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Hello Everyone,

I am a victim of and continuing researcher into deniable and technologically-enabled forms of psychological coercion tactics (or mind control, if you prefer - including my own experiences). I may be naive, but I'm still amazed that secret societies and large-scale organized conspiracies are out there at all. But unfortunately, they are quite real and becoming more prevelant as an alternative to actual justice at best and at worst the work of unauthorized individuals with a little techno-savy. I am an electrical engineer who has been working in scientific research for about 14 years now. By way of introduction, I'd like to relate many of my own experiences (on the receiving end) with MC before getting into other details of tactics/techniques/technologies. I invite everyone to visit my website 'Americans for a Free America' (AFAFA.ORG). I can send free bumper stickers and magnets to anyone who asks.

My troubles began, to the best of my ability to recall, around mid 1997, while I was living at 734 Frederica St., Apt. #7, where I had been living since August, 1991. Unfortunately, in most cases I did not take dated notes, so I will only be able to list many relevant incidents without the benefit of dates and firm chronological order.

1) I began to notice that I was being followed by neighbors and others in cars when I would go on short errands to get meals and such.

2) On a whim, I opened up a set of blinds of that apartment one day not long after I started getting hints of strange things happening around me, which I always kept closed and never had reason to open. Just behind a second floor uncovered window of the house immediately adjacent to my apartment (on the opposite side of my apartment from Ponce de Leon Avenue - I can obtain the exact address, if it helps), I noticed what looked like a camera mounted on a tripod pointing directly at my window. In a few seconds, a resident of that house hastily removed the camera and tripod from that window, and I never saw it placed there again.

3) One morning, conscious just after waking up, but before opening my eyes from sleep, three voices (at least one male and at least one female) made the most horrid banshee sounds in unison just below my open window. By the time I got up to look out the window, whoever the voices belonged to was gone.

4) Co-workers where I was working then as I am now began acting strangely at around that time. A number of them began coughing suggestively and speaking with suggestive sophistry and innuendo.

5) Within a week or two (as I recall), I was driving down Ponce de Leon, heading home from work. I stopped at a Taco Bell restaurant. As I pulled up to the pick-up window, I noticed a large truck pull up behind mine as I waited at the window. The driver shouted out an ugly racial epithet that I will not repeat here. A moment after, the woman behind the window shoved the sliding pick-up window out with such force that it sent my change flying out from the window and onto the pavement between my car and the window. The woman was wearing a sickly sweet smile and said sarcastically, 'Have a nice day', and then slid the window out more slowly with the dinner. After getting home and having the dinner, I began to feel very ill and continued to feel so for a couple of days thereafter. I was during that time feeling very paranoid and fearful and did not call an ambulance or police or see a doctor. I became progressively weaker and standing up would cause a faint, forcing me to lay back down again. At the end of the second day, I began to be concerned about my survival and struggled to the Kroger across the street, bought some chicken broth, and thereafter began to recover. I missed two days of work during that incident.

6) Shortly after recovering from that, still fearful and experiencing other forms of intimidation, I fled Atlanta and drove up to upper East Tennessee, where my family has lived all my life. A heavy snowstorm hit the area between Knoxville and the Tri-Cities area (where I was headed) as I was traveling. While nearing my destination, a car came up behind mine to less than a car-length on the snow-obliterated highway, causing a dangerous situation for several miles. I would slow nearly to a stop, I would speed up to the speed limit (dangerous on the snow covered highway), and the car maintained it's very short distance off of my back bumper the whole time with it's brights on. Eventually, the car fell back and I lost sight of it. During that trip north, two 18-wheelers pulled alongside each other and stayed exactly alongside each other preventing me from passing over the course of about ten miles of two-lane interstate (I81).

7) At some point early in 1997/late 1996 as I recall, I was dating a woman who was devoted to the Wiccan religion and I became casually associated with the small group of people that she was also casually associated with. That relationship lasted for a few months. I don't know if that relationship had anything at all to do with my troubles, though I offer it for completeness.

8) The bank immediately between my apartment and Ponce de Leon turned it's street lights to shine directly into my apartment windows and left them that way for several days.

9) I wrote a software program on behalf of a company based in San Jose and scheduled a flight from Atlanta to demonstrate that software to them. Concerned that for one reason or another I would have problems operating the software on a computer other than the one that I developed the software with, I packed my computer in a suitcase and carried my other belongings in another bag. After arriving in San Jose, I opened up the computer to find that the computer's internals had been wrecked and several components had to be later replaced. For what it's worth, the demonstration went well anyway. After returning to Atlanta, I took the computer to Pony Computer store where I bought it. I was in a state of fear and paranoia at the time and I'm sure that was obvious to them. They replaced the components without charge under warranty.

