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I am former NASA scientist who is being kept hostage on the streets by the so-called mind controlling aliens. I am also the only real, legitimate, publisher of research material and information concerning the alien race. You say CIA I say telepathic alien race.

These aliens have total access to the human brain_ analagous to the way we humans tel-net into other computers. These aliens log onto peoples brains and have total access to all their memories, thoughts, and actions.

Because of the accuracy of my research my main magazine at "mansue.com" is censored. So are my mirror sites at geocities/mansuedotcom

So, why haven't you included me in your list of victims? I have the best sites on the net concerning the existence of the aliens in human society__and I have real evidence that they are "scanners" and "killers".

Hope you can include me in your list and if you need more information__contact me.

Another note: I have contacted the famous Hollywood director "Alan Pakula"(Pelican Brief, The Devil's Own, The Parallax View) concerning my story(gave him a video tape of my first tv program). I also met Princess Diana and gave her written material about being enslaved by the aliens. Hmmmmm?

Also, I was being kept a slave in Cincinnati for three years since 2000__where the aliens there are genderless and use the brains of humans to have their cerebral sex__a very sick race of aliens. There is no privacy in these alien hive cities and human affection and love-making is not allowed. In fact, some of these re-animated corpses walking around in these alien cities don't have male genitalia. The aliens do what ever they want in these so called AREAS because human beings are not policing their policy or action against human beings. In effect, the aliens hate humans and are taking over their lives using their advanced technology.

So, you say CIA or NSA and I say NASA(National Alien Security Agency).

Hope you can help!

Sincerely Yours,
Wayne E. Manzo,
Publisher, Scientist, Human Rights Leader wmanzo@yahoo.com
mansuedotcom@lycos.com http://mansue.com

America's Line - Victim's Web Site

America's Line is a site comprehensively documenting the horrible adventures of an engineering student who began his professional career being drugged and made the object of radiation experiments.
As well as the site, America's Line has produced a video which has shown on several cable stations.
Email for America's Line is: wmanzo@yahoo.com or wmanzo@onebox.com

Received 03-02-2004