. (*NOTE I would also like to add the immediately after the aforementioned face flash incident is when a variety of different people started saying they could hear my thoughts or just responding to them. I will get into this in further detail after the 70 pages.)

Speaking of license plates, may I add that I have never had personalized license plates, a man in a black Mustang passed me on my way home from work. This was on Lake Lansing road about a mile east (*NOTE should be west) of Marsh road. This man's license plate read JAYSEN, he also showed up in Sundance commercials.

There was also the time when I got off work and went to Quality Dairy on Marsh road. AS I was inside making my purchase, a limousine pulled in the parking lot and a very large man and a woman with short red hair got out and went inside. This woman appeared to be a woman I had seen in a live sex show on the Internet. (*NOTE By the time they screwed me out of my job at Walter's Vending, I wasn't about to have sex with anyone in that town. Hence the escort.)

Other odd occurrences that happened in Lansing and vicinity, would include being followed by a man in a Chrysler Sebring. I say followed because when I noticed him behind me, I made several turns and sped up to go thru a yellow light. He stayed behind me and to go thru the light had to enter on red. The Sebring was a kind of pinkish-tan. The man had a very large bald head. After that a large man (*NOTE I am six foot three in tennis shoes and before the harassment was an in shape 220lbs. now unfortunately about 270+.) started showing up every time I went to the grocery stores. This happened 3-4 times and each time he walked passed me, he looked right at me with a grin or smirk on his face. Each time he showed up, I noticed a maroon full size Dodge Ram pick-up parked by my vehicle, a 92 Geo Metro, when I left the stores.

Once while doing my laundry at Quality Dairy on Marsh road. the same Ram pick-up pulled in. This time a woman got out of the truck. She came in, walked to the laundry area, stopped and smiled at me and went over to the pay phones. She made a phone call and left. There were many more instances and conversations. I can give very accurate descriptions of people where I do not know the names.

While in Michigan, I was unsure of who to report this to due to things like Brett the owner of the Mayfair saying how he talks to the governor, John Engler, all the time. And both the governor and the mayor of Lansing calling in to the Tim & Deb morning show to express how good of friends they were with them.

Also as in my faxes to the F.C.C., the harassment seems to have followed me, might have preceded me, to the South Bend- Mishawka Indiana area where I now reside.(*NOTE This is the end of the first 37 pages that I sent to the F.B. I. along with the 6 pages already sent to the F. C. C..)

I then signed and printed my name and faxed to the F.B.I. this was sent on 10-18-02.

continue with the rest starting tomorrow James M. Vierling Jr.

Thank you for taking the time to read what I have sent so far. I am going to send you the rest of the faxes that I sent to the F.B.I. Then I will get into the radio and television specifics. Maybe something in these will help to identify people involved. As far as networking goes, I can try , but I only have use of the library computer for an hour a day and I need to try and read as much as I can about this problem.

Again here are the rest of the faxes, about 30 or so pages. After I have sent them please feel free to ask any questions you may have about them. I will send them to you in the order that I sent them to the F.B.I. (*NOTE The faxes to the F.B.I. were written after the psychotronic weaponry was turned up or made worse. I tried to correct spelling and punctuation in what I sent you. I did not proofread them either.)

This next fax was sent on 10-21-02.

I am sending this fax to verify that you received my previous faxes. There should have been a total of 44 pages that were sent on 10-18-02. A response would be appreciated. Again I can be reached by fax at (574)255-7332. Have a nice day. Thank you James M. Vierling Jr.

In response, I received the following statement on an official F.B.I. letterhead coversheet. "We received the 44 page fax. No information was provided that would necessitate an F.B.I. investigation. It was from Ron Ryniah or Rynian very hard to read. Dated 10-21-02.

To this response, I sent back the following. I thank you for your time in reading my faxes and your expediency in your reply. If you think any other agency, IRS, FCC, and DEA etc. would be interested in the aforementioned faxes, please feel free to forward to them. Have a nice day. Thank you and signed it. (*NOTE I also sent a request for verification of receiving my faxes to both the FCC and NCAA but they did not respond.)

The next fax was sent on 11-08-02. For the record, I have never owned any kind of equipment to broadcast from my place of residence. This would include, but not be limited to, any equipment to broadcast via the Internet, radio or television. Nor have I ever been in possession of said equipment. No one has ever had my permission to broadcast anything said or done in the privacy of my home, or place of residence.

No one has ever had my permission to listen to or view anything said or done in the privacy of my places of residence either. Any and all such occurrences as stated above, I would gladly prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. This would include past present or future occurrences of this nature. Again dated and signed.

The next fax was sent on 11-12-02. Regarding my earlier faxes, I would be more than happy to sit down with facial composition software and put faces on the people mentioned in them. This would also include the people mentioned in the faxes to the FCC. Speaking of computers, I tried to get your attention about the harassment almost 2 years ago. I logged on to the FBI website and read about it taking down my name and IP address.

I then went to the WMMQ website and into a newsgroup. I had hoped to leave a cookie trail. Had it not been for all of the threats and harassment going on, I would have reported the scum in the newsgroups much sooner. (*NOTE I also brought up the newsgroups during the time that the people were invading my privacy and harassing me through radio and television. Which has led to several accusations by those people and statements regarding framing me and extortion attempts. The newsgroups would contain the people mentioned in the statements by Colin Powell and Pat Robertson. Any questions about them will be answered as I would love to see people like that busted.) Also on the computer note, within 3-4 weeks of my birthday, April 24th 2000, there were some interesting broadcasts on the WCUZ website. Dated and signed.

The next fax was sent on 11-19-02. Not only did I go to the FBI website 2 years ago, I also tried to contact the ICLU about the harassment over a year ago. I called the ICLU twice, but received no reply. However the weatherman on the local TV. station, WSBT, did make the on air comment "You sounded pretty convincing on the phone. We'll check into it". This comment seemed rather odd, since my calls to the ICLU were about them harassing me in the first place. This goes with the faxes to the FCC. There are many, many more on air comments by both radio and television people other than what was listed in my faxes to the FCC. Signed and dated.

will be continued on Monday. James M. Vierling Jr.

I realize that the F.B.I. won't help, however I would like to get the stuff that I already sent them out there. Don't know maybe someone else has had a similar experience with the same people. Please bear with me as it will only be about a week or so worth of e-mails to get finished with what I sent to them. As far as the radio and television harassment more will be in the remaining pages. Then I have a whole list of others. AS for the psychotronic attacks, I will go into the specifics after that.

These were sent on 11-25-02. The following faxes are ones that were written at various times during the past 2 1/2 years about the ongoing harassment. Pertaining to the on air comments listed in these faxes and in previous faxes, how do the people making the threats and harassing comments know that the person or persons that they are talking to are listening or viewing at that time?

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While residing in the Lansing Michigan area approximately 2 1/2 years ago, my life was going fine. I had a good paying job, paid insurance, my own apartment and was getting my life in order. I was in good health both physically and mentally. When a bunch of useless pieces of shit decided to destroy my life. My job was at Walter's Vending, route driver, may I add that I have never worked for any Internet site, nor have I ever owned any sort of camera or voice activated software.

When I arrived in the Lansing Michigan area, 4-24-97, I moved in with my sister and her family. I had 2 blankets, 2 pillows, and 1 suitcase full of clothes, 1 40 oz. box full of clothes and 1 40 oz. box full of various kitchen items and paperwork and various personal items. The money I had when I arrived was one dime. I arrived by bus thru a ticket that was purchased by my sister for me.

Over the following 2 1/2-3 years, I had several jobs and finally found one that I enjoyed very much, Walter's Vending. I had gotten past mistakes taken care of, dui charges in Adrian, had my own apartment, gotten a car, bought a computer and was about to get another mistake taken care of. When the harassment, terrorism, threats and destruction of my life occurred.

The harassment started approximately January of 2000 with the pin-dicks at Plum Crazy sports bar. (*NOTE I had no contact with the people at Traveler's Club between when I left and when they showed up at Plum Crazy.) signed

Page 1 of 3 (*NOTE I sent all of the older writings at once. Might be some redundancies.)

While residing in the Lansing area between 4-24-97 and 5-26-01, and the South Bend area from 5-26-01 to present. WMMQ, WITL, WJIM, WCUZ and various other radio stations throughout the state of Michigan, also radio stations in the South Bend- Mishawaka area. Have been harassing me for a little over two years now.

Someone bugged my apartment and my mother's apartment and used the broadcast capabilities of said radio stations to threaten and harass me. They also used their stations to misrepresent themselves and to try and get me to go to places where my life would be in jeopardy. Their threats went from taking my life, to taking the lives of my relatives and anyone that I talked to about the harassment. They also have some sort of technology where they listen to everything I say in my car and even when I am outside.

They used their Internet site, including broadcasting different music thru their website than they were playing on air. They used their radio industry connections to spread rumors and to get other stations involved in the harassment, threats and destruction of my life.

