Ralph Smith


Friends and concerned Citizens.....

I deal with mind control and brainwash...and would do anything to confront and stop it.

I hope entering my problem here can help to do this....and also be of help to others who may deal with the same problem.

My problem has to stem from the CIA's experiments with mind control, behavior modification, drugs, and even resulting in some of their own suicides.

This all started back in the 50's when I was in service in Japan.

And believe me...it was never with my consent or knowledge.

And...their purpose, of course, is that they think they can solve the riddle of homosexuality. Go in your computer to MKULTRA. This is the code word for the whole experiment...even the congressional hearings that were held...with no results.

And even some of the cases done to change homosexuals.

And believe me...it is going on right today. I am an example.

And it shows what our government is capable of.

It is even hard to imagine how they can do it all.

But, like in my case...they have controlled me for so many years....they know every thought and feeling I am capable of.

And they feel by controlling them...and superimposing what they want...of the sterotype homosexual (The problems, anxieties, dissapointments, hurts, unhappiness, etc. etc.) eventually the only solution is heterosexuality.

But the one big error of the whole thing....it doesn't work.

And, they have all this info. on computers....and another major error...computers have no feelings...or desire for love or sex. And I DO.

It only makes me stronger the way I am...and I have to be...just to live.

You cannot believe how they can torture...even sometimes to wake me in my own bed at 3 AM...and brainwash me most of the night.

I even recently got 3 or 4 names off the internet....Psychiatrists and Military...who were involved in the whole scheme.

I wrote them E-mails...but naturally no answer.

Another understanding friend of mine told me once...how our government hates to admit when they're wrong. Gave the example of Agent Orange in Vietnam.

But...wouldn't you think, after this many years...even just to relieve their own conscience...they would come forward and admit it doesn't work...they were wrong...and let me have MY life what I have left????

This is all God's truth...believe me. I am not neurotic, schizophrenic, psychotic, or any of the above. And I have gone to every possible source...family, friends, lovers, psychiatrists, hypnotists, doctors, police, lawyers, etc. etc....and no truth.

And I realize this is part of the whole magic scheme...it is just the sickness in my head...and the only solution is when I surcome to heterosexuality.

In the meantime...I do always keep busy and try to ignore it.

And I am capable of enjoying, doing, having love and sex etc. etc....when and as allowed.

Let's solve and whole thing and confront!!!! Truth and Love are Good!!!

rsmitty2657@aol.com Received 3-19-2003