I am a 47 year old Canadian woman who has been a survivor of mind control for as long as I can remember. I always knew that it was not me, but I didn't know until recently just what was causing my life to be the way it was. As well as making my life hell, this has affected my children (my oldest son committed suicide) and I want somebody to PAY. I have only begun to fight, and yes, they will make things even harder for me, but I have survived so far. I want to join with others to fight this.

I'm not sure where to start. I don't understand why I and my family have been "targetted". It has been an ongoing barrage that has taken every ounce of my strength to keep going. However, the suffering they have caused me to endure has resulted in them creating what could possibly be their own worst enemy. I "send" telepathically just like a radio, I have been called the CBC. So, anything I read, or learn about this subject is literally sent out to thousands of individuals who can "hear" me. Their so-called secret society or shadow government will not be so secret. There is a song about Alistair Crowley, which goes "Mister Crowley, what have they done to your head..Mister Crowley, can you talk with the dead." The other side effect of their torture is that I can at times speak with the dead. I can tell the difference between "their" voices and those of the deceased by the fact that their voices fill me with fear and anger...the deceased's voices touch my heart. It is those who have passed over that have kept me alive, and have given me hope. I guess they are my angels.

I would like to share with everyone my personal story, but it would take too long to write at this time. What I want people to see right now can be found on my website. If one checks out the page titled Phenomena, they will see what I mean. Naively, I believed these things to be linked with a spiritual experience, now I am not so sure...especially the green beams. I'd like input from people, what do you think?

Received 03-04-2004