My name is Jennifer and I have been abused for over 5 years, and probably before. In the beginning I was not aware of what was happening in my ears.I have not had access to a computer till this past year. What I have learned from MCFORUMS has been my way into the light. I tried telling my dearest ones how I was being attacked, but my information was so confused and lacking, no one was able to believe me. I have hung in there deraveling the mystery of how a group of hateful people can destroy an innocent persons life. My case is a bit different from others in that I knew from the beginning of what was turned on in my head came from the police. Their excuse for torture is that they think I sold drugs back in the late 80's. At this time I was sexually exploited on tape. Unfortunately I lived with a man whom I loved at the time who was doing things I was blind to. It's a creepy story Sharon. I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The point is that I have found in my experience that the police are using hate groups to judge and sentence people like me who they deem are in question of having any worth in society.

I know you can imagine how horribly I have suffered. In the beginning I turned to alcohol just to get to sleep at night. Sleep deprivation was initially their greatest weapon to make me dysfunctional. These policemen conspired to accuse me of battering my daughter. Even though I disproved it with Social Services, I still lost full custody of my child. I have also lost any beauty I have had. My skin is constantly fighting rashes. My hair falls out too much. The shape of my face has actually changed, the worse being my eyes. It is clear my optic nerve is under severe pressure. I have been told by the perps as you say, I will end up wearing glasses.

Not only have I been experimented on by waves and voice, when my eyes are closed I receive a distorted film going on in front of my eyes. When I go to sleep, there is no peace.

These people have bombarded me so heavily, without mercy, it is amazing I am alive. I have held down many jobs keeping a roof over my head, all without the possessions I once had. I am very proud to say I have fought for my daughter and she will be in my custody once again. They know they are wrong about judging me after so many years of brain rape. This does not save me. I think I was made out to be a witch to be burned at the stake. It was so popular to destroy, it could not be stopped with any grace. I guess I have become a fall-guy.

I knew as soon as I could log online that I needed to get ahold of Amnesty International, only to find out that their shock and disgrace of our government is keeping innocent civilians in torture for the sake of war games.I believe in Amnesty International, they will not abandon this fight.

If creeps such as these can get their hands on such technology, Then good forbearing people like us can end up surviving and make a real stink on the injustice going on in our country.

Didn't anyone think about taking their stories to famous journalists? I will. Geraldo Reviera is enough of a rebel to voice this.

These perverse men and women want me to die and make it look like I did myself in.

Under my attacks today, I have realized, and I want everyone else to know, my experience in being targeted. I thought I was targeted for past reasons which included breaking the law. That was a sham. I realize after much stress and brainraping that I got set up for this when I was in my late 20's. I am now 43. My perpetrators have many times voiced how they have known me so long.

I sure hope somebody else out there can help me find information sources about implants. I didn't think it was possible I had an implant. NOW I know I must have such a thing. I am so well traveled, thats the only way I can figure they have a hold of me.

S.O.S. 8/8/02