I am such an unlikely target that sometimes I wonder if it's not just some oddballs playing around with dangerous technology and I was handy, living alone and a senior, maybe easy in their eyes, although a friend says "they picked on the wrong person", I sure hope she is right.

It started with outside annoyances, I thought someone was setting me up for a burglary that never took place, instead it went from outside harrassement to inside harrassement via clock radio then just clock, then believe it or not just thru an electrical outlet. They implied they were going to do something to my dogs, they would just call my puppys name saying "come here tiger, see what I've got for you", then they would say something unintelligible, then very clearly "poof".

My older dog started snoring all of a sudden, then I would here a male voice say to another, "do you want to start or shall I" he would proceed to snore along with my dog but manipulating the length stopping for long periods of time, that I thought she would die if she didn't start breathing again. This went on for a month, I feared telling anyone for fear that they would say I was delusional or worse, then they started with me, all along this would go on all night so that I was not getting any sleep, I guess this was their plan.

When they started with me, I started turning on the radio to drown them out, soon they could control the radio, It got so bad,I was starting to feel something like an electrical current, a buzz or vibration like when holding an electric shaver, sometimes at my feet, soemtimes at my back and sometimes at the back of my head if I was lying on my back.

I started shutting off circuit breakers to my bedroom, this started a fury and flurry of vehicles going by my house, I live in a rural part of NH where traffic is almost nonexistant after 11 pm, well whenever I would pull something like shutting off electricity to my bedroom, a stream of vehicles would go by my house, finally I decided to tell the police, I had been calling them all along when it was going on outside my home, but each time they would come, there was noone in sight, of course they would take off if they heard a car, but the police started thinking I was just a senior citizen living alone too long, finally after one officer said in an angry tone, "we have been called to this house at least 20 times in the last 2 months (it was closer to 4 times)and we never saw anyone, you never saw anyone, you would see someone if there was anyone around!"

I never called them again, finally I went to the police station and asked who I could talk to about being harrassed, they led me to Lt. xxxx. When I told him about what was going on, he asked "what would be the motive", I said the only thing I could think of is my property. He said someone would have to have a lot of time and money to do something like this. and it doesn't make sense without a motive. I agree with this, also if you could read my notes they sound like a paranoid, delusional, crazy person wrote them. I suppose this is part of their strategy, that when I go to the authorities about this I just seem to be a crazy person.

Lt xxxx called the State of NH services for the health and welfare of elderly and seniors. A social worker visited my home, we talked for more than 2 hrs, she left believing me, she then contacted family and people who knew me and they assured her I was not crazy, delusional nor paranoid, although maybe paranoid now after what was and is going on. Anyway, she cleared me of the above afflictions, then they wanted my physical records which I said fine and instructed my doctor to send them to them, which also turned out to be problem free as far as what they (police ) thought to be the problem.

Finally I got a recording of some of whoever was monitoring me, on it was a threat, so Lt xxxx took the tape and agreed something is going on, but as far as the electronic harrassement, he is not convinced this is possible since an electrician told him he checked my outlet and nothing was there, duh, like they would transmit while someone else is there so I can have someone to back me up.

I finally tried turning off the alarm system since someone mentioned that the cellular backup could be the entry source (although it is backed up by battery if elec goes out), so I did that and I could barely hear these people, then finally could not hear them at all that night, so the next day I called the alarm co and told them what was going on, they appeared, I let them listen to the tape, they said I should call the police, I said the police think I'm just a paranoid senior, they said they could change the battery and transformer, but that was all they could do, so that is what they did, as soon as they left, I could tell there was an open mike in my bedroom because of the white noise and echo, so that night I unplugged the alarm again, this time they came in loud and clear, so the new battery must have made the difference, meaning I think that the source is indeed the alarm system.

I can hear cars going by thru my bedroom outlet meaning that the monitoring is being done probably across the street from me, for when I hear a vehicle whizzing noise coming in thru the outlet, I immediately look out my window to see where the car is and it is directly in front of two different homes across the street.

I am going to sell my home because of this, I guess I'll find out this way if it's my property they want or for some reason it's me they want to drive nuts (if they try to follow me wherever I move).

It is sometimes so weird to see everyone living a normal life when I can't.

I sure am hoping this Lt xxxx sees something very wrong going on here and decides to do some checking very seriously.

Thanks for listening.

Received 05-16-2004