They used the elected officials in the area to harass me and try to scare me out of reporting the harassment. They went so far as to try and tell me that my parents were not my parents. This was confirmed at a later date when Debra Hart said that she was "Mom" over the air. Other things they harassed me with, they tried to get out of by saying that "They're just girls", and " its just a hill" over the air when I was driving the moving van my mother had rented to move to the south Bend-Mishawaka area.

Mark Stevens also said "I'm your boogey man" over the airways. Meaning he was one of the people involved in the initial threats and harassments that have been continuing for the past 2+ years now.

Also approximately 8 months after the harassment had started, I sent an e-mail to one of the people harassing me, Tim Barron, that said "You and all of your friends are pieces of shit". Within 3 days of sending this e-mail, both the mayor of Lansing and the governor of Michigan called the radio station to say how good of friends they were with the Tim Barron and Debra Hart.

Also around the same time, I sent an e-mail to Debra Hart that said to the effect that she was the embarrassment to ABC 53 and that she left a lot to be desired as a human being. Which she responded to with her appearance as the hosts of Sci-Fi Psycho Sunday by stating on air "What was the biggest mistake you ever made?" This kind of harassment went on from early 2000 until I moved to Mishawaka in May of 2001.

The radio stations here started harassing me before I even pulled into the apartment complex with the moving truck. This would be due to the statement made on WMMQ by Debra Hart the day I was bringing the moving truck home from the rental place in Lansing. She made the on air comment "We can go ahead and plant some things" (*NOTE her comment was "That will give me time to plant some things") While waiting for my mother to catch up at the off ramp of the toll road in Indiana, The radio station people started making comments about the conversation I was having with the man that rode with me to help us move.

Also one day when I was driving home from a temporary assignment job, the DJ on WAOR said "I went up to Lansing and talked to a station manager friend and I think its really funny". He then stated "None of this music is about me". This statement was in reference to the harassment and illegal bugging of mine and my mother's apartments.

Which this harassment, by the way still occurs thru both radio and television. I have many specific instances to point out and will be contacting lawyers about a harassment lawsuit against these people. (*NOTE I have not contacted a lawyer. Which after learning about the psychotronic part am glad that I have held off on doing so. Also every time that I wrote one of these the TV. people would start their shit again with the threats to frame me for various crimes that I have not nor would not commit. )

continued tomorrow James M. Vierling Jr.

P.S. As you will see when I get into the scope of the harassment, I want to get the truth out there.

Starting with two more that had been previously written.

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For the past 18 to 21 months, maybe longer, people have been using their positions in the media to harass me. To my knowledge, it started with the local radio stations in Lansing, Michigan and continued on to the local TV. stations there. Then it went on to the networks.

I relocated to Mishawaka Indiana and the local radio and television stations here picked up where the others were. They have some sort of bugging or listening devices set-up to where they can listen to what I am saying in the privacy of my own home. This is plain and simple harassment. I will be contacting a lawyer to sue them.

My name is James M. Vierling Jr. and any broadcasting of anything that occurs in the privacy of my home is done without my permission and against my will. This also includes any use of my image or conversations in my home over the internet or elsewhere. your investigations into this matter would be greatly appreciated. I would have contacted you sooner, but I felt that my life was threatened due to their actions during this harassment. I can be contacted thru a fax at (574)255-7332, for further details on this matter.


On to the next. For slightly over 2 years now the television industry has been using their broadcasting capabilities to harass, threaten and torment me. It started while I was residing in the Lansing Michigan area and continues now that I am residing in the South Bend, Indiana area. (*NOTE It is the south bend- Mishawaka area)

Again this is happening because someone illegally bugged my apt. and my mother's apts. Not to mention the fraud they committed by using different people claiming to be the same person. Examples of this would include, but not be limited to, The use of at least 6 different people claiming to be Terra Hanks, The use of at least 3 different people claiming to be newscaster Andrea Seal, the use of at least 3 different people as Debra Hart, and the use of 2 different people as the daughter in the Medawar jewelers commercials.

They have also been using several of their live news and entertainment shows to harass me. They do this by responding to things that I do or say in the privacy of mine and my mother's apartments. I have repeatedly stated that they are doing this illegally and that no one has ever had my permission to use anything said or done in the privacy of my place of residence.

They also use clips of their shows and some commercials to harass and threaten me. They have also used live sports broadcasting announcers to harass, threaten and respond to statements made in the privacy of my places of residence.

Also religious programming. These -+actions would have been reported at an earlier date, but their inclusions of government officials and statements to the effect of police and government agencies being involved in this harassment and destruction of my life made me unsure of who to report it to.

When I was in the process of moving to the south bend- Mishawaka area, I was having a discussion with my mother in her apartment where I was forced to live due to the harassment. WE were discussing travel arrangements when one of the CBS female news anchors said "You're steering will break". They have used the airways to not only harass but to mislead and accuse me of things I did not do. They even went so far as to say that they could hear my thoughts. This may be possible thru technology, but if so has never been agreed to or wanted by me.

I have too many specific instances to list here, but will gladly point them out to the proper people. I will also be contacting a lawyer to file a harassment case against these people. Signed

The next will be the start of a 10 page fax that I sent to the F.B.I. on 12-02-02.

In regards to my previous faxes, I would like to add a few more things. In Plum Crazy sports bar, while having a discussion with "Doc", I mentioned to him that I owed the city of Kettering, Ohio $250 on an outstanding fine. He stated that he would loan me the money to pay it. I stated back that I had my income tax check coming back soon and that I would take care of it then. Due to the harassment that was going on at the time I got my income tax check back, and getting forced out of my job at Walter's Vending, I felt that it would be rather dangerous to my health to contact the authorities about paying off the fine. "Doc's" statement also comes to light again while they were harassing me. As I was sitting in my apartment, 1692 Lake ct. #2, the people on the radio stations responded to my comments by saying "I said I would loan you the money". Since no one else had said that they would loan me any money, nor had I asked anyone to borrow any money this struck me as quite odd.

Again the radio comments and harassment started in March of 2000. Also at one point during the harassment, I drove past the Mayfair and Plum Crazy, and noticed 3 or 4 black Harley Davidson motorcycles parked in the lot that runs in front of both bars. I proceeded home. As I was at home, the radio harassment continuing, I could hear the motorcycles start up. I lived about a 1/4 mile from the bars, in walking distance. After they started, they proceeded to the light at Lake Lansing and Marsh roads, where I could hear them idling. They then proceeded west on Lake Lansing at a slow pace until they got to the point where they were behind the house that contained my apartment. When they reached this point they gunned their engines, but they did not accelerate away until after 3 or 4 rev ups. As I could hear them proceed down Lake Lansing, one of them turned around and at an idle came back past my apartment and turned down the road that leads back to where my apartment was located. This person then turned around and rode away. As this person was doing this, the radio station people made the on air comments "He didn't move". This was followed by "Maybe he's asleep". To which I replied "No I'm wide awake".

At this time the harassment would have been happening on both WMMQ and WITL. Coincidentally they are located in the same building. Also at one point while I lived in my apartment, 1692 Lake ct. #2, I received a phone call from someone who identified himself as George. When I answered the phone, the man stated as if he knew me "This is George". We exchanged a couple of statements when I noticed that I could hear my voice repeating in the background. When I asked "Why do I hear my voice repeating in the background?" He replied "It's just a computer call, nothing to worry about". AS I am unfamiliar with phone calls made thru a computer and did not possess any technology to make them myself, I said that he must have a wrong number and hung up.

I had previously stated that he must have a wrong number before I asked about hearing my voice in the background. The phone in my apartment was in my mother's name, Gloria Vierling, as is the fax machine used to send this. The phone was in her name because the phone company refused to install one in my name. I have copies of faxes sent to the phone company stating that I had reside with my mother in the upstairs apartment and that I was not the one responsible for the outstanding phone bills accrued by the previous tenants. As I have never had any phone in my name before this seemed odd. I have never owned a cell phone either and actually I just learned how to use one a couple of months ago.

Continued tomorrow James M. Vierling Jr.

After I quit my job at Mid-City produce, where I was a route driver and where the harassment from the radio stations started all over the state, I could no longer afford my apartment. My mother signed her car that I had been driving over to me. When we went to the Secretary of State office in East Lansing to have this done, the clerk wrote down that the transfer was from mother to daughter. She then said "Oops I wrote down daughter, I'll just cross it out and write son". She acted as though it was some sort of joke. At this time I would like to point out one of the comments made by a television newscaster here in Mishawaka- South Bend. Between May 26 , 2001 and December 31, 2001 on WSBT the news anchor, Debra Daniels, made the on air comment "They couldn't convince you that you were a woman. How strong minded are you?".

After the car was put in my name, I was going to leave town. I packed up all of my stuff into my car, a 1992 silver Geo Metro hatchback, and left. I had planned to move back to the Kettering, Ohio area. When I left my mothers apartment, 1692 Lake ct. #3, I had $700. I filled my gas tank, bought a cup of coffee and headed south on US 127.