10) On the way back from that errand (we could probably determine the exact date by asking Pony computer for their repair records) and just as I was exiting from 75N/85N and exiting onto North Avenue, I noticed that a U-Haul sized truck abruptly dived in front of my car just before stopping at the stop light at the end of the off-ramp at North Avenue. I started to become suspicious as I noticed that it made an effort to remain immediately in front of my car. For the few miles while traveling down North Avenue and Ponce de Leon toward the North Highlands area where I lived, the truck proceeded to spew out a great volume of smoke from the back (not from the tailpipe), which totally obscured visibility several times, and twice completely surrounded my car. Fortunately, an accident didn't happen, though one easily could have. Unfortunately, I did not get the license plate of the truck.

11) I had gone down down to the pool for use by residents of my apartment complex on a Sunday morning after indicating to my landlord my intention to terminate my lease early. In the hour that I was at the pool, my landlord had entered my apartment on the pretext of showing the apartment to a prospective renter. That was a direct violation of my lease agreement, which stated that 24 hours notice would be given to me in the event that they were to schedule a tour of the apartment.

1) At some time during these months (not exactly sure when), I began researching tempest (computer monitor emissions surveillance) technology and other technologies like echelon/carnivore/etc. At one point, I made the mistake of calling up the NSA itself seeking advice/support. Of course, they provided none and the reception I received was quite cold. Not long afterwards, I received an email calling for Americans to protest one of the national internet surveillance technologies by sending an email to some government e-address containing inflammatory words that were certain to be picked up by the surveillance system. Thinking that tens of thousands of other people were doing the same thing, I foolishly did so, sending an email containing just a short string of inflammatory words. In hindsight, I believe that that might have been a means of getting me on some watch list or list of potential terrorists or something. In any event, I think that it was a set-up of some sort.

2) I received several phone calls on my company phone from mental health service professionals. None would indicate who referred them to me.

3) I received a call on my company phone from a man calling himself John Bridges who left the phone number 770-641-8879 through my workplace answering service. I called him back. I asked him how he got my phone number. He said that he found my name 'in the blue pages'. He seemed perfectly articulate and intelligent, although he claimed to be peniless and destitute, saying that he didn't expect to ever earn more than four thousand some odd dollars per year. He also mentioned that he was 'under the radar'. He said that he called looking for information about 'extremely low cost housing'. His end of the conversation was full of sophism/innuendo/deniable language.

4) A couple of years ago, I established the AFAFA.ORG website (Americans for a Free America). Shortly thereafter, I received a strange email. It is possible that it's being sent to me was a result of a simply typographical error. However, I don't think so. CSEL stands for Combat Survivor/Evader Locator:

X-MindSpring-Loop: admin@afafa.org
X-MindSpring-Loop: jtirpak@afafa.org
From: Davidson Joseph N SSgt 4 CTCS/Video 
To: "'jtirpak@afafa.org'" 
Subject: Interview with CSEL Program Manager
Date: Fri, 2 Aug 2002 10:58:44 -0700 

Good Afternoon John, Your name appeared on a partial list that I saw of
reporters who will/may attend the Personnel Recovery Conference at the
Crystal City Hyatt next week. Would you be interested in interviewing Lt Col
David Madden, the CSEL Program Manager? The best time to do the interview
would be Tuesday. What do you think?

Sorry for the strange email I'm at March ARB today knocking out some annual
tour for the Air Force Reserve.
Call me if you would like at (909) 655-4137

R/Joe Davidson

5) About a year and a half ago, a good friend of mine did a search on my name on the internet. He came across this web page: http//www.cnn.com/2000/TECH/computing/04/28/infragard/index.html

You'll notice reference to 'agent-in-charge of the Atlanta FBI field office', Ted Jackson.

My name is Ted Jackson. I live in Atlanta. Yes, it's a fairly common name, and undoubtedly there are a few Ted Jacksons living in and around Atlanta. But I don't think that it's a simple coincidence. And if it isn't, is it good for the FBI to be lying to CNN, and through them, to the American public? It appears, at least to my eye, to be laced with sophistic/deniable language.

6) At some point, I did an internet search on the name Michael Lowe and came up with the following website:


The name Michael Lowe appears in reference to a Savannah field office. Please note that I have NEVER sold drugs to anyone at any point in my life. That Michael Lowe may or may not have anything to do with the one who harassed me so relentlessly (as explained below).

Having had enough of the strange incidents and strange behavior by neighbors at the Frederica address, I made the decision to terminate my lease early and find a new place to live. Not having a new apartment to move to immediately, I stayed for several weeks in a hotel that offered weekly rentals.

