Having been 'taught' hypnosis for several years I am only too well aware of the power of suggestion, over time and space.

I began studying hypnosis in 1995 with a man who called himself a 'Doctor' of hypnosis. In Britain there is no such thing and a competing hypnotherapist took my man to court. My man won his case and was allowed to continue to call himself a doctor because he showed the court that he had in fact studied all there was to study on the subject. As an ex buyer for BP he could afford to fund his education.

Despite his services being expensive he encouraged my interest and 'taught' me for free one whole day a week for several years. While studying the subject I became aware of its effectiveness and how dangerous it could be in the wrong hands.

My teacher attempted to have me stick a plaque on the door, call myself a therapist and start working under his guidance. I did not do this. Instead I studied and applied for a course in neural psychology at a local university. There was only twenty places available and I was offered one of them. I was delighted.

However at the same time my father approached me to work for him. He needed my assistance in a long running legal case he was involved with. This case was against lawyers who had acted for him in a previous case which he had won but his solicitors had mismanaged the case and grossly overcharged for the work that they did.

I spent almost a year preparing for a 'taxation' (an audit in frontof the court auditor) of the solicitors' accounts. It was worth it. We successfully knocked hundreds of thousands of pounds from their account and proved their duplicity. I may add that these firms are among the oldest and most prestigious in Scotland and I do hold them in contempt as they have dogged my family's life for twenty years now. In Scotland we have what we call 'the old boy network'. Scotland is a small country and this network does not consist of that many people. I am told by others that the network has never been stronger. e.g. The Law Society of Scotland, a self governing body for solicitors is made up of the same individuals who make up The Mental Welfare Commission which is an organisation ostensibly set up to protect the rights of mental patients.

When my father's case against the firm of solicitors began, a solicitor, local to me, said he very much doubted our chances as the firm we were up against were in fact The Law Society of Scotland.

A quality Sunday newspaper covered our story on an ongoing basis. My father contacted them at my behest as bad publicity is something no lawers firm likes and mud sticks.

Shortly after the successful taxation I moved house and that is when my troubles began which are pertinent to this site. February 1998.

Radio and television seemed to be in two way communication. My youngest son, who is dyslexic and was only eight at the time became excited at what he hd been learning in school. I have long been intersted in the origins of the New Testament and he pulled some of my books of the shelf and started translating (correctly) some of the hebrew transcript. He told me it was simply a code and was easy to do. He also told me that the man who had owned the house before us was a bad man. I asked him how he knew and he told me that he could hear his voice in my head. He told me not to worry ( which I was) that he could control the voice by closing his eyes consciously once to switch the voice on and twice to switch it off. He told me it felt like a match striking against his eyelids.

To cut a long story short I was taken to the local psychiatric hospital (by a stranger) and admitted under an emergency section. I was convinced I was not ill and failing to agree to this prolonged my detention.

Two years later I was in Turkey, which I don't want to go into yet but another hospitalisation ensued.

Now to last year. I met my new partner, who I've known since I've been twelve. We enjoyed the honeymoon period of our relationship. I sensed that things were about to kick off again. My phone was acting up. My computer also. Thoughts were being translated into a reality, either by other people, or the press and other forms of media. I was of the belief that my life and the life of my younger son was on the line and I acted accordingly. Voices in my head and hallucinations. One night in my bedroom, my partner being in his own flat at the time I saw several frightening hallucinations but at all times I was aware that they were hallucinations. My partner returned in the morning saying 'that was clever, what the hell was that, animatronics?'

He knew about my diagnosis of mental illness and being concerned for my health contacted my doctor and described my symptoms. The doctor had me hospitalised. It is something which he now says he regrets doing.

Once I wasin hospital he says the house metaphorically blew up around him. He experienced the same two way communication with the radio and television except his memory of it is much clearer than mine. He was coming to the hospital telling me some b*****d was at it. He said the house must be bugged, the phone must be tapped and that he was being followed wherever he went. Things like attempting to change channel and the channel not changing. Asking if he was mad and being told directly that he was not mad and that they were talking to him. Being told that he was ruining a long term project. seeing things he talked about the previous day in the newspapers, including his daughter. People commenting that wherever he went 'fancy' cars followed.

So after my third time in a psychiatric I was beginning to come around to the fact that I was simply mental. On my release from hospital my partner started talking about what had been happening in more detail. I let him tell me without telling him how it had happened to me so that I did not influence him.

Now while I was in hospital my partner was spiked with a drug he does not know. My house was robbed and my computer taken, while he was in the house.

We have been discussing for six months now what it could have been. I've been leaning towards the theory of universal consciousness to explain the apparant mind reading. He stood by the some c***t was at it mentality. Recently we got a new computer and very quickly I came across this site and others similar. Imagine my horror when I discovered so much information on what I thought would be an obscure subject.

Noises in my head - high pitched tones. the sense of a switch being clicked in my frontal lobes. I don't know if these things are relevant. I noticed a list of symptoms on one site and could relate to the psychological symptoms but not the physiological.

Now look I do realise that if a psychiatrist was to be reading this they would be seeing classic symptoms of paranoia. But from what I understand discrediting an individual is the aim of the game. Trust me, in Scotland no-one has less credibility than an ex mental patient.

I would really appreciate hearing from anyone who can shed some light on this for me.

My partner has asked me to add 'that some sick b*****d is at it.'

Received 03-02-2004