Robert Allison


Dear, Mind Control Forum

I have been tortured through satellite surveillance for over a year now and it seems impossible to get them to stop. They threaten me all of the time that I'm awake and it is really getting old. They say they are the F.B.I. and they aren't going to leave me alone until I do what they say to do. They can kiss my butt because I'm not going to help them but I will certainly help in the fight to get this shit stopped.

They tell me that they cant believe that I havent got cancer yet. Well, I go to the doctor and watch for it.

I've got thirty plus witnesses that they've been threatening me and saying they're going to kill me and then they say that they are going to put me in prison for the rest of my life.

This is my total opinion of how it works.They use the satellite system that they created to defend the United States (I believe Star Wars). They use the DOD satellites and lock onto me via thermal imaging and via the brain wave magnetic field that the brain produces, each one is like a fingerprint and can be identified anywhere your at. They use the Neurophone and has an input for a microphone. It is then sent to the output plug where (instead of the transducers that go on your skin) They shoot them down through the satellites and can keep a constant connection with you. You can see the patent numbers of these particular devices and you will understand what I'm explaining to you. They say I'm the only one who has ever been able to prove anything. I know they use Echelon and the Orweilan Big Brother system. I have proof that they have this stuff but unfortunately it takes a little money to go and file a lawsuit and get it exposed.

Then they sit there and use supercomputers that are voice and thought activated and every time you think of something the computer puts everything in its memory on the screen for the computer monitor to see so he knows what to say to you. Also if you listen very closely then you can hear the echo of your own voice and hence you have Echelon.

Well guess what? I'm sharing this with the people that are just like me.(the victims) so that we can get this stopped. Our country is going to war to take out people whom do these kind of things but they can do this to us! I don't think so. There is a polygraph (because of the thermal imaging- like an ultrasound) and it works on an ultrasonic frequency via a magnetic field) magnets draw magnets.(magnetic brain wave field)

I have the patent numbers and lists of people that are involved in this surveillance that kills people with cancer.

I have filed a complaint with the inspector generals' office and they take complaints on civil and criminal violations by government employees.

Heck I know enough about their system that I can almost put one together myself. Would just need a program. It works on a laser from the satellites we have above and uses electromagnetism and locks onto you because of your body heat (like a heat seeker missile would) and also I have the patent number on a brain wave scanning device.

I'm tired of them using this on me and I have the proof that they say nobody has ever been able to get. I believe I could win a suit against the government but I just do not have the funds that it would require to get this stopped. If one of us wins then we all should be free because it would be in the public eye then. It violates every law known to man and obviously what they say our country stands for. FREEDOM. I don't call an electronic surveillance concentration camp freedom. They say I'm the only one who has ever been able to prove anything. Well here goes. I'm going to try and get some financial backing to file a federal lawsuit to get this problem addressed since I have the proof that it exists.

Nobody to date has ever been able to prove that it exists and that is what is going to have to be done first before we can get this stopped.

I live in Missouri and they are the FBI they are the ones using this on me. They have even tried to get me off into the bushes to either kill me or take me to the secret court in Washington D.C. I believe that kill is what they have in mind since that's what they always say they are going to do.

I understand how this works very well because its been used on me for over a year. They always say since they cant take me to a court because I know to much then they'll take me to the secret court in Washington D.C. upstairs of the Dept of Justice. You can see that for yourself on the internet. All of this is on the internet, save it because they'll erase it behind you. If I can help anyone I will be glad too.

God is helping me, God is going to get this stopped, I believe in him very much. I want to expose this stuff they have to help us Americans. I am supposedly the only person in the world with a brain wave pattern thats identical to someone else. I believe this is my calling. to help you people.

I will try to send a couple of files to you also.

Sincerely Robert.


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