Well having become homeless and living the north of the country I heard about the facilities available in London so moved there.

However things were not so humane as I might have imagined. As is proven by current policy (I moved to London 1.5 years ago) and was suggested by 'word on the street' the 'authorities' were beginning a clamp down on homelessness inthe Victoria district (especially). To partly foreshadow the conclusion theres now a major shopping complex being completed in the area mentioned.

Policing of the area consisted in regular name and background checks. You could easily have your details taken ten times a week. Refusal to cooperate resulted in either threats or arrest.

Generally there was an easygoing atmosphere amongst the homeless. What might seem strange is that although the public consumption of alcohol was outlawed occationally things would get out of control. However nothing was to seriously combat the issue.

Above we can see two social control tactics used by the government against its own population. Harassment or targating; and deliberate promotion of lawleness. The first teaches the homeless to avoid the situation. The second creates further disorder and allows the public perception of the situation to be manipulated for policy ends.

We can see that the interests of established capital, even in a society which most would admit is recklessly throwaway and consumerist, take first place. The 'major players' are nowhere to be seen. They work from behind the scenes.

Well having been given a hostel place in London I thought "not so bad after all". But although I'm of sound mind and body there was a constant institutional pressure to 'be seen by' mental health workers, and an contractual obligation to participate in so called 'key worker sessions'.

All of the above police especially and hostel staff have cushy number jobs which involve agression against some of societies more vulnerable people.

After resisting pressure to liase with the psychiatric system (initially I said ok, but they kept on coming back and demanding more) I 'lost my temper'. I made a threat to physically attack. The kind of threat that hostel residents etc. can use against one another - and for the social engineering side of this think of rap music - whithout an official blink of the eye. But I also wrote a reasonable letter of complaint. Anyhow the next morning 4 fully-kitted riot police woke me from my bed, and watched as 2 doctors and 1 social worker interviewed me. Then I was taken in an abulance tho the nearest suitable hospital. And they agreed that I was suffering from 'paranoia'.

Well after 14 days inside they changed the diagnosis to thought disorder. Then took me for an brain scan. When after 25 days my time for release way immanent I was told I was wanted for another interview. On the staff noticeboard I saw S12 (i.e. application for compulsory medication) by my name. I made my excuses and tried to laeve with my things, but the way was blocked. I returned my things to my room and left.

Well I've been wondering about the effects to the 'CARA IN THE COMMUNITY POLICY' initiated in the 60's . On the surface it's meant to give patients dignity by allowing them independence. But there must now be a whole load of empty spaces in those asylums (asylum seekers look out?). As Im an unemployed muslim maybe a litte surrepticious medical research was being planned.

Ive been informed thar there are very few hindus or christians in those institutions.

Being religions with a strong sense of caste or institutional heirachy and authority, and with christianity a highly sinister view of human expendability ("he died so that we might be forgiven"/ the salvific value of the 'blood of the lamb')one might infer a culture existing where certain poeple are deemed expendable.

Anyway back to the shopping centre, a cemicircle which purposefully reflects an aspect of westminster cathederal, but also perhaps the upper half of the buddhist 'wheel of life'- represenring the abodes of the humans and so called 'desire realm' and 'form realm' 'gods'. An interesting example of modern warfare? (note however from the monotheistic point of view the initial corruption (sabotage?) of an islamic message occurring in the epistlesie.corruption of godspels).

Finally I'd like to say thankyou for the use of this site. Please dont ban me. And may any of you with problems deal (or be helped to deal)with them in the best possible way.

Received 07-28-2004