As I got into Ohio on 127 where it makes a jog east-west instead of north south, as a part of US 20, the radio stations had been harassing me the whole way. At this point, it was approximately 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. the radio station I was listening to placed a commercial that stated "You can talk to me in your car, just don't do it when anyone else is around".

I continued south on 127 when I came up to a traffic jam. This traffic jam, I learned was caused by an accident. The police had stopped traffic for the emergency vehicles. This was either Defiance or Paulding county. The accident appeared to be a single vehicle, a white GM product, either a Grand Am or a Bonneville that was pretty much wrapped around a tree. The tree was in the front yard of someone's house about 15-20 feet to the right of the southbound lane. The officer directing traffic glared at me when I passed. He appeared to be about 40-45 years old, approximately 6 feet tall and about 180-190 pounds. This was a pretty bad accident so it shouldn't be too hard to get the exact date. I continued south on 127 until I reached Interstate 70. I headed east on 70 to Interstate 75. I then went south on 75. The radio station harassment continued the entire way, and when I got to the greater Dayton area, approximately 5:00 to 7:00 p.m., I was listening to WTUE. When I got to where 4 and 75 meet, known as malfunction junction in the area, the disc jockey on Wtue made the on air comment "I don't want to be your friend".

I proceeded to the Kettering-Moraine exit and got off the highway. I drove into Kettering to the Red Horse Motel to spend the night. I got a room. I then decided to go get something to eat. I went to the Wendy's restaurant at the corner of Dorothy Lane and South Dixie highways. As I entered the restaurant, a young man about 15 years old looked at me and said "Why would he come back here?". I had never seen this person before. I went back to my room and ate, took a shower and was going to go visit old friends in Kettering. While I was eating, I turned on the television and the same harassment that had been going on continued. I turned off the television. As I drove toward a bar I used to frequent, Katz, some years before. The radio harassment made me not want to visit anyone and get them involved.

I started back to the motel and stopped at the convenience store at the corner of Stroop and South Dixie. When I pulled in, there were 2 Kettering police cruisers in the lot. One of them left as I got out of my car. When I got out of my car, the female officer standing by her cruiser looked over at me. I nodded my head. She appeared to be about 5'9", blonde hair, 145 pounds and in her late twenties. The look she gave me made me feel rather uneasy. I went in bought a six-pack and returned to my motel room. I entered my room, turned on the television and once again the on air people started their harassment. I sat there for about 30-45 minutes got pissed at the harassment loaded what I had brought into the room back into my car and was going back to Lansing.

I should have talked to a couple of police officers I know, but I didn't. If you want to contact them their names would be Mark Armstrong or Terry Crawford. Last I knew they were still Kettering police officers.

On my way out of Dayton, I drove thru town and out east 5th street. I drove past 5th street billiards about a 1/2 mile turned around and drove back. As I drove past the first time I saw a woman standing in front of the Dairy Mart, when I looked at her she started waving her arms. I did not stop. After I turned around, I drove back by stopping only at the BP station on main street to buy a fountain drink for the drive back.

I got on 35 to 75 and headed north. I got back to my mother's apartment around 10:30 to 11:30 p.m. I moved back in with her having to sleep on the couch until we moved to the Mishawaka- South Bend area on May26, 2001. When I got back, I still had $630. I also still had 4 beers in the six-pack, having drank 1 and poured 1/2 of another one out when I left the room.

Again after I returned to Lansing and moved in with my mother the harassment continued thru both radio and television. I will be writing down all of the threats and harassing comments and those that were made in response to comments or conversations that I had with my mother in the privacy of her apartment and sending them to the FCC. Also the comments made while I resided in my apartment downstairs and during the time I have resided in my mother's apartment here in the Mishawaka-South bend area.

continued tomorrow James M. Vierling Jr.

After I returned to the Lansing area, other than a few temporary jobs assignments thru Career Quest and Westaff and one cooking job at Sparty's Coney Island in East Lansing, I spent most of my time in the privacy of my mother's apartment. Since the harassment had been spread all over town. Occasionally, I would go for a drive around the area and when I turned on the radio in my car, the harassment would continue.

Basically the harassment that had been going on thru radio and television never stopped even after I moved to the Mishawaka-South Bend area. Personally I think it sucks and want it stopped. I have stated this repeatedly in both mine and my mother's apartments in the Lansing area and also in my mother's apartment in Mishawaka. I have also stated many times in the privacy of mine and my mother's apartments in the Lansing area and also in the Mishawaka apartment that I would sue both radio and television if they did not stop harassing me. I have also stated repeatedly in the privacy of said apartments that under no circumstances would I consider working for or in the radio, television or entertainment industries. Also that under no circumstances would I work for organized crime or deal drugs. (*NOTE if marijuana were legal I would grow my own and not even have to purchase it) I have also repeated many times that under no circumstances would I be interested in being involved in religion or politics. At one point I even got out my birth certificate because they kept playing the "Who are you" song to harass me in the privacy of mine and my mother's apartments. After I got out my birth certificate, the disc jockey on WMMQ at the time, Bill Elliot, made the on air comment "That should make it easier". They used both comments and music to further the harassment.

Another example of using music to harass me would be when I lived in my downstairs apartment, a man with a deep voice came over the radio station, WMMQ, and performed several songs. As he was singing, I said something about the music to which he replied "You're stepping on my songs". He made a few other comments. At a later date when I had moved back into my mother's apartment, I made a reference to this harassment. When I did, the older blonde evening newscaster on the local CBS news, made the on air comment "His music is scary". To which I replied "Only that they call it music". Also to my reference about this man, Mark Stevens made the on air comment on WMMQ "I'm your boogeyman". The deep voiced man was on the radio not too long after the on air comments by Jim Merrick, again I don't know how to spell his last name. On the Jim Merrick note, I saw him perform several times at Katz bar in Kettering, Ohio approximately late 1989 to mid 1990. He was about 5'10" to 6' tall, about 150-160 pounds, had blonde hair, clean shaven, mid to late 30's. He performed with a woman. She was slightly shorter, long straight blonde hair, white blonde, fairly attractive. She mainly stayed on the other side of the dance floor/stage area. I had a couple of conversations with him. At a later date, while I resided again in my mother's apartment, between the beginning of August 200 and December 31,2000, I had made several comments about how what I had written on the bulletin board at Walter's Vending was in reference to my personal life.

I then made the comment to the effect of saying the woman that had performed with Jim Merrick was attractive. As I finished this statement, Debra Hart appeared on television and stated "We need to get together and discuss business". This was not a normal promo for her television show. I also made the comment several times in my mother's apartment one day that I thought I was talking to the FBI. This was responded to by Dan Rathers' on air comment "The FBI blew the investigation".

Again there are many other comments made by both radio and television people. A few more examples would include comments on the radio, WMMQ; I was reading the classified job ads one morning when I went back to my mother's room where she was packing for an overnite stay on her job. I stated "I could apply for the desk position at Lansing Towers". As I walked back to the table where I was sitting, Debra Hart stated on air "I don't care if you know where I live". May I add that I have never been to Lansing Towers nor could I tell you where it is. In reference to the aforementioned table, as I sat down one morning, Tim Barron made the on air comment "He's sitting at that table again". This seems rather odd since the way my mother's apartment was situated I had blankets over the windows so that the morning sun wouldn't wake me up.

Back to the threats and other harassment, I recently tried to send an e-mail to the census bureau from the library. This e-mail was to find out if the two different people that came to my apartment when I lived downstairs, between April 2000 and June 2000 were actually census takers. The first being about 6' to 6'2" tall, balding, wire frame glasses, about 175-185 pounds and mid 40's. This man was there twice. The second was about 5'9" to 5'11" tall, brown hair shoulder length, about 160-170 pounds and mid 30's to mid 40's.

Also as I reread my previous faxes, I saw that I left out some other appearances. Within a day or two after J.J. shouted across the bar that people were out to kill me, I got off work at Walter's Vending and stopped at Quality Dairy on marsh road. As I walked in, a young man was standing at the counter talking to the sales clerk. He made the statement "There's supposed to be some big dude says he knows Brian and Jason". The clerk replied "That's the man right there". The clerk was looking at me as he said this. I turned to the young man at the counter and said "How's it going man?". He replied "Good". I proceeded to the cooler area, got what I wanted, went to the register and paid for it. AS I walked out the door, the previously mentioned young man was at the pay phone in the Laundromat area of the store. He made the statement "It's Jim". I went out to my car and as I opened the door to get in, I looked to the right of the parking lot. There was a white van parked there with another man sitting in the driver's seat. I could also see the top of someone else's head. This van is either the same one mentioned in my previous 37 page fax that drove by my in the morning or one very similar. The two appearances of the van or vans are about 2 to 3 weeks apart.