1) While living in the weekly rental hotel, and after completing the lease agreement for the new apartment and receiving a set of keys, I checked my mailbox there. In the mailbox was a subpoena to appear in court. I assumed that it was initiated by my previous landlord to obtain the extra month's rent for terminating the lease early. Since I had received such atrocious conspiratorial treatment at the previous address, with which I assumed that my previous renter had had at least some involvement, I had no intention to give them that extra month's worth of rent, as I was angry, fearful and hurt. As the subpoena called for me to appear either the same day that I opened the mailbox or the very next day, I ignored it. Of course, that was a big mistake that I would never make again. Unfortunately, I have no idea what court submitted the subpoena. I believe that the subpoena was submitted on short notice intentionally on the same day or the day before intentionally to give me no time at all to understand the reason for it or to prepare for it. At this point, I would have no problem with submitting the extra month's rent, for what it's worth. I really have no idea what the subpoena was for, although at this point, I would very much like to know. Possibly, the failure to appear was used as a pretext to slide me quietly into a 'diversion program' of some sort. But of course, the cruel conspiratorial treatment had already begun well before that.

2) In a matter of days, I did move into the new Druid Valley apartment (1439 Druid Valley Dr, Apt. C). Things seemed normal for a period of several months thereafter, and as far as I knew, the cruel treatment at the Frederica address was past. However, soon more 'signs' did begin to appear again. One of the first that I recall was one night that I walked down a short path to the track that circles a little man-made lake at that address. After a few circuits of the track, I walked back up the path. An adult magazine was placed on the path in the fifteen minutes or so that I had been running. I picked it up and put it in a community trash bin before going back into my apartment.

3) My upstairs neighbor, a man named Michael Lowe (Apt. A - dark green Accura Legend (license plate #839LEC) with an Emory bumper sticker), who introduced himself as a respiratory therapist, began creaking the floor of his immediate upstairs apartment and making other percussive sounds coincident with lines of dialog and lyrics from television and radio broadcasts in such a way that he could communicate deniable messages to me through them. He did so loudly at first, apparently to get my attention, and then more softly such that he could do so while being unlikely to be heard by others. In that way he would convey all sorts of messages, including death threats (i.e. softly creaking a floorboard coincident with lines of dialog containing words such as 'gonna get you' or 'kill you' and such). To this day I can think of no way to successfully prove the fact of it. He then continued doing so at any (and sometimes all) hours of the day. The content of his communications also made it clear that he was able to observe me within my home, including the content of my computer screen. I tried to ignore it at first, though it was inevitable that I would begin to answer, which I did. I would argue/communicate back to him simply by typing on my keyboard into Windows notepad. Quite a body of discourse took place between us over the months up until the time that I finally vacated that apartment. From time to time, he would drop heavy objects on the floor of his immediate upstairs bedroom to wake me up in the middle of the night, intentionally depriving me of sleep.

4) One day, Mr. Lowe invited me up to his apartment. He had an enormous stack of videotapes visible. He also had a total of three stethoscopes at different places within his apartment within plain view. He showed me where he had taped four thin wires together, joining some cabling within his apartment, on the pretext that it provided him with better acoustic performance with his stereo. In hindsight, I think he was indicating in a deniable way that he had configured a groundloop as a means of surveilling my computer screen. I don't believe that any such primitive means of surveillance was in use then or now, but it was enough to convey a message. He also dropped a good deal of deniable/sophistic language during that brief visit. I asked him about the surveillance. He denied it.

5) One day after coming home from work, I found that my front door was standing wide open with no sign of break-in. My television, laser printer and computer screen were gone. I called the Atlanta police and an officer came over and took a report. Althogh he was regularly at home in the afternoon, Mr. Lowe was conveniently gone when the officer came to take the report, as I asked the officer to quesition Mr. Lowe while he was there to take the report. I asked my neighbors in adjoining apartments if they had heard or seen anything, including my next-door neighbor, a young woman. All indicated that they had not. Two days later, I woke up to a knock on my front door early in the morning. I opened the door to find the missing appliances neatly stacked in front of the opened front door and my female neighbor standing behind the equipment. According to her, she had just gotten back from work and, knowing that some of my property had been stolen. She helped me bring the equipment back inside. I thanked her and she left. I never received anything in writing as to why the equipment had been taken and then returned in such a way, but it certainly wasn't the work of any burglar/thief.

6) Mr. Lowe enlisted the cooperation of others:

  1. Some of the personnel maintaining and operating the Park at Briarcliff apartments
    1. One of the property managers
    2. One or more of the maintenance crew whose names are unknown to me

  2. Two women were deeply involved with Mr. Lowe's activities, one was one of my neighbors and the other came and went from Mr. Lowe's apartment.

