MCF Victim: Tim Donoghue

Legal Defense Fund

I am a human rights activist, and I have been falsely charged and imprisoned. I have been a member of Citizens Against Human Experimentation. The website,, that I designed, has been recently taken off-line because I have been unable to pay bills while in jail. We campaigned against involuntary human experimentation by the U.S. and other governments. We achieved TV coverage at our July 23, 2000 rally at the California State Capitol on Channel 13, CBS-Sacramento, and Channel 31, UPN-Sacramento. Follow-up TV coverage was shown on Channel 13 on November 17, 2000, and our rally at the Sacramento Convention Center received coverage on Channel 10, ABC-Sacramento, on November 19, 2000.

Since our rallies started on April 8, 2000, I have experienced a great deal of harrassment. In May [2000], a brand new BMW slammed into my 1988 VW Jetta on the freeway, though I was charged with assault! (Due to the car collision only; there was no physical violence involved whatsoever.)

I am currently being falsely charged with 'armed bank robbery', though I have never committed any robberies in my life and I have no prior record. The police claim they found stolen money and illegal items in a duffle bag I was carrying. They also claim the bank has no video tape of the so-called robbery and a standard line up was not done.

All help is welcome to combat this terrible injustice. Thank you.

For more information, write to:
Tim Donoghue
BCM 921
5325 Broder Blvd.
Dublin, CA 94568

Please send contributions directly to the account at the Alameda County Jail. The officials accept money orders only payable to "Alameda County Sheriff's Office in care of Tim Donoghue BCM 921". The sender's name and address needs to be on the money order and on the envelope addressed to:
Tim Donoghue PFN# BCM 921
Santa Rita Jail
5325 Broder Blvd.
Dublin, CA 94568.

Every donation, no matter how small, will help. Thank you.

For a look at what Tim's website used to look like, which was mysteriously taken off the internet just prior to his arrest, go to, and type in on the search line, or click on this link:
He asks that I state that it has been altered, some of the articles are not reachable, and the background pictures are gone.

Tim has given his permission to archive his site here. All was found but three pages. You can go here to look over his site. As stated above some of these may have been altered, this is what I found at the web archive site and untill Tim is out and back up on a site we will leave it here and any changes that he may want or need to make to the site.

There is a web site out there that is not authorized by him and it had outdated material. It's at It contains the erroneous statement, "He is nearing the bail amount, but needs additional money to bail out of jail." The first half of that is completely false and misleading and hurts Tim by potentially turning away people from donating to him because it makes it seem like there is no need.

Tim said at first it was almost true, when one person was going to contribute $1000 to Tim's bail. But suddenly the person's stock went down in value, and couldn't do it. That was many months ago, and the erroneous statement has been left on the page.