Richard Larkinson


Aware of control and the overall nature of the existence and use of such devices on this world. Made aware around Jan 2000, and was subject to various harassment and tortures in differing degrees of intensity.

Knowldegeable about the entrapment to reality designs, and the exposure of realities actions through the oration of reality. Also knows of the different groups involved in control and what they usually do on a daily basis, and knows about and experienced total self dissolution and forceful uncontrolable body animation whilst trapped inside body.

Started just after I was leaving university, I started to see my life on view on the television through the context of the programmes that were shown.

It even went as far as programmes that were on tv, were things that I had talked about with others, or had thought about the same time that they were on t.v.

I initially dismissed it in some way and was exited I had descovered something that no-one else had, thinking rationally it was coincidence at first.. but it ran for months and months until eventually I was very fearful of the television and worried that I was going to do or say something and seeing it.

I didnt really know what was happening to me at the time as it was very confusing, I am sure others who understand that time will agree, as I didnt know anything about control or these non-lethal weapons and their harassment at that time.

Thats when the voice to skull started, and I could hear voices that were apparently other people who were using such weapons in an attempt to confuse, manipulate and torture me by mentioning all sorts of insanity to distance me from my friends and family.

It worked.. as at that time not knowing of the perps techniques or the science and technology of mind control I literally thought I was going insane. I know they have done this to many others, as they simply dont want us knowing about them.

Anyway, I went into a resource centre to determine what reality had to say.. they said that I was suffering from a mild nervous breakdown, which to me just didnt seem right.

I stayed there a week, and was discharged back into reality. It was at this time that control was used to make all of my friends turn against me in one way or another. I had known these people for 5 years+ with no problems in the relationships. To all of a sudden loose them all in the space of 2 weeks was just very unusual in the extreme.

I now know this is a tactic they use to get you on your own so that they can torture you privately without anyone else knowing... that and to distance you from your family at home as a second phase of their reality assault against you being aware of control, in the hopes your family heared my rantings and put me away in a mental institution.

It was during this time that the worst of the tortures effected me. Mainly faulty recall, and emotional insecurity tortures, something that they called personality problems. They concentrated on who I was as a person and tried to rip into anything that was my identity trying to make me feel bad about anything or make me essentially want to commit suicide by making me forcibally accept a torture occurence after it happened only to have another one assault me.

I have unusual motor funtion occasionally, almost like having a stroke and loosing my sense of balance or them arrogantly typing or writing something different to what I thought I had done.

I am mostly on my own now, but I know enough given the right equipment to tell the truth to reality. Its just they will not accept what I have to say as it would not be scientific enough to satify their objectivity as it would appear to lack substance.

Once thing through my awareness is what I have found out either from reality, or from the voice to skull a lot about control and how they use the oration of reality to literraly see the slavery signal in reality.

I will not go into it here, as it is related to complexity science and the theory of everything, but it is there reguardless. I mention here incase I die before the truth is told to reality, that I tried to tell them what went on.. even tried through some of our perps methods to make a better quality of life for us awares and everyone else.

I also have the desire to create a complexity modeler for anyone to use when they are ready to accept the truth of control... but as always money being a major factor being my obstacle to overcome it seems that will not happen, and I dont want to take adavantage of reality to get it either.

So I will leave my oration for the future. Contained in this mail will be enough coded oration to tell anyone everything they ever wanted to know. Essentially the allowance of the design that allows anyone to know anything within the strictures of law at that time.

I know it may not make sense to some that read what I have just mentioned, but in the future if this mail remains they will know what I am doing.

Dont worry as it essentially the truth of reality that I am releasing to everybody. Those that have nothing to fear from that dont have anything to worry about.. those that do, do have something to worry about then dont they.

I leave you with a few signs that will herald the end of the secrecy of control and the truth soon told to all of reality afterwards...

a) Aware governmental institutions tell the truth to reality. (Highly unlikely)

b) Unaware scientific reality finds a signal in everything everywhere, and find out about the control slavery signal from that. (Future Time, Highly possible)

c) A detailed inquiry triggered by the unaware political reality into these non-lethal weapons eventually exposes the technology and the perps, which may force the rest of what they know to be told. (Present time, Highly probable)

I also have a few links that will help you to see the technology, patents made for the devices, its effetcs and a few safety tips.

Stay safe, stay sane.. control exists.

Richard L.


Received 08-05-2004