Aleta Menard


It started over three years ago. Referring to being conscious of being physically tortured. I noticed that I was being followed, while traveling in my car . Then a strange cracking sound on the ceiling of my room, always occurring directly above my head.

Months later I moved to Tucson, AZ and A knocking sound tracked me in my apartment. Before long I had pain on top of both shoulder bones. This lasted about a few weeks I guess. I didn't know what to make of this. One day while in my kitchen I had shooting pain in my ankle seemed to happen when I stepped in a specific spot. The other ankle. When I stood on my toes the pain occurred in the top of toe area. I realized that it was being directed, in a straight line.

Later that day I was changing clothes in dressing room of my Aikido class and again the pain in the ankle. I got dressed quickly ran around the building to find four lights in the sky rather low and directly behind the dressing room. It dawned on me that I was being attacked from planes!

Since then the attackes have been directed to various parts of my body. Once I was lying in bed sleeping only to be awakened by a sharp pain in my big toe. I go to the bathroom and observe a cut about an inch long and 1/8" deep. No bleeding. Every time I pull out of my driveway, a car in a parallel driveway pulls out, The same when arriving home to my condo. That's every time whether I come and go one or five times a day.

I am at my wits end. If it weren't for my spiritual beliefs I would have committed suicide. I wonder if my brothers suicide was related somehow. Though he never complained of experiences such as mine. He was chronically depressed for years. Which is not the case with myself. I have spent most of my life being an optimist, in spite of many difficulties throughout my life. But this is really getting me down. Every morning I am awakened pain directed to my knees and elbows, and ankles. I know for certain this isn't a medical condition.

I sought councel with a spiritual healer named Phyllis Windslow, who does muscle testing. she believes that I was abducted at two weeks old.

I don't know is this is true. Before my mother died she talked about her bed vibrating. I also am having a vibrating sensation while in bed that seems to scan my body. It lasts about ten minutes before falling asleep and after waking.

I don't know where else to turn. I 've been to the F.B.I. and the police, to no avail. I have read books such as: Angels Don't Play this Harpp, The Tranceformation of America, and more recently Milabs.

My home has also been invaded. Clothes have been altered in size. Tiling work has been sabatoged. My carpet has been sprayed with somethng. Foul oders in drawers, refridgerator.

I believe that I have an implant, I can be attacked while in a crowd in a building with no window. They seem to know my every move.

Sometimes, I think they communicate with licence plates. Also , I hear faint voices through through the walls or something when I know my neighbors are not home. Can't understand what they are saying.

When in the car I think the radio is on then I go to check and it isn't. I have a memory of this from years ago. I highly suspect that I am being watched in my apt, and my phone is bugged. I don't use my computer as seems to be controlled by someone else. So, I am writing from a friends. Please contact me a.s.a.p. I suspect they may have gotten to his compter by now.

I need all the advise you can offer.
Aleta Menard

Received 02-22-2004