7) Mr. Lowe routinely played his music very loudly with his door open. After finally getting tired of it, I started turning mine up higher so as not to have to listen to his stereo along with my own. In response, he soon knocked on my door complaining about my music volume. He told me that he had been up in his apartment drinking and slowly sliding the edge of a knife up and down his forearm. He suggested that we fight. I responded that we could do that, but that it wouldn't convince me to leave. He then turned and left. He later lodged complaints with the renter who demanded that I turn mine down. Mr. Lowe continued to play his stereo very loudly with his front door open.

8) I came home from work one day to find a note from the maintenance crew (strangely left in my bedroom as opposed to on or near the front door). I have included a copy of the note, which was dated 3/22/01, and which said, 'Water leak is repaird upstairs. Sorry! If leak come back call office'. I was aware of no water leak at the time and had sent no complaint of a water leak to the renter. The signature of the maintenance person on the note is illegible. A few days later, Mr. Lowe started tapping on his upstairs water pipes. Thereafter, on a few occasions, while taking a shower, the water would turn instantaneously ice cold. After adjusting the water to as warm a level as I could get it during the shower, the water would then turn burning hot.

9) The main fuse controlling power to my apartment was replaced with a faulty one. It was impossible for me to replace the fuse without shutting off a main (inaccessible to me) supplying other apartments in my building. Sometimes it would work and sometimes would not, which was intended to (successfully) distress and infuriate me considerably.

10) Numerous other incidents, which aren't substantial enough to go into detail about, including windshield wipers stuck upright during the night, clear evidence of someone having been in my apartment moving things around such that I would be sure to notice, stacks of newspapers left at my front door, etc.

11) One day, my telephone service went dead (no dialtone). I called the phone company. They said that they were having a problem in the area. That night, Mr. Lowe made a point of having a (loud) conversation in his bedroom with lots of laughter, not long after I went to bed in my own bedroom immediately below his. When his conversation was apparently over, he slammed the phone down audibly enough for me to hear it. I believe that he was making it clear to me that I was the only one without phone service. I scheduled a phone company representative to come out to fix the problem. The rep used sophistic/deniable language. But shortly afterwards the phone service was restored.

12) One day, I heard a knock at the door, which I didn't answer, since by then I was suspicious of my neighbors and not feeling very sociable. Later I found a note on the outside of my front door. A neighbor had witnessed another neighbor smash a U-Haul into my parked car and then drive off without leaving any contact information with my car. From that I was able to contact U-Haul's insurer and obtain the $4000 to fix the car, which I put into the bank instead of into my car. Although I don't know the identity of the driver and U-Haul would not give it to me, I expect that it should be possible to determine the driver's identity through U-Haul's rental records, if necessary.

13) I purchased a movie through the net. On the approximate day of it's expected arrival, give or take a day, I went to my mailbox to find that the mailbox door was standing wide open with it's lock mechanism unscrewed such that it was barely hanging from the mail box, and the mailbox was empty. The movie never arrived or more likely was stolen on that day. Efforts to contact the seller met with no response.

14) While traveling to an industrial facility located in southern Georgia in preparation for a mill trial to demonstrate a measurement technology that we were developing at my workplace, I noticed that a car had stayed about 200 yards behind mine for about a hundred miles or so. Suspicious, I slowed to the minimum speed limit of 40 mph. The car pulled off to the side of the road. I continued on my way south to the industrial facility and did not see the car again.

In approximately October of 2001, I bought my house here in Avondale Estates, GA. I moved in late December. Soft noises coincident with lines of dialog and lyrics from television and radio broadcasts have continued here at this residence. However, here the sounds obviously are not creaks of upstairs floorboards, but would seem to be delivered by hypersonic sound or some other means. The sounds come from all sides, leading me to believe that either a number of my current neighbors are involved or that I am supposed to believe that they are. The communications/intimations are generally less cruel than they were at the Druid Valley address, although the situation is still psychologically detrimental to me. I am finding myself reacting to ALL nearby environmental noises, random or not, as though they were 'messages' to me in addition to the actual real intimations. Of course, I hate that situation and hope that it does not represent a permanent psychological condition that I will have to live with for the rest of my life. Attempting to understand the intimations is maddeningly difficult in and of itself, particularly in view of the fact that there is a need to know what they are saying/communicate with them and that they make an effort to make the intimations just loud enough to be heard and no louder.

After fleeing to Tennessee following the Taco Bell food poisoning incident, while I was living in the weekly rental hotel and upon returning to work, my director of personnel (then and now), met me outside my workplace and told me that I would have to visit a psychologist before returning to work. I did so. He asked me to visit him once more. I did so. He then authorized me to return to work. Those two visits are the extent of my experience with the psychology profession. Received 09-28-2003