The existance of emf/elf weapons and little to no mainstream coverge of the subject, coupled with the national security act of 1947 should be enough to blow the lid off this condition.

My victimization started in 1994, I was attacked on 6 ocassions up until 2002, ran into mental institutions, made to look schzophrenic and my own family refuses to even reconize the validity of my exsperiances along side the evidence of what these weapons can do. To say the least it's been a long,lonely road.

It took me years to come to the answers of what was happening to me. At first, after coming out of the hospital the first time, I could hardly remember anything about myself. The experiance was so exhausting of going through the attack, then being abused in the hospital with medications and unresposive phycologists, and coming home completely numb from it all. After the first time, every time I got back on my feet and was feeling some what strong again, it would happen again. This happened 6 times and after every attck I got a little bit stronger and better at controlling the effects it had on me. As the saying goes, "you can only beat someone so many times, untill they get wise enough to overcome the beating".

The explaination giving by the doctors just didn't make sense to me, especially when they refused to listen to what it was I was going through. Everything was classified in this box type pigeon hole. They could of cared less what those trasmited voices where saying to me and the fact that I knew that they weren't of me. I would hear the voices coming from my neighbors houses(I live in a set of row homes), out in front and the back of my parents house. And of coarse the voices strangely were along the subject lines of what it was I was thinking at the time.

In my gut at the time of the attacks I knew that I was being attacked in some way and I felt that the government had something to do with it. But because of the illusive nature of these mind control weapons, I couldn't put my finger completly on it because I was lacking the knowledge of the actual existence and capabilities of these technologies, to have an understanding of what was happening to me. Before I came across the knowledge years later, I only had the occasional intuitve sense that would sometime spasrk through the numbness and depression of how I was feeling.

When this started for me in 1994, a man named payson lyon moved in next door in the spring of that year. Later I came to find out that both of his parents worked on the manhatten project. He was a strange individual to say the least, one day talking to him he revealed this to me. I can also recall that when going through the experiance I would tell my parents that the government was behind this in someway. They must have said something to him, because when I was outside one day, during a period of being victimized, he made it a point to come up to me and say that the government wasn't behind it. I said nothing to him of the matter. He was the one who brought it up. He then proceded to make refences to shirhan,sirhan and the man who shot John Lennon, saying that they were lone nutts that talked about the same things that I was saying. The voices were directed at keeping me in a constant state of fear and a feeling of being under a constant threat. I could not sleep for days on end and I did not want to eat feeling the way I was and many strange things were occuring around my house beside the voices and all the horrible things they were saying. Strange cars with tinted windows and lights up the side panels were constantly coming up and down my street periodicaly. Despite the fact that I lived on a dead end street at the time. There where also times when I would see a cop sitting at the end of the street parked with it's lights off. I seen weird flashes of light close to the ground at times that did not resemble lightining what so ever. On one occassion I even seen some sort of alein space craft appear out of no where as if it come from another dimension than disapeared back into it.

At the hospital there was this one night after everybody else was asleep, I was still up and this loud hum came over the building. Down the hall was the smoke room from where my room was and the T.V. came on that was in the smoke room. I heard what sounded to me like world war 2 transmissions of nazis, but they were speaking american english. So I walked down the hall to investigate, the smoke room was locked, but as I got closer to the the room the transmissions turned into a techno song, with the lyrics that keep repeating, "fuck Rastafari" over and over again. The spiritual teaching of the Rastafarians was something I was very interested into at the time, in fact it was my refuge from what was happening to me. To go on, I went to look into the nurses station and nobody was there. So I went to knock on the door that led to the room behind the nurses station, there lounge I would guess, and when I did I heared this very cinical laughing comeing from the room. So I went back to my bed in the most intense state of fear and layed in bed listening to the hum untill I went to sleep. There was also a time in the hospital that I was given medications that made my tounge swell, that was on record as making my tounge swell and why I laid on the ground chocking trying to ask for help from a passing nurse, that just gave me a look that said "go ahead and die" as she walked by me. And the list of experiances goes on, some that I can recall and others I have yet to unlock from my mind.

Links: for help in healing go to http://www.eckharttolle.com and get his books on tape to listen to. Also I found the book "A Coarse In Miricles" from the foundation for inner peace to be very helpful as well. for books on mind control techs go to http://www.hiddenmysteries.com and http://www.adventuresunlimitedpress.com

Received 09-12-2004