The young man at the counter would be Patty, don't know last name. The one in the van would be Bobby, again don't know last name. A few days later, after the people at Quality Dairy, as I was driving home from work, a red Ford Probe came up on my right. The driver was a blonde female and in the passenger seat was a male covering his face with his hand. The passenger then motioned for the driver to turn, they turned left into the parking lot by the Kroger store on Lake Lansing road. The female driver would be Brian's girlfriend, I also saw her again here in the Mishawaka area. This time she was driving a maroon GM product. This occurred at the gas station convenience store on Lincoln Way east of Bittersweet at the next road that goes north. She was with two other females, both blondes, one older one younger than her.

Back to the Lansing area, the passenger could have been Brian as he drove a red Ford Probe. Also at the time of the "Hello" incident at Sundance, as I was doing my job stocking the vending machines, I left the vending machine area to go back to my truck. When I turned to the showroom, there were two men standing in front of me. One of these men was an employee of Sundance that I had seen there before, the other one was Jason. In the process of doing my job, I passed by him again as I was leaving. I said "How's it going man?" He did not reply and I continued on my job. A few days later as I was leaving Sundance, again on my job, a man came out of the office area to where the operator sits. I turned as I went out the showroom door and he looked at me and smiled . This man looked to me like the aforementioned Brian. The Jason at the showroom is not the same man as the one in the Mustang with the JAYSEN license plates that was later introduced as Jason in the Sundance commercials.

Also months later on the sci-fi psycho Sunday program, Debra Hart introduced someone as Brian and said he was leaving. I have never seen that person before that. As for the man introduced as John in the Sundance commercials, the first I ever saw this man was when he came into Mid-City produce. This man is not the man that Jason said was his brother John, that would be the Jason in the showroom. I have never spoken to either the man in the black Mustang or the John in the Sundance commercials other than maybe a greeting when he came into Mid-City produce. On the subject of John, back toward the beginning of when they started harassing me in my apartment, they made the comment over the radio "They think you're John". This would be why I have repeatedly stated that my name is James Micheal Vierling Jr.

The reason Micheal is spelled ea is that when I enlisted in the navy in 1983, my first day of boot camp was January 2, 1984 company 008 Great Lakes Recruit Training Command, I thought that is how my name was spelled. Laugh here. Anyway when the sailor that was reviewing my paperwork noticed that I had spelled it wrong, he gave me the choice of refilling out all of the forms in triplicate again or filling out a name change form in triplicate. I opted for the name change.

My time in the Navy was brief, about 8-81/2 months, if you care to check it out.

Dated 12-02-02 and signed end of ten page fax.

On to the next fax. I would also like to add that due to this harassment, I lost a good job at Walter's vending, and have been harassed at every job since. I moved to Mishawaka on May 24, 2001, with my mother. (*NOTE date should be May 26) I didn't have much choice but to move here since I had no job or place to stay in Lansing.

When I moved here I immediately sought employment. I put in applications at most of the temporary employment agencies. As I was waiting to be interviewed at Manpower, I overheard the woman that interviewed me say to another interviewer "I'm going to look him in the eye". The other interviewer replied "Are you crazy?" This would be part of the bullshit rumors started by the assholes involved in the harassment in Lansing. When I refer to Lansing, I am referring to the area around Lansing. From Grand Ledge to Meridian Township and down to Charlotte. After the interview at Manpower, the woman that interviewed me, a somewhat attractive blonde, mid 20's to 30's, called me back and gave me an assignment at Hickory Village apartment complex. The job was as an apartment redecker. Fixing apartments between lessees. I went to work there. As I needed to be trained on most of it, they put me with a trainer. This trainer was a male mid 40's around 5'9" about 165-175 pounds lived in the apartment complex. The first couple of days, this man brought a radio with him. I mentioned during this time that I wasn't real fond of DJs. This was due to their harassment, as I have never had a problem with radio or television people before. I had met a few before I moved to the Lansing area and they were alright.

Anyway, he said he would bring his CDs in the next day. He did. As we were setting up what we needed for that apartment, he stated "You ought to like this". He then inserted a CD into the radio. The CD started playing. Running with the Devil by Van Halen was the song. I used to play that song on the juke box at the Mayfair. Again it was part of the harassment. (*NOTE the harassment by them on me) I would like to make it clear at this time that I do not believe in the Devil or God or any other religious entities. Also I would like to add that if there is a person who uses this nickname, I would suggest they seek psychiatric help. The reason I state this is due to the harassment by the radio and television industries to the effect of such a person being out there. May I add that I consider nicknames like that to perpetuate religious fraud. I worked with this man for a couple of weeks, then I worked with another man who had hurt his arm, while he healed. After he was ok, I went out by myself. During this time the people who do repairs on the outside of the buildings started work there. These people made several remarks about the harassment. And the manager told me twice in the same day that Friday would be the last day of the assignment. This was Wednesday, due to the remarks made by these people I asked the manager to go ahead and sign my timecard as I would not be returning. I turned in my time card to the Manpower office and told them that I would not accept any more assignments from them. I had had problems with them paying me on time anyway. I put in more applications at temporary services and other jobs after this. That assignment ended in late June, early July of 2001. I have not had a job since. My mother has paid my bills and its getting really old. I do not like not having a job. I have received no money other than legal paychecks at any time during this harassment, other than the aforementioned $50 from Plum Crazy for working New Years Eve 1999-2000. At this point I would like to add that I am more than willing to take a lie detector test about anything covered in these faxes.

Will the people mentioned in them do so?

P.S. I am also willing to take any drug test you have, as for over 10 years I have not done anything other than Marijuana, Alcohol, Caffeine-Coffee, Nicotine-cigarettes, stay awake pills- 1/2 bottle in 1993 when I drove a semi.

dated 12-05-02 and signed

continued tomorrow James M. Vierling Jr.

The following was sent on 12-10-02.

Other conversations that I had during this harassment would include but not be limited to the following.

When I returned to the Walter's Vending warehouse after I finished my route, the day referred to in the other faxes when the woman I said "Hello" to at Sundance was hiding from me, I was pretty pissed about the situation and on going harassment.

AS I was restocking my truck, I was talking to the route supervisor. His name was John, a different John than mentioned in my previous faxes. I do not know his last name. I told him how pissed off I was the people harassing me and trying to force women to have sex with me. I made the comment "I don't want to have sex with any woman that doesn't want to have sex with me". To which he responded that he wouldn't want to either. I explained the situation at Sundance to him. I then made the statement "AS far as I'm concerned the powers that be around here owe her an apology". This would refer to the they in the aforementioned fax "What do they mean anything, anywhere".

Also during this time frame, I overheard two of the other route drivers at Walter's Vending having a conversation about me. Their names were Gomez and Pete. Gomez made the statement to Pete, as he passed by the back of my truck that I was inside restocking, "The whole idea was to get Jim to relax and he goes for the one that.....". I did not catch the end of his statement as he had climbed into his truck. Another time as I was having a discussion with Gomez, I made the statement "I don't like the spotlight". To which he then turned and said to another employee "He's going for it". Going for what? He then walked away.

One day as I was pulling product to restock my truck, Gomez made a statement to another employee, I am pretty sure he meant for me to hear it as he kind of glanced at me, about how someone was planning to make me the sacrifice so that they could get what they wanted.

Another statement that occurred on my route during the harassment was when two employees at Wal-Mart in Charlotte, which was one of my route stops at Walter's Vending, were talking about me and the older man said "He's leaving, I guess that makes you number one again". He was talking to a younger man. Since I had said I was thinking of moving while having a discussion with the aforementioned Jim B. and 'Doc', I wondered how it got to Charlotte.

When I was at their other warehouse where they fix the vending machines, one night, I was talking to Bob Walters when his wife Susan came in. She approached him and said "They think he's....". I didn't catch the end of her statement. After she finished he came over to me and said "There's a lot of money to be made out there". I responded "Yeah I can keep building my route". He said "Other than your route". I said "I don't care about that." I didn't know exactly what he meant and I still don't. That conversation took place within 7 days after the their gonna kill him comments in the Mayfair.

Also at one point during the harassment I was followed by 2 full size red Chevrolet pick-up trucks. These trucks had very dark tinted windows. These two trucks followed me, straddled me and cut me off. This occurred on Saginaw near US127. At this point I would like to add that if you have any questions regarding these faxes, feel free to ask. You have my fax number.

Another thing in Plum Crazy, was when I took my mother there for lunch, goes to show that they knew I lived with my mother. Also during this harassment, two other incidents occurred. The first being, I awoke one morning to find my apartment door standing wide open. This was after the death threats. Upon looking around my apartment, after I shut the door, I found that one of the two chairs in the living room had the blanket that I used as a cover pulled up on one corner. The seat cushion was also awry. I hadn't used the living room yet so this was definitely odd. It appeared as if someone was searching the apartment. I also recall having a weird headache.

At this point I would like to add that if I find out anyone has ever dosed me, I'll leave them on the nearest police station doorsteps, after I beat the living shit out of them, so they can put them in jail. the second incident occurred as I went to get into my car, at this point it was technically still in my mother's name, one morning. I found the door was not closed. It appeared as if someone didn't know that you have to lift the handle to close the door when it is locked. After this incident I noticed an irregularly occurring beep inside the car. I checked the owner's manual and there is nothing on a 1992 Geo Metro that would emit this type of noise. Again this incident happened while I still resided in my downstairs apartment. AS for the beeping noise, I had been driving said vehicle since about 2 weeks before I got my job at Walter's Vending in 1999. The noise had not occurred before.

Also at one point during this harassment a strange thing happened on my computer as I was sitting in front of it. Several times my screen started turning to what appeared to be an oval shaped black area surrounded by a deep red. This started from the top of the screen and worked its way downward. I would move my mouse from side to side and it would disappear. It never got more than half way down the screen so I don't know what else it may have contained. This would have occurred while I resided in my downstairs apartment also. All occurrences that happened while I resided in my downstairs apartment listed in these faxes would have started approximately March of 2000.

There is also the conversation about me the last time I went into the Mayfair. I entered and walked past J.J., 'Camper' and 'Shorty'. I sat down at the second seat past the waitress station. I placed a food order. While I waited for my food, I over heard one of the aforementioned 3 say "What's he doing here". This was followed by "Maybe he just wants to show us he's not going anywhere". This was followed by J.J. bellowing out "No shit". I ate and left. This occurred about 1 week into my Mid-City produce job.

AS for the WCUZ Internet broadcasts such comments as "Think of mama". How would they know what anyone is thinking about? "Can you write your thoughts down on paper? Can ya? Can ya? Can ya?", Make it about a truck driver". The latter was about coming up with a verse to a song. The song was something about people supposedly being dead but they were doing fine. Also at one point, I started to sing along with a song, don't know the song titles as the only reason I went to that website was because they were harassing me on the local stations and I really just don't care for country music anyway. The song I started to sing along with had lines of "Don't wait on me little darlin". (*NOTE I can't sing at all) After the song they stated "That�s what we were waiting for".

Another song I started to sing along with right before I went to sleep, as I laid down the last words of the song was "I do". Right after this I heard two voices saying "HE said it ", "He said it". Those voices belonged to the aforementioned Patty and Bobby in the previous set of faxes. The voices sounded as if they were coming from the basement.

Toward the last time I went to the WCUZ website, as I was in my downstairs apartment, I made a comment about the harassment to which a woman replied "Just funnin with ya". I relied "How by tormenting the fuck out of me?". I then cursed a few times and logged off the website. I started listening to the local stations again and the harassment continued. The Wcuz stuff all occurred within a couple of weeks of my employment starting at Mid-City produce.

continued Monday James M. Vierling Jr.

Jumping forward to other parts of this harassment that involve the computer.

I was online one evening and going to the adult live rooms, when I came across a link that said it would download 4 live rooms at the same time. I opened the link, but much to my dismay some of them weren't quite female. When I saw this, I ran to the bathroom and had the dry heaves.

I went back to the computer and closed the link. Back on the same page as the other link was another 4 female room link, both of them stated female, so I thought that I would try again. Same thing, but since I had the CBS news on in the other room, there isn't a door, the local CBS news. When I opened the second link and it was the same, the sportscaster, fat guy black hair, Ackerly or something like that made the on air comment "You think he'd have learned from the first one". To which the female anchors responded "I know". At this point , I would like to add that this also would be fraud in my opinion or at least false advertising in reference to the web site. Hey if that is what you want to watch and they want you to watch , go for it.

This would be a good time to state that I have no problem with adult entertainment, as long as it contains adults that want to be there. Another time, I logged off the computer to watch the news. I had been online in a live room that also offers chat, where by the way the women refer to their genital region as 'Kitty'. Anyway as I sat down, my mother's cat came into the room. I started to pet her and said good kitty, and made other references calling her kitty cat. as I did the local CBS news anchors, one of the females, stated "Maybe we should get him a subscription to Cat Fancier magazine". Then they made other comments and started laughing about it. The latter of the two would have happened between Feb. 2000 and Apr. 2000. (*NOTE the dates should read 2001)

The earlier would be not to long before. As for the time I logged on to the FBI web site, as I was reading it the radio station, WMMQ, came back from commercial and played the song that states "If you're going to act that way, I think there's trouble brewing". This was used often during the harassment. The following comments all occurred between August of 1999 and May 24, 2001. (*NOTE dates should read August of 2000 and May 26, 2001) I will try to narrow them down further as I can.

I would have moved back into my mother's apartment at this time. During the Tim & Deb morning show on WMMQ, they would frequently have a female 'psychic' as a guest. During the time when Dave Foster was their show manager, or whatever the position was called, I called in. When Dave Foster answered the phone he said "Hold". I then heard him say over the radio "It's him". This is strange since even with caller I.D. the phone was in my mother's name. After he said this, I hung up. Then over the radio he said "He hung up".

One night, I went out for a drive to get out of the apartment for awhile. AS I drove around, I was listening to the radio, the night time D. J. that night was Duran Martinez. I made the statement "Why are you doing this to me?" in reference to the harassment. He replied on air "It makes me feel like a man". This would have been during the over night show. Then there are the on air comments by Debra Hart to the effect of "I pick Joe, I want Joe, go Joe" that corresponds with the appearance of a guy named Joe that Terry Hanks introduces as his son in the Sundance commercials on both radio and television.

Another time would be when Debra Hart was saying that she was a witch over the air. I, while standing in my mother's apartment, sarcastically said "Gee and I thought you were Glenda good witch of the north". To which she replied on air "Yeah I'm Glenda good witch of the north". This was a sarcastic reference to the Wizard of OZ, I do not believe in witchcraft. There is also the morning I was laying on my mother's couch, which is where I slept when I moved back in with her, when Tim Barron and Debra Hart started making the on air comments "That should do it." "Yeah that should take care of him." and other comments to the effect of "That should get him there". (*NOTE This was immediately after an attack with the psychotronic weaponry. This attack was the use of the images of Terry Hanks and Terra Hanks asking me if I wanted to sell marijuana for them. Again I was wide awake during this. Another feeble attempt at trying to get me to go places or do things.)

Mark Stevens made the on air comment "This music is for me". The next day he changed it to "You were right, it's all about you". Also one day as I was standing in my mother's apartment, I was very fed up with the harassment. I made the comment that I would go there and kick their ass. Tim Barron responded to me with "Have you met our doorman Andre?" No I have never met their doorman, to my knowledge. Nor have I ever met any of the radio D. J.'s or television people in the Lansing area. That is to the best of my knowledge.

I would also like to state that to the best of my knowledge I have never met any of the on air radio or television people in the South Bend- Mishawaka area either. I do not want to either. Again there are more examples.

dated 12-10-02 and signed.

There are 4 more faxes sent, all 1 page in length. they consist of date corrections and a map showing where I lived in proximity to the bars and also where a couple of the people in the faxes lived at the time. That would conclude my faxes to the FBI. I already have a list of other on air comments written down to go into next. I will do those then go into the other parts of the psychotronic attacks public parts of the harassment.

Will not be sending more until Wednesday as I need to catch up on e-mails. James M. Vierling Jr.

The following will include many more of the harassing comments made by people in the radio and television industries.

I will include the comments made in conjunction with the psychotronic weaponry attacks. They will be divided by radio first then television. I will try to group them as to when they occurred.

Where exact dates not available will group them by where I resided at the time of their occurrence. Apologize in advance for any redundancies.

Starting with comments that occurred while I still lived in my downstairs apartment at 1692 Lake court #2 in Haslett, Michigan. These comments would start at the end of March 2000. As I sat in my apartment one evening, one of the DJ's made the comment "They think you're John". I believe this was an attempt to get me to claim that I was someone else in conjunction with the harassment occurring already. Kind of a set-up or frame job. (*NOTE These comments will be out of order somewhat.)

Again on WMMQ the comment "That's family man". This comment was made in response to a statement I made about a woman that I had had a brief interaction with when I worked at Dairy Mart on east 5th street in Dayton, Ohio. My comment was a description of her and the car she drove. By the way, I'm not interested. As I remember conversations that happened at Dairy Mart, I recall her last name as being the same as the Jason that in the showroom at Sundance from my previous e-mails.

Another comment made on WMMQ was "Now get over here". This was made in response to my saying Jason in my apartment when I was trying to figure out what was going on. My statement of this name was immediately followed by a song or commercial that said "I'm free". Then came the get over here comment. As I wanted to find out what was going on, I went to the only place in the area that I had seen Jason at, Sundance. This was the Friday night before the Saturday morning that I went to Sundance and talked to one of the Terra Hanks. May I add that I went back after she tried to sell me a car, only to find out why her friends on the radio stations kept fucking with me. After the Second time I left that day, They played a song on WMMQ that said something about asking if someone thought last night was going to last forever.

Another time while in my apartment as they were continually harassing me, I made they statement "What is this some kind of contest between the radio stations?". After my comment they played the Led Zeppelin song that says "I got a little woman that knows". Two things here, I'm not a woman and I have no idea what was going on. Anyway I replied at that time that I would never work for any of them anyway. The day previously mentioned that the black Mustang with the JAYSEN plates drove past me, As soon as I said something about it in my apartment they made the on air comment "Say something nice". To which I replied nice car. I didn't have much else nice to say about these people by then. Another comment would be "Glad our names fit" made during the morning show on WMMQ. This was in response to my THINKING about the names Timmy and Debbie. There were many other comments on WMMQ during this time also. As for the harassment on WCUZ Internet site, the statement "Think of mama" was made very shortly after the face flash incident. They also made comments like "Can you write your thoughts down on paper? Can ya? Can ya? Can ya?" and "Make it about a truck driver". The latter in response to a song about people who are supposedly dead but doing fine. When they played this song, they left a big gap after the third verse like they wanted someone to fill it in with another verse. Also during the harassment on WCUZ several times I could here people talking as if the were talking to the people singing the songs about someone else. They also made the comment "That's what we were waiting for". This occurred immediately after I was singing along with a song *(NOTE I don't know why, I really don't like country music) that stated "Don't wait on me little darlin". During this song, a man with a deep voice jumped in and started singing the song at a point not in the chorus. I was trying to sing in a deep voice previously in the song. Again I would add that I can't sing worth a crap. Another comment would be "I call it messin' with the kid". I believe this to be in reference to some of the people involved in the harassment or to try and make me think that they were. I only know one person that told me her father called her the kid, but it might not be that uncommon. Then there's the "Just funnin with you" comment. To which I replied "How by tormenting the fuck out of me?". This was made in a female voice, sounded kind of older with a thick hillbilly type accent. These are some of the comments that took place while I still lived downstairs.

The next few comments take place after I moved back in with my mother upstairs. Same house divided into 4 apartments. Other comments on WMMQ would include, "Wear a metal helmet, it will protect you from the governments mind control rays". This was made by Tim Barron several months into the harassment. I had been repeatedly stating in the privacy of my mother's apartment that someone was using some sort of technology to harass me. Tim Barron also made the comment "Going to San Francisco to get some information", About what? He also made a comment to the effect of saying not to eat pasta as it helps the mind control. After their involvement in this, I wouldn't believe anything the pieces of garbage on the radio stations in Lansing have to say.

continued tomorrow James M. Vierling Jr.

Before I get back to the harassment thru radio and television here is something I wrote this morning. One thing that you could do for me, would be to use the fax # in my e-mails to fax my mother.

Maybe you could get her to believe this stuff exists. All she wants to do is try and blame me for all of it. She has even made comments about the claims of framing me like she is a part of it. I got her to read the original 37 pages of faxes to the FBI, however she stopped around page 23 and once again tried to turn it around on me.

She also read what I downloaded from freeamerican.com/nsa.htm but basically said again that it was my fault. Maybe you have some sort of letterhead with your credentials that might wake her up. If you e-mail it to me to download, she would either blow it off or say that I made it up. If the cost of a fax is a problem, then don't do it as I know this crap can definitely cause a financial burden.

I have other pages that I printed up, but she won't read them. She has also went thru the whole spiel of suggesting psychiatric help and pretty much the rest of the things I have read about on websites and in the e-mails I get. Also I should add that since we moved to Mishawaka, she has had 2 heart procedures done and had health problems. Since she had a couple of surgeries over the preceding 5 years and none of this was caught or diagnosed then, it does kind of make me wonder about it. It also seems that they have tried to attack her financially since the harassment and destruction of my life began.

Any way back to the harassment by radio and television. Some of the other comments made would include "Yeah I used to be a 6'2 or 6'10 black man, now I'm a 5'2 white woman". This was made by Debra hart immediately after I went to the WMMQ web site and saw a picture of her in a devil costume with Tim Barron and Dave Foster in front of her. At this time Tim Barron also made the comment "Sorry if we left you out of the loop". I wouldn't want to be in any loop that contained the likes of these people.

There were also the statements "You fired a couple of shots in his general direction" followed by now it's personal". These 2 comments were made as I had gotten out a road atlas and turned to the map of the state of Michigan. I first pointed to the area where the hill that they made comments about was. I then pointed to Charlevioux. This was due to the comments in the Mayfair and by Debra Hart to the effect that she went there to visit all of the time. After they made their first of the 2 previous comments, I then took out a pen and underlined Ludington. This is when the comment about it being personal was made. The reason I underlined Ludington was due to the harassment by the local radio station there when I worked for Mid-City produce.

There was also the comment made on WITL by Blair Garner "My last name is Garner". This was made after I had written down something in a notebook, which I really wish that I still had, about a name beginning with the letter H. Just H. no full names. This statement was followed the next day on WMMQ by Tim Barron congratulating Blair Garner on him getting me to write that or something to that effect. He made the comment "I knew the big dog would come thru or get it done" something like that.

Then there was the stuff by Whitney Allen one night during the harassment on WITL. At this time I should point out again that WITL and WMMQ are located in the same building. One that I would like to see torn down. She used both music and on air comments to further the harassment. She also broadcasts via satellite from California. There are many more during this time frame, just getting what I can out there for now.

After I moved to Mishawaka, I drove back to Lansing one night. I was not looking to make friends when I returned there. Nor did I want to talk about anything. Anyway I drove around all night as I had no where to stay. As I left the next morning, Tim Barron and Debra Hart were at it again. Tim Barron made the comment "It couldn't have worked out any better if we planned it that way". This was followed by Debra Hart saying "Don't go". I was in the process of driving out of town when this was made. This occurred in very late May or very early June of 2002.

Almost forgot one back when I lived in Lansing, Tim Barron stated on air "Terry Hanks is a good friend of mine". This would be in reference to either my e-mail to him saying that he and all of his friends are pieces of shit or made about their little devil bullshit games. I do apologize if my language is offensive sometimes.

hours up continued tomorrow James M. Vierling Jr.

Other instances of the harassment thru radio would include. On the way home from picking up the rental truck that we used to move to the Mishawaka area. Tim Barron made the on air comment "They're just girls, it's just a hill". This was followed by Debra Hart saying "That will give me time to plant some things".

The first of the two comments would be in reference to their trying to convince me that certain women were not really women. Also their trying to convince me that the man made hill off of 31 mentioned in my faxes was something other than a landfill. At least that is what my mother said it was.

When I get to the TV. stuff there will be a couple of more comments about said hill. The second comment would probably be one of the reasons why the harassment proceeded me to Mishawaka on radio anyway.

As for the radio harassment in the Mishawaka area, I was sitting at the off ramp of the toll road waiting for my mother and sister to catch up to me and having a conversation with the man that rode down with me. As we were conversing, the on air people, it was an afternoon show with a male and a female hosting it. The female made the comment "They lied". this was surrounded by a couple of other comments about the harassment.

Also one day as I was coming home from my work assignment, the DJ on WAOR made the comment "We're going to have fun". This was made in reference to my singing along with a song right before. Again on WAOR was the previously mentioned statement about talking to or going to see a station manager in Lansing. This comment was aired as I was driving home from my job assignment. Apparently the idiots on radio and television here are just as bad as the ones in Lansing. I quit listening to radio altogether when I have the choice.

However one day in the summer of 2002, I went for a drive. I turned on the radio to see if they were still going to harass me. I listened for about a hour and sang along with a few songs. As I was doing this the DJ made the comment "Trust in rock-n- Roll". I didn't think much of it at the time. A little while later, the DJ was talking about a call in contest for funny jokes. I made a comment to the effect that if he wanted to get a good laugh, he should look in the mirror. This was during a commercial segment. Immediately after the commercial segment the DJ responded by telling people to call in " as long as it doesn't have anything to do with a mirror". The word hate doesn't do justice to the way I feel about these people.

Anyway on to the TV. harassment. Again where exact dates not available, I will separate them by where I resided when the comments were made.

At first the TV. stuff was the commercials from Sundance and Debra Hart's TV. show used in conjunction with the radio station harassment. It then went on to the local news then to national news, morning shows, sporting events etc. The comments I am sending now are from after I moved back in with my mother in the Lansing area. Again they will probably be somewhat out of order, but I will try to get them close.

As I was describing the harassment by the man with the deep voice on the radio station, the CBS news anchor, Sherri Collins, made the on air comment "His music is scary". Obviously then I am not the only one that heard him. To her comment I replied "Only that they call it music". Also as I was talking about the statement that I wrote on the bulletin board at work, I said that the word business referred to my personal life. Very shortly after I said this, Debra Hart came on the TV. and said "We need to get together and discuss business". Not gonna happen. That was on the local ABC station, as was her show at the time.

One day as I got out of the shower, I went to the living room and turned on the news. There was a commercial break. Immediately after the commercial break, one of the Andrea Seals blurted out "Take more showers". This was on CBS and there was no other mention of showers on the program.

One evening as I was being harassed, I made the comment "I thought I was talking to the FBI". After I said this, on the CBS news Dan Rather made the comment "The FBI blew the investigation". During a University of Michigan football game, Bo Schembechler was the half time guest in the announcers booth. When they introduced him, I did the we are not worthy bow thing. As I did this the announcer made the comment "At least he knows who can get him in".

At this time I should add that I have repeatedly voiced the entire harassment in both mine and my mother's apartments. Much to no avail as they don't stop. Apparently me saying "I want you dead" when I still lived in my downstairs apartment in the Lansing area wasn't taken very seriously. I WAS NOT JOKING. These people have made an enemy out of me for the rest of my life. As for the morning shows, Diane Sawyer of the Good Morning America show made the comment "Are you sure you want to take him on". Don't know who she was referring to, but if they're involved in the harassment and destruction of my life bring it and quit hiding behind radio or TV. or the psychotronic weaponry.

To jump ahead for one comment, as I reiterated her previous comment one morning, Diane Sawyer then stated "I don't have to say anything". Typical cover-up BS. The second comment was when I lived in Mishawaka.

hours up continued tomorrow James M. Vierling Jr.

Another time as I was watching the CBS local evening news, due to their harassment only as I would not want to see any of them naked, I started thinking about the Naked News site. As I was thinking about this, Dave Ackerly stated on air "Not me, I'm just a little guy". Just one of his shortcomings I would presume. Another of his on air comments occurred when I was talking about losing my good job at Walter's vending and not being able to find work. He, Dave Ackerly, stated on air "It's either religion or politics then". Either later in that program or the very next day as I stated that I would not work in either several times, may I add that I already had made the statements listed in the faxes to the FBI about not working in certain fields, he made the on air comment "Then I guess it's fast food". Like I'm going to let these morons tell me where I'm going to work. Sound familiar to the radio type harassment?

As I was watching the hockey playoffs for the 2000 - 2001 season, the studio announcer made a couple of comments that I feel were related to the harassment. One of his comments was "You had the guts to look Al or Alex in the eyes, most people won't do that". Well as I was raised to look at people while talking to them or if busy as least look at them as possible, it wasn't anything special to me.

This same announcer, I don't recall his name but he was probably mid 40s balding and I believe he had a moustache, stated "St. Louis which is you". This was after I had made statements to the effect of living or wanting to live in the middle of the country. This is also where the previously mentioned 'Doc' said he was from. A third comment from this same announcer would be "Whenever they have trouble, they send Scott. And that's a compliment". I don't know whether this was another attempt of trying to make me think I was someone else, or whether someone named Scott had been in on the harassment before that time.

I personally don't find any of this crap to be complementally.

Also soon after I had started stating that someone was obviously attacking me with some sort of technology, there were two stories on CBS local news shows. These particular shows were, one about someone at Michigan State Univ. working on a virtual reality game that worked off of human brain waves another about one or two days later on CBS was about two men finding a radio frequency that worked very close to the frequency of human brain waves. Both of these stories were aired late summer or fall of 2000.

Another comment made by the local CBS news people was "We'll make it look like you did". This was about their comments making accusations about me, or just trying to piss me off to see what I would say. This particular one was made after I denied a couple of their accusations about murder and hit and run and also made comments about my life to show that I just don't do the things that they were accusing me of. They started most of the accusations after I had made comments about suing them if they didn't shut down however they were harassing me. I even pointed out the news group scum and stated "Get them, leave me alone".

All this did was start a whole new area of accusations. Anyway other comments that took place while I still resided in the Lansing area were "It's worked for a lot of years, please don't destroy it". This was made by a politician who I can't recall his name but do remember that he was a member of the Democratic Party after my comments about shutting down how they were harassing me. I believe this was an interview on one of the local news programs. Again these comments stick out as they have nothing to do with anything else on the program at the time that they were said.

Some other comments made by the national people would include, Diane Sawyer again saying "An honor that he did not want". If this shit is supposed to be an honor, Ill pass. Then there is Katie Curic's comment "Commercials we never thought about that". BS since I had made several references about the Sundance and other commercial usage.

Then there was Dan Rather blurting out the comment "The CIA's cover is blown". Well I've never worked for them, and I never would want to. Again this statement was just out of the blue. As for the local news people again, The quotes referring to the Sundance commercials by the newscasters as stated in my previous e-mails occurred during this period.

Then there is also the comment made by Debra Hart as a part of her show on ABC "What was the biggest mistake you ever made?". This was made immediately following my e-mail to her that she was the embarrassment to ABC53.

As for the fraud in the commercials, I would have included their faces in any facial compositions done. I have a pretty good memory for faces, for the time being anyway.

No telling with the constant attacks thru the psychotronic weapons.

One other comment made during this time frame would be "Your steering will break" made by Sherri Jones on the CBS local news in response to the conversation I had with my mother about our moving arrangements. She was either referring to the moving truck or my car. Monday will get into the TV. stuff that happened while I have lived in the Mishawaka area.

James M. Vierling Jr.

Moving on to some of the harassing comments made after I moved to the Mishawaka area. Most of these comments occurred during 2001 or early 2002. I should add that I did not have cable during either time that I lived with my mother in the Lansing area or when I had my own apartment in the Lansing area. Nor did we have cable in the Mishawaka area until February of 2002.

Again these will be somewhat out of order of occurrence. There would be the aforementioned comment by Debra Daniels on the local CBS news, "They couldn't convince you that you were a woman, how strong minded are you?". This comment would definitely suggest that she knew of the pre-existing harassment and probably the attacks with the psychotronic weaponry.

Again I ask, HOW DO THEY KNOW THAT I AM WATCHING TO MAKE THESE COMMENTS? I'll stick with the comments on CBS first. On the CBS national news, Dan Rather stating "It's there in case they come back". This was in reference to my comments about the technology that someone was using to attack me with.

A couple of other comments made by Dan Rather would include the following, "Punished for being honest" and "A chemical weapons storage facility". The first being about the harassment and attacks, the second was once again in reference to me comments in the privacy of my place of residence about the harassment concerning the aforementioned hill.

Back to the local CBS news broadcasts. Cindy Ward made the comment "We like to play games" in response to me saying that I didn't. All comments made by me would have occurred either in my place of residence, in my car or outside. I have never met any of the radio or TV. people in the Mishawaka area either. Other comments made by Cindy Ward would include, "It'll be there until the aggression is gone". This was about me saying how much I would like to reach thru the TV. screen and break their necks for what they were doing to me. "We asked your neighbors" in response to me asking how they knew what I said. She also made the comment "It's your thoughts" about comments I had made about the attacks. She also stated "You were right in the first place". A comment made to solicit a response from me or to get me to think about what she may be talking about. A later comment made by her was "There's something there that's not really there". This was made after I had sent some of the faxes to the FBI. What's that? She also made the comment "10 years old". This was in reference to my comments about the little show that had been staged outside the apartment building doors.

As I left the apartment building one afternoon, there was a little girl standing on the walkway outside. I could see her standing there as the doors have windows. As I approached the doors to exit, she started coming towards the doors from the outside. When I exited, she came up to me and said "Hello". I said "Hello" back. As I did, I noticed an older boy standing by a tree watching me. I looked at him and nodded as if to say hello. I later made comments about them trying to set me up to look like some kind of piece of shit pedophile. Other comments along these lines would include, Mike Collins of CBS news stating "Marketed to a much younger crowd". This was in response to me saying that a young woman that I had seen in public was quite attractive.

Then there is the comment made by Pat Robertson on the 700 Club. Again this was before I had cable and I am not religious at all. His comment was "They have everything that you had, including some of them crying". Since by this time, I both made comments about taking them down and tried to get the FBI attention by going to their website, this was a blatant attempt to frame me and threaten me to get me not to report the harassment that was occurring. I believe they call that extortion.

Another comment along these lines occurred pretty much during the same time frame would be Colin Powell stating on one of the Sunday morning press shows "He should remember who we are, the Colonel" either that or 'He should remember who he's talking to, the Colonel". Pretty much same thing. This would be probably about how I have said repeatedly how I think the Colonel and his whole bunch should be dead. I was referring to the scum in the newsgroups that are pedophiles. However if the shoe fits for the psychotronic attacks, so be it.

Some other statements made by the local CBS news people are by Mike Collins "That's the first time I ever heard of anyone paying to have their name taken out of it". Well I'm not paying anyone to take me out of anything since I didn't want to be in, in the first place. He also said "That should take care of it" in response to me stated that I should go to Lansing and kick Mark Stevens ass up one side and down the other. He also stated "That's your biggest competition" in response to my commenting about the size of the head on the bald man that followed me around town as stated in my faxes and previous e-mails.

Then there is the comment by Rick Mecklenburg "You sounded pretty convincing on the phone. We'll check it out". This was made after I had called the ICLU about the harassment going on by both radio and television, twice.

Switching to NBC, Katie CURIC made the comment "He's writing his thoughts down". This occurred after I had said something about the radio comment like that and also about writing down their comments and suing them. She stated this immediately after I sat down with pencil and paper to start writing. I never even got one word on the paper.

Then there was the comment made by the morning show weatherman on one of the networks in response to my again stating that I would sue them if they didn't stop. He made comments to the cameraman about turning the camera to get a picture of the person going into the building then stated "Johnnie Cochran is a good friend of the stations".

Whoopee shit. Hours up. Should start on some of the public harassment and psychotronic attacks tomorrow.

James M. Vierling Jr.

A couple of more comments by the television people, then I will go on to other public harassment not previously mentioned in these e-mails or faxes. During the 2002 NFL draft on ESPN, I made several statements about drafting a player from the University of Michigan. When this player was drafted, I made a comment to the effect of good job you got a good player. After I said this, the coach of the team that drafted the player, Jon Gruden, started making comments about learning so much from someone. He made these comments rather sarcastically. After he made those comments, the announcer in the ESPN studio made the comment "That's the joke". After I wrote this down on paper to send it in the same announcer on ESPN stated "Are you Crazy?".

Also on an NBC national news broadcast, Tom Brokaw stated "Tough" about 10 to 15 times in one half hour news show. Kind of odd. Then there is the aforementioned statements on FOX news channel "Isn't that convenient", "How convenient" following the fax I sent to the FBI about turning in the news group scum if it weren't for the harassment and threats. These statements were made after I read aloud the fax in my place of residence.

Other harassment in public not previously mentioned. Immediately after the face flash attack with the psychotronic weaponry, people just about everywhere I went started making comments to the effect of hearing my thoughts or about what I was thinking. This went on at my job, Mid-City produce, and elsewhere. As I was working at Mid-City produce one day, The aforementioned person that was introduced in the Sundance commercials as John came in. He was there to pick up an order for the restaurant he worked at. When I approached to drop off his order, I THOUGHT "He'd make a good John, use him instead of me". This was after the radio comment about thinking I was John. This was before he showed up in the Sundance commercials. Anyway immediately after I thought this a co-worker, Steve, and the owner's son, Jackson, made the comments "I can't believe he just said that"-Steve, and "I know"-Jackson. I DID NOT SAY ANYTHING. This sort of thing went on for the duration of my employment there.

It also occurred at stops all around the state. There were also instances of people showing up on my route during this time and people in the stops making comments about whether or not I talked to them. As I was in the Laundromat in the Quality Dairy store on Marsh road, two women came in to do their laundry. During this time one of them stated "This is cool. I can hear his thoughts but he can't hear mine". Which is a repeat of what I just thought. Other than the cool part. I then started thinking thoughts that just weren't very complimentary about the one who made the comment. She then stated "All right, that's enough".

Again in the Laundromat on a different occasion, I was in the process of folding my clothes. I was thinking in response to what the people with the weaponry were putting in my head, when an old man came in and went over to the woman standing at the table next to the one I was at. She said "Have you heard enough?". To which he replied "Yeah. I heard enough". I glanced up during their exchange and they were looking at me quite strangely.

Also on a different note, again in the Laundromat. A woman was doing her laundry when she received a call on her cell phone. She started talking as she looked directly at me. She made the statement "If I do this, you are going to owe me big time" to the person on the phone. She then proceeded to the dryer by where I was standing, one row away. and opened the bottom dryer door. She knelt down and looked up at me and started smiling. I just went on doing my laundry as I felt this to be some kind of set-up. And I just wasn't interested anyway. This kind of shit went on for the duration of the time I lived in the Lansing area. and there are many, many more instances.

After I moved to the Mishawaka area, the same thing goes on. Here people have also made comments repeating what I have said in the privacy of my place of residence. Some of these would include, at Bob's Discount Tobacco an employee stating "He's back in the produce section where he belongs, with the fruits". This was the day after I had made comments in my place of residence about having fun chatting in one of the adult live rooms on the internet when I was in Lansing. I almost forgot, I destroyed my computer after the statements by Colin Powell and Pat Robertson.

Also as I went into the Martins store on Bittersweet to cash my pay check one afternoon, a few of the employees started saying things like "It doesn't count unless he says it out loud". This is what I had said the day before in my place of residence due to the fact of people claiming to hear my thoughts. This was about whether or not I was thinking a particular female was attractive or not.

People here have responded to my thoughts on more occasions than these. I REALLY HATE THIS SHIT! I have since taken to thinking about how if anyone hears my thoughts it is being done to me illegally and against my will whenever I am walking around in public. I also think about how much of a bunch of scumbags, or other expletives, the people involved in the harassment and destruction of my life are. As far as what the people with the psychotronic weaponry does, A CONSTANT BARRAGE OF THREATS AND ACCUSATIONS AND JUST TRYING TO PISS ME OFF IN GENERAL.

As for some of their tortures, personally I have a tendency to awaken after a few minutes of their little movie type dreams. Sometimes I don't move or open my eyes to see if they continue and they usually do for a short period. They use it to put images into my head to make it look like I am thinking of things other than what I am thinking about. They try to piss me off so I yell or raise my voice and the neighbors call the cops. When they think I am about to yell, they place "YELL" into my head. They try to twist every thought or word I say into something other than what I mean. I really do want these people and their technology dead. They try to break my concentration no matter what I am trying to do.

hours up continued tomorrow. James M. Vierling Jr.

Skipped day due to library closing for staff meeting.

Other things pertaining to harassments and attack would include, while I still resided in the Lansing area, but after I moved back in with my mother, approximately December 2000 or January 2001, I called an old friend of mine in the Kettering Ohio area. As I stated who it was calling, he said that there was a rumor going around the area that I was dead because I supposedly ripped off some drug dealer in Florida. Well I did not rip off anyone and I don't know any drug dealers in Florida. I have not been there since 1989. The rest of this e-mail will consist of things I wrote down yesterday. Mostly the attacks and some more of the harassment.

Recently, started a few months ago, I have noticed that as I exit my mother's car and go to close the door I get a nasty shock. This does not occur when I get into the car, only after riding in it for even as brief as a couple of miles. This didn't happen when she first got the car either. This may jump around a little bit.

As I sat at the library computer April 22, 2003 and started typing about the other public and psychotronic harassments and attacks, I got a very sudden and severe headache. They have caused these type of headaches before. They have also used the psychotronic attacks to try and discourage me from contacting you, or anyone else like you, or sending further e-mails about the attacks. Things like the e-mails are being blocked or that people think this that or the other usually bad about me.

Also repeated statements thru the psychotronic attacks saying that I am wasting my time, I won't be able to prove any of it as they will cover it up or that I waited to long to report it. The "You hate yourself" and similar BS trying to turn this around on me. The itching attacks after I read about them on one of the websites, and no it is not any psychosomatic type thing.

They also do things like about 5-10 minutes after a commercial on television repeating the song or jingle from the commercial over and over. When I say aloud what they are doing, they use "It's a commercial" in an attempt to discredit me and make me think that this would be a normal occurrence for me.

It is not. Repeated statements thru the attacks of "We like what they did to you" in reference to those involved in the harassment and destruction of my life other than the psychotronic attacks. As far as I am concerned they can all be lumped together as garbage.

Also sometimes I will repeat what they put into my head using a snide type voice. When they use the word "we" and I repeat their attack then they go to "Umm. You said we" "Who do you mean when you say we?". They also use statements about a place in the Lansing area called Bioport. They say that they will frame me to look like some sort of terrorist. Sounds like transference to me. Any way, I am not a terrorist, nor have I ever set foot on Bioport property. It was a stop on a Walters Vending route, however that is the only one of the four routes that I have never been on.

As I was writing this the following occurred. April 23 2003 at 2:10 p.m. exact phrase used by psychotronic attackers "We want you to know, anything you put in those e-mails we will do to you". This shows the amount of their ignorance since if they weren't already doing it to me, I wouldn't be putting it in the e-mails. Morons. Another comment by TV. people that I should add was I believe on the CBS local news, but might have been on one of the other local news programs, "We found 10" in direct response to me talking about the different Terra Hanks in the Sundance commercials. This occurred in the Mishawaka area before I had cable. As for the images, most of them are of people mentioned in my faxes to the FBI, however they do use images from everyday life. They will take something that I see and alter the image or just use a part of the image from my field of vision.

They also use images of people or things that I have never seen. Since May of 2000 when they tried to get me to kill someone, there has never been any time that there wasn't at least one image being "projected" into my brain. And again I would add that it suddenly became much worse in late May of 2002. They constantly use these images to play a sort of charade game that my brain interprets. As my brain interprets their attack, they then use words to say stuff like "There that scenario, the one you just concocted". When if they weren't putting the images there in the first place, they wouldn't be there.

Nothing like any of this has ever happened in the past. To me that is.

Also comments by TV. people like "You're the only one that got it right" or "You wouldn't be the first to try" definitely lead me to believe that this is being done in a similar fashion to others currently or previously.

Well my hours almost up and I have e-mails backed up. If I think of other pertinent information I will send to you and will be writing down rest of radio and TV. comments to send together. Thank you for taking the time to read and I hope this will help in getting this kind of crap stopped permanently and globally. And hopefully some very severe punishment for all involved.

James M. Vierling Jr.