Diana Williams


My name is Diana Williams. I am a single mom who is very worried about the victimization my son and I are exposed to 24 hours a day.

In 1999 at 3am I was awaken by my baby nephew crying. I decided to let my sister continue sleeping while I gave her baby a bottle. While sitting in the rocking chair feeding Tripp, I noticed a hughe beam of white light directly across the street. I got up to see what was going on. I beleive the beam of light was coming from a helicopter. However at the exact moment I peaked through the mini blinds I felt an immeadiate sense of danger. The beam of light diappeared immeadiately. Shortly after that incidence I noticed a strange beam of light coming in my bedroom windows. At times I would see a red laser dot or lime green laser dot.

I assumed my ex husband must be up to old tricks since I had first noticed my phones were tapped in 1994. I decided to try and catch him red handed. So on my sons visitations with his dad I would dress in camoflage and hide in the back yard or on top of my roof. While I never caught the person/persons involved. I did witness several strange events.

I noticed a white van with a ladder on top parked 2 houses from mine. While on top of my roof with binacuolars I saw 3 men in a tree. I was yelling at my sister to come help me when they all of a sudden started to quickly flee. One of the men had a big round thing in his hand that looked like a spot light.

Another night while lying on the roof a white truck pulled directly in front of my house at 3 in the morning he got out of his truck and it appeared he put a tracking device on my sisters car parked in front of my house. Anyway, he got back into his car fled.

I have seen what appears to be orbs floating through out the neighborhood.

Before I was familiar with mind control or any of the experimentation going on I contacted the police with my concerns that whatever was going on in my house was putting my familys health at risk. I had taken video on several occassions and ask if they would be willing to view the evidence. They of course had no interest. They suggested I call the FCC since they weren't able to help.

As of this date I have called CIA FBI FCC State Police ETC...Of course that was before I had any idea what was really going on. I have so much that has happened and is totally unbeleieveable unless of course it has happened to you too.

Received 02-